Whats the point in playing good poker?

Yesterday was ridiculous, and has made me really down about poker fullstop. The cardguard kid will probably not be too happy with what iu'm about to blog given his recent run of badbeats but i am actually going to bemoan my own GOOD luck.
early on in the tournament i get Q 10 on s..b couple of limpers i make it up, flop comes Qh 3h Qs, i check and late position bets 500 into a 200 pot. I basically think is there any way i can make it look like im on a flush draw? so i grimace a little and call. The turn is a 10 giving me the nuts so i check and the lad bets 500 again, i call. River is 5h and i check hopin that he was actually on a flush draw and he MOVES ALL IN for 6300 and i have him covered, i dont even think, i know that i cant be beaten and i call, he says "i think you got me" i replied "yeah i think i have" he shows K 8, a stone cold bluff, i get an early gift and pretty much a double up.
Down to the last 3 tables i have A J on the button a few limpers i limp: flop is J 9 2 rainbow checks to my right where guy has 3 times the average chips he bets outs i raise 40% of my stack and the bb moves all-in. guy to my right folds giving me a decision. i think and i think, he is making this move with Q 10, 10 8, K J, Q J, 9 2, J 9, 2 2. he wouldve raised pre with J J, 99 maybe even A J. he seemed like quite an aggressive player didnt really know him that well, anyways i call saying "i think you could be doing it with a draw or K J, if you got it fair play to you" and i ask him what he got he says "Jack" so i flip my hand, and he puts his cards on the table with just the jack showing and as the dealer is dealing the turn he reveals a 9 aswell, so he slow-rolled it a little, which annoyed me. the turn was 2 and the lad to his right says i passed and ace, bang A on the river, crazy suckout! Normarily i would be a little embarrassed by this, i called when i was behind etc but after he slow-rolled his hand i was more than happy to hit my two-outer. What follwed from him was a barrage of abuse about me making a bad call and that i was too young to understand the game of poker and a few tuts, usual stuff where nothing has been said when ive turned my cards over but when he gets beaten it becomes a bad call, he was crippled by my awful play and didnt last much longer (what a shame).
i stay fairly evenish for a while then and it gets down to 11 players, where as is typical with apsers, a bubble "prize" of £50 was agreed to "speed up the bubble" now i didnt agree with this but everybody else did, so to not be awkward i reluctantly agreed, and also my table had the 5 lowest stacks in the tourney so i could have easily gone out on bubble. 1st hand of the bubble im s.b. fold round i see 66 and shove, low and behold bb has 10 10, i have him just about covered, turn 6, i hit a 2 outer again and get to the final table.
1st hand of ft blinds 1500-3000, utg QQ raise to 13k shove mid position from a tight player for 18k, i know im behind, just know it i have to call onb the off chance im racing and even ama getting value if she does have AA or KK coz its only 5k more, she has AA, turn Q, two two-outers in two hands either side of the bubble, sick! i hate winning hands this way and this series of hands has made me down on the game. i ended up coming 4th but given the top heavy prize structure i walked away with £170.
My point about this luck is, CGK has been playin his poker well, getting his money in ahead and gettin a horrible run of beats, i have got my money in behind 3 times yesterday with only two outs in each instance at very important points in the tournament and hit. my best result so far in the sponsorship deal and its the game that i have enjoyed, by far, the least.
Its the last game of it today and in october i only plan to play once, that being the forum championships, maybe twice if knighty does actually want me to play his PokerStars syndicate game, but i just need a break for a while to refresh my enjoyment for the game coz this last month has been a real grind and if i continue to play regularly i will start to hate the game that i have spent the last 3 years loving