Teamdobb moves into Sponsorship

August has brought some interesting movements in the Teamdobbs blog.
A small section of the 9 are just not bothering their arses at all with any input and as such Gypos took the bull by the horns and put a post up the other day in that if the 3 concerned dont get theor fingers out and at least post something then there getting the boot. Its a cruel world we live in unfortunately 0;). ONE FKN POST is all we are asking-get ya fingers oot man. Replacements waiting in the wings with anticipation.

August brought an interesting thread put up on the Newcastle Poker forum about someone wanting to sponser a player for a month and requested applicants. Turns out the original poster declined the list of applicants for whatever reason but me monsieur have took the plunge and decided to sponser the one and only up and coming new star in my opinion of Dan "Spilla Artois" Spiller and his picture is featured. Dont he have the Gyposdog look about him!
Hes paid into certain featured live games in town for September at an outlay of approx £500 with a 50/50 deal. Go Dan go!!!
October is also booked with funds placed on a player called Gary Brewer aka Xenocode on the forum. Ill keep you well informed as to their progress.

Tomorrow sees us at Grosvenor doing some coverage for the forum for their league final and that should be a good day. The Card Guard and Mr Entertainment have qualified so good luck lads and fly the Teamdobbs flag.

As for August its one to forget tbh although not much played online the live games have brought poor returns - infact one of worst months I can remember and a loss is shown although not much considering.


Live = £271 LOSS

Online = £45 PROFIT

Turning Tides of Poker

Hello all its 4.07am and I have just had a lovely bottle of "old rosie" cloudy scrumpy 7.5% very nice it is too I recomend it to Karen33000 for dutch courage when she sorry HE bumps into a fox again.

Its been a while since I last posted so I am feeling a little guilty after mad dog gypos comments in a previous post even tho I know he was talking about the other dobbers.

Anyhows after going through a blackhole which lasted for a couple of months i popped my cherry in none other than the £20 freezeout at Aspers on a Friday night which is nothing short of a mad drug induced frenzy of piranha's,goldfish,crocodiles and sensible poker players(ahem) I wont bore you with the details mainly because I cant remember them but I got very lucky when I called an all in with 99 against a guy who was shoving with any 2 but had KK this time and flippin hell a 9 on the river,weeeeeeeeee 1st bit of luck for ages I seriously thought I would never win again and after that the confidence restored I stole a few doubled up with a couple of premium hands and next thing i am chopping 3 ways for with me receiving £470 and 2 others who incidentally I have been very impressed with every time I have been on there table receiving £460,Daniel Spiller and Tony Johnstone are there names and I am pretty confident we will see 1 or both of these guys getting a biggy soon.
The following week I finaled in both the saturday £50 freezout taking a 4 way chop and the following day finaling in the sunday £50,50,50 where I was short stack going in and after somebody limped on the button and only me in sb and bb in pot I had k10 and k high board I decided to play and button had kq,goodnight but I am not to sad as I made the final which is always my 1st priority.At the moment I am playing 2 many tournys so I am going to knock the 20 minute clocks on the head as they are just to frustrating when you get chips only to be antied away or put out by a dubious call.

Last night I played the the £50 freezeout and managed to steer myself into a 5 way chop for £400 at 4am which at the end was a bit of a joke with push,push and push some more killing the game and making the deal a wise move,also unlucky to Teamdobb who played as solid as ever but just unlucky to run his 99 into Darren(virgin) Lavericks QQ when 17 left.

good luck at the tables all




What an embarrassment the United Kingdom has coming to its door, instead of being welcomed with a smile it will be some druggy with a knife saying "gis yah wallett yah radgee " and as for the goverment "we dont need to spend as much as the chinese " ( you havent got as much as the chinese ) what a load of bollocks.

Its like del boy and rodders " nah nah my son we dont need to spend that much we can do it for half the price CUSHTY we`l do the relay round Nelson Mandella house and get the olympic village set up at the nags head Lovely jubbly".

Its four years away and im cringing with embarrassment already,

Back to Poker Managed to finish third in the Grosvenor league and will be playing the final on Sunday along with the Cardguard and NPF TV will be there with its new presenters THE MONUMENT and MONUMENT MALL (check out NPF link for updates on Sunday)

The Title of this Blog was "DONT YOU JUST HATE IT ? so listed below are a few









Well just a quicky to Matto Beastie and VegasDave.

If you lot dont do a post by end of Sept then Im seeking permission from the rest of the Team to sack yas.
You know the score if yer not participating by doing one post then its nee fkn good

gl at the tables all.

Annette likes our song !!!!

This aint a wind up its totally 100% genuine.

Last night James Lewis AKA Teaboydobbs aka Karen33000 from blog got in touch with me all excited. He plays betfair as Teamdobb and was on $2/$5 cash when low and behold the betfair pro/sponsored player Annette Obrestad comes to the table. James being James gets cracking onto her and starts going on about the NPF and more so about the video songs that are featured on Youtube. She onlys goes and watches them thinking they were hilarious and even left a comment at that section on Youtube weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Although shes been asked she hasnt signed up as a member YET!

Karen 33000 and the nutter Fox!!

Alreet its Karen33000, well im pretty mortal tnite as bn out with mate from uni who I aint seen for awhile and its his bday.
No one will believe this but I walk home after drink a certain way in holloway (north London) and I always see a couple of foxes and they always dart down this lane when I see them. Well tnite Im doing my trip home and I see this thing lying in the middle of the street from a distant and its one of these foxes. Well I get closer and the fker still aint moving... closer I get and he starts to stand up. He looks at me..... and the fuker starts running at me!!!! Im like "fk me!" and start like dwan chambers after a few lines start begging it round the corner and I jump nehind this jeep and peer out and all I see is this fukin fox sprintin round the corner after me! Well I decide as if the fox was raisin my big blind! that I need to make a stand and stop and start shoutin at the fker haha. To be honets me voice aint very menacing and he just stands there as if to say "is bthat alll yeee got like". Suddenly I spot this lass and her bloke looking at me as I crouched behind a jeep shouting stuff. They eventually realise the score and Im left looking like a rite soft fuker as they stand there looking at him as I sprint off in the distance. Just had to have three glasses of water as I have a megga stich! never ran so fast home! I dont know wat happened to that couple! waitin for local paper!
On the poker front I aint spoken about it for ages

Three month ago I had massive trouble with discipline. Well since I packed in working I started to nplay alot 2 mnth ago. I bn doing really well and showing alot of discipline UNTIL today!! Bn so annoyed with myself I managed to win around 8000 pound the last two month but last nite I ventured onto 2 5 dollar table/ To be honest the standard on that table is a mile worse than at any level but I get screwed every time eg 1000 dollar pot when i have 97 on a 10 8 J board all in for guy have 10 j to river a 10. To be honest I truley believe I try avoid certain players on betfair not because they r gud.... eg hedger spackers and vahlallas or watvea he is called. Just for fact I see these guys hit miracles. On that hand I wouldnt go all in I was calling as I know the player against me is one of was spackers so I just call as I know he would hit. Ohhh suprise spackers hit. Anyway I donked off 800 today so the roll is 8000 is profit but Im so annoyerd as before today I was in 90000 roughly from last two weeks. I really hope the demons dont come back and I can stick to the levels where I have found success at.

Sorry for the essay as Im pissed. As for tmoz Im gaanin out gettin riding gear and gonna shoot some bloody foxes! PRO HUNTING!!!!

Ambassador Disgrace

Not much action this week online as cudnt be bothered tbh. 3rd attempt satelight into Sundays CPC Lite Package Final on Crypto so that would be nice to lift.

Live stuff saw 9th place finish in Tuesday game at Stanley and Thursday although enjoyable game its anil return in £50 game at Aspers. Early hand sees me flop 2nd high house with 66 on QQ6 flop into raised pot. Jimmy Chipmunk betting into it with another guy and flush draw on table. Turn adds another heart to it and when Jh pops out at river Im convinced hes got Ace of hearts and his sized bet at river makes me think it even more. I single raise his bet which he calls and Im somewhat surprised when he flips JJ for higher house. Well played sir and yes I wudda called his push.
Always struggling after that to be honest and shame as theres a complete raising machine on table with mostly stone cold crap.We lose him last hand before break when he announces raise to 1500 blind. Jimmy Chipmunk makes it 4k to play but Rob on BB aka Larvingravy makes it insta allin push. Raising machine puts his remaining chips in and although Jimmy announces fk I must be up against AA or min KK he also makes up pot leaving only a couple of thousnad behind him. Showdown and raising machine has 82 off Jimmy has AK and Rob has AA. AA makes the nutflush at turn and good job as the 82 hits the straight at the river.
2nd level after break my KQ button push into AJ gets lucky but next lap an all in push from button to my left I call with 88. His AK hits and Im back to previous.
Pick up AsJs next lap on button and my push finds JJ on BB.
Good game this and hopefully slowly is gaining numbers.

Too early for zzzzzzzzzzzzz so call into Grosvenor where I get into totally crazy £1/£2 cash game with some drunken stag guys.
Hard to describe what I was seeing nearly every hand and was cruelty for me as I was picking up total garbage. An example was in raised to £6 pot theres 5 callers. Flop comes J84 rainbow and drunk gets £20. Raise to £40 from solid regular and drunk pops it to £80. Regular pushes all in for over £300. Insta call by drunk with J9 off and surprise suprise Mr Regular and his 444 takes down nice meaty pot.
Another hand sees nice pot grow and on an Ace high board and 4 spades guy next to me bets £50. Insta call by Chinese guy with KJ no pair and no spade to take it down.
I eventually leave after garbage garbage totally frustrated and £100 light.

Talking of total garbage theres certainly been some strange stuff at the forum this week with an unknown obvious trouble maker posting soem total crap to wind members up and in tribute to him heres some Youtube footage of how NOT to behave and act from an Ambassador of Poker so they say!!!!!!

future teamdobber???

as dobbys mentioned in an earlier post we attended the wifes sisters wedding last week and my 10 year old nephew got up to sing. fuck me i thought time to leave and have a tab to avoid embarrassament but alas i got collered by the wife to video it. shit i thought gonna have to listen to 5 mins of total rubbish but as soon as he started the place was rocking. so here it is via u tube watch and enjoy


Well not a bad afternoons work, sure knocks the arse off plumbing. Buzzing with meself here im a micro stakes player really and slowly building my roll up, but all is going well of late so thought id have another go at a $110 tourney on stars think its my 4th, id never cashed in one before but tbh id been really unlucky not to.

Tbh they just like any other tourney on there, one big thing i noticed was pokerstars number 1 tournament player johnnybax was at my table he has made some serious dosh online, he called my all in with his 1010 for about 65k with my ak shove ace on flop weeeeeeeeee ship left him crippled.

By the time we hit the final table it was a really tight game and tbh got lucky twice on final table, bout 6 left and im in big blind with 77 3xraise and i shove he insta calls,fkkkks, he kk flop 7 high weeeeeeeeee ship it. Then im sb with a10 the button who raises everytime does his normal 3x bb bet, im on msn to a couple of the boys and says a10 what u do? id push was the cry, mmmmn fk it ill shove he insta calls and shows ak wow surprised he that strong but a 10 high flop and im cruiseing (lucky bastard)

Then when down to heads up i done my normal collapse and threw it away i need some type of coaching heads up cos im fkn shite gr8 record live heads up but online im total garbage anyways cutting this one short cos me family just turned up, good luck all.

Stars of the Future??

I love Saturday nights when X Factors on. Cant beat settling down to an Indian Takeaway from my local tandoori, a couple of games of poker online, Match of the Day and seeing stuff like this on the box

Not Quite Millions!

Like the last post by me I havnt really been playing much poker lately. Last week saw me play the odd game on Virgin together with a little bit of cash and on the live scene I gave Aspers a visit for their £50 Thursday night Freeze Out.
With 40 runners I had probably the best table there with some guys on it and banter flowed freely. Got a decent stack together by the break but thats where it stopped.
AK missed into 99, up n down and flush draw missed on big pot, 10 10 had to be put down on QK board and then called a raise with 77 and into an 888 board my totally AK mis read on the guy and push was greeted by KK.

Onto online stuff and very very quiet here as cudnt be bothered to be honest. Syndicate of 10 has been put together at forum by one of the members to play the Poker Stars Millions on Sunday night. Good idea really as gives you a very cheap way to play and experience this very popular tournament and after draw and then 1st player unable to play due to other family commitments it was me who sat down 1st to try their luck. With well over 7000 runners theres not much to write about Im afraid. The game was a total boring grind to be honest and total card dead cruelty. After doubling through early on my only other memory was shortly after I called a guys all in with AK and was very happy to see A7 only on an Ace high flop the 7 to hit the turn to lose 1/3 of my chips.
Got to push stage no where near the money and forced in with KJc into AQ. Had the luck here when J hit.
This got me to the money and with this achived for the rest I pushed my low stack with 77 and got 2 callers with 88 & Ak with the AK taking down the pot.
Didnt particularly enjoy the game due to cards I was constantly getting but was kept on track by the banter and humour and support at the "rail" Cheers lads. Shame really because there were some awful plays at the table and loads of chips going free if you could get some decent cards.

Good result for the "Toon" on opening game down at Man Utd weeeeeeeeeeeeeee and watch this space because coming soon is a possible star of the future. Was at Mrs Card Guards sisters wedding on Friday and their 10 year old nephew got up to sing. Well I sat there thinking omg here we go another X factor reject performance coming and was astounded at what i saw. This young fella had the place gobsmacked with his "Mika" performance. Card Guard got it all on video and its coming here very soon.

Multi table special feature coming soon when my mate returns from his holidays which Im looking forward to doing and hopefully we can get some summer the next week or two as Im sick to fkn death of this shit weather and constant rain.
Be lucky and cya soon


Hi people, just a quick rundown on whats been happening in the world of MR E...

Finaly started my online play for cash on Poker Stars and all seems well not quite Sunday Millions yet just micro sit and goes but still got the same amount in account as started with.

Filmed Bohemjean Rhapsody in Swalwell studios with my four forum brothers and well what a laugh check it out on this site or the Newcastle Poker Forum site.

Back to poker been on a bit of a dry run live since my back to back wins however two final tables this week and cashed twice.
Have to mention Jean Barr who made the final table last night with 110.000 chips and lost the lot in a few hands with poker play reminiscent of online freerolls - disgraceful waste of chips.
Well thats all for now see you live or online TA TA

Table Selection

Alreet its Karen33000. I normally don't write much about poker as I find talking about it so dull but just wanted to say that something people don't talk about alot which I think I have learnt alot about in the last two months is table selection. I used be one of those who would just sit down straight away when a seat became free but these days I am now looking round at who is there before taking a spot. Just something for ya lot to think abooot dobbsy over ya cheerios.

By the way how ya doing realale!!!!!! long time no hear pal. Where you playing these days?? with negraneau like?


Every casino in every town has regular poker players that become somewhat of a big character for one reason or another. In the Grosvenor Newcastle we have such a player in a lovely lady called Jean Barr. She is such a character in that she brings so much fun to the card room because of her mannerisms and the way she plays poker. As such a group of us at Newcastle Poker Forum decided to dedicate our 2nd video poker song for the legendary Jean Barr. In no way is this a piss take about her , it is infact meant to be a 100% compliment towards her.

Featured in the video is myself, Card Guard Kid and Mr Entertainment from the Teamdobbs crew.

Bit Trivia for Ya

Reet whoever get the correct answer first wins a kiss of Christine! maybe tongues if ya play ya cards!

Bit footy trivia for ya

Name the Player

He would be up there in ya greatest all time team
He has played for three premier league clubs and also his hometown club
He has scored twice in the premier league and 10 times in his career.

Get ya thinking caps on and post ya answers


All Honest Opinions Please

I have been stewing over this hand I played last night all morning, so I would really appreciate a few opinions on it please. It's omaha like so I don't know how many of ya play the game.
I'm playing 6 seater 1 / 2 dollar and I'm playing really tight cause I dont really like six seaters. So some guy raises to 7 and I have ace ace and a couple of crap cards but one of my aces is suited in clubs. There are four of us in the pot in total.

The flop comes ace q 6 and two hearts. I decide I'm gonna check raise cause I know the guy who raised will deffo fire again. He does betting 15 dollars. Now one guy calls so I decide this is my moment and raise it up to 160 leaving me 5 dollars behind! The first raiser passes and the next guy goes all in.

Now this is what I have been thinking all night. He has k866 and he is nut flushing with the king. Of course he hits the flush on the turn and pulls my pants down for about 400 dollar pot.

The question I have for u lot is in my opinion his hand is an easy pass.....all the other players at the table insisted that no one is capable of passing that hand. Thing is the way I am thinkign is. Yer he has trip 6s but my raise to 160 says I have trips so really you are only nut flushing for a call of 160 is alot of money to me.

Tell me straight, is that an instant call or easy wit k866?


As you already know we set up Newcastle Poker Forum with the intention of having some fun with it and also to try our best to improve the poker scene in newcastle with whats on etc and try and work alongside the 3 casinos in helping them promote themselves and as such in turn this would help the players and create a good newcastle scene.
As always someone always trys to spoil the party and spoil it they did last night FOR THEMSELVES!!

Stanley Circus have been working really hard over the last few months to give players what they have been asking for and as such put up on the 1st tuesday of each month a £500 added £50 Deep Stack Feeze Out with antes added to improve play. Its been well supported and growing in numbers but what do aspers decide to do. They start to run a £100 Freeze Out with 1 rebuy max on the 1st Tuesday of each month to run with their normal Tuesday £5 rebuy.

Great eh,what fantastic management and PR skills that is and I wonder why they started this eh? no prizes for guessing sorry. This despite several requests and pleas from players asking them to move it to the 2nd Tesday of the month thus giving local players the opportunity to play in both games and to give the local scene 2 really good games to look forward to play in each month.
Well its certainly backfired and slapped them reet in the face with Stanley Circus game getting 103 runners YES 103 RUNNERS ARE YOU LISTENING APERS and Aspers attempted hi jack game being forced to cancel with only 9 players registered.

A message to be had I say Aspers, listen to what the players are telling ya and be fair - YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE.

The Milks Gone Sour

Hello all the dedicated readers of this blog hows things? ive had abit of a shitty morning tbh, woke up turned on the laptop and to my horror my normal poker schedule is fucked! No multis on pokerstars until 1 o clock WTF? then started to get tucked into my bowl of cheerios to notice the fkn milks off errrrrrrr only bought it last night and the shop dont open till 1030, i know 1030 the lazy little fkr im watching the clock, hes getting told like, the poor little bastards going to end up paying the price for pokerstars stopping my "fix".

Anyways enough of that bollocks and onto poker had a 3rd for 2300ish last week when we 3 handed this cunt knocked a deal back and it really pissed me off he was asking for a bigger cut cos he had about 20%more chips so it got knocked back and i really turned it up on him raiseing every hand till we even, the other guy pretty short, then i made a mug play with kq and us biggerstacks were all in he showing aj and im gone what a gutter so now he got massive stack looks back a little while later and the twat came second lool made me feel even worse.

Got a final table in the 10k gtd and had a total headfart first hand and shoved to a raise from the button im in the bb with j10 and he turns over aq and its goodbye gyposdog in 9th for 200ish should of been a four figure sum its a shame really cos play so well for 4-6hrs then blow up at such important time especially with a big rail thanks phil.

The milk drama ended in me getting a 4 pinter for free weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hello cheerios. Good luck at the tables all and no blowouts,headfarts whatever.


1st Saurday in August and off to play the Poker Player Magazine Tour game being held at Grosvenor Newcastle as part of their series of events. Games a sell out with 100 maximum field from players all around the UK although a big big presence is made of of locals and especially to the fore is a large showing of the white polo tops of Newcastle poker Forum members out in force to hopefully take this down.

Teamdobbs crew playing the event are myself, Card Guard Kid, and Dave Harris.
Met guy in Vegas at my table form Yorkshire known as Deano a.k.a. Bulldozer on Eatmystack forum and since my return met him at APAT Blackpool event and find him sitting to my right at my table in this event.
Take down couple of early hands after picking up a few nice cards that hit but then the rot certainly set in and it became a battle to stay focused when ya getting dealt total shite for hour after hour.
Getting really low in this fast moving structure when sb limps into my BB I push with my A10 for him to call with A5 and I double through. Not long after though I decide to push with AQ to earlier raiser who had previously folde AK show but he insta call and has the bullets AA. Hand played itself as Q high flop came but my straight and other options didnt improve and Im gone mid place.

Event proved a big hit especially for the forum as alot of our members went deep and 5 of them made up the final table.
Best finisher was Isupstella who finished 2nd but then all his £1k prize pool was blown away on his exit from casino when Cheryl his Mrs accidently didnt realise it was a coded controlled barrier exit system and on following out the car infront was met with the lifting barrier damaging the underneath to their car--ooooops. Youtube clip courtesy of Jimmy Chipmunks find.

Played the later £10 £10 £10 Grosvenor league game and after some great banter at each table I was at in a very much fun atmosphere and a pear cider drunken mood I was the bubble boy in 10th place booooooooooooooooo! when my A8 got done over by 10 7 Hate you Will Howe.


A special wind up call for Jimmy Chipmunk as I know how much he likes this clip