From Chipmunk to Chickmunk!!!

Poker Stars Blogger Championships

No Limit Hold’em January 25 17:00 ET 1034/1740

Think I got the craziest table ever with some guy shipping all in every other hand and standard opener of 12 X BBs. Bust out on flush draw after getting involved in a hand on the BB I shouldnt of been in

Pot Limit Omaha January 26 17:00 ET 53/1634

Deep run but donked out late on with terrible bluff followed by really bad call after being in very good position to finish top 10 for a $16.50 Scoop Ticket. Guy donked chips to with the bad call went onto win it.

No Limit Hold’em January 27 18:00 ET 1365/1843

Im A9 in sb with just under starting stack and button single raises on 4k with the BB sitting out. I had decided not to sit around early doors so chips or bed ship it in for him to snap me off with Qc9c. 9 high flop but runner runner club gives him his flush. WPWP o( Dont ya just love stars!!!!

No Limit Hold’em January 28 18:00 ET 77/1876

Got a playable stack early doors doubling through with AK over QQ which housed up and then enjoyed the early to mid stages with wide variety of hands n interesting pots. Soon as Can Only Get Better went to bed the gutter shit came hand after hand and it was basically a chore to drag over the line with every pot taking ages as tramps timed out in order to get a $11 Scoop Ticket. Eventually shipped flopping top pair 3 handed from my BB but big stack sb had limped in with KK n ckd the flop wpwpwp!!!!

8-Game Mix January 29 19:00 ET 1201/1536

mmmmmmmmmm lets just say it was an experience while it lasted !!!!!!

No Limit Hold’em January 30 15:00 ET 432/1939

Yo yo game up and down with never really getting amongst it. Eventually standard stuff of AK v QQ which misses.

Main Event

The 2010 WBCOOP Main Event January 31 15:00 ET 1123/2062

After total crap after crap I flop 2nd nut flush with KhQh but 4th heart give AJ the nut flush. Get away with minimal damage then pick up 10 10 on BB. Guy min raises from c/o so I 3 bet him which he flats. Flop of 724 and I ship and last 2k for him to snap off with KK. Poor finish compared to last years 29th but at least I get an early night which is needed for a very very very busy week with big time headache new kitchen going in.

APAT Team game etc

NPF team all prepared for trip to G Manchester and the APAT Team Event which we were all looking forward to very much. We even had a great crew of railers coming down for the laugh and crack so with nearly 35 booked was looking like being some do.
Bad news 1 is a huge character on the NPF and team captain of the Walkers Sensation Gaz Walker has to pull out late from trip and unknown to me and most others his Mam had been suffering from terminal cancer and he had been given the terrible news it could be anytime and obviously couldnt risk being away incase anything happened.
Bad news 2 came as you have no doubt read below from Stumpy arriving at my place only to receive phone call from Mrs Stumpy with terrible news about her Dad and obviously he simply couldnt travel either and i know how much he was looking forward to the trip.
Both above are obviously horrible news but as well as being one of the Dobbas Ive became very very good mates with Stumpy over the last year since we went on the CPC Cruise together and also his Mrs so its horrible when ya see them having to face such shit news.

Me S2C and Jimmy Chipmunk eventualy get away and make it in good time on a trouble free run with the superb sounds of Alicia Keys on replay through the CD. New York gets Chipmunks vote for re play after replay from her album. Met with the news that Gaz Walkers mam had died yet still texts are received from him and Stumpy wishing us all the best of luck. Highlights again what quality people are involved at the NPF.

APAT Team game involved 20 teams of 8 because of restricted numbers with points scored form 40 players in. 10k stack on 45 min clock and a super super grind of a game ahead but I was in action from the start. 1st hand AhQh from in position and my raise loses 2 limpers but the BB makes it up. Safe flop and cbet takes it down. 2nd hand QQ and my raise gets 2 calls to the BB who makes it 750. I re pop to 2200 and after long tank he folds telling me laters he had AK. Hands kept coming and soon grew stack to 14000 and maintained it as we moved through the levels. AA late pos got no action together with KK then on level 200/400 with 25 find QQ again but 2nd position rock had opened strong so decide to see the flop which comes 10 10 2. His weak bet convinced me AK or medium pair and with me having him well covered I put him all in which after a few dramatics and groans he calls flipping KK. No help for me and Im back to field with 8k. Next orbit on 300/600 with 50 blind on blind I raise with AJs to get re popped so fold to guy showing me AK. Soon after killer hand when once again I pick up QQ and make it 1500 to play but guy on my left makes it 3500. AA KK is screaming in my head but with so little chips behind now I decide I cant fold and shove hoping for AK or even JJ but hes sitting AA and Im gone 1st for team which tbh took me a couple of hours to recover from being so disappointed.
The game is so dull at these stages so get a spot at the cash table and even get one of our lads down on the rail to reg me for the 9.00 £10 £10 in house game tournament. I soon take down a couple of nice pots on cash and leave when the tournie starts around £160 up. The tournie was certainly an eye opener with the usual mixture of pure novice and commentating specialists littered around the tables. The main APAT game is due to finish at 1.30 am and around 1.00 S2C comes to tell me we still got 6 left as they near the points bubble and we are favs to take it down. 15 mins later it all changes as we lose 3 players just short of the points and are left with only 3 coming back next day. They all go back to hotel leaving me and another of our lads in the £10 £10 and S2C decides to stay along with another of the lads playing cash.
Eventually at 5.30am I take the tournie down for just under £400 and Glen takes 5th. Its 6.00am getting back to hotel and dont rise till after 12.00 next day making our way back to the G for day 2.

Spot the famous Sean Mcguiggan from this picture

Day 2 is railing day and looking at whos left we still bang in with a shout of taking this down. As the players fall we eventually lose Cardguard leaving Jimmy Chipmun and Sean McGuigan then Sean loses a massive pot with 14/15 left making a good call ahead with 66 for shoving stealer to flip 9c6c. Killer 9 hits and soon after we lose Sean shipping early with AJ to meet 2 better hands waiting behind him. Last player standing and at virtually the same time Chipmunk raise big for BB to ship but Chipmunk is easily pot committed and snap calls with AK. BB flips KsJs and then flops the 2nd nut flush to cripple Chipmunk to less than 1 BB behind with him in the BB next hand. Dont want to take his thunder so will let him tell his own story but basically he makes a typical Dobba recovery playing his heart out with the rail of the century supporting him to finish an amazing 2nd place and clinching 3rd place for the team.

Great performance mate and great weekend had by all and big shout out to the very special rail that created a superb atmosphere from what would of otherwise been a very dull final table.

Oh Shit It can only get better hopefully!!

Alreet Stumpy here.

Sky poker was my first game of the year,never really got going but it all came down to ak v qq aipf no help and i was out.

It was a good day and some great crack with mono,teamdobb,chipmonk,roscopiko,bgr,mugpunt and many more npfers, one being queitman who cashed but just missed out on ft wp.In tourney sat next to guy from Ashington and when he was allin TK came over and said whats ya sky name he says tug135 he wins the allin and I say ya called tug cos ya built like a tugboat?he says no me mates called me tug cos everytime they called on me I was having a tug!!!!to much info man lol.

The next game was the new circus league tuesday which is now £20£20 game,1st hand flatted a raise from a loose player with kk flop 762 ch raise him and ships allin I call and he shows aa nice start but battle on till 18 left and get jj raise and rock ships praying its ak but nope he shows qq and im out, luckily mrs stumpy finshes 5th 99v kq aipf k on flop for £110 and some good points in the league.

My next game was the apat team championships at Manchester, and after been selected to play for the npf was really looking forward to it, I set off on Friday afternoon to meet teamdobb who was driving, just before I arrive at teamdobbs my mobile rings its mrs stumpy, they have just been told her dad has cancer,hes been in hospital for 3 weeks,so I carry on to see teamdobb and explain theres no way I can go as I need to stay and support Kaz.Gutted to miss it but theres more important things in life than poker.

Keep on smiling stumpy.

Gene Geni & a New Stable!!!!

Couple of things here very interesting that Ive took from the NPF which maybe a few outside readers will be interested in

1: A new "staking" or supporting or business venture launched by "Pro" poker player Jon Lundy from the Newcastle area and a regular contributor at the NPF. Details can be followed here Stable Philli and Im sure this will prove very interesting to follow.
Good luck to Jon and all involved with it

2: Try this amazing fun site that was posted at the forum Gene Geni

Stumpys 2009 review

Alreet Stumpy here,

At the start of the year I deposited $600 into Full Tilt. The plan was to play sngos until my roll got to $2k I could then add in mtts, so started playing 4x $20 9 seaters 1x $10 45s and 1x$24 which went really well and by the end of July was upto $5.3k. Then when I came back off my hols with my knackered knee, still on the sick and awaiting my op date, so had even more time to play.

I had noticed I was getting left behind in the big online mtt fields so watched some vids from Cowhead which really helped plug some leaks and within a week I had 3 fts, only trouble was, this seemed to effect my sngo play which took a while for me to realise but sorted it out in the end,was upto 10k by Oct the 10th,then went on a horrible run on Full Tilt, didnt matter what I did I lost, cant complain really as had good run all year.Turned out too be a bit of luck as I was that pissed off I went on Stars where I had $58 lying and I have turned this into 5k mainly due to one mtt the $33 10kg which starts at 11am I did 3 way chop $2.5k, 3rd 1.8k and 5th for $900.So my final total was just over $14k profit which was double my target so very happy with that.

Played about 3000 sngos and mtts which is less than I hoped for, but with Mrs Stumpy getting hooked on poker I had to play live a bit more than I would have done but have enjoyed watching her pick the game up and quite proud to see her make a profit in her 1st full year.

Talking about live I never kept a record last year ,1st time I havent, as like I said didnt expect to play that much but made a profit, if I had to guess probs about 3k.

Plans for this year are keep going down the sngo mtt route but I now have bigger moniter and can play more tables, 9 I can do comfy but hope to end off doing 12,install and learn to use the the poker aids that are out there(been saying that for months now lol)

Live ganna try to play some of the bigger mtts but tbh cant be arsed to travel but you never know Teamdobb might drag me to some haha.

Hopes for 2100 are be happy, enjoy life and enjoy my poker.

Keep on smiling Stumpy.


Hi Kids,

Bit of an update as i havent blogged for a while. Havent played much live or online;

Live- won/split a couple of badly attended/poor prizepools at stans- wednesday three weeks ago including a seat for tuesaday game which came to nothing when I got a typical beat; reraise utg raiser with AA, he called without right odds then shoved his set on flop with me committed. Altogether woeful standard and you just need good hands to stand up in these field so no real disappointment there. Split headsup on friday at stans but only 20 runners made it a washout, and upset loads of ppl being a prick when drunk (for a change). Also broke all four of resolutions posted below many times. Actually played pretty well tho and always getting my money in good. If i could combine the tough solid play of sober and fearless aggression drunk without the blowing money on bluffs may have a bit more success :).

Online blew 1700 on stars drunk rolled up from nothing; was inevitable tho as I only used the account when drunk and tilted like crazy. Went back to play $100 HU elsewhere and am 314/500 games overall for 4 months (lazy I know) there for a sweet profit (altho obv that rate is pretty unsustainable) and really should play more volume then I have there. My inability to multitable effectively effects my volume and potential profits pretty harshly. My step to 200 HU yielded 46/100; obv not enough to give up if taken serious but dont see the need to continue there.

Had some real luck sports betting where Ive turned the 1K sitting there into around about 4200; basically backing the outsider with at times little knowledge. (I often feel backing the outsider in a HU is +EV as odds are often far too long considering the luck involved). Also early in the year is a good time for badly made books eg darts and american football, ppl offer far too long odds on outsiders who canbe laid off later.

Thats about it; still working (need the structure tbh but its really getting old now)

much love


Year End Year Begins

Last blog post of the year 2009 and as I normally do its pack the suitcase and get out of the UK for the last 2 weeks and head for the sun. Hate Xmas & New Year and its perfect time personally and business wise to fly to warmer climates and get away fom the freezing winter of the UK. Return back to Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and it will be our 3rd visit to this island. Basically look for a decent quality complex with good standard of accommodation and a chill out relaxing 2 weeks break.

So what has 2009 brought on the Poker front. The NPF has raced on at a rapid pace growing every week and all the events we organised went as well if not better than planned. February saw us organise the UK Team Challenge and if I say it myself it was on of the best organised and fun games to play in with Kracked Kings taking down the team game and compliments were received all year at various tournaments around the UK we played especially Mr Entertainment & Cardguard Kid who simply were awesome on the mics and added a totally different slant to poker competitions that it seemed all thoroughly enjoyed.

Problems as we try to get away to Dominican in that the Thompson flights have been suffering from a knock on effect from the bad weather and as we arrive at the crack of dawn at Manchester Airport we are told we wont be leaving till at least later that night with the predicted departure time some 14 hours delayed.

2009 final figures for live poker showed a 4th year consecutive profit of just over £4000 which Ive got to be happy with considering no real big scores and an average of only 2 games per week. Two biggest highlights were the obvious 1st cash in a WSOP event with my 97th finish in the Seniors Event and then in October the highlight in taking down the NPF Championship in a top sell out field of local players all wanting to be crowned 2009 NPF Champ.

We eventually get airborne 14 hours behind schedule but at least we got super extra leg room seats and sleep most of the way on our 9 hour flight to arrive to thunderstorms and torrential rain. Complex is huge and happy with our room. Come on sunshine lets start shining!!!! but awake to be greeted by a caribbean thunderstorm

As for 2009 and the more well known tournaments well got into some nicely on the cheap although still looking for my 1st major cash/final table in one of these and its gotta be 2010 now to achieve that.
Took down the 12 week Grosvenor league to win a GUKPT main event seat at Newcastle and going well into the 2nd day when shipping AKs into AA of Andreas Holsveld to end my tournie. Massive finish there for my mate Pete Smithson in 5th place and some “respect” from certain quarters at last well deserved. Followed this up over in Vegas when there together by taking a chop in one of the Venetian Deep Stack games for around $20k.
Satellighted into the Liverpool Festival main Event £500 busting out 4 short of the cash
Satellighted into the Coral Masters for £30 of a £550 buy in at Teeside but went out late on day 1 AQ over AK. NPF er Mark Trett eventually took this one down for his 1st major success which he later turned into more by taking down Corals Year Sponsorship for £10k of buy ins winning their Champion of Champions play off so good luck in 2010 to him.

The rain in the Dominican soon disappeared and as all you back home are freezing ya socks off the sunshine has been daily here with average temperature in the 80s. Classic line from my Mrs as we are having a meal. The complex is all inclusive as most are here and part of the package is you have 6 meals at one of the 10 a la carte restaurants around the site which you have to book separate to the normal self service buffet style meals. We are sat tucking into our New Years Eve Gala meal at this posh joint getting through a 7 course thing when course 3 arrives which consisted of Turbutt & Lobster with trimmings. “ OMG” she pronounces as she takes a fork full of food, “ Those carrots taste awful” she says.

Carrotts I ask “What carrots?” “Those there with the Lobster & Fish she replies. “ They aint carrots pet there mandarin oranges I tell her. “ Hate it when I forget me specs “ she says

Another 2009 highlight saw my cheapest GUKPT entry of all for the Blackpool event. End up playing a Poker Mag freeroll on Blue Square with over 800 runners at the last minute for something to do and end up taking it down several hours later for a very nice £1300 package. Thoroughlly enjoy the Blackpool event as well going out 20 mins from end of day 1 to Julien Thews QQ.

Casino onsite here in Dominican with one 9 seater table playing $2/4 with min sit down of $100. Love the sign at table that reads “ Please don’t sit down and then get up and leave straight away”
Eventually get a seat and peak my $200 at $380 grinding away despite splitting AK v AK and get it in on 3d board holding top straight to guys top pair for runner runner diamond to chop chop it. 3rd last hand of night and guy with stack who constantly moaned at people calling raises with crap cards calls my 10 10 $20 raise from his BB and all the money goes in on a 7 8 10 flop for him to flip 96 off. FML but at least the walk back to the room wasn’t through snow and freezing conditions!!! Always tomorrow.

Tomorrow is no better with the table full of crazy Ukranians with wads of dosh but simply cant get a hand to stand up and they like it AIPF when getting it in featuring
AKv AQ Q flop
99 v AK A flop
QQ v AJ A flop
JJ v QQ no help

Lucky to leave only $200 down all in all but theres always tomorrow – no there wasn’t!!!

News of weather back home filters through and the preparation for the journey home gives us hope of a few extra days with airport after airport being shut but we get away only 6 hours delayed and touch down after a very bumpy flight back to minus 12 degrees I Manchester.

Dig the car out the car park and head north which wasn’t too bad tbh until past Darlington and its obvious weve had it worst up here. Deepest snow Ive seen in 20 years and welcome home with the Sky Poker Tour game to play on Saturday at Aspers.

Good luck and best wishes everyone for 2010

New Years Resolutions

1) Stop drinking

2) Stop playing casino games

3) Stop using the word c**t (as much)

4) Stop replying sarcastically to women

5) Stop setting impossible goals (see 1-4)

Make your own luck everyone :)