Alreet stumpy here,
Back from 2 weeks in corfu lazed round the pool and ate and drank it was bliss, took the laptop and i played a little plo cash and mrs stumpy played some sngos on the nightime while i was watching the footy.made a small profit on the poker but won about £400 betting on the football which i dont usually bet on.been grinding the sngos since i got back and had 9 winning seshes then 4 losing sessions for a small profit.

last live game was circus £50 game i was dealing and i hardly played a hand because i hardly had a hand until

1,raised 8s9s bb calls flop q107 i cbet bb ships im priced in and make the bb has q 10 turn j and i move upto 9k.

2,move tables and ship 55 utg with about 15bb gets thro

3,shorty ships for 5k gets reshipped im sb with ak and make the call 76 v jj me ak and buzz deals me a nice ace and im upto 16k.

4,utg +1 rases 3k gets flatted and i ship 1010 flatter makes the call with 33 i hold im now upto 36k

5,shorty ships 5k teamdobb reships 26k i make the call with qq v utg 57 teamdobb 66 a nasty 6 on the river and im down to 8k and im out not long after in about 14th out of a 80 runners

Its the coral masters at teeside this weekend so going down on friday to play the £200 event and saturday the £500 main event.

keep on smiling stumpy


roscopiko said...

really enjoying your blog stumpy

kutgw ;)

Daniel Trett said...

Hope you enjoyed your sabatical in Corfu Peter, see you down Teesside mate.

stumpy said...

thx dan c u in the odeon lol

yeah ty rosco im sure sum1 will help me soon