All Honest Opinions Please

I have been stewing over this hand I played last night all morning, so I would really appreciate a few opinions on it please. It's omaha like so I don't know how many of ya play the game.
I'm playing 6 seater 1 / 2 dollar and I'm playing really tight cause I dont really like six seaters. So some guy raises to 7 and I have ace ace and a couple of crap cards but one of my aces is suited in clubs. There are four of us in the pot in total.

The flop comes ace q 6 and two hearts. I decide I'm gonna check raise cause I know the guy who raised will deffo fire again. He does betting 15 dollars. Now one guy calls so I decide this is my moment and raise it up to 160 leaving me 5 dollars behind! The first raiser passes and the next guy goes all in.

Now this is what I have been thinking all night. He has k866 and he is nut flushing with the king. Of course he hits the flush on the turn and pulls my pants down for about 400 dollar pot.

The question I have for u lot is in my opinion his hand is an easy pass.....all the other players at the table insisted that no one is capable of passing that hand. Thing is the way I am thinkign is. Yer he has trip 6s but my raise to 160 says I have trips so really you are only nut flushing for a call of 160 is alot of money to me.

Tell me straight, is that an instant call or easy wit k866?


Bingo Bob said...

most cash game omaha players play this game because they cant get enough action in hold em so in most cases they are going to call in this spot,but they are certainly not getting the odds to call they just will because they are degenerate gamblers

gyposdog said...

tbh in his shoes dont think i could lay it down dont play enough omaha to really comment like but a set with "back up" id be in there screaming heart fkn heart

Anonymous said...

With no pair on the board he knows he is drawing to the nuts and that alone will get a call from some. Given that he also has trips, no omaha player is folding in this spot imo.


Robert "Animal" Price said...

r u serious bottom trips and nut flush draw is totally unpassable in this spot. Its fav against nething other than higher trips , got shed loads of outs neway and fh blocked = natural variance. take it from someone that lost to a 1 outer allin on turn earlier vs a rivered royal flush :(

RealAle said...

Degenerate gamblers is true probably. Betting 160 into a pot of approx 40 is asking for a draw to call for the gamble, especially a draw that already has a set. Sht happens in nlh but Omaha? Always lol

TEAMDOBB said...