What an arse!!

OK aboot time I posted on here again so here we go.

Firstly poker wise its much of a muchness, same old story getting my chips in good most of the time and losing, and in 50/50 races I think Im 1 from 68 so everything is normal in Cardguards Poker World. Played Leeds with few of the boys and ended up 43rd but apart from 2 decent hands early doors I never had 2 playable cards until I was oot so for me a run of the mill tourney except we had a great day, was a nice casino and for £40 outlay £8K prize pool says it all.

OK now on to more serious matters - this goes out to everyone but especially DC.

I created a thread on the forum which in hindsight I think was a mistake. my motives for creating this thread were purely to pass on information I had been given by 3 seperate individuals, information I did not want to keep to myself and fellow syndicate members find out at a later date that I knew about. In my defence I was trying to give everyone the chance to have an opinion but in hindsight once the game started it was obvious who I was on about even though I did not name them.

From this thread a volley of posts ensued which caused a very good friend of mine, in fact 2 very good friends of mine to take an unprecedented decision to close the forum down for a day. Through my initial actions this occurred and I take 100% responsiblity for this - yes others posted and had their says and it was these posts that drove DC to his decision- but if I had not been so eager to put the thread up, or had sat back and thought- as DC tells me all the time to do- then the action he took would not have been needed - so from me straight from the heart I apoligise to both Scotty and DC, and to all other members who missed oot due to my actions.

The whole situation has soured the GUKPT syndicate and really the game has turned into a joke which is so so sad as its one of the best ideas to have happened due to the forum. Personally the pair involved have made the tournament a misery for my wife Dawn, constantly berating her and slagging her off in the chat box, and admitting to her they have done this to get at me - and the worst thing of all is that it did get to me and I retaliated through the chat box and tbh the chat has spoilt all of the games in the syndicate for everyone else - so again I apologise to any syndicate member reading this if any of my actions have spoilt your enjoyment of the games as I should be big enough and clever enough just to avoid them and not give them what they want - a reaction.

Anyone who really knows me will know the kind of guy I really am. From me you always get a straight answer - whether its what I think ya want to hear or not - you will get it straight from me, no flannel, no bullshit just exactly what I think or feel at the time. Sometimes this does not sit well with people and sometimes I myself wish I had taken a minute before saying or doing something, but I am consistant as I always engage mouth(or fingers) then let the brain kick in 10 minutes later. I only ever give my honest views on things and at 40 years old its kinda hard to change the person you have been since growing up.

I truely love the forum and 99% of the people I have had the pleasure to meet through it and I hope you all understand I would never do anything to bring it in to disrepute or damage it.

I hope the people who read this who are my true friends understand my motives and maybe can forgive my knee jerk actions sometimes


THOUGHT I WOULD POST THIS AS A WARNING TO ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY MIGHT WANT TO BUY A NEW KITCHEN............................................................

Once upon a time in a land not far from Dobba Castle, lived a happy couple who had the misfortune to decide upon a full renovation of there humble but very small kitchen,

So off they set in search of a nice shiny brand new kitchen to replace the one they already had (which in the land of the real world was fine and dandy ie (IT FUCKING WORKED !!).

Any way after travelling for many days they came across B & Q who were having a half price sale and after much thought and desighn they purchased a brand spanking new kitchen which included a new cooker ( ? the old one was fine ) a new microwave ( ? the old one was also fine )

the nice people at B & Q took our hard earned pennies and assured us all will be fine and new kitchen will arrive in four weeks. The days ticked by as we anticipated the arrival, making all the necessary arrangments we ordered a skip to take away the old delapatated WORKING kitchen away. and sure enough the skip arrived and the man of the house reluctantly took a large hammer and set about removing the perfectly fine WORKING kitchen.

Two days before delivery two gentlemen of the joinery trade arrived to assess the scene and remove the final parts of the kitchen and upon removing the last bench that hold the sink they proceed to burst main water pipe flooding the place ....................

Telephone plumber who arrives to switch off water and repair pipe "i cant be doing with this !" was his quote "I,l be back Saturday to move your pipe work"

Thursday and kitchen set to arrive between 8am and 1pm as per phone call with delivery people, so took day off from work to over see the delivery 8am - 9am - 10am - 11am nothing 11am - 12pm fuck all 1.30 pm weeeeeeeeeeee big truck pulls up and happy days kitchen is in the back.


Saturday and its all go as joiners plasterers and electricains descend on Castle Foggo to do there worse and dont they just - just when you think all is well joiner points out that there is a fault with the desighn as the cooker hob will be right on top of the kitchen sink drainer ? we take a closer look and sure enough desighn is bollocks, on top of that the mrs has realised her bench is going to be the size of a loaf of bread.

Its then that joiner realises that the plan given to us by the desighner is a different plan to the one that came from B & Q with the invoice.

so job is at a standstill untill today when after purchasing two further units to move the cooker away from the sink we come home to discover a huge damp patch in the brand new recently plastered ceiling.

So we are now two weeks without a kitchen and im waiting for the plumber - the joiner - the electrician - the plasterer and now a fucking roofer to come and sort this mess out.It would be nice for this "once upon a time " to have a happy ending however its not in sight and like Newcastle we need a MIRACLE. So the moral of this little nightmare is if the Mrs says she wants a new kitchen and the offer is 50% off !!Take her by the throat and apply pressure until all thoughts of said new kitchen are completely gone

Don Revie we nearly did it!!!

Friday night NPF league draws to a close and still hanging on at top of league with one week to go. Friday saw better turn out of 59 runners and the place was very busy due to Charity do on as well. Decent table and decent start so going along nicely when new player comes to table and has total edge to him as he settles in. Im in seat 1 so dealing and on his BB its all folded except the sb who limps but the BB folds. I advise him he could of seen the flop but he snaps back " I had shite, I only had 52", but you still could of had a look at the flop I say to which he snaps back " they would only get me into trouble" Ooops try to help and Mr Edge just wasnt happy. Looks straight at me chewing his gum and snorts " Anyway mate just watch cos Im ganna take all your chips off ya" Omg calm down I tell him I was only trying to help.
Red rag to a bull obvious and when I decide to raise his BB with 8h10h its a call a 2 way pot. Flop comes 7910 so he cks and I bet out to which he re raises me. I call and turn its ck ck. River brings the Jack and he moves all in. Cant see him on KQ to re raise on that board so at best hes got a set, 2 pair or same hand.Call and he flips 99 and comments "well played nice hand"
Table moved as our table is broken up and 1st hand I play at new table my raise is re raised big by a guy Ive just seen slow play KK so fold and he proudly flips over AQ. I just knew then this guy was to take me out. Sure enough as my stack was gwetting to danger levels I shove with KQ in late position to his BB and he makes call flipping over 9d5d and sure enough he hits his 9. Out in 14th so no points increase for me and although a couple of high placed lads made good finishes ( Xenocode) the real dangers to me all went out early or wernt there.
So with all points updated theres only 2 players that can catch me and basically they have to finish 1st or 2nd with me not improving my present position. Twitchy arse week on Friday O;)
Come off and Gypo drags me across Casino floor to other side saying come and have alook at this. Nice looking lass with short clinging mini dress on playing roulette and wowzza everytime shes putting chips on she seems to favour the low number section and is stretching right over and believe me what a site. Nothing left to the imagination and the reason why all the slots were full and at least 10 blokes standing at the ramp rail gazing into air!!!! Nice while it lasted till her muscle bound boyfriend obviously realised and then proceeded to spoil the fun by standing behind her giving her a cuddle- boooooooooo!!
Saturday saw about 15 of the NPF make the trip down to Leeds Gala who have started a monthly £20/£20 Freezeout with £2000 added prize money.
Nice casino and after spot of lunch its shuffle up and deal with full field so very healthy pot guaranteed for small outlay. Get off to flyer when raise to 150 3rd hand with AK for guy next to me to pop it to 600 and BB calls 3 way see flop of A 10 7 and BB leads out for 300, I flat call to see what re raiser is going to do and he makes it 1000 to play which the BB calls and I think Fk it rebuy chance and if hes AA or set then so be it so shove all in for raiser to fold but BB makes the call. On our backs and wow he flips over K7 and the turn comes J and river is blank so nice double up. Raiser tells me he had AJ which I didnt believe but so be it. Not long after the K7 guy is in 5 way pot and Im in with 97 hts. Ckd to turn where Ive made flush draw and he makes a weak bet of 100 to which I call and everyone else folds. River brings the board of A235 and he shoves all in. I call for the 3k and he flips A9 happy days. Nice start but that soon ends as go through the card dead syndrome and any move I make is faced with stiff resistance. Make the break with above avg stack and pot confirmed at £7960. My AQ is doubled up at 8 bbs by JJ call and then table broke up. 5 tables left and much stronger table this with no limped pots at all and although make a stand twice on my BB by shoving to force a raised fold I simply cant get going and when the standard raise comes in again to my BB I shove my last 6 BBs in with 77 to face A10 and 10 pops out followed by an Ace.
20 minute blind structure means you just gotta keep ya stack moving and game would be much better suited with a 30 mins clock and slightly earlier start.
Grab some food and although originally top 10 were getting paid the remaining 15 players agree for 11 to 15 to get £100 and one of our crew Stumpy make it 12th and Imi makes final table. Imi eventually falls in 3rd place when he shud of won tbh making what I though was a bad call on Q board with 88 and then shoving with A9 from sb to unfortunately find BB with AJ.
Well worth the trip and nice change of scene which all of us agreed.

Robbery at its Highest

Being self employed you get swamped and tbh sick of all the red tape and shite you have to put up with and then when ya make a few quid the beautiful Government no matter which party it is then screw you to the floor by taxing anything that moves.
It seems the Revenue & Customs take great delight in finding any slight error and nailing you to the cross yet the biggest robbers of them all tend to be right in front of their noses.

A rule for one and another rule for others!!!!!

I luv this response by a friend of mine:

Why this announcement, one day before the budget and why announce interim measures when there is a committee working on this issue full time.


1. A shit load of dodgy expenses are about to be announced in the press.

2. This will make some people who get locked up for robbery look like angels.

3. Total arse covering exercise.

4. I watch his body language, I try to assess what he's really feeling, his mouth contorts, he tries to look like he is adding humour....= " Liar, Liar your pants are on fire".

The country's going to the dogs and we are being run by a bunch of thieving twats. If normal business people tried to claim half of what these idiots have claimed then they would be facing back tax, interest charges and penalties and their card marked that they would be subject to further future scrutiny.

I just puked.

Toon Star sets new world record!!!

David Blaines world record for standing upright in a box for several days and not moving was smashed to pieces last week when Shola Amoebi managed 3 years of total standstill and a record that should stand for many years to come.

Quiet week for moi and not much Poker thank fuck. Been playing for playing sake on a couple of sites double or nothing for discipline reasons and doing alright with them as well.
Missed tuesday as cudnt be bothered but obviously played week 10 of the NPF League on Friday at Grosvenor. Ended up a really good game and made my 5th final table from 9 but never in a position really to do any damage eventually going out 8th.
Great hand at final table involving my mate Stumpy who predicted to go out to serial limper Derek Atkinson to outdraw him from behind and sure enough when he pushes with Ace 10 Monseur Atkinson makes the call after limping with KJ. Jack on flop and Stumpy stack is demolished. He throws in his last few thousand chips in utg blind and in anger and big stack shows his strength to dump big tower over line from position 7 but limper Derek announces "ALL IN" and big stack is now committed to call. On their backs and its As7s for Stumpy, 10 s 10c for big stack and ACE ACE but before cards are shown Derek asks Stumpy who had been giving him grief " Do you have an Ace?" to which Stumpy declares YES and derek flips over ACE ACE oucha.
2 spades hit the flop, a 3rd spade hits the turn and low & behold anutha spade hits the river giving Stump the Nutflush and the big stack had the 10 of spades taking out the AA. IF LOOKS COULD KILL!!!!!
Well done to fellow dobba Jimmy Chipmunk who played his normal rock solid game to take it down in a very good heads up battle with Rob "Larfingravy" Richardson and the win gives him very good chance of making top finishes in the league. Hes just the player to put the spanner in the works for my league win tbh. Still top but its getting tight now with final 2 weeks left.
NPF Friday League

Played a couple of online satellites for seats on Sunday but shouldnt of bothered as played like a donk and was more interested in Corras!!!


HI Dobba watchers !!
well another week and it started oh so well, Bank Holiday Monday and her who must be obeyed suggests the grov for the £25 wildcard I personaly couldn`t be arsed but upon readin thread on the NPF Cash game up n running I agree to go on the condition that she plays the tourney and I play the cash, So duly arrive at the g only to find cash game has ended and all are playing the tourney so sit down to play the game somewhat reluctantly.
steady game with plenty of chips end up on fianal table with approx 15k blnds are 1 - 2 k and after some neat squeeze play and a reraise against ridla my pocket 2s hit the set against ridlas AK and bingo end up chopping against a guy called alex and claiming the £100 seat.

Tuesday back to work which still sucks but hey ho any way we get to friday and as joiner /plumber/and electrician are booked to come on saturday arrange for a skip to arrive to gut the kitchen as new one arrives thursday. skip arrives and we head down the g for a game she plays the tourney and I sit down with steve (cardguard) on the 25/50 cash third hand i pick up KK and reraise the shove preflop to treble up my £40 starting stack then coupl of hours later pick up 88 and flop a set a against can only get betters AA and take another nice pot.

Saturday 8am two joiners turn up to assist my demolition of the old kitchen and after a couple of hours joiners son decides to take hammer to base unit holding the sink up and yep you guesed he fractures the cold water pipe fucking water every where (bellagio fountain is now in my kitchen)
so water switched off as we await the sparky and the plumber, sparky is a friend of my son so I nip up the stairs to his room to awake son as its now realy early 1.30pm to find out what time his pals coming - " he wont be up yet " was the reply and "he hasnt brought his tools home "
?????????????????? what tools does a sparky need to shift two sockets and put up some spot lights ?????????????????????? any way plumber arrives at 5pm fixes broken pipe but cant do anything until thursday as fully booked " but I boked you for today " he says "aye but that was just to have a look" ??????????????????????.
upshot is nee kitchen nee sparky and a plumber who cant do owt till thursday ???????????

Wow I ran so good!!!!!!

4 weeks left of the NPF League and although sitting top I reckon there were still 3 or 4 others in with a chance to catch me but they at least need a top 3 finish to stay in touch and another final table and decent finish for me could really seal it.
Poor turnout with under 50 runners and after initial 6 seater table breaks get moved to a very interesting table including Mr & Mrs Cardguard, Mrs Entertainment, Sean Mcguigan, Farmer Dave, FatPants, Jimmy Chipmunk & The Geek.
Playing ABC stuff when a hand comes up between The Geek & Mr Cardguard that sort of set the tone for later events. Cardguard puts decent early position raise in and The Geek shoves all in over the top having Cardguard well covered but for a very early meaty pot . Its called by KK and The Geek flips JJ.
The conversation turns to what a luckbox The Geek is and how bad Cardguard runs at times but surely not in this case as 2 players reveal they have passed a Jack and with matching suited pairs the flush draws are eliminated for the Jacks as well. What odds were the Geeks Jacks of winning would be even difficult to get matched on Betfair but a slight glimmer of hope arose when the flop came K 10 A followed by a 9 and then what can only be described as total shock and despair on peoples faces as BANG in came the Q to give the JJ a straight. Over the last few weeks/months Ive witnessed at close hand some horror horror beats to Cardguard but none as brutal as this one and once again proving how so brutal this game can be.

Soon after this I eventually fire my stack up when raising from mid position with suited AJ to be called by Mrs Cardguard in late position. Tasty flop of AA3 and I bet out for her to push in over the top for all her stack which was similar to mine and I make the call for her to show A 10 and I hold.

Get table break and moved to very interesting table alongside “Millions” winner Avkid and a few very strong forum players in NeilB and No 1 Likes a Student. Always seem to do well against Avkid but when I overbet another AJd and he shoves I know Im in trouble but committed to the pot and his QQ holds and leaves me desperate for chips with my BB coming within the next few hands. Get 66 on my BB with 1200 behind and when Avkid raises from early position I shove my last few in.
Totally totally dominated when he flips 88 and as NeilB peels the flop his top card reveal is the 8d and chop chop is probably my only chance when he boards 8dKd4d. Avkid shouts put the 5d next to make it interesting and sure enough Neil drops the 5d in on the turn. Omg survival possibility here with split pot to flush but even better when he rivers the 7h for a straight to the 8 for me. UNREAL I run so good.
Looseman joins the table and a few laps later still low I shove Ad7d in late position for insta call by Looseman flipping KK. Never in doubt this one and bang in came my Ace and house made by the time the river arrived. Easy game man!!!!!

Bit of stack to play now and instead of sitting on it decide to take a few pots on between the blinds and take down a few nice pots with total shite getting Fatpants to fold twice when hes miles in front. Get involved in big hand with NeilB that he eventually gets the better of me on the turn and I decide not to risk my top pair after being reraised on a KQ and possible flush board. I then hit the luckbox switch again when deciding to move in from cut off with Ac9c for snap call again by Looseman holding his fav KK again. Cant do it again surely and flop gives me no hope and turn even less then bang a big Ace from heaven drops on the flop and I must admit I wooped abit too loud to the despair of poor Looseman. Loose then goes out just before final table and one of my closest rivals and one of the few players to still possibly pip me Can Only Get Better goes down in bubble time.

Get great final table position and happily stacked and final table was very much ABC as a few low stacks doubled up and then some departed. Play KQ in early position to low stacks BB with another caller the low stack ships in and we see 3 way flop of Qh rag rag (2 hearts) and holding the Kh I ship in for other player to fold. Low stack flips 8dAh and turn brings the nutflush for her.
Down to 6 left and lose a 60/40 race eventually shoving low stack in from sb v BB with Q8 to face AK. Hit the 8 but he turns the K and gone in 6th but some very important points that should make me very difficult to catch in the league and that nice £1000 main Event GUKPT seat. Wish I ran so good as this more often!!!!

I ran so good weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: Sean Mcguigan telling us his Mrs had lost her handbag. Says" Wish my cock was as thick as her" !!!!!

I run so f*****g bad!!!!!!

Just a quick post as not really in the mood.

Just got in from Grosvenor NPF Friday league game and tbh the positivity I got from my recent Sky game 3rd has well and truely gone. Played in 3 tourneys this week and as usual Ive been fucked out of all 3 of em with hands Im at least 80% fav to win. Tues Circus get my stack up to nice 38k with no hassles and am bossing table when I get QQ utg. No callers except BB who calls my 3k raise. flop comes 2 4 8 rainbow and BB checks so I bet oot 6k. He calls and turn brings a J. BB shoves all in for 40k, to which I insta call as the way he has been playing I know im in front. He grimaces and says ' ya got me I was trying it on and flips 66 weeeeeeeee I think till river comes 6 and Im gone instead of nursing a 80k stack and a 99% final table. Then thursday play aspers and get QQ again raise it up to 700, get one caller from a Chinese guy who I have played with before and is total guff. Flop comes 2 6 9 rainbow, he checks so I bet out 1300. He thinks and calls, turn 2 he checks again so I bet 2800, again he thinks and calls(leaving himself 1400 chips) river K and he puts his last chips in so I call and he flips K 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Unreal and Im left with 2k which I push in with 3 hands later with K K and get called by 10 5 who hits 2 pair.

Then onto tonight on a really good table with Sean Mcguigan, Jimmy Chipmunk, Mrs Cardguard, Teamdobbs, Mrs Entertainment, Farmer Dave and The Geek. sensible play all night and grind my stack up to 7k knowing gotta play solid poker as all table are good players. Then I get KK in 3rd postion so I mess about with my chips trying to look weak and eventually raise to 800(blinds 300 - 150). The Geek falls for it and shoves all in for 9K!!!!!. everyone else passes and I call Geek flips over JJ. Chipmunk and Mcguigs both say they passed a Jack so I think ' I know I run bad but even I cant lose this one, then shake Glens hand and say I know your gonna beat me so good hand(obviously I am 100% confident that my K's will hold but I like a bit of theatre). flop comes A K 10 and yep Q on turn and blank on river and yet again Im dumped out of a tourney with a hand im over 90% fav to win with.

Have come to conclusion that I am one of those poker players who always runs bad,and no matter what I do or how I try to play I always lose in these situations and it is showing no signs of changing, even after being like this for last 2 years I can count on one hand the ammount of times I have 'bad beated' someone in last 6 months yet I get it every tourney. Every time the cards flip Im massive fav and every time I end up losing. having a break doesn't work, playing super loose or super tight does not work and in fact playing any style does not work.

One point that grates is also fact I am forced into playing my for my whole stack earlier than I want to in tournies due to people wanting to play shove poker.Like tonight for instance, if the hands are reversed and I have the JJ, when there is a raise in front of me I am either flat calling or re raising a small ammount, Im certainly not pushing for 9k into a 800 raise with a hand that can be easily dominated. If the Geek flats then he passes the flop, if he re raises then I re shove all in and hopefully he then realises that his JJ is no good - and in both instances I dont get sucked out on. The only way I lose that hand is because he wants to gamble most of his stack with JJ early doors in a tourney - poor play imo.

Rant over and to those who were there on my table apologies for the hasty exit however put yourself in my position - lose like that in 95% of the tournies you play and see how your mind set is. IT FEELS LIKE SHIT

Weve all been here "Jack"

Alot have probably seen this vid put just watched it today from someones post at forum and tbh Ive been wetting me self

Guillain Barre Syndrome

At last some good news for me and my mam , my stepdad of 28yrs whom im very close to has finally been giving his release date from hospital.

he was taking into hospital last last June the 6Th with a syndrome we haven't heard of , its called guillain barre syndrome .


basically what we got told off the neurologist at the time is that his immune system has attacked his own nervous system , basically paralysing him , he had to be put on a ventilator straight away as it also affects your respiratory functions , it was touch and go about 4 times as he got pneumonia , but being a stubborn git and with the help of the intensive care unit he won his battles with it, hes only been off it for 4 months.
got to say my mam has been wonderful she has never missed a day from not visiting him , she lives in jarrow and is also in a wheelchair , and she has traveled to the Freeman's for the first 3 months then the rvi for 3 months , then the last 6 months hes been at walkergate hospital , where hes been receiving constant physio , he can now stand up without help , but needs a wheelchair to get around , he brushed his teeth last week by himself which he started to cry as this was the first time since being admitted , its horrendous to see someone who was 15 stone of muscle reduced to 7 stone , my wrists are as fat as his biceps , but now hes starting to put his weight back on , hes up to 10 and a half now.
his date for release is the 17Th of may , so he still has about 6 weeks to get more intensive physio , hopefully when he gets out he will be able to walk even just a little , he has been told most of his functions will come back to him , but it can take upto 2-3yrs as his nerves apparently grow back a millimeter a day, so its just a waiting period.
sry its been a long post but its more of a relief post , and a huge thankyou to the staff at the Freeman's , rvi and walkergate hospital . who in my opinion are stars and whom i love greatly.

on the poker front i really haven't played much since Xmas , played 2 times in the npf league came 28Th and 6Th , Wednesdays i have played 4 times in the Stanley's leauge came 4th 1st out pretty quick and last week 9th , somehow ive got into a playoff place in the league , so all still to play for.

thanks for listing hope u wernt bored , good luck at the tables.

PS roll on the 17Th i think I'm gonna get totally pissed.weeeeeeeeeeeeee

Shudda stayed in!!!

1st Tuesday of the month and the £500 added at Circus and once again its a full house of 120 with alternates. Didnt feel up for this to be honest but regged the day before so made the trip over. Stuck on an outside old style circular table next to the Majon tables of the Chinese community but pleased with who was at table.
Great start when from 1st 8 hands I get dealt QQ KK 10 10 JJ 99 and result of return is ZERO and a 2500 hit to my 9k starting stack.
As normal in this game witness some crazy crazy play. Guy in seat 1 limps for seat 4 to raise to 4XBB. Seat 1 calls ( had previouly called on any kind of draw or pair) and see a flop of 10 2 3 rainbow for him to bet out 1k and raiser to make it 3k. Hes got 4500 behind and says I may as well go all in and its called. Initial raiser flips AA obv and seat 1 shows 10 7.
See it out to the break and our table gets broken up and again Im very happy with my new table and my position. Dont play a hand for over 30 mins and on my BB theres 6 limpers on 200/400 plus 25 ante so sitting with KJ I decide to shove to take it down there and then and apart from maybe one guy at the table Im confident my shove will get through. The one guy that could possibly call in seat 2 then announces " I havnt looked yet and dont think any of you lot will call so Ill call as Im wanting to go home anyways" He flips QJ and happy days but as so often of late MR Poker God up there gives him the Q on the river and it adios amigo.
Totally pissed off with Poker at the moment to be honest and not enjoying it all. I think if it wasnt for so much wanting to win the Grosvenor Friday league for a GUKPT seat then I would deffo have a few weeks break to recharge my battery and get my enthusiasm back.
Tomorrows another day I suppose, happy hunting.

edit: Booked the 1st week accomodation of my WSOP visit and keeping the Mrs happy again by booking her favourite hotel of Caesars Palace at a very nice rate of £61 per night per room. Going to book the 2nd week when we are there as fancy a change this year and maybe a week in the Bellagio or the Venetian which again have some very interetsing rates at the mo. I reckon vegas is no different to any where else at the mo by suffering with the credit crunch as you can stay at places like Circus Circus and the Sahara for as little as £12 per room per night which is amazing imo especially during WSOP time.

Summer Virgin Time

Friday night and a disappointing 48 runners at NPF League. Expected alot of Queens Park Rangers to be honest with Virgin Festival weekend on.
Aim was to try and post another decent score to give me 5 on the board for others to chase. Final table after grinding way there with a low stack. Crazy play on final table gets me quadruple up when guy bets dry pot with air and my Ace rag pays but then shove to a raise with KK and guys committed to call with his 22 and nice dealer drops the 2 in on the flop for him. Gone in 9th but all in all cant complain to be honest.
See alot of the regular faces at the Virgin festival and event kicks off slightly late due to traffic conjestion and conjestion was the word in the cardroom. Dont get me wrong because Aspers and their staff ran this event superb but my only gripe was the clostraphobic squeeze of 20 tables into their cardroom space which made it very difficult to move and more so at certain tables which were designed around the John Smiths sardine tins.
Had outside table and ours was one of the better ones for space and also a really good mix on mine with a few faces I knew. Had young future Dobba Can Only get Better on, Forum member Nutflush as well as the winner of the last Sky Poker game and a good pal of mine Brian "Weebrick" Clark who won the Blackpool GUKPT and who Ive got to know through AWOP and we have always got on well together. I think Brian typifies what most average Poker Players want in that he took down a biggy but the good thing about Brian is he has no airs or graces, no fake ego and deffo has his feet firmly on the ground and plays the game the way it should be.
Had Brian as my button and to be honest we got involved in lots of interesting hands and good banter and was a shame when eventually our table was broken up.
Took decent enough stack with me and soon added to it at new table but then 3 raises were met by big re raises or shoves and forced to fold and shown totally dominated hands. With pace of blinds and antes taking their toll my utg shove met with AK and K flop followed by the Ace finished my tournament with about 60 odd left from the 200starters.
Play the headhunter side event on the Sunday but apart from having a lovely Sunday bait with a mate and his Mrs I really should of stayed in bed as I simply was not at the races or in the right frame of mind. Quickly getting bored in the once again cramped surroundings I defend my BB of Jd9d to a certain AK, AQ raise and when the flop comes 10 10 9 I decide to shove and initial raiser folds but didnt realise there was another player in pot and he quickly says " Sorry mate Ive flopped it" and shows 10 9 lol.
Watched Weebrick take down 4th place at online streaming coverage and play an online final for a Gala package which sees me bust in 12th when my KJ squeeze from my BB is snap called by 55 and 5 on the flop kills me off.

Summer time is here so the bit of sunshine we are now seeing is very much welcomed and lets hope the sun shines abit more on me over the next few months.



Saturday night and we are booked to appear at Aspers Lady O`s Bar kept this quiet as hate playing local venues especialy where you play poker. so friday night before cardguard says "see you tommorrow" I said no mate I`m at Aspers he said ok I`l play Aspsers with you so I said no mate you dont understand Im not playin poker Im playin Aspers keep it quiet,of coarse the good friend that he is he does the opposite and tells the forum then the world, as it turns out the gig went down a bomb with forum members in attendance and a full room and Aspers have rebooked the show for the end of July.
Daughter has finally passed her test and is delighted it took four attempts and I know after three failed attempts she was devastated, so daddy took her aside and told her to rebook the test but not to tell any one,I felt she was putting to much pressure on herself , expectations of family and friends ect so she took dads advice rebooked and passed,
To be honest it was a great phone call to take her delight was wonderful to hear .
Now the bad news apparently some where down the line I am supposed to have said I would buy her a car buggered if I can remember that so now looking through autotraders and car mags trying to find somthing suitable,
Finally given up on the virgin qualifiers tried on line to no avail then with Aspers offering seats all week to tournament winners thought I would give it one more shot, Thursday night £30 freezeout was the game with two seats on offer so off I trott down to Stowell Street.
25mins in pick up AK on the bb raise to 600 three callers flop comes 9 5 3 rainbow continuation bet of 600 utg repops for all his chips so have to fold.
55 mins in play my 2nd hand AK diamonds decide to limp after what happned last raise BB raises to 1200 I call everyone else folds flop comes 4 A 7 BB shoves all in 4k I insta call and he turns over A 2 ? I show my AK turn 8 river 2 .giving him 2 pair.
so blinds now 200 - 400 and i Ipick up A4 clubs on the button I limp in and the flop comes club club Ace mid position bets 600 I shove it all in 3.4 k he insta calls an shows ace queen and I dont improve and its over, just not meant to be, have to say it was nice playin in Aspers again I like the tables in there.
So in summary no virgin ticket the world and his dog now knows I`m Elwood Blues and I`ve got a car to buy,