2011 review

Alreet Stumpy here,
These were my goals at the start of the year

1,Keep working on improving my mtt play.= Yup worked hard to improve my game watching cardrunner vids and playing more mtts.

2,play 4k sngos 45 mans and 9 mans= Nope once gaz walker won me over 9k didnt need to grind the sngos and it gave me more time to work on my mtt game.

3,Play more bigger games live as the small amount ive played i have 5 fts=Yup Played 2 ukipts and 1 £550 gukpt and 2 side events and 1 leg of spanish poker tour in majorca.

4,Try to help mrs stumpy improve her game(done amazing upto now playing 2 years and made a profit both years) needs to take the next step= nope we never seem to have the time but deffo going to try and make time.

5,Win the apat team game for the npf= nope bubbled the points in bolton and if id finished top 2o probably would of won. Then luton i final tabled but with george lawson the only other point scorer we fell short.

6,keep enjoying poker.yup trying to keep the balance of enjoying poker and making money which ive just about succeeded most of the year.

life goals

1,lose weight (getting another knee op on the 3rd of feb so hopefully get back to full fitness which will make it easier to lose weight)=massive fail im now the heaviest ive ever been i need to sort this soon.

2,keep enjoying life to the max=At times ive really struggled this year with my health and the kids have really tested my sanity but hopefully they are maturing at last, they are 17 and 20 and nice kids at heart but were hard work in 2011.

final figures

live mtts = + £4.9k

live cash = - £120

online mtts = + $7k

sngos = - $500

horses = + $670

live staking = + £9.8k

online staking = + $6.9k

Highlights of the year

1.Gaz walker winning ukipt and having 10%

2.3rd in the £200 link game for just under 3k

3.Dobbas won the npf team champs

4,nice scores from samj and juniorbomber when i staked them.

5.winning player of the month in the g but only playing 5 times.

6,Improving my online mtt game where im now confident i can make a nice profit


1.Had 2nd knee op and been told nothing more they can do and come back when you need a new knee.

2.Going deep in day 1 at ukipt dtd only to lose big stack v fd that got there on the river

3,The closure of fulltilt losing about $1600ish but i suppose this could of been a hell of lot worse

4,The death of joe peel who i miss from the tables at circus, you were always gauranteed a good laugh when joe was on your table

5.And finally, standing in the hotel foyer at 4am watching the doc working on Teamdobb ( Dave Collins ) and just saying in my mind ffs please dont die, thank god he made an amazing recovery.

The goals for this year

1,lose weight

2,Make a ft of a decent buyin event

3,Continue to enjoy poker and life.

keep on smiling Stumpy