Been a While Dobbas

HI DOBBA watchers, well as the title says its been a while so before chief Dobba kicks me into touch for not posting on the blog I thought I had better get my finger out and bring you up to date in the world of MR E. As some of you may know February 2010 saw me join Card Gaurd Kid`s company down in Bradford however as Steve has recently posted Black horse purchased the Bank of Scotland and as they do all there own recovery it wasn,t viable for myself to continue so me and Steve parted company in September of this year, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Steve for everything, if nothing else I learnt a lot obout corporate recovery and not forgetting 10.30am on radio 2 pop master of which you are the champ.

On the work front I managed to walk straight into another position with a finance house in Sunderland no mean feat in the current climate but the biggest challenge came when myself and Cardguard decided that we should take full advantage of Mrs Entertainment`s skills in the kitchen as her buffets are now legendary and find a premises to open "DAWNS DELI" after searching most of the north east we settled on 165 Kenton Road a small shop in the middle of a street of shops, not brilliant for parking but was a previous sandwich shop and had bags of potential, however being as synical as I am I done a bit of digging to find out why it was closed and why it had not reopened, it was closed by the previous occupent and moved into the back of the newsagents 2 doors away which is now closed as it turns out the owner was in ill health, So we decided to go for it and launch "Dawns Deli" as you can see from the video it took an awful lot of hard work and time and not forgetting the pennies to transform the premises from an absolute shit tip into a sparkling clean state of the art DELI, we opened the last week in November and thanks to the awful weather and snow the first two days trading wernt brilliant but we had stocked the shop and we had said we were opening if nothing else to let people know we werent going to be put off by a bit (lot) of snow. I,m delighted to say that since the opening the shop is going from strength to stength and we continue to move forward and have picked up some wonderful contracts with some great daily orders, The work and effort from Mrs Foggo should not go unrecognised Love you Dawn thanks for the long hours cooking cleaning and stocking the place xx.

I would also like to welcome our new additions to the DOBBAS KQ4EVA and FATFISH both excellent players in there own right and most importantly great crack should be a very successful year for the DOBBAS.

On the poker front to be fair havent realy played that much had ten days in Vegas in October and played a lot of cash $1 $2 no limit and out of 9 sessions only coming out on top 3 times however did hear the best line Ive ever heard at the felt, it came from an elderly American gentleman who was in a hand against a guy who was intent on chasing his flush all the way to the river the line was " EVEN A BLIND DOG WILL FIND THE SMELLY END OF A HORSES ASS EVENTUALY " pissed me self laughing, Gutted to become the official bubble boy in the recent NPF Championship taking the mantle off Mag however I was very happy with my game and to be fair the table move on day two was tough taking a short stack against the monster stacks was never going to be easy but hey ho thats poker and well done to Dc ,Scott and Circus for putting on another excellent event,

Been reading a lot on the forum of late regarding schedules and best live games ect ect, in my opinion there are two kinds of poker players those who play week in week out with a view to increasing their bank role and the social poker player who plays as a source of entertainment I think I sit on the middle of the two if thats possible I,l play the big games if circumstances allow (work ect ) but love nothing more than playing a friday or saturday game at one of the venues in town with a table full of characters buy ins and rakes ect is irrelavent as I consider that a nights entertainment. I think the casinos will continue to fight over what I consider to be a dwindling number of players unfotuanately.



Alreet Stumpy here,

Well the last couple of weeks have been so frustrating, played 4 live mtts,

1,aipf blinds 100-200 32k pot aa v qd7d and he hits flush!

2,bubbled £30 f/o sb ship 13bb a6 v aj

3,Smoggies live mtt £25 never really got going, out in 17th out of 25,was a really good laugh with some great people.

Went down to Circus for the £20£20 game, quite pissed by this time lose 1st buyin with 76 on 7 high flop v Dan Tretts KK then grind ss until I start dealing and shove 13bb with AQ and Quietman calls with 55 only trouble was I mucked my own cards whoops.

Online has been the most frustrating though, lost count at how many times Ive been in the last 50 out 2k +runners and either been coolered or had some idiot try to donk his chips to me and sucked out.

My two favs were:

1,blinds 4k 8k utg raises to 18k im utg +2 with kk rerraise to 48k he goes allin for 500k im on 450k and chip av is 200k I call and he has aq ob 1st card ace

2,Blinds 2.5k - 5k new guy to table limps utg 3 more limpers I limp button with 77 flop is 9h7c3h ch to me I bet 18k half pot utg limper calls turn js he chs and I ship 145k into 75k pot he thinks for 1 second and calls with j10 no hearts and hits 8 on the river.

I did have 1 ft in my favourite $33 f/o on Stars, finished 6th when I got it allin on a J high flop v AQ and he binked Q on turn for $600 and I also bubbled 10kg on fulltilt when the red pro on the button raising every chance he had until I reship him with A9 and he has AQ for $200.

Hoping my luck changes for the better soon.

keep on smiling Stumpy.

Dobbas sign a "Fish"

OK more news on the team side is that the Dobbas now offically have a FISH!!!! Yes thats correct that after last weeks signing of a "King" this week we have signed a Fish. Steve AKA "Fatfish" Brennan has been offically invited to join the Dobbas and will bring us up to full max quota that we need for events we may take part in.

Fatfish played for us in last years NPF Forum game and scored high but as like all the rest of the squad hes simply a quality lad. Has great sense of humour and has also became very much involved at the NPF with his witty posts and input there. Always a pleasure to be on his table although your always in for a hard time from him. A regular at DTD with decent results and Im sure the rest of the lads will be delighted at Steve agreeing to join us and look forward to his contributions here at the blog. Not sure if Steves a big writer but Im sure whatever he does put up will be well worth reading and make you laugh.

Welcome to the Dobbas Mr Fatfish Brennan


Just A quick tester really as never done any of this blogging before. Thanks to those who left comments on forum and or on TDS post on here. Nice to be welcomed officially to the team and blog and so on. I plan on making some posts but dont want to be one of those who says I will be updating my blog x times to only find they do one post every three months. So in short I will blog as I feel I have something that people may be interested to read, and I guess feedback will help me decide if I need to do more of it.

I suppose its like the forum in general , lurker and reader for a while, and then more and more confidence to go ahead and post. Well been a blog reader and lurker for sometime now and here I am making my very first blog post. Love Keiths comment btw - If I have already secured most long winded poster when a few words would have done, then oh well .... I hope u got to the end of at least some of my posts without nodding off.

A few things I may blog about, razz or mixed games generally, satelites ,180s and other strat stuff. Perhaps a little about a staking and coaching setup I am working within, some live tourney updates. I may even start one of those kind of challenge diaries but am concerned in so far as my point above If theres no posting, then its all a bit pointless, so maybe a little further down the line eh.

For now hello readers, pleased to be on board and a warm thankyou for TD for actually saying you know what welcome to the team fella. Does it have to be pink next year TD ??


Dobbas get a new King!!!!

Since being selected to play for the Dobbas at the NPF Team game earlier this year Andy KQ4EVA Blair has been building up his NPF presence and regular contributions there which is obviously well noticed and well received by many.
Came so close to taking down this years NPF Championships and in alot of peoples opinion ( mine included ) was the player most likely to win with his play both with or without cards during the final table. Been having alot of success both live and online and I think the time has now come to "officially" welcome him into the Dobbas and give him also the opportunity should he so wish to make his contribution here with his knowledge and writing abilty which is very very good. I trust all of our readers and followers of the blog will enjoy it.

Aspers £50 game 29th November

Alreet Stumpy here, Sunday 29th Nov £50 f/o 1 rebuy allowed in 1st level.

Get seat 1 and have to deal fml,deal AA x3 KK x4 to same guy in 1st level and this young kid has a go at me as if its my fault,build stack with slowplayed KK and AK on a KQ9 flop when I get reraised on flop so I flat,he bets turn and I flat chch otr and he tables QJ Im upto 16k when we move table thank god as young kid was pain in the arse.Next table got the plum seat right next to Simmy 3 fking K not just for easy chips but nice lad with a real weird but funny sense of humour,a good time to start on the corona and Simmy joins me,play JJ pretty bad after raise utg get 3 callers and flop come Q high and Chris Wood really solid player from Teeside bets out after I ch all fold and I call was planning to do something on turn then realise he doing this with AQ and give up he had AQ so just stopped myself from blowing out of tourney here,next hand get AA all fold jeez,lose another small pot in blinds and I get moved again and Im down to 8k which is ss blinds 400-800 so I have 4 hands to get them in end off shipping 76 utg bb folds A7 after saying to me you always have the nuts I say not always and show 76 hoping I get a hand and paid off next time I ship.Ship sb with a rag and Im upto 12k,utg raises I reship 99 he folds,raise AK all fold,then reraise button raise with QQ and he calls with Q10 now at 40k and then look at 1 card Ace raise but Chris Woods bb ships allin for all my chips look at other card Ace weeeee, Chris has KK no help for him and Im now on 80kish,then moved tables with 16 left and maintain stack till final table by nicking a few blinds best one was raise button with A 10 or might of been 10 4 Latif flats in bb flop a 72r I cbet and he folds KK face up!Final table and Mark Tretts cl think I was about 3rd with 96k. Simmy3k was there so bought him another pint to celebrate haha 1st hand get AA no action,then raise in position with 99,66,J10 then 3 bet pokerjack with QQ so now my stack upto about 150k and down to 7 left when JGeek raised and PaulJjohnstone ships from sb and Mark Trett reships bb John has a big decision as they are the two bigstacks now but he makes the call with QQ,Paul has 99 Mark has AQ Paul triples up when he hits 9 but John wins main pot and moves upto 400kish.

6 left now and John raises again and Simmy makes a stand with A10 v 99 no help for Simmy wpwp enjoyed your company.5 left and John doubles a couple of shortys up so decide to chop £1500 for John and £770 for me ,Paul,Pokerjack and Dean markthesharks son.Really enjoyed the game but hope they extend the blinds to 30mins and add in 2 missing blind levels as when we got down to 30 it was abit of a crapshoot.

keep on smiling Stumpy

Alreet Stumpy here,

16th Nov circus £20£20 game,13 left and 1010 v AJ J on the turn and I head home -£44

friday 19th nov Aspers £20 f/o 114 runners,

Arrive to be met by Teamdobb and son scot who have just enjoyed a free meal he won in a raffle he runs good as he won two of them,we take are seats and Im on Teamdobbs and Farmer Daves table. Some good banter but we are quickly broken up,next table has a lad on he seems keen to play everypot I lose half my stack to him AK v AQ then I double back up v him AJ v K9 aipf 2.7k when blinds 100-200 lol.

Another table move and I chip up to 11k with some small pots until I raise btton with 99 bb flats flop 9 J Q and I get cr allin and Im up against A 10 which he bricks and Im upto 23kish.ThenIi get 99 again raise again bs calls then shorty ships 6k I reship to isolate only to be snapped by A 10 wtf. Ace on the turn and Im down to 3.5k.Allin next hand with 75 2 callers and river 2 pair now back to 13kish.Gladys ships allin for 6k and I have AQ bb. Now anyone else its easy call but its Gladys then the corona kicks and I think shes lessoned her range I was right she had lessoned her range and she tables KK lol, a nice ACE on the river and Im upto 18kish.
Down to 2 tables blinds 1k-2k and Im shipping every chance I get and get them thro and move upto 36k when Mrs Stumpy goes out n the bubble unlucky pet for £30.

Final table,With a very merry Teamdobbs cheering from the sidelines and Farmer Dave on the ft the banter was nonstop and very funny with all the lads on the ft joining in,We had lost 3 when I ship allin with 88 v JJ v AQ and I hit the straight on the river to triple up, Stewey a lad from work had JJ ul mate.Then a lad from Peterlee who had been a good laugh decides to knock 3 out in no time and Farmer Dave does the 4 way deal £355 for us and £500 cl.Another great corona friday.

mtt +£333

21st nov circus £20£20 54 runners

Decided to deal and played poor tbh eventually shoving ss into KK and out in 15th Mrs Stumpy ft but lost AQ v Alis A9 and finished 9th for £60

Online has been queit of late due to work and playing live, a couple of near misses, 22nd in 19.5kg on tilt lost JJ v AK for cl then AK v JJ hit k then he hits rnr rnr flush.Then 27th in the $3 rebuy AK v QQ for nr cl no help.

keep on smiling stumpy

Stumpys NPF Champs

Alreet Stumpy here, Friday 29th October Aspers £20 f/o

A 116 runners the standard is awful but if you can gets some chips early you have a good chance to ft.Got a lovely table and chip upto 6.5k in the 1st level from the 4k ss until I get aa utg I raise to 200 blinds 50/100 get a caller then ss ships allin for 1700 I flat and next guy flats leaving himself 1400 behind flop is 234 2 clubs I go allin and he tank calls with 9c8c mm WP and gets there on the turn other allin has kk.Not many chips left so gamble to get a stack and flop top pair but Im out kicked and move over to the dealers choice table £1-£2 1st hand I get it allin £100 with flopped set v hamids fd and gutshot I turn the fh but hamid hits bigger fh when he pairs his Qs sik reload. I build this upto £450 until I flop trip 6s and theres 4 allins im up against fd and straight draws again i hit my fh on the turn and Im counting the £800 pot until Ace on the river whick gives Adam bigger FH I take the sidepot to be about even in the hand.Abit up and down from then until
Teamdobb comes across having chopped the tourney 4 ways for £400 weeeeeee.1 of the last hands I play a guy who seemed a bit of a newbie at dealers choice 3 barrelled a 3 heart board when I flopped 2nd nut flush I called all the way and he shows flopped straight phew.So we head off home £355 up

mtt -£22

cash +£355

NPF Champs 6th of Nov

Arrive at Circus and the place is buzzing a few coronas and take my seat at the 1st table and somehow end up with 4 bottles. Dreamdobbs there and he takes 1 of my hands then we end up having a good drink until im moved.Main hands that I can remember on 1st table

55 raised 3 callers flop Q75 Dream bets out 1.5k I make it 2 more he calls turn 8 he bets out again 1.5k I move allin and proceed to talk him out of calling with his 75.

AA bb playa raises ep I 3 bet him he ships allin for about 8k I call he has ak no help for him and hes gone.Moved to next table and key hands were,77 bb buzz raises,Quietman flats I flat flop K75 Buzz chs Qman bets 2k I call Buzz folds turn puts 3rd club on board I ch Qman chs rvr 5 I bet 5k Qman calls and I take nice pot.Then I get few chips from Mark Trett 3 bet his raise with QQ he folds AJ then I call 2 of his late position raises with connecters and win both pots then I move to next table with 36k when av was about 14k.I lose a few chips until I get AQ and raise El Geordio flats in the bb flop is Qh6h7s i cbet 2.2k and he ships allin for 30k wow. I make the call and he tables 8s9s the turn is the 2s and the river a very nice Q and I move upto 53kish and this is where I end the night when we get down to 19 players.

Day 2

Doubled my stack without a showdown until I get AA v Kenlocks Ah 10h and Ken hits flush,then El Geordio shoves 107 into my A9 on the bb flop a 10j 10 10 this knocks me down to 70k then I raise and lose another hand and I move to the ft with 60k when it could easily of been 130k.

final table

Take the blinds 4 times with AK,A5,94,1010,and Im upto 80k when Cameltoe raises utg I ship allin with AK and Im snapped by Kq4eva with KK no help for me and Im out in 7th for £250.Im gutted but theres nothing more I could of done just wasnt my day.A few will be saying the same Cameltoe who made another NPF ft wp,goldfoxdom who lost with AA.Andy Blair whos AA lost to Rob Charltons QQ 3 handed vul especially after playing some great poker on the ft,Well done to Rob who went on to beat John Devlin who played great poker for 2 days hup wp all who made the ft.

Mrs Stumpy went on to split the £20 £20 with Dan Trett for £585 each, Dan had a big cl but made a even split, N1 Dan it wont be forgotten.

Another great result for Kaz after splitting the £50 game shes deffo on a great run keep it up.

keep on smiling stumpy

From a Cardguard to the WSOP

OK hes often known for his totally crazy comments and remarks but NPF member *S*LA*L* Steve Laker has gave me what I think is an absolutely gem of an idea totally unique to poker forums. Im sure others will copy but lets get going on this and see how far we can take it.

We all have something we dont use or that is just gathering dust or is of less value to you than something else so the idea is to trade an item up until we reach our target goal. The target goal would be to get someone to the WSOP and play an event and obviously to play the main event would be the pinnacle goal.

To do this we trade an item for something else until we trade up in value to our target or as far as we can get it. Any monetary returns could be put back into the forum to use for whatever people want but that isnt really the aim of this idea.

To start the ball is a NPF Cardguard and away we go.


n.b. to make this even more interesting what I propose is that any NPF member that succeeds in a succesful swop then qualifies for a MTT to decide which member plays the actual event in Las Vegas we trade up to.

The winner of that MTT will play the event with all the NPF and probaly the worlds media eyes on them. Be nice little story that one

NPF Trade Thread

edit: already traded the CG for an office chair

Mags NPF Forum Championship 2010

been a while since i last posted due to lack of live play etc ( work etc) , so i wasn't going to miss this the flagship npf forum game .

i arrive and find out off cgk that I'm to early thinking its a 2pm start when its a 3pm start , soon after Dave , Scott and dream arrive and start setting up the tables for the prizes etc , soon after Herbie hackett arrives dressed in drag lol , now everyone is starting to arrive and u can feel the atmosphere building as this is 1 of only a handful of tourneys where most of the npf turn out for togther ( which should be more often ) , great to see some new faces also , and very good to see farmer dave and omahaha get into the spirit of things by dressing up as what i would say the bluesbrothers but instead of black they are head to toe in pink ( respect guys ) , teamdobbs and cgk are today's bookies and are taking in alot of money , hope they break even at least lol.

game gets under way and I'm on table 4 with stumpy , pjb , qpr , simpa , dream , mr daz , stu costa and jamie .
not much going on , then i look down at ak blinds are 25/50 so i make it 125 and get 5 callers lol , flop is aq10 so checked around to stu who bets 500 i flat and everyone else folds , turn is a 4 stu bets 500 hmmm I'm thinking i call river is a 7 stu bets 500 and i reluctantly call to see aq .

next hand i play the blinds are 50/500 and im bb 2 limpers and mr daz raises to 300 i look down at 22 so i flat as does pjb , flop 2q8 so i check hoping to induce a re-raise situation pjb checks then mr daz bets 2500k into a pot of 950 so i put him on something big aa or kk so i repop it to 5500 then pjb goes into the tank for ages ( must have aq ) he very reluctantly folds then mr daz goes into the tank then says have u got 22 or 88 then he goes allin yes hes got kk and he misses on t and river hes now down to about 400 chips ( ul m8 ) and we soon lose him.

few hands later and its 50/100 im bb and i got 1010 so i raise to 300 and pjb (sb) and qpr (bb) flat , flop is 562 r so pjb checks and qpr bets 500 ( didn't look strong ) so i flat but pjb takes a while and he also flats hmmm turn is a j checks all round then A on river they both flat and I'm thinking should i make a value bet , tbh it looked very sus the way pjb played it so i check qpr instant mucks and pjb turns over 66 for a set :).

few hands later i get moved to samj's table and hes running amok , hes got about 54000k when the av is about 12k lol , on the table is bella , bendy , luvdatoon , sensh , delta bravo and mrs stumpy .
sam or sensh is raising every pot to 2and a quarter bbs so i just think stay out od trouble , blinds are now 100/200 and sam utg does his customary raise and luvdatoon and sensh flat i look down at jj on button so make it 1600 sam flats and does luv ( only got about 5k ?) , flop comes down jj5 hmmm how do i play this , sam bets 1325 luv folds and i flat after a few more seconds , turn is a 7 sam checks as do i , river is a 10 sam checks and i then look at pot and think a small value bet might intice him so i bet 2500 he thinks for ages then re-raises to about 14k not sure exactly cos he just threw it in , i go allin and he folds for the extra 3kish i show quads he shows 57 for 3 pair lol.

I'm not doing much and table breaks for dinner which was free and put on by circus which was awesome as usual.

after the break we get the chip count and it happens that im chip leader by a few hundred whcih gets me the green jersey ( koytes idea i belive taking from tour de france every hr a chip count and chip leader get to wear it then sign it and hand over to new chip leader next hr ) which i did as the players were busting out fast and thick .

it gets down to 30 players and we get moved to teamdobbs table with koyte , rob charlton cheryl routledge , sensh , goldfoxdom , 8ball ally ( good to put name to face ) camel toe and leptic , not much going on apart from small stacks shoving etc , it gets down to 23 players and im utg on blinds of 800/1600 with 2 antes i got qq so i raise to 4200 rob goes allin ( small stack ) and also cheryl goes allin for not much more , i go into tank thinking rob could have anything and hoping cheryl had aq/ak i call she has ak and rob has 107 , flop j77 turn and river brick so we lose cheryl but i get some chips back as i have rob covered , very next hand its floded all the way to camel toe who raises to 6k i got kk so i push instantly hoping to make it look like tilt and cameltoe thinks for ever then reluctantly calls hes got a8 to which im glad to see tbh , yeah u guessed it ace in the window gg me lol , cant say i wasnt gutted 2 hands in a row nvm always next yr , the game then breaks for day 2 with 19 players remaining .

i didnt make day 2 just had a quiet day in and kept upto date through the forum on who was out etc.
the winner was rob charlton who might have got lucky agaisnt me but i heard he got a few bad beats also so it evened itself out for him , gg m8 wp.

somone once said to me u have to be lucky to win a big feild event probably at least 2 times , i think hes right , not that its a bad thing , but 1 i should take notice of this in the next tourney i play , i keep getting deep but the later stages i go out more often with the best hand either pre or on the flop , last 2 times this game has played i bubbled lol.

got to say this even means a lot to everyone thers a massive amount of kudos if u win this event , some people might say it was capped at 100 etc , but the feild of players that was on show was aswome some deffo pros in the making.

cgk was as ever compare which he done unbeliveable again , espically after going out first with AA :( gutted for you m8.

also have to say a massive thanks to scott , dave , mr e, cgk dreamdobb and everyone else for putting a massive amount of time and effort into this game.

and lastly the circus staff who as uasally was headed by jimmy b and was run as brilliant as normal with dealers valets and buffet etc.

ps cant wait for the next nfp game.:)

Back on the podium

Plans for weeks have been not playing much live and hardly any online but had always had pecilled in the Coral Masters Edinburgh leg with Stumpy followed by the NPF Championship to defend my crown.

I play a few online sats to try and get in cheap but although I get a regular flow of sat wins into the $80 final on the cheap I simply cant get past the winning line in the final. Closest being is losing hups for a $1125 package. Get hups 3/1 dog but edge in front just before a break. Simply cant hit any flop after that and any decent hand I pick up the oppo folds and eventually he takes me out after I bluff into his full house made on the turn lolololol.
Eventually come Friday I simply cant be arsed to travel up more so by how Im feeling about actually playing poker and as such tell Stumpy in true Dragins Den style " Im out!" Missing the fun aspect and after chatting with Stumpy we decide to have a Friday night Dobba Corona neet and off we go to Aspers for their weekly 100 plus runner £20 F/O.

Place is absolutely rocking full and around 120 runners take their seats. My table consists of some regular young "pro" type lads who non stop talk the poker talk and I decide to deal due to seat one guy being totally useless. Keeps me focused and in non donk chip mode. I settle in and listen to the drone about various poker heroes etc etc and some classic replies from an elderly lady name of Joan who tells the young pros how lucky and bad one of their heroes is ( Jake Cody) which had me chuckling away inside more so at the way she delivered it.
Always low stacked but Im amazed at how quick the field is whittled down and its not long till theres only 30 odd left when I get table moved. Soon as I move I get a double up and even pick up extra chips when making up in the sb with 53 and making set of 3 s for decent pot. Get moved back to starting table and few orbits later get moved again with 3 tables left. The game is simply ship or fold now with most stacks very similar although you still find loads who wanna limp in and fold tyvm.
Make final table with about 12 bbs which is average enough and only really one more stack of any major significance.

1st few go reasonably quickly and I find some good spots to pick up decent pots un contested by shipping over raises to build up healthy stack. Pick up AQ in BB and guy who hadnt played a hand shoves in his last 5 bbs but my call see me not improve v his KK. Few orbits later with 2 limpers and I ship button AJ for Mr KK who is directly on my left now to snap call me off. Ffks I declare I must be miles behind but he flips over KQcc and I start having laff about it with him and start cuddling him taking the piss ( 8 bottles does that to ya!!!!) Flop comes A10J OMF FML ******
Turn JACK weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and Im back in game big style as my house takes him down. Yo yo up n down abit trying to take it down or at least get heads up with NPF er George Lawson as hes the only decent player left and only one I wanna really do any deal with but with 4 left and all much very level we eventually agree a level chop for over £400 each

Stumpy clears over £300 on PLO even though he lost 2 pots worth over £1k each to river and my lucky charm railer Mrs Stumpy drops me off home around 4.30 am zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Arsenal win gets me heads up in NPF footy knockout so maybe my run good juice is just starting to run in time nicely for next weekends NPF Championship

edit. Quick mention for Mark Trett of Full Trett Poker who took down the £200 side event at Edinburgh to go clear at top of tour money list and imo he should at least get a sponsership deal renewal on the basis of how well he has promoted Coral Poker and his tour results alone this year. Massive well done mate to a real quality lad who has a huge win deffo in him if given the chance in one of the bigger tournies

The Ups & Downs of Poker!!!

Alreet Stumpy here,

After a great run winning £3.5k from staking and $3k from 2 fts on full tilt I ran really bad for a few days so I was about to start a session when I thought hold on its 11.00am my lucky mtt on stars is about to start, problem was I had no money in stars got onto msn and swapped some $$$ from Knerrad he says good luck I think you will finish 5th!

I thought random thing to say but oh well he is a Radgie.I make the ft mainly by 3 betting the same villain 3 times and the 4th time hed had enough and called me with A9 good job I had AA.Theres 5 left when Im on button with 10 10 and I raise sb bigstack 3 bets and shorty on BB flats. I reship for 200k sb folds and BB tank calls after realising hes put a 1/3 of his stack in he has KJ and hits J on the rvr.Im out 2 hands later in 5th place for $880. Wow 5th well played Gypsy Rose Knerrad.

Then I have my once or twice a year cash blowup blowing $500 at rush poker and then $800 on PLO after running really bad in sngos. Keep saying its the last time I do this but this is really the last time lol.

Back to the ups and Mrs Stumpy did a 2 way chop in the £50 f/o at Circus for her biggest cash for £1100. There was an added prize of a £1300 package at the Palm Casino London and she had big cl headsup but lost 3 key hands K10 v 99 J10 v 56 33 v 88 aipf and missed out on the bonus prize. Good luck to Nemisis when he plays at the Palms.I also got to ft in this event finishing 8th my JJ no good v BGRs QQ for £170.

keep on smiling Stumpy

I was just "saying"

Had a thread up at the NPF regarding hates of both online and live poker which has been quite amusing and a wide range of contributions at this link top 3 hates in poker. Alot of well known ones are mentioned especially the one " I thought you had" and "its my fav hand" mmmmmmmmmmm onto Friday live.

As such I decide to venture out on Friday to play a little bit of live poker having not been in the scene of late. Take in the G £25 Double Chance Bounty game ( 1st ) to which attracts the huge field of 20 runners and I must say thank fuck for the Ipod as my starting table featured many people who totally tilt the arse off me especially a well known gay teacher!!!

I open 1st hand mid pos with 8s10s to a young student BB to which he calls. Flop of AKQ is checked to me and I fire a 1/2 pot cb to which he calls. Turn brings the Ace of spades giving me the flush draw and my gutshot is still there to which he tank calls my pot size bet. River is rag 4h and he once again checks to me and I put last chips from my 1st stack of 4500 into the pot. After an age tanking he looks at me and says " I think you have KK " Eventually he calls and flips over QJ. Nice hand sonny as I "tap the table" and shout for chips.
The table banter is tbh fkn unreal and tilting the life out of me so I turn up the volume of Ellie Goulding and try to get back into the game although I know Im going to struggle here. I start to get chips back mainly due to avoiding the mad maniac Chinese guy sat to my left who wants to ship his stack in every other hand with crap but seems to get there even though hes always behind. Eventually in level 3 of 75/150 playing about 10k the young student QJ guy opens utg for 600 and I look down at QQ. Lets go with this I decide and ship in my whole stack for Maniac Chinese guy to my left to snap call me and young student lad makes the fold of 10 10. Im up against Ac10d. Chinese guy tells me " Gambol Im tired and wanna go home" fuck me mate youve got mirrions of chips and are crushing every pot you enter ya daft twat.
Flop come down 7c8c9c lol giving him as many outs as he has chips and boom down comes the 3c on the turn to send me packing up my Ipod and heading over to Circus for there 9.00 game with late entry buy in.

Only 30 odd runners is this game but Im given a canny table sat to the left of Apokerlypse but opposite a drunken Rosib. Decide not to tune into my Ipod as yet as get into some canny convo and banter with Apokerlypse and tbh even Rosib was coming out with some funny stuff. Moving along steady and get to break with above avg stack to find the famous "ICall" has been moved into seat 10 on my left so happy days. He busts pretty early after making his flush which is rivered by a Rosib full house.
I make up from sb with Jh3h to a 5 way limped pot to see a Js9d3s flop and my lead bet is called in 2 spots. 8d turn and although I dont like this card I fire again to get a fold from guy on my left and an All In from Rosi. Im obv behind and fold to be shown JJ from her.............. nice button limp my dear. Ship a few times holding about 10 bbs getting me back in 12/14bbs area when Joe P opens utg with a min raise and I find JJ in the cut off. He asks me " How much is that Davey?" and I think it was about 12k " Yes I call cos its my fav hand" (probs 75% of his stack ) flipping the monsta known as K9 off. 9 on flop and standard Poker Stars 9 on the river sent me packing and off home.

Oh well its not just online where Im running shit................. roll on the NPF Champs when my run good juice will hopefull return

edit: Got asked by Dan Trett over at Full Trett poker to do an "In the tank" with him for their blog. Dan & Mark are 2 of the nicest lads you will meet in the poker scene and got loads of time for them as well as them being 2 massive contributors and supporters of the NPF. My pleasure Dan and the report is here Full Trett Poker

Different World

Well Im back from my jaunt across the globe to see my daughter in Dubai and thought Id do a write up of my trip as my poker activity and write ups are very limited these days.

She emigrated there with her boyfriend in April and this has been our 1st chance to get across and visit her. Me and the Mrs were picked up by them on arrival and after getting quickly through customs we were soon sitting on their balcony in their apartment 23 floors up looking over the Dubai Marina. Amazing site to be honest and the heat even in the early hours of the morning was very humid to say the least especially for the time of year it is.

People read so many things about Dubai mainly the do and donts and some of the shall we say strange laws etc they have but when your there its not really noticeable and a lot is very much the same as home. Well I say that but its soon very apparent that you certainly get rewarded for working hard here and they take no crap from anyone that decides they want to make their own laws. The law is the law and over the time we spent there you see zero crap from drunks etc and people treat people with respect and in a virtually zero crime rate you always feel safe.
This was highlighted on one of our 1st days when my daughter and her boyfriend went into a local mall to do some free fall sky diving in a simulator and were asked to remove all jewellery. On coming out we were on our way to get a snack when my daughter noticed her diamond engagement ring and earrings were missing from the sun glass case she had put them in her handbag. We retraced our foot steps and there on the floor outside the Sky Dive place in the middle of a very busy mall were her earings and engagement ring just lying on the floor. On another occasion she left her mobile telephone lying on a table in a restaurant and when going back hours later it was still sitting there where she had left it. When you think of the present state our country is in and the recent campaigns going on about getting people back to work and making it not possible to receive more in benefits than actually when your working it makes you realise how different a place like Dubai is. If your of no use to the place then your not allowed in. The whole place is very much motivated by the desire to succeed and theres no place there for scroungers and those who think they are owed a living or should have everything given to them on a plate. The result is a totally different and more respectful place to live where people respect each other and what they achieve.

We shopped, lazed around in the apartment and by the pool, did a lot of eating and drinking which included a sail down the creek on a floating restaurant and grew my oversized belly somewhat and the highlight of the trip from a tourist point of view was our extravagant afternoon tea at the worlds only 7 star hotel The Burg Al Arab.

A truly amazing place where entry is only available by being a resident staying there or by booking a meal in one of their eateries. £15000 for 10 days was not the sort of place I stay at so instead we opted for “ Afternoon Tea” in the roof top restaurant. At 395 dirhams per head ( approx £75 ) its actually worth every penny and even more. Your pampered with attention from your arrival and all through about 3 hours of eating in pure luxury with views that take your breath away and design and modern architecture of the highest standard all around you.

Theres even a special whiskey served in that roof top bar for…………………. £3000 per shot!!!!!!
I even blagged them it was my birthday and was presented with a special chocolate cake treat featuring one candle and a special card!!

Anyway back to reality and the grey clouds and cold of the UK

Use your Initiative!!!!

Heres a story I recently received which made me sit up and admire the guys inititave yet made me chuckle away at his scam and the audacity he has shown

Outside England 's Bristol Zoo there is a parking lot for 150 cars and 8 buses. For 25 years,it's parking fees were managed by a very pleasant attendant. The fees were for cars (£1.40),for buses (about £7).
Then, one day, after 25 solid years of never missing a day of work, he just didn't show up; so the Zoo Management called the City Council and asked it to send them another parking agent.

The Council did some research and replied that the parking lot was the Zoo's own responsibility.

The Zoo advised the Council that the attendant was a City employee.

The City Council responded that the lot attendant had never been on the City payroll.

Meanwhile, sitting in his villa somewhere on the coast of Spain or France or Italy ... is a man who'd apparently had a ticket machine installed completely on his own and then had simply begun to show up every day, commencing to collect and keep the parking fees, estimated at about £560 per day -- for 25 years.

Assuming 7 days a week, this amounts to just over 7 million pounds ... and no one even knows his name.

I think this is my favorite E-Mail ever!! until Im sent this boooooooooo!

Getting Closer

Alreet Stumpy here,

Getting closer to the online scoop. Finished 4th in the $10 superstack on full tilt $1429 then 8th in the 42k g $24 for $1393.Not complaining with 3k in 3 days also I deffo feel Im getting better and better in these mtts and feel I know where I stand in most spots now which makes it whole lot easier to get chips and preserve them.

Live Ive only played 3 times since last blog all in the circus £20 £20 dc games and Ive come 10th for £20 when I got no cards and dont know how I finished 10th tbh,then fin 7th for £80 after going to the ft with a healthy stack only to lose 1010 v aj aipf flop ajj 10 j sik and a early exit when I had ak v qq no help and out.

Sitngos ended making about $700 for the month after having 2 horror days but recovered well just got a keep grinding and squeezing the profit out which keeps you freerolling in the mtts.

Ive got 2 weeks hols coming starting this Wednesday so hopefully get a chance to play a load of mtts,heres hoping for loads more fts

Went to the knee specialist and hes going to do another anthroscopy op as they still havent found the cause for my knee pain hopefully this time it will work and I get fit enough to be able to return to the golf on the upside I will be off another 6-8 weeks recovering so loads more poker haha.

keep on smiling stumpy

Bye Bye all

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo dont panic the Dobba aint quitting or anything just getting away froom the doom n gloom n shit weather here in the UK to see the daughter for a few days in the sunshine of Dubai.

Fly out for 10 days and staying at her place in the Marina which I feature here

Cya when I get back and probably go up to Edinburgh to play the Coral Masters leg with Stumpy n Big Stumpy and Full Trett Poker

To Infinity & Beyond

Funny how a few days can change the direction of someone so quickly.

Played the Friday G game mainly to meet up with couple of Dobbas I hadnt seen for ages in Phlmc and Xenocode. Get same table but lose 1st stack after raising with 66 for Xeno and young lad to come along. Flop of 689 and my re raise is re popped and has me getting all my money in as Xeno folds an overpair for young lad to flip 57. I then lose with straight over straight and flush over flush to take an early bath so decide to head over to circus for their £20/£20.

Get sat on Mark Tretts table and few other other NPF ers and its canny crack tbh. Tretts obv doing his customary crushing of the table and running his normal Trett way when picking up monstas he finds someone wanting to donate. Mark gets moved as we go to 2 tables and our table is joined by an old pal of mine who I aint seen for ages in John Devlin. Closing in on final table and we lose John as I hit a rush of hands that the board wants to slap me in the face with so get nicely chipped up and dont really want the final table bubble to end as Im simply picking up such easy chips. We eventually go to the 9 handed final table but only 6 getting paid although its only top 2 where any sort of return is. Not the best of seats tbh but made worse by the constant limping of seat 3 and Im slowly getting frustrated at my shit Im being dealt and his play. We only lose 1 player and every shortie is getting stacked up with their shoves when I find 88 on the button playing only about 12 bbs. Mr Limpy Dan comes in and I ship it for his instant call holding 99 and leave after with zero, fuck all zilch!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty sure Mark wudda took this down and was in complete control of the table when I left

Get talking to Roscopiko online and he points me to some extra value footy prices on Betfair to which I invest in with the intention of backing to lay in play. So close in alot of them tbh and my initial investment shows a small £65 profit although a shame Liverpool couldnt hold for the draw.

Sunday proves to be a lazy day doing fook all just mainly messing with the forum when notice around 5.00pm young Buzz ( Neil Harvey)has put a staking request up for a spread of MTTs on stars totally an investment request of $210 with a 60/40 return in favour of the backer. I decide to take the lot as Buzz is one of best young players in Newcastle tbh but simply needs some good Dobba dosh on his back to help run a bit better. I get in touch with fellow Dobba Stumpy to see if he wants part of this action as he is deffo a staking pro and hes snaps me off for 50/50 on the full total.
Early MTTs soon go the way of most on stars and its not looking good apart from the $35k guaranteed where Buzz has got himself some sort of stack to play with. Eventualy at 3.30am he finishes in 4th spot for a cool $7264.60 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wpwpwpwp Mr Harvey. Easy game this fkn poker mullarky and hope its the injection you need Buzz to change your luck

Its a hard life

Well fellow bloggers its been a while since i blogged and after a brief telephone convo with Teamdobb yesterday i was kind of inspired to blog as way of maybes an explanation to ' the quiet me' some people have commented on.

Firstly this year started great for me january was a good month and plans had been made for me to buy out my co director of my business which i did using all of my rainy day fund but confident that i would be much better off long term as the business would go in the direction i wanted and i could impliment my own ideas. This worked and feb through to may saw my turnover grow and the future looked rosey - then bang i get 3 weeks notice that im gonna lose 50% of my incoming work from 30th June due to my client being bought out by a bigger company and that company already using someone else. Then 5 weeks later i learn that the other 50% of my work needs the service level contacts re negociating as its also under the new company and these negociations end up with me realising that its just a way of dropping me without having to pay any compensation that would be due to me for terminating my exsisting contract. This has lead to a very stressful last 10 weeks as they currently owe me £76500 and as all big companies they are holding off paying and avoiding contact. I do have 2 cars and some equipment of theirs and i am holding these to ransom - but its a stressful time as i am now desperately trying to gain some new clients but in my industry its a slow process. I have got some new ' irons in the fire' but at this moment its a strange time as ive been in business for 15 years and i feel a little lost and its affecting my mindset and personality and after DC's comment to me yesterday that i seem a little withdrawn i thought i would explain why.

Poker wise not too much to report travelled to leeds 2 months ago to play in the yorkshire cup - A £250 buy in tourney that ended up with 50 runners and was a great structured game and was very happy with my final 4th placed finish as was a quality field including keith hawkins and tom middleton and just last weekend i travelled to teeside for the coral masters in which i ended up busting out at 400 - 800 level with about 30ish left with my now customary bad running losing 2 massive pots one with KK v 10 10 and one with AK v AQ. massive congrats to mark trett - a top bloke and really nice guy for his 2nd place, rosco and big stumpy for very impressive final table showing.

The future is exciting forum and poker wise, we have the NPF championships to look forward to for which im a shoe in(use smoggies league 1st year to work out why) and also the return of the NPF news as a monthly show which will be in a slightly different format and im sure will have something to appeal to most NPF members.

In general life its dawns 40th birthday on 30th September and as most of you know there is a party for her on saturday the 2nd October at Durhams county cricket ground and if you are not aware then you are more than welcome to join us - it starts at 7pm and we are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Well sat here typing while the footy is on and dont look too good for the syndy!!!!!!!!!!

stay happy


thats my boy

Alreet stumpy here,
headed down to Teeside for the "freeroll sat for the £550 Coral Masters main event me Mrs Stumpy and Craig "big stumpy" newton.The game was a free sit down 2k chips then £20 £20 £20 for 4k 4k 6k rebuys which created a massive 159 runners and 11 seats.I bought Craig in for 50%.I got to the break with 18k £20 spend with 2 dups ist one i ch rased fd allin and get there on the turn, 2nd one was aa v kk.After the break i creep up to 23k then i get moved tables and get very few spots until with about 50 left i ship with a8 called off jj no help and im gone.I head for the £2£2 plo cash tables and sit down with £100 run like god and when mrs stumpy was knocked out on the bubble (she was gutted ) I was £610 up and Craig had got his seat oh so nearly a perfect night. mtt _£20 cash + £610

friday 10th sept £200 f/o Teeside.

Get a lift down off Teamdobb started with 7.5k in chips but quickly lose half my stack with missed straight draw and top, top.Then John Bousefield raises ct law ships allin I have ak and move my last 3k in the middle ct law has a8 and hits the straight on the river so again I head to the cash tables waiting for Teamdobb no plo yet so sit at 50p- £1 nlh.lose 1st buyin £100 with kk v aa aipf was down to about £60 by this hand came about.Reload and recover losses when this hand comes up.i join the limpers with 10d 7d bb raises to £12 I call young chinese kid calls who had played awful but got really lucky 3 times,so flop 965 r bb bets £12 i call chinese calls turn 6 it goes ch ch chinese bets £10 bb folds i call rvr 7 i ch he goes allin for £55 i call and he mucks.So back to level and plo table opens so sit down with £100 3rd hand I have jj 99 ds I limp the straddle then dave maudlin makes it £40 i caller i ship my £83 and get 4 more allins pot is about £330 and i win with j high flush on a paired board weeeee a couple of hours later and Teamdobb comes over just missing the money and I come off £480 up.

mtt _£220 cash +£480

saturday 11th sept coral masters main event 10k stack 1hour clock

I pick up Teamdobb and Roscopiko and also joined by my son big stumpy whose playing his 1st big buyin event,We arrive and meet up with other NPFers Card Guard Kid,Nutflush,Dan and Mark Trett,Chipmunk and Russ the Suit.1st table and im with Cardguard so the 1st couple of hours is spent chatting about the racing and footy and the old guy who flats a raise with a10 on a1010 42 board and villain shows aa!! wow, i say how do you just flat there he says Ive been playin along time son, I said weve only been playing 2 hours !Still about ss and get moved tables where i hit trip 2s and ch raise flop only for villain to tank fold aj on a 762 board lol.then im moved to the feature table where Rocky Gupta a very good teeside player is on his 4th bottle of wine and crushing the table until the 5th bottle tips him over the edge he had 93kish when ave was 17k.he proceeds to double up Dave Maudlin twice and me aj v his 108 he still has about 40kish when he 4bet shoves Mark Trett with 10 7 and hes out when Marks kk holds.I then lose a few chips trying to bluff Marc Foggin b on b when he hit ace on the river and then this hand i raise btton with ak Dave Maudlin calls in the bb and chs dark flop qcjh4h i ch behind ah on the turn dave chs i bet 3k he calls rvr 2c dave chs again i think about betting but dont like it and ch he shows qj ouch so now down to 11bb and find the spot to ship with j9 in the c off Teamdobb calls with aq flop qjx x j and I get a lucky dup.the night ends not long after with me 22.6k 18 left out of 91 runners.Teamdobb has 70ish,Roscopiko 70ish,Mark Trett 55ish and Craig has 54k so 5 NPFers left out of 18.had some great crack on the way home with everyone in the car still in with a chance to win 14k 1st prize.

sunday 12th sept coral masters last 18

We sit down and Im on the same table as Craig and Teamdobb and im just waiting for a spot to ship in as blinds 1k 2k then i cant wait any longer and ship q 10 utg and it gets thro then 2 hands later im sb and button raises i ship with a9 and he calls with q10 for 15.5k more flop aqj x q so gutted and head off to find Teamdobb who i knew would be gutted with himself for his exit find him just about to throw himself in front of bus haha so we head back and watch Craig crush the table and when the ft comes round he is 2nd in chips with 210k Mark is cl with 220k and Rosco has 70ish.the ft craig lost a few chips then lost flip 99 v aq.then loses more when he 4bets Rosco who ships allin and Craig folds.He ends off shipping 80k with kj and runs into aq and hes out in 6th for £2230.A little disapointing after big stack on ft but a really great effort to qualify for £40 and then ft 1st big tourney and had loads of players come upto me and say he was a nitemare to play against and he played really well.hes deffo improving fast.Rosco finished 4th and Mark was 2nd wp boys.

mtt £550 50% of craig +£1115

Had 2% of brenos who finished 5th in EPO in London for 40k which retuned me £815 for a $107 stake just an awesome result wp brenos

Not quite a Masterful display Dobba

Been a strange last few weeks as my desire to play has been at its lowest for ages. Odd game I have played had couple of minor results in the Circus £50 Saturday game making final table then running AK into AA twice to bust out 9th and then cruising in a G final table with 4 left and ship my sb into BB who asks" Did you say all in" AA thank you and goodnight.

So the arrival of the Coral Masters Tour at Teeside helped in bringing a small twinkle in getting back into it as I decided to play the opening £200 on the Friday and then use a ticket I won on AWOP to take my seat at the main event.

Take Stumpy with me and surprised when theres only 3 down from NPF with me him and Dan Trett. Decent turn out and good tables but never really get going which tbh I didnt really want especially as Stumpy busts early but I do him the favour of grinding away to let him crush the PLO cash tables whilst I get vul late on with 15 left in couple of spots before finally busting 12th with 10 paid when shipping 22 from button into BB AK which hits.

Main event and our car of me Stumpy his son Craig who we call Big Stumpy and a late lift request from Roscopiko make an interesting quartet heading down to the smog. 91 runners and very happy with starting table and chipping away very nice from comfy position until the TD announces next BB please which happens to be me. Im taken over to table 6 which consists of Roscopiko, Big Stumpy, Dan Trett, soon joined by Mark Trett, Lee Danaher and Circus regulars "Icall" and Borat. Well all I can say is this table simply turned into the best ever table Ive been involved in. Fireworks poker, crack and piss taking of the highest calibre and too many amazing and interesting hands it would take a book to put them all down here.
Patience paid off when eventually as my stack was too close to danger zone I get the standard raise from super aggresive Big Stumpy for the cut off to re pop and I ship AK from the BB. 3 way action and AK v AJ & 22 gets there and Im back in game abit. Short time later and 4 way raised pot I make up with 56 in my BB. 66A flop makes it happy days as young lad in sb leads out which I flat the flushing board. Safe turn and as he leads again I ship and then convince him to call off with AQ. Well above average stack now and the fun & frolics are brought to a halt as our table is broke up and Im moved across to be sat between Stumpy and Dave Maudlin with Mark Trett also joining our table. Still fireworks at this table as Teeside regular Rocky Gupta is stacked up big but on his 5th or 6th bottle of wine and absolutely smashed and causing mayhem with his huge bets. He eventually donates these to Mark Trett ignoring Marks 3 bet and Rockies ship is welcomed by the sight of KK.
Enjoying table although not that active till I decide to open with As7s into Marks BB. Flop of 10 9 rag and I cb Marks ck which he calls. Very tasty 8s hits the turn and I get check raised by Mark. I give myself a get out card when I count my stack and elect to just call but wasnt going away if Mark had shipped me. River brings the beautiful 2s giving me the nut flush and Mark announces all in flipping over 88.
Stacked now in a position to be able to get involved more but few orbits later make a decision I may always regret. Mark Trett opens from utg or utg +1 and I 3 bet with QQ with my mind already made up this could be the biggy as I know Mark thinks I often 3 bet him light ( which I do sometimes wink wink ) Back to him and he insta ships. Make crucial error now of over thinking it having Mark narrowed down to such a small range hands with his all in move and knowing how he so much wants back to back wins I decide to fold. Megga big style regret now as winning that hand gives me huge chip lead on a relatively passive table in good position.
Eventually finish day 1 on 69k in about 5th or 6th position and come back to re draw table that I cudnt of picked better myself.
Quiet start for me though very diff for Young Stumpy as he starts how I expected opening anything he can and re raising any sign of weakness. I open mid with 9d9c but as per norm Young Stump 3 bets me from the BB and I decide to peel a flop although in hindsight all things considered its an easy fold at this stage. Flop comes 823 with 2 clubs and I quickly have a brainfart and ship in for Young Stump to think for short time before calling with JJ. No miracle saviour and Im 1st out on day 2 in 18th spot. Never have I so wanted to simply get away but not having my car as came down with Stumpy I go for a walk to try and calm myself down as Im so annoyed with myself. On my return Im joined by Stumpy Senior who has been taken out in harsh circumstances after picking his spot well and we help each other calm down and then rail the 3 lads left in Roscopiko, Mark Trett and Young Stumpy. All 3 make final table before Young Stumpy busts in 6th, Rosco goes in 4th and Mark amazingly gets heads up with the same guy he was up against last year in Dom Mahoney before going out in 2nd place for another amazing result.

Obviously from a personal point of view I was totally gutted more so by my bad decisions that proved crucial again but over the moon for the other lads.

Young Stumpy Craig Newton has an amazing all round game to him and is so difficult for anyone to play against and will have a bright future at it if he can only listen to his dads sensible and helpful approach he is trying to install in him for other life skills. Being young and daft at the moment hopefully will not hinder this.

Roscopiko really impressed me again with his all round game and win win approach and hes got such a good poker brain and simply only needs to control his self destruct button he can from time to time press

As for Mark Trett, well what can you say after another huge result. Played with him most of day 1 and its the most and longest Ive ever been on the same table as him. I also watched him closely on my exit and the lad has a superb approach to it all and best of luck to him with more big results absolutely nailed on certain in the future. Gentleman on and off the table and deserves all the success hes had. If Coral dont offer him another sponsored package I for one will be most surprised considering how hes flew their flag this year with his approach and obviously another year full of results in their tour and leading the money earnings from it.

Finally outside of the weekend and as I write this update its megga well done and good luck to Andy " Brenos" Brennan from the NPF who is one of the nicest and grounded young lads you could meet who has made final table of the English poker Open down in London with a top prize of £230k to the winner. Go get em son and run as well today please as you did yesterday ............ especially with my small % in ya weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Enjoy his end of day interview here and watch out for the obvious mistake!!!!
classic Brenos interviewers clanger

edit: Brenos 5th for £40k weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Brenos exit interview

Alreet stumpy here,
Back from 2 weeks in corfu lazed round the pool and ate and drank it was bliss, took the laptop and i played a little plo cash and mrs stumpy played some sngos on the nightime while i was watching the footy.made a small profit on the poker but won about £400 betting on the football which i dont usually bet on.been grinding the sngos since i got back and had 9 winning seshes then 4 losing sessions for a small profit.

last live game was circus £50 game i was dealing and i hardly played a hand because i hardly had a hand until

1,raised 8s9s bb calls flop q107 i cbet bb ships im priced in and make the bb has q 10 turn j and i move upto 9k.

2,move tables and ship 55 utg with about 15bb gets thro

3,shorty ships for 5k gets reshipped im sb with ak and make the call 76 v jj me ak and buzz deals me a nice ace and im upto 16k.

4,utg +1 rases 3k gets flatted and i ship 1010 flatter makes the call with 33 i hold im now upto 36k

5,shorty ships 5k teamdobb reships 26k i make the call with qq v utg 57 teamdobb 66 a nasty 6 on the river and im down to 8k and im out not long after in about 14th out of a 80 runners

Its the coral masters at teeside this weekend so going down on friday to play the £200 event and saturday the £500 main event.

keep on smiling stumpy

The New Bush Ipod

Alreet stumpy here,
I was driving into work at 730am on the sunday morning of the final round of the open golf, i had tried to get the day off as its 1 of my favourite sporting events but they couldnt cover my job so im driving along scotswood road and theres a guy with a liverpool top on carrying a bush radio(the big old fashioned ones) on his shoulder and a golf club? now what goes thro the guys mind when he gets up? I will just pop down to the shops for me tabs and sunday sport, i know i will take me radio and its about a 180 yards that will be a 4 iron unless the the 4 iron was to defend against muggers after his bush ipod.

I get my break at darlington and im watching oosthuizen walking the open, a couple of darlington drivers come in and say fukin golf its shit blah blah, then one of them says do you know theres more people in scotland killed by golf balls than guns! i say what they loading there shotguns with titliests now?

Only played 3 live mtts in the last couple of weeks the £10 rebuy twice and the circus £20-£20 no cashes ran bad twice and played shit in the other one.

Online finally get to ft on full tilt again in the $33g ko $24 buyin was 4-9 and i raise on the button with qd 10d sb flatted a 1/3 of the chips with a9o flop a dd and i brick.then i reship d/r from utg and he calls with aj and hits i had 66 i finished 8th for $614 plus $28 for the knockouts gutted as over $7k up top.

heres my stats from jan 1st - 9th august 2010

full tilt sngos 1534 +3 $19 12% + $4210 stars 348 -1 $20 -5% -$398

full tilt mtts 453 +3 $15 23% + $1345 stars 689 -2 $17 -15% -$1460

about $1k in rakeback and bonuses

sticking to full tilt as i cant do nothing on stars this year. so currently just under 5k up which means a long way to go to make last years 14k but you never know when the win will come.

keep on smiling, stumpy

Viva Espana!!!

Find it gets harder and harder to blog these days for whatever reason. Think all bloggers go through it and especially poker players.

Seems to me the poker scene is at a strange time at this moment although it may just be me. Totally restricting my playing with online virtually non existent and live play mainly been for social meets although I have been trying to be more selective with certain games. Been trying to schedule a range of better value and bigger buy in games of which theres plenty around with casinos bending over backwards to get players through their doors but when the game arrives its getting too often I seem to find something else to do instead of playing that poker game. One game I did get my eye on was a leg of the Spanish Poker Tour organised by SuperEuropoker being held in Mallorca over a period which landed on my birthday so after suggesting to my Mrs we needed a quick weeks break to the sun to chill and relax and celebrate my birthday we arrived in Mallorca at one of our favourite hotels situated in our favourite area of Mallorca called Puerto Portals.

Absolutely love the village where the hotel is situated and after doing alot of searching a few years ago to buy property in Mallorca which we decided against due to various reasons we still have not altered our opinion that this area would be the only area we could possibly buy anything.

Casino where the tournie was being played is on the other side of Magaluff so decided as we had a car and after being advised it was a little bit off the beaten track by a local resisdent then I took a run over there to check the place out. Absolute doddle to find and at a maximum was only a 10/15 min drive there from our location in Portals. OK sorted so relax and chill around the hotel pool, the local village restaurants and a couple of the local pubs. One of my best mates from Lancs has had family connections here for years and they have a couple of apartments in Portals and we had arranged to meet up with his mother who was over for a long weeked to celebrate her birthday on the 23rd which is the day before mine. What a lady she is and you will simply not meet a 74 year old like this who looks absolutely amazing for her age and has the attitude and live life to the full attitude that puts many younger people to absolute shame. Shes an absolute pleasure to be in the company of and all you do is have a laugh every minute with her. This was doubled up by her being with her best mate who is as equally amazing for her age loaded with an absolutely amazing past book of interesting and amazing stories from her very full and action packed life.
Decide to play Day 1A so drive over in plenty of time to register and get there to find the place very much alive with plenty of people there. After being directed where to register and pay and placing my money down Im told sorry Sir we are full!!!! or as the lady said in her spanish accent "we are Foooool sir!!!!" Fuck I think and after registering for Day 1B and leaving to go back to my hotel to meet up with the Mrs a great piece of fortune took place. We go down to the local pub in the village of which I know the owner due to my mate introducing me when he moved to the island from his village in Lancs and meet up with my mates mother who has just arrived with her friend. She informs us we have been invited upto Steves barbecue at his hillside villa which is on that night. Omg what a night we had with an absolute superb location and hospitality and great company and stories flowed all night. This was all topped off with myself my wife and my mates mother and friend finishing it off down on the Marina watching the rich n famous ( was told Frank Lampard was around but never saw him) drinking a bottle of Cava totally pissed and the people around us all giggling and listening in to the amazing tales these 2 drunken mature women were coming out with from their very coloured and amazing pasts. Super night!!!

Eventually I get my arse on a seat to play some poker when I take my place the following night and day1B of the tournament at what I can only describe from a venue and organisation point of view as simply amazing. The room we were playing in was amazing and set out superb. Stage area with updaters and TV coverage and tables layed out that created a great atmosphere and plenty of space and very very professionally presented. Tables decked out in high quality glass and cutlery and draped in white linen for the latter dinner that was provided were behind the poker area and when the dinner buffett was presented I was nothing short of gob smacked to be honest. Amazing display and choice of food superbly presented like a Kings banquet.
The amazing dinner buffett

Got off to a good steady start and Im not going to bore you all with hand to hand stuff but quickly moved my chips well above chip average and maintained it during the early levels until our table broke shortly after dinner. I was sat next to a very nice Spanish guy on my left who I even shared my dinner with and although he spoke very little English he came across as a very nice guy although he did seem very very nervous at the table and had made soem very dubious plays and had got lucky twice with KJ sucking out on AA at the river when it was pretty obvious his top pair Jack was never in front yet still wanted to get all his chips in with it and was well covered on the 1st occassion. This guy eventually went onto win the tournie for just under 30k Euro.
Eventual winner

Suppose you gotta have luck like that to take something like this down and good luck to him as like I have said he seemed a very nice genuine bloke. One of the players at my 1st table impressed me very much and I was involved in a few very interesting pots with him which I really enjoyed and came out good with although the guy was to be the one who eventually took me out later on.
Table move and bad table with me in bad position to some really big stacks and I was glad to see that table broke up after losing a chunk of my chips with some badly timed moves and a couple of bad decisions.
My 3rd and last table

Table 3 and I get seated with the impressive player from my 1st table sat on my right and although he didnt have a huge stack he was constantly adding to his stack on a graduale build and seemd very comfortable and where he was at in every hand he played. My above average stack went to below average stack with another couple of mistakes involving bad re raises which I was forced to fold by people moving all in over the top of me and I found myself getting closer to dangerous waters after being so comfy for alot of the tournie. I get double up when blind on blind and yet another raise from this Demitri guy to my right I shove with QJ and after a long tank me makes the call and tables J10!!! Jack on the flop and no 10 sees me back comfy again. I lose a pot when guy gets there on river when up n down and then exit just short of making day 2 with another bad mistake. With 21 left and play stopping when we get to 18 players (we are over 8 hours in)I raise utg with 10 10 but in error I throw 2 x 5k chips onto table with 2 x 1k chips meaning to make it 4k yet table 12k. Its folded all the way around to the BB Demitri who throws his all in chip into middle and I basically feel committed now to the hand although feel I called far too quickly and really do know Im behind with my holdings. He tables KK and no miracle for me although a JQ flop did give me hope. Go out in 21st place and drive back to hotel very disappointed with alot of my latter and important decisions as I really should of at least cashed in this.
Great tournament tbh and superbly ran and presented. Anyone get a chance to play one of these then do it as I guarantee youll really enjoy it and be impressed.

Demitri collecting and stacking up my chips I donated to him

End of the holiday is topped off as we celebrate our birthdays on a beach side restaurant with a few of my mates mothers friends and we sat and got pissed with good food and great company and topped off a great weeks break and re charge of my batteries.
Only downside was the "Sleazzy" Jet cattle truck flight back home which was both uncomfortable but delayed and full of fkn Magaluff charvers intent on upsetting each other Hey ho you cant have it all I suppose.

Till next time stay lucky and be happy!!!!!!!!

Some players simply dont play fair!!!!

Alreet Stumpy here,

2-7-10 £10 rebuy 2k g

A new game at the G you get 1k chips unlimited rebuys 2k gteed and only 35 runners so an overlay of £600 I never got going and got it in with 2nd pair v roscopikos top trips and I was out early.
Joined the cash table and this hand occurred,utg raises to £3 blinds 25p-50p 2 callers so I call on the button with j10 off, flop 89 q rainbow,utg bets £6 1 caller so I call turn 3s putting 2 spades on board, utg bets £8 andrizu ships for £15 I call then utg ships for £19 more I call and turn over my straight ,utg has qq andrizu has fd they both brick the river and I win,I start talking to the geek and when I look back hes shipped the pot to qq man I say whoah I won with the straight, the dealer has the 5 community cards in his hand so he places back on table and sees i have won with the straight and asks the qq man to pass the chips back but he refuses, i say you knew you had lost why accept the chips he says yeah I knew but there over the line now so tough, he asks for a ruling and after a while looking at the cameras they rule in my favour but he still wont give the chips back, so they bar him and escort him out but let him take my money.

I was fuming but the manager says I will probably get it back but will have to go to higher management. I got it back the next week so thanks to varzee and all the rest of the staff involved a thread was put up on the npf about what happened click here to see what peoples thoughts on it. Play fair ya cunt

4-7-10 circus £20-£20 2k g for 50 runners.

This was a real struggle totally card dead won a few pots by isolating a serial limper then c-betting any flop got down to 2 tables when chinese guy ships from sb im bb with a-3 we both had about 12bbs so called and he had k7 no help for him and im now back in it,i get a nice rush of cards and move up to 50k with out showing a hand, make the ft with 50k win a couple of hands until down to 4 players we take £300 each and play on for another £200 I get hup and we split it so eventually make £400.

9-7-10 £10 rebuy 2k g

Even less runners than last week 25 runners so an overlay of over 1k wow, got to the ft but went out in 6th for zero as only 4 payed

10-7-10 £200 f/o g club game 35 runners

Met teamdobb at the bar and he gets the coronas in we end up drinking all day and im well served by the ft couple of hands I remember getting there with was trip 2s v mulhuzz and 1010 v hamids aq only got 20k so not much play for me but raise and commit but I sat patient and never got 1 hand worst ft ive ever played eventually shipping 97 utg called off mulhuzzs 1010 and a lad called boris jj, who is the spitting double of the bloke off the barclaycard ad when he runs and runs.I move on to the cash table which was a bad idea and played bad untill I reraised utg raiser with aa who flatted for £5 with 95 flop 998 and I lose ,ended off £100 down.

13-7-10 circus £20+£20 2k g 50 runners

I had 23k at the break and cruising until i get kk utg i raise to 1100 donkey reraises to 3.5k then dan trett flats with only 7k back now this is screaming out aa but I just couldnt fold kk and go allin donkey calls 99 and dan calls aa. Donkey hits 9 on the river and dan wins small side pot. A couple of hands later I raise the button with a7 bb calls flop a10 9 i cbet and bb makes small reraise which tbh if I hadnt lost with kk i would of folded but tilted off my last 7k and called he shows a10 and im out. Played cash while waiting for mrs stumpy and won a £130 while mrs stumpy does a 4 way chop for £350 so not a bad night after all.

Online only played 140 sngos since I come back from vegas which is partly due to played more live and also been back to work. Stats are 140 ave prof +4 ave stake $19 roi 24% +$624 just need to put the effort in and play a lot more. mtts played 20 had 2 deep runs in the 42k g on tilt but finished 50ish and 36th out of 3k runners for -$19, also been playing on betfair ft a couple of mtts but finished 7th and 8th for peanuts but enjoyed the smaller fields but ob money not as good.

keep on smiling Stumpy.