Bye Bye July

Finished off the month with my new game now a regular on Tuesdays at Stanley Circus.
Normal game is £30 Double Chance Freeze out with an extra 1000 chip added if seated on time. 1st Tuesday of the month they have £50 freeze Out with £500 added to pot by the house and only game in town that operates antes in this one.

Just under 40 runners and decide back to basics in this event after previous weeks donking chips off and new CDs on ipod keep me entertained during awful cards spell then QQ big raise is called and a Q 10 rag board sees my pot bet called. Safe turn and my push for last 1200 is insta called to guys AK. The caller had monsta stack and was hitting everything so no surprise when his jacks hits river for his straight and my call for chips leaves me with 3k 10 mins before break.

Come back with 2400 and couple of pushes get through and table break. There for a few laps then break to 2 tables and Im moved and what a move that turned out to be.
After seeing so much shite my 1st hand at new table is QQ in the BB. 2 limpers and I push for 5200. Both call and my cards hold to guy with small pair and other needed spade on river to flush me.
Next hand KK and I re raise guy at top of table who insta all in which I call.
55 to my Kings and 1st card out is 5. FFks I think after getting back into game but K hits the turn and Im stacked at last.
Get KK again next lap and take down another pot. Funny old game 0:)
Getting near to final table and Jimmy Chipmunk gets moved to our table. He takes a hit making him low chipped and when I see AK i pop his BB up and he moves in with 88.
Ace hits flop as well as making that into nut flush with my K spades.

Morlspin bubbles on other table and final table with decent stack.
Sit tight early stages not seeing much and eventually 7 left and best hand for ages AQd in sb put good raise in and BB moves all in. My call sees AA and Im now low stack at table. 2 laps on and the only guy now with less chips than me pushes from button on my BB. Blind call and he shows K3 and I flip JJ. King river sees me with a single 1k chip. Quad up then double up then double up lolol.
Down to 5 and I push steal in sb for 18k ish with 10 7 hts but BB calls with A3 and although 10 hits flop the ace hits the turn and Im gone in 5th.
Felt the win was there for taking but not to be and at least another live profit with £100 return so quite happy with a profitable and reasonably busy July.

Tonight I play a satellite game for seat into Macau Final simply because of its value overlay. Get heads up and from 3/1 down get in front to very passive player.
Single bet K85 flop with top pair King and guy comes over top of me. I call and hes got 63. Yip 63 and book me in Danno. 3 turn FKN 6 river. Eventually blow out and why or why is such shit play like that rewarded.

Saturday sees August start with Poker Player Magazine UK game at Grosvenor 2pm start and 100 runner field so me n S2C and a fair few of forum lads playing in that.

July Figures

Online = £186 profit

Live = £527.50 profit

Teamdobb & Mr Entertainment live in Blackpool at APAT


Spent this weekend celebrating my birthday and my daughters. Meal on the Friday, day at Newcastle races on Saturday and family barbecue on Sunday and the new found taste for pear cider mmmmmmmm. Very nice and some sunshine always makes you fell better.

Ive been really quiet to be honest on the poker front playing a very small amount online and a 1 max 2 live games. Found the Newcastle Poker Forum has kept me so busy lately sorting out this n that for them but thought I must post the news we got this morning on switching on the computors at work.
Opened the forum up and bang its full of news about a student lad whos a regular at the Grosvenor and a really nice lad as well. Hes only went and took down the Poker Stars Million for a cool $138000.00
Railing is now the sport of the forum and he had a few lads follow and cheer him on all through the night as he strove to take this biggie down.
A 4 way deal was agreed and then play for the $30k Stars insist goes to the winner. Low stack of the 4 and Aryan came through to take it down.
So from all at Teamdobbs and the North east well done Aryan "AVKID86" Varabi. You are now officially a Poker Millionaire.

This together with 1_Fish and his FullTilt $97k win makes it a great double for forum members and a difficult choice for UKGatsby to make on his monthly awards.

Heres some good stuff from the APAT Team Event at Blackpool last week.

Will sort this months figures next couple of days but I know it will be showing profit for July although just abit short of Avkids total.


Teamdobb, Mr Entertainmnet and The Card Guard Kid on camera duty out and about on tour in Blackpool at the APAT the 3 radggie fkrs

What a great week.

Travelled down to Blackpool on Friday as the rest of the crew were heading down same night and meet up. Card Guard n Mr Entertainment had got there 1st n sorted us out with room n their hotel and others of the team were all close by.
Decided to take in the £30 D/C Freeze Out at Stanley Circus (Castles) and ended up high 80 runner field crammed into poor cardroom with shit tables although at least most were dealer dealt. We had 9 playing in tournament so virtually 10% of field.
Hit some good cards and as the beer flowed Stanleys although very accomodating didnt particularly like our banter as the volume grew. End of the day it was all just good humour and none offensive stuff.
Ended up final table with S2C well stacked and to be honest well juiced up as well. 1st hand of final table set the mood when totally represented flush to young local guy who had re raised my turn bet and I bet heavy at river for him to fold. Showed bluff which worked great for later hands when sitting with the goods.
Down to 4 and big chip leader offers deal to us 3 which I initially refuse as wanted to go for the win but when he explained this was last 20 minute level then chip count would come in was obvious chop which he wanted $500 to our £350 so deal was done.
Nice touch and now freeroll weekend as we headed for the APAT team event at the G.
Breakfast was hard to get down at 9am next day and the return to bed till 12.30 worked a treat in clearing the bad headache I had.

Not going to go on with detailed stuff on the game as theres too much to be honest and most of it in more detailed reports can be found at Newcastle Poker Forum together with some great pictures. Ended up the team finished 6th from 20 teams which was a great performance considering and 2 went deep in 13th n 14th from 200 runner field.
Highlights again was the tremendous team spirit and craic together with the constant superb rail support as individual players got knocked out.

Busted around the 70 mark when getting my JJ in against Ace 10 for 38k pot which wudda put me back in game with above average stack but guy rivered the Ace.

Anyways well done to all our crew who created a great atmosphere and certainly got Newcastle poker noticed, thanks to APAT for a really professionally ran tournament and special well done to Teamdobber The Card Guard Kid for going deepest of us all in 13th place.

Sooo Close

Been knocking on the door a lot of late and yet again so fkn close, tbh happy enough, just glad not to of sucked out in 20-30 which is becoming the norm.
Enjoyed this tourney from start to finish i always rebuy at the start (thoughts welcome) i also if early play a daft hand now and again if the moneys in the pot anyways 4 allins before me and i wakes up to the monsta that is 79d, obviously im in, flop a straight and never look back, with hands standing up at vital times im sitting pretty on 185k with about 80 left puts me in about 4th position.
Starting to feel a bit tired so gets teamdobb to put the rally cry out on and did the railbirds come in there droves i was overwhelmed by the support, talk about a 12th man with at least 10-12 railys i was determined not to get fkd in this one, ive stopped posting and reading while im playing cos it cost me dearly last week so when it was finally over i reads back through the thread and what a cracking read that is hand historys, advice,support the lot all big hands in tourney covered in that thread so wont bother putting them in here (lazy little bastard)
Final table was imo fkn lame ive never checked these guys out but if it turns out they are good ill show me arse in fenwicks window. The guy who eventually beat me was getting some hammer off the rail for his plays, some REAL FKN CRAZY PLAYS, so there was noway i was doing a deal,not with the biggest maniac on the table, not with the rail bayin for blood, anyways lost the last battle and tbh for all its a nice little cash, i was left feeling fkn devasted, wanted the win soooooooo bad for the lads on the rail the support was just unreal thanks again.
Now will one of you just take down this apat tourney and my weekend will be complete all the best guys they wont know wots hit them loooooool.


Ok so it was only the fiver rebuy and the fifteen quid deepstack freezeout at the Grosvenor,
but when your lucks out and and you can`t hit a barn door with a cricket bat you do start to question your game, and that horrible seed of doubt starts to enter your mind.


With I might add the Newcastle Poker Forum anthem ringing in my ears.
Best part of the second win was going up against a guy on the final table who called my 9 times the blind raise on monday with A 10 -aginst my QQ only for the flop to bring 884 I push all in and he calls with A 10 OFF ? (UNBELIEVABLE) ace hits the river .
Anyway imagine my delight on the final table Wednesday and there he is in seat 1...
I`m late position with A J HEARTS blinds 3k 6k and raise 30k third of my stack everyone folds to seat one who pushes all in, I`ve got him covered withe 8k left if i lose the hand so I had to think long and hard 8 players left "what have you got ?" i asked no response, i kept thinking im behind here, surely he hasn`t put his tournamnet on A 10 ?. so i said " if I pass will you show ? (I know - I`ve berated people for it ) he looked up and said "no " I knew then that he had A 10 called in a flash and WHOOPEE he shows A 10 my A J stands up and its goodbye son !!.
There is a Poker God after all.

So this has realy given me a lift and realy looking forward to representing The Newcastle Poker Forum at Blackpool this weekend.

Teamdobbs (aka Karen3300) Finally Gets Big Payday

Alreet lads, Karen33000 here who plays under name Teamdobbs on Betfair.

Well its that time of year with WSOP and big wins at tourneys and I have finally got in on the act. I have really wanted to start playing tourneys recently and after watching donkey Dobbs do well I thought anyone must be able to.

Well it was late one so I entered "the big game" lol on Betfair the 5 dollar $500GTD baby wooooo. Played really solid and just got me two hands when I needed them. Check ooot the link boys I'm going to start queueing outside of booze busters for me celebration bottles nooo!

Get the Donkeys saddled up here we come!

Been alot going on of late especially with the forum which has really gone crazy now. We have a real hard core of regulars now and the membership has went past 200 with alot of activity each day. Its become a must visit place and once on, it is difficult to get off with the humour and topics being thrown up and the banter between certain members makes it a must read. I also think it has brought together players closer at live games and changed quite a few as to how they think of others for the better.

The surprise of the "Anthem" as featured on previous post here was sprung at a home game I was invited to with S2C at Mr Entertainments house which attracted approx 20 forum members and you simply had to be there to appreciate the response. Here we were in ya regular 3 bed semi and low n behold Mr E only has this monsta pull down screen across his Bay window with an overhead projector. 20 odd people squeezed into the living room and S2C rigs his lap top up and boom out blasts the "Anthem" to the shock reaction of the people watching and Im sure NOT what they were expecting. Fuck me Ive never seen so many people pissing themselves laughing so much in a restricted space for this to be repeated again later when some late guests arrived.
A night not to be forgotten with the crack and hospitality fantastic and hats off to Mr & Mrs Entertainment for putting on a quality night and one of the best buffets that I have ever experienced.

On the poker front been on decent run myself as well lately with some good results online and very happy with my live game that just needs that bit of luck at vital stage to bring a good result home.

Really looking forward to this weekend with the forum taking a team of 10 down to the APAT Forum team Championship being held in 2 day event at the G Casino Blackpool.
Only downside for me was the difficult situation I found myself in having to choose the team from far too many players wanting to represent the forum. This was also badly hampered with be being away in Las Vegas at the WSOP when trying to sort this and meet the deadlines put in place by APAT in respect to registration of the team. As such I had to make a decision which was obviously not going to please everyone and tried to do it in the most fairest way I could possibly think of knowing how much alot of members wanted to play in this event. As the forum is relatively new I took the decision that the team should be represented by the 10 applicants who had posted the most at the forum bearing in mind that from the 18 applicants perming any of the 10 from the 18 would have put together a very strong team. The bad side to this from a personal point of view was my best poker buddy Gyposdog just missed out ending up being 1st reserve incase anyone dropped out which they havnt. Such is life and despite his obvious disappointment Im sure after I explained this to him he understands and no hard feeling have been left.

On the other side of the coin we have 3 Teamdobbs members in there representing Newcastle Poker Forum in myself, Mr Entertainment and The Card Guard kid.

Full details of this weekends competition can be found at APAT
and a full betting facility on it at Blue Square

Good lays and shite plays

What a weekend, met up with a old mate who I hadnt seen for a LONG time he the same as always, thats him all over like never phased, what a laugh we had, like we hadnt been apart at all, eeee what a scream, so thanks for Saturday Justin deffo do it again soon mate.

On a poker front qualified for both the biggies on Stars, 1million gtd and 2 million gtd for about $100 great start and enjoy these tourneys sooooo much they get the best out of me, really got bug back for the game at the mo, think I can cash in anything I play (LOL THE HEX)

Pokermillions sat was no problem just coasted through it some maniac play in them, tbh they nearly play themselves well at least thats the way it seems of late (deffo form game jimmy tea cup i mean chipmunk) then in other sat $11 rebuy had $31 invested innit 29 left with 19 seats to biggie Im sitting about 17th-20th utg pushes all in just has me covered I have qq, quickly some things up and come to conclusion I win this Im gtd seat, lets roll the dice, he ak and Im out on river to a flush, ouch lesson learned I think.

Enter next sat and manage to scrape through sorted, just cost $55 more than it should.
The 1 million is off and as usual fantastic support from the rail of the NPF squad, you know who yous are, thanks alot guys. 5500ish runners 800ish paid the only hand I remember and cant forget from this whole tourney is Im sitting with about 15k the average is about 30kish Im on the button and blinds 1k/2k utg pushes for 4k next to act insta single raises to 8k he on about 30k I looks down at JJ its touch and go and I feel I done the right thing in folding bout 200 from cashing(obviously the earlier qq is playing its part here), anyways flop J2J and my heads fkd.
Lol go out about 5 hands later AK v pocket 9s in about 900ish fks, going back to that JJ I never usually go 10x below the bb but close to money its a big tourney, Im still scrutiniseing that hand any suggestions?

Right now its onto the biggun, ends up 2.8million in pot with over 14000 runners and an eye watering 1st prize of 300k biggest game Ive ever played in and off to an absolute flyer gets Q10 suited in small blind 3 runners and I flop the nut str8 with royal flush draw the bb has flopped trip kings and other guy has q10 aswell, dream card 8 of hearts on river to give me the flush and Ive trebled up WOOOOO.
Catch good run of cards at the right time and by the second hr Im on about 70k with 30kish the average, cruiseing:). Then game starts to toughen up and cards dry up bigtime ride it out best I can. Start posting garbage on NPF as most of my posts on there are and had total head fart and threw my lot in with 99 not noticing limper utg who insta calls damn he AA and Im gone in 1804th for $283 then chatbox on msn is full of things like "oooo watch him" and "dodgy him limping"
Lol was left gutted but also left believeing I can deffo get a good cash in that tourney watch this space:)

The Newcastle Poker Forum Anthem

Ok as readers may know we run the Newcastle Poker Forum and a very popular thread that started on there was "Poker Music" where members gave their version in poker terms of popular songs.

One that many commented on and that caught our attention was The Card Guard Kids version of "My Way" and so much so in tribute to him and in honour I offer you my version and the newly adopted Newcastle Poker Anthem. Watch out for the out takes at the end.


And now, the end of the tourney's near
And so I face the final opponent
My friend, i'll say it clear
I'll state by bet, of which i'm certain

I've lived a game that's good
I've called on flop and turn and river
And more, much more than this
I've missed my flush again

Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, 10 2 is no good
I called when I had to call
And bluffed it through without exception

I chose to make a move
Each careful bet upon a ragboard
And more, much more than this
I just want the card guard

Yes there were times, I'm sure he knew
When I bet too much and then too few
But through it all, when there was doubt
I was all in and nearly out
I faced it all and I stood tall
Called the bets my way

I've laughed, I've cursed I've cried
I've had my fill - my share of outdraws
And now he shuffles up
I find a call, 5 3 amusing

To think, he's called with that
And my I say, not in a shy way
Oh no. Only two outs
The pot's gone his way

For who is this man? What has he got?
If not top pair - then not a lot
To say those words he truly feels
Call and ya beat is what he squeels
The record shows I called his blows
But the tourney went his way

The tourney went his way

Glad to "Nearly" be back

Time for a change as havnt been for ages and the lure of the £100 with one rebuy max gets me into town on Tuesday night at Aspers making me miss my Poker in the Pub stuff.

Poorly advertised apparently and I think 40 odd runners eventually shuffle up & deal.
Game gets off to a bad start when apparently after cardroom meeting previous night with alot of regulars where dealers were pleaded for and agreed to for certain comps, only 2 dealers started the game from the 5 tables.

Seated on table 1 and nicely placed between likeable guy on my right and Richard " Madasawasp" to my left. Hand after hand Im getting total shite but stay patient and eventually my BB is attacked by Hamid a well known play any 2 cards guy but so difficult to read at times. I look down at AK and flat call his raise. Flop comes AK7 to which I check to him for him to fire into the pot after his initial raise and I push all in. Instant call by Hamid showing down A5 and double up for me.
Get to break OK stack and no rebuy thanks, £100 is enough in the field and the pot is settled at £7200 to play for.
I build nice n steady picking up bits n pieces here n there but key hand comes as we approach around 16/17 runners left. My BB and another guy who again can play a wide range of hands fires in 4200 on 600/1200. I look at AJ and decide to call with early position limper making up 3 way pot. Ace high flop I check knowing original raiser will fire bet and after limper also checks the raiser moves all in. I certainly dont have him on big Ace or better for various reasons and make the call to which other guy folds.
I could tell by his face he didnt want the call and shows A4 taking him out and a nice pot for me.
Into final table eventually and hardly move seats but very happy with seat position after draw in relation to other players and their stacks.

Defend my blind with J9 from regular steal player and push when 9 high flop is enough. Down to 6 left and in decent position when that critical hand always comes along that decides tournie for ya. Guy pushes for 25k ish and I make call with 10 10 after seeing alot of his previous shit he had pushed with when in need of chips mind. Showdown and he turns AJ but sure enough he hits J on flop and its damage time for me. Couple of good folds get me down to last 5 and then with action stepping up I see the lovely sight of AdAh in my BB.
Cudnt believe it but ALL FOLD and zero return from the bullets boooooo.

Blinds are getting expensive now and eventually after another push on my BB by the big stack leader I put em in with no option really with 33. He shows 98 off and 9 drops in on the flop which takes me down.

Felt I played solid all night with few errors and felt good as well about most aspects of the game. Glad to get back to a final table position in decent comp and payout of £500 for £100 entry.
Be happy with same result next week as we take a 10 man team from the Newcastle Poker Forum down to Blackpool for the APAT Forum team Challenge at the G Casino in what should be 2 days of excellent competition,excellent company and good fun n banter.

Gets Worse

Karen 33000 back again feeling totally pissed off.

The bad thing is previously I used to be terrible at tilting but for the last 3 weeks I haven't and just try again mainly because my cash is so low now.

Well loaded up 200 of my 300 bankroll left on Stars and played 10 - 25 cent omaha. Proceeded to lose 5 buy ins within 30 minutes after getting all my cash in everytime on the turn with best hand and to lose.

To some up how the last three months have been I am holding KQQ10 double suited. Flop is Q J 5. Im betting it like there is no tomorrow. Turn is a 6. He jams all in for me to obviously call and oow guess what pops on the river a 5 to give him quads.

Decided that is it for poker for me now. Can't be arsed with it anymore and just really don't believe there is maybe 15% skill and rest pure luck.

An interesting point on Betfair as I hate the site is how they are regulated in the UK for sports betting but on their gaming software for poker it is regulated in Malta. I asked the guy why that is and he says "tax reasons". So I go "okay fair enough so why not have sports regulated in Malta for ya tax reasons". His response is "err errr errr".

The Curse of Teamdobbs

Well on reading previous posts from my esteemed Teamdobbs members it seems between us we cant win a game of snap against a blind man using the non brail cards.
I think Im gonna give up poker and turn my time to writing lyrics for songs(see Newcastle Poker forum thread) Its fkn Ace!!!!

This game we all used to love is fucking up my mental state and turning me into a complete knob(maybe im a bit like the hulk). I have been completley wankered by vastly inferior players at every tourney over the last 3 months and it is seriously beginning to boil my piss.
3 of the best of this week are 6000 stacks blinds 50-100 2nd position raises my big blind to 600 2 callers I re raise to 3000 with AA hoping he pushes all in. He flat calls other 2 pass flop 2 5 9 rainbow and cos my opinion of him from previous meetings is he is a solid player I have put him on JJ or QQ. I push all in and insta call he flips over 5 5 for set. Cant play against people who will not lay down small pairs to a re raise for over half their stack.
Day before 99 on a 9 2 3 rainbow board and someone re raises my 500 bet to all in for 9000 chips I am all in and he says whoops was trying to bluff you and turns over 7 6. turn 5 river 8 and I leave even though I have 3 rebuys left.
Best of lot is a raise to 300 I re raise to 1800 and another caller and original raiser calls. I got KK and flop is A A 7. Im first to act and am convinced one of them has a raggy ace so I check as do the other 2. Turn is a 9 I check next bets 3rd calls I pass. All money in on river and original raiser shows 99 to the others JJ.
I show my passed KK and original raiser states when you re raised I put you 10's or Jacks thats why I just flat called your re raise. Could not even be bothered to adv him calling my re raise was for nearly half his stack and not good play if he is sure I have an over pair!!! Then 3 hands later I get KK again been a raise so I re raise and the same guy flat calls. Flop comes 10 2 9 rainbow checks to me I push my last 3500 in and insta call to turn over 10 2 off suit!!.
Idiots like this are curently contributing to me and Mrs Card Guard having blazing rows cos I let off steam to her and she does not understand my passion and frustration.
Anyway the only way through this I can see is to carry on and play my way back to form however long this takes. Gyposdog I totally understand your anger and for fucks sake lets hope we never in the same car or we will being 2 - 5 in solitary!!!!!!

On a lighter note whoo hoo rooms booked for Vegas from 20th Nov to 1st Dec when me and Mr Entertainment will be ripping up the Vegas tables and I will be getting plenty of value for my money at the all you can eat buffets!!!

Happy poker fellow players and lets hope we all run into form for Blackpool APAT Team Event cos my monies down on the team and spread over all our players

See ya soon

Change of Luck Please

Hi Karen 33000 here posting under Dobbs a/c as Ive forgot me sign code due to my heed being up me arse.
I need to write this to get it off my chest but it ain't going to be the best of reads. Finally busto my Betfair account and won't be playing on there again.
On pokerstars at the moment. I have been playing cards for 6 years now and in all my time I have never gone through such a long patch of getting outdrawn on every single big pot I play. This has been going on for so long now ( 4 months ). In 4 months I have had 3 winning sessions..... thats how bad it is.
Hopefully things will change. Playing low levels now. Just 25 50 omaha only now as just become disillusioned with texas hold em now to be honest.

Hope everyone is well.

take care
karen33000 the bottle drinking disillusioned Poker Playing Ex stockbroker.

Dont forget what its all about

We all play Poker for various reasons and the beauty of the game as well is the wide variety of people that play it and the wide variety of people that you meet sitting down at a poker table.

Another vital thing that makes this game so interesting and amusing at times is that virtually ANYONE of any intelligence and ability can play the game and to a degree can have success. How many times have you been done by an absolutely crazy call to see the killer 1 or 2 outer hit the board at the river from a novice to the game and the worst players of all to play against are the newcomers by an absolute mile. As such when out playing in local casinos dont get too uptight about things and just go to enjoy yourself and enjoy the company that you meet in these premises.
Bearing this in mind careful consideration should be given as to where you play because after all especially playing live its an ABSOLUTE MUST that you enjoy playing there and most of all enjoy the people there and the craick that goes with it.
As readers of this blog will have picked up alot of my live poker in Newcastle is mainly played at Grosvenor Casino. Why you may ask? Well it aint for the huge potential winnings for sure due to limited prize funds the games achieve. No its simple why I play there and its this- THE PEOPLE & CHARACTERS THE PLACE ATTRACTS.
Now over this weekend it has leaked that huge price increases are apparently going to be implemented by the Grosvenor Group which has so infuriated many of the regulars that a hard core group are threatening to abandon the place and play elsewhere.
I also get the impression that Grosvenor dont care and are ignoring the potential huge impact this could have on their Pokeroom.

Pokerooms need atmosphere and characters and by removing these then that cardroom is leaving itself wideopen to decreased attendances and a place where "proppa" people dont want to go.
Pokerooms dont directly generate big returns for casinos but in directly they obviously do with Poker players dabbling on tables n slots etc and using restaurant & bar facilities which without poker they would not in general even be in those premises. I for one would include myself in this category.

With the launch of the Newcastle Poker Forum an even stronger bond between players especially the big characters of that poker room has emerged and I have a feeling that many of these will stick together to the demise of one cardroom but the advantage of another that may well appreciate their custom more.
The forum at present is conducting a player spend survey as to how much individual players honestly spend when attending a poker game and some VERY INTERESTING results are emerging all collated by a very experience member of the accountancy trade. Watch this space as I hope to have some interesting reading figures very soon.

Also as I have just mentioned the Newcastle Poker Forum a famous milestone has been passed over the weekend. Congratulations to its member Phlmc who in such a short space of time has achieved 1000 posts and as such results in him being given POKER GOD status at the forum. His target of 2000 is already well underway.

On the poker front, this weekend is a virtual no go as I simply cudnt be arsed to be honest eventually winning 3 buy ins on micro cash and getting busted in 3 Crypto satellites all with bad beats which if you play Crapto you certainly get used to.
A classic bad beat is revealed there as well in the same games I was playing on Brenos blog which must of hurt so much.

Not at the races still

Been back a week now and hardly played any poker online apart from a small amount of cash to qualify for a couple of freebie multis in raked hands.
To be honest Ive really struggled with time zone stuff and this week has been really weird. I played the £50 £500 added game at Stanley Circus on Tuesday night and 80 plus runners started so a good game was guaranteed with nice pot up for grabs. Hats off to Stanleys here for listening to the players moans from last month as to length of tournie and introducing antes for the 1st time ever in a game held in Newcastle outside of major tournaments and to be honest it worked a treat.
Got seated on same table as S2C so had birds eye view and to be honest was most impressed with his application and plays. Very very ul when a well known player next to me made a ridiculous call to a perfect amount bet with straight draw against all odds that hit on the turn to damage s2C stack but he recovered magnificently to battle his way back into contention only to make his only critical mistake imo with a bad call against what I felt was an obvious strong hand.

I was very happy with my plays and game on a great table only spoilt by a total dick head dealer who I reckon had something seriously wrong up top and deffo needs to attend Mr Entertainments dealing classes which ive heard open up next week in the local Co-Ops car park. I battled away after deciding to attempt to knock the dealer out and it worked a treat giving me a healthy stack only for for my perfect read with AsQs on crappy raise KJ and pushing him all in get sucked out on river straight. Recovered again but 4 laps card dead with rising antes did their damage and with last couple of tables in sight and my BB with 6XBB the KJ star decides to raise and I decide KQ is good enough to push and to board that came 24469 his MONSTA 33 held and good night Josephine.
Couldnt sleep on getting home and as such went into work with intention of leaving early when tired to catch up with sleep but ended up working through as normal. Big mistake as when I got home I zonked out on settee then when I woke up late on and went to bed it was 3.00pm when I woke up the next day. It seemed I lost a day from the week and was going around in a trance all week a day behind.
Friday I head into Grosvenor for the £20 DC Freezeout and a very fast played game sees many getting knocked out early. I eventually go out AK v 10 10.
Decide to play a couple of hours cash but cant get fixed up so settle on a STT and soon its down to last 3 and Im big chip leader when guy decides he wants to play all in anything stuff and I duly oblige with him.
AK to his Q7 busted A10 to his K4 busted and then salt into the wounds with AhQh to KhQd that spikes a King on the river. Not surprised as to be honest I cudnt win a race with a one legged midget at the moment.

Newcastle Poker Forum have entered a team into the APAT Team Event taking place at Blackpool G Casino 19th&20th July 2008 and Im really looking forward to this with alot of good teams entered and a good quality field being assembled.
Individual odds and team odds are even available on Blue square for those that fancy a dabble and hopefully by then my racing has changed and Im getting my head in front by then.

Pissed in my pants when I heard of Chris(berlin)Bates latest little caper.
This kids an absolute legend in my opinion, although i have a soft spot for him as he was a year younger than me at school and from my area and always very quiet.

He a good kid he just cant stop fucking lieing hes a compulsive lier you cant beleive a word he says his alias "berlin" is because he told everyone at the casino he was going to the world cup in Germany and got exposed as a gobshite afterwards after hed told everyone how great it was looool.
So to cut a long story short hes knocking about with a few, shall we say "wronguns" so he gets invite to this Frank Bruno dinner talk and auction and ends up bidding 700quid for some signed shorts loooooooool. The kid hasnt got a pot to piss in, he had to lend 30 quid to go to the doo in the first place looooooool.

So now hes done his normal trick of hiding in his bedroom and hope it all passes while his poor old man will end up footing the bill again, Chris son you obviously arent wired up proppa what the fuck goes through your head,I cant wait for the next one hee hee

stress and rage

Ive always had the breaking strain of a poppodom but this month has been serious, for a start i fucking hate taxi(sry chipmunk) and bus drivers, is it me or do these tossers think they own the road to cut a long story short this tossa bus driver pulls his bus out 6 ft from junction totally blocking the road ive driven 2 bus lengths down, bearing in mind its my right of way in anycase as his lane is blocked with cars for the local shops, so i sits looks the cunt in the face to see his reaction and its the typical daft cunts response of out stretched arms and a shrug of the shoulders as in im not moving, i puts my window down and building up to a shout i say to him im not backing up you could see me coming and you pulled out 6 foot and blocked my lane to which i get the outstretched arms and shrug of shoulders response(LOL), then some fucking taxi driveing vigilante decides to shout his topeneth worth in from across the road "FUCKING REVERVSE YA FUCKIN IDIOT" right thats it ive gone flipmode and doesnt the hardboy taxi driver know it i leap from car and scream to him "WHY DONT YOU JUST SHUT YA FUCKIN MOUTH EH" instantly he scrambling to get into his car lol what a pussy if you going to open ya mouth on something that doesnt concern ya and call someone a fucking idiot in an aggressive manner, you best be prepared to back it up by now im at his window sayin allsorts of sick shit, then still raging i sprints to bus drivers window telling him to back his bus up ive had enough mind BACK YA FUCKING BUS UP NOW, i cant he says(as cool as out) i have passengers on and there is now 2 cars behind bus,fkkkkkkkkkks i tell taxi driver to go nowhere as im going to kill him(lol) then jump into car and speed reverse like steve mcqueen throwing it into side road with bus driver following me to only get stopped at the next junction therefore blocking me in for 10 mins LOL in which time i took the whole situation in, chilled out and had a good laugh about it.
Im fully aware my reactions to this situation are wrong yet i KNOW if it happened again i would no doubt react in the same way as such i had another incident on friday whilest walking along the street i smiles at a guy in his car he has a high visability vest on and is a contractor i work on building sites and thats the crack a smile a wink and maybe an "all right mate" about ten steps past his car a hear "FUCKING WALKING PAST ME CAR FUCKING SMILING FOR LIKE" i takes another 3 steps and the rage takes over, i sprints to his car screaming "WHAT THE FUCK YOU JUST SAY" nearly tore his driver door of its hinges hes on his phone obviously trying to show off, i SCREAMS in his face "GO ON I FKN DARE YA STEP OUT YA CAR IF YOU WANT IT" again some cunt opens there mouth and wont back it up wtf is up with people these days i really got the erge to hit this big mouthed cunt but he totally shit himself all mouth no action. then yesterday im at work and this charlatan of a foreman i dont know what his trade is but hes my gaffa and hes telling me to fit something the wrong way to which we end up in a debate to which i prove im right all very civil then he snaps "just fucking dee wot im telling ya i know its wrong but the rest are like that just dee it or fuck off" wowza big rush of stress pain in the neck area and ive punched a hole in a box just next to his head and its unemployment for the gyposdog lol think i need to learn how to count to 10 abit and might save myself some stress. so it looks like its time for a nice couple of weeks off work and chilling time looking after my daughters fkn class currentley in back garden sunning it up having are dinner before she has to go to nursery boooooo.
On more of a poker front its not the right time to play cards when ya heads not right cant stress this enough had a fuckin tilt session on weekend playin cash and blew 600sheets which isnt like me but its been a while and must also before i forget say a big well done to sewell (canonlygetbetter) who done a 3 way split at aspers on saturday for 500ish then the next day nailed some freeroll on pokerstars oh and i also went to the northumbrian plate at the weekend first time at the horse racing for me but it definately wont be the last what a mega day that was, actually im drivelling on abit now so good luck at the tables and always count to 10 first lol