FFks Im Back

Just a short post to say hey fucking ho Im back in blighty. Miserable cold weather and ignorant service at shops and english airport its so fucking great to be back. Vegas was a blast as ever and great fun with Mr and Mrs E. No massive wins but plenty of shopping and loads and loads of poker and laughs. Severly jet lagged and totally down at being back but soon get over that when we take down the Circus Team game. Full details of trip on forum but hey its great to be back - not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Month end but theres always someone worse off than you

November month end and figures show as follows;

Live = Loss of £265

Online = Profit of £105

Made cash in every local live tournament I played this month so gotta be pleased with that and currently leading the Circus Tuesday night league. Considering the quality and size of buy in games Ive played this month at CPC without cashing then got to be please with such a small loss.

Small profit online but also considering how few games Ive played Im also pleased to show small profit here.

To some the above figures may be scoffed at but sooner be like that and enjoying my poker than be like the following players discovered at Sharkscope!!!



if your sick of poker try this new sport..


A ship full of strange creatures!!!!!

As you all know Ive just returned from the CPC and was amazing the creatures that were seen onboard this floating shopping & leisure complex.

Heres a few of the ones I was able to get snaps of


A short sighted towel elephant looking for a bath


An oranged bodied, white headed Caribbean mint chocolate eating long armed rabbit


Some thought at 1st sight this was a Carribbean Red eyed spikey haired shark but on closer examination it turned out he was just a typical Waford Red Eyed Fishay


Last but not least the King of the Jungle was spotted devouring all the food avaialble in the dining room, the restaurant, and the Pizza Parlour. Constantly smiling and licking his lips and muttering very strange sounds of satisfaction



UK Forum Team Event


Newcastle Poker Forum are organising a 2 day event to be held at Newcastle Grosvenor Casino on 21st & 22nd February 2009

Maximum of 20 teams allowed from Forum or Poker organisations at a cost of £50 per person plus Casino reg fee which will probably be £5.

Teams to consist of 10 players

Teams to wear team shirts/polos of their organisation

Tournament structure and points will be confirmed at a later date.

Fully dealer dealt

Free buffet will be provided during the course of the game

Top 3 teams receive cash prizes with winners also receiving trophies.

Individual winner will also receive a trophy and top 10 in this category will receive a cash prize.

Places allocated on a 1st come 1st served basis and the receipt of a £50 booking fee.

Ive heard Platonic is putting team in for this event so we all playing for 2nd place it seems!!!

Back ta work!!!!

Tuesday slept in, Wednesday slept in, isnt it nice to be back at work after being on holiday!! Credit crunch, shitty weather, everyone doon in the dumps it seems and daft twat Chancellor solves the countrys problems by reducing VAT (lol) then putting it back on with petrol, beer n cigs. What a thick twat or are we the mugs?? I may even have to start earning less or will fall into his new tax brackets!!!

Anyway back to normal and Tuesday night is Circus night for me. 40 odd runners and quick look at league table see Im up to 2nd place. Early levels here always see some crazy plays and tonights no different.
Winner gets automatic place into final table shoot out end of December.Cant make it as Im away with works trip that weekend anyway but would like the satisfaction of winning it as I reckon the Tuesday night one is probably the hardest league to win.

Game yo yoed up and down for me building nice stack then losing it to straight chaser that hit when Im holding KKK but build it back up again till eventually getting to final table facing a couple of monsta stacks. I end up busting out in 4th which does take me top of the league but I do reckon I played some of my best poker for ages in this game.
Lost a big pot when 5 left which did main damage when my raise with KJ met with a shove which I was convinced was an attempt to steal my raise. Made correct call for him to flip 7s8s but he turns the 7. Way it goes but annoyed with same guy the previous hand when this happened and would appreciate any comments.

We have 5 players left on blinds of 3k/6k and Im in BB. Low stack guy utg pushes all in for 9k and Im obv making the 3k call holding 10h 2h and sb also wudda made the call but 2nd position guy makes it 18k to play so we fold. All in guy flips 94 off and raiser flips over Ace 5 or Ace 6. The 94 all in guy hits his 9 and its made worse with 10 2 on board. From this the 94 guy double doubled and when I was knocked out pushing 88 into KK he was probably joint chip leader.
My question is was the Ace rag raiser correct in how he played the Hand??? Comments appreciated thanks.

Over for another year!!!

Well thats the CPC over for another year as Im sat here in Miami Airport waiting for our flight back. Flight delayed so may as well get report started up now to kill some time.

Great trip again and as last year met some great new people and made more "poker" buddies. Mr & Mrs Soapy Suddes, Mr & Mrs Stumpy Newton, Mr & Mrs "Chop" , Azimut, Animal, Amatay to mention a few made it a great trip

The ship was awesome and the organisation and quality of everything concerned with the cruise was top drawer stuff. Pity the weather wasnt the best on return to Miami from Caribbean but suppose cant have it all.

Poker turnout was around numbers I expected and be interesting to see what happens next year with whats happening at Crypto. Hope this trip doesnt dissolve into nothing as its a great time of year to get away and chill and get some sun on ya back.

Brief Poker breakdown;

$250 Main Event Super Sat 1: Get into position to qualify with 16 seats up for grabs and sitting mid position with 20 left. Get involved in stupid hand when holding 33 raise into Michael Grecos BB for him to call. He checks flop of Q rag board and I total donk push for insta call with him holding KK. DONK DONK DONK move that I found hard to get out of my head.

$300 Event: Adding nice to stack but bust out 30 odd left when going card dead later stages and dropping too low pushing 99 and called by AK which hits

$400 Event; Decent start again but get crippled in level 3 when limp in with Js9s for sb to raise x 3 BB calls and I make up 3 way pot. Flop comes KQ10 which sb bets,BB calls, I raise, sb shoves, BB shoves and I make up 3 way meaty pot.
sb 10 10, BB KQ
Turn Q River K.

$250 Main Event Super Sat 2: Play low stack well till eventually couple of nice hands get paid off to put me comfy and have no intention of making same mistake as in sat 1 and take seat worth $2700 for main event.

$2500 Main Event:
Had really tuff end of table but got off to good start picking up 1/2 decent pot when playing 66 and flop 10 6 10 to pick up decent pot.

Killer hand near end of 2nd level playing 50/100 on my BB with 66.
Super rock tight Polish lady opens utg with 350 called by Hickson from NPF and I make up 3 way pot with 66 in my BB. Flop comes Qh6s3s
I check lady bets 1k Hickson makes it 2k I flat call and Polish Lady makes it 6k. Hickson moves all in and I tank. I had Polish woman on AA KK and Hickson on same top hands but because he had shoved I put him AQ with his hand range from playing him few times before.
Talking about a 30k pot here and I knew I was calling to give me the opportunity to have big stack early doors in a major competition. I make the call and Polish Lady folds KK for Hickson to show AsQs
Killer turn when 7s hits and no paired board cripples me to 350 chips.
Got back to 1400 and then 5 limp pot to my BB I push with AQ for 3 callers and guy makes house with 22.

Made small profit from sit n goes but still to make a final table at this event.

Special mention to Mark "Soaps" Suddes who flew the flag for the NPF and the North East by cashing in the $400 in 7th spot and made 6th place in the Main Event for a nice earner of $11k which even puts a smile on Brenos face with his 5% share. Trawled through all my pics taken of him and even the one when hes getting paid and cant find one with a smile. Ill post some pics up of trip as soon as sort them out.
Amatay also cashed in $400 going out on final tale 9th when pushing his low stack in with KK to get call by 10 10. River 10 cruel blow as wudda been back in running with the pot.

Final well done to British Airways who were brilliant imo after being used to Easyjet crap and Terminal 5 at Heathrow is awesome place.

1st day back and its dark, pissing down with rain and fkn freezing!!!! Welcome home as they say.

Poker gods crap on me as usual

Up to last Wednesday been hitting some good runs , 5 final tables in a row , then Thursday comes and im off to the grov , only 17 players , get up to about 15k in chips with 11 left , i gets qq on button guys who's has been extremely lucky all night raises ( which he had done with any ace ) so i re-raise to 8k he pushes me all in , he shows 10 10 then guy next to me says i folded a 10 , so im very happy , nope im not any more after flop he hits his 1 outer , and im off to play some cash , very good game in excellent company come out with what i went in with .

Tuesday my next night of poker as i work all weekend , after break with about 14k mac goes all in for about 6k on blinds of 200/400 , looks like he was on a steal , i look down at kk so call other guy folds his a8 after a lot of thinking ( lol ) mac has AA ouch , flop k 10 5 turn 8 river ace so mac hits his 1 outer , but im still in , 3 hands later im bb with no raise and jq s so i check , flop is jc qc 3s he checks i check ( in hindsight i should have raised ) turn is a ks , he raises i go all in ( 2 pair and flush draw ) he turns over ak river is another 3 , his 2 pair higher than mine ouch again.

Wednesday i go to stanley's, 2nd hand, seat 2 raises to 150 i look down at qq so i re-raise to 600 , guy after me re-raises to 1200 original raiser calls so do i , flop is 356 rainbow , everyone checks turn is a q ( lovely i think ) guys in seat 2 goes all in i call other guy folds , i turn over trip qs he turns over 4 2 ( seriously wtf ) board doesn't pair so i get my second chance chips of 4 k , get back to about 7.5 k and guy to my right raises to 800 on blinds of 100/200 i look down at 88 , guy 2 seats down re-raises to 1600 , guy to my right folds ( eh ) so i call , flop is k 8 5 i check he raises to 2.5k i go all in , he thinks for about 2 mins then calls , he turns over 99 guy to my right tells me he folded 9 10 suited , yes you've guessed it turn brings his 1 outer , and im off home for some dinner.

how many 1 outers are people gonna hit against me , :(
hope it turns round soon.

good luck to all the guys off on holidays .

thinking about buying a cat , so i can kick the fooker when someone hits their 1 outer lol.

IM OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Nice leaving present

Decide to get one more live game in before starting the journey to Miami and make it my normal Tuesday visit to Circus for the £30 D/C Freezeout. Over 50 runners and nice to see fellow dobbas Mag1892 & Card Guard Kid there.
Awful cards and totally card dead and glad to see the break with something like my original starting stack although Mag1892 had a nice healthy stack at my table.Soon after the break and Card Guard joins our table so your always sure of banter and a noisy table.
Next break and both of us are pretty low and below average yet I have an interesting converstaion with him about last year when I play the same tournie before leaving for the CPC and chop it with Mr Entertainment. Wouldnt it be ironic if this happens again I say to him with us 2 doing the same.
Double up with AA v KK and a couple of uncontested raises to get me to my largest stack only for a 1/2 tilt guy to push with 99 and my AK call doesnt hit. Eventually we make final table and Im joined by both Mag1892 and Card Guard Kid there and we get sat next to each other.
Pick up KK early and with 2 limpers my raise gets rid and next hand my mid position raise also removes any others.
Card Guard loses massive pot as we get down to 6 left when he gets guy all in with KdQd against his KK only for guy to hit one of only 4 diamonds left at the river to cripple Card Guard. Mention to him dont tilt as well as a really low stack hanging on to move up the money and he says " Take some doing now for us to chop it"
I think you know whats coming as he gets himself back into game and down to 5 now.
I pick up KK in the BB and the sb limps into me. Make it 20k more and he shoves for about same stack as me. Insta call and oops hes slow played AA but hey ho the gods shine down and K flop is joined by quads at the river.
Get to 3 as we lose Mag1892 and eventually its me n Card Guard heads up and weve already decided we chopping 50/50 but as Circus are running nightly leagues we still play to enable points but are obviously going to just push 1st hand irrelevant of chip stacks.
All in with KJ and hes got 64 which flops open ender and a 4 at turn but K at river gives me top spot as we both are cheering at each card thats flipped.
Great crack, great fun and very good tournie and a very nice going away present of £440 each.

In Heathrow now waiting for flight to Miami and just had confirmation from Cryptologic that weve been granted media passes for the CPC and will be allowed to cover the event for the forum and beam back updates as we can.

about time

Been a strange 2 weeks , went to the grosvenor last 2 week on a Wednesday , fields about 50-60 ish and hit 2 final tables , played some decent poker till we get to 4 players left , and then the poker guards shit on me as usual and kick me out both times in 4th place but as people say shit happens.

so off i toddle last night to play the £50 game at stanley's , which has come far the best tourney in Newcastle , first hand im bb with j5d , 4 limper's so i check em ( would have folded lol ) and the flop puts 3 diamonds on the board , guy in midd position raises i re-raise and win the pot , now normally when i win the first pot it has good omens for me so i thought maybe just maybe this time baby , anyways bit up and down till the break , get back after the break hits a couple of big aces and steal the blinds and limper's tax , its now 400/800 im utg and look down at kk hmmm do i want a call , yes sure i do so i make it 3600 to go , gary wilson jnr goes allin for about 9k , which i was happy about he turns over 99 , yes u guesses it a 9 on the turn ( argh ) , so im down to 4.9 k , i thought as soon as theres 4 people in pot il call to maximise the pot , it happens there's 2 limper's i look down 46 s , i thought may as well go all in hopefully ive got live cards with 15k in middle with antes , anyways dom calls me with aq flop is 456 rag rag weeeeeeee , get nothing for 2 circuits and its now 1500/3000 600 antes , no callers im on button so i thought il steal here with j9off , shit dan whos on bb calls very quick ( gulp ) he shows 99 shit sry dan i was on a steal , any ways flop is 10 7 4 t k river 8 sry dan and i double upto about 28 k , i gets ak and raise 7k everyone folds , so now sitting with about 60k , player in bb goes allin for about 12k i look down 10 10 i call , he sows q9off flop 10 j 5 t 7 r 8 ow but i couldn't complain he was short stacked and i had 2 massive suckouts earlier .

down to 2 tables with some huge stacks , play super tight on a very aggressive table, gets 2 hands in about 1 hr , back upto about 60k , i look down at 55 3rd to act blinds are 3000/6000 antes 800 , so i raise to 23k Chinese girl on cutoff raises allin which she did quite a few times , hmmm what do i do im praying shes on a big ace so i call after a long time thinking , she has akh , 55 holds up and i double upto about 130k .

then 2 really bad beats phlmc goes allin utg for about 60k gets called phil ah k- caller aq flop qh 9h 5h t rag r rag phil out ( bad call by player who kept saying its a donk fest yes it is with the likes of you) , then comes the sickest beat , dan ( spilla ) goes allin for about 50k gets called by Chinese girl with the sry got to call remark , dan has 99 she has 10 4 off (wtf) flop 447 no further help , i looked at dan it looked like the world was gonna swallow him up , got to admit i felt for the guy , what a bad player she was , quite a few times she was allin with kq,44 , 44 etc some bad calls imo she didn't need to get involved with the stack she had , its now the bubble we agree to give £100 to whoever goes out , then we hear on other table its AA VS KK guy hits a k on the board ( sick ) , so its final table.

im sitting next to gary wilson ( no1 likes a student ) having some cany criac which keeps us out of trouble , 2 down with bad calls , i look down at 66 blinds are 6/12k antes 1k , im in cut off so i just limp and hope it looks like a monster gary folds sb calls bb checks , flop 57A checked all the way round turn 3 i check sb checks bb raises to 25k , now im thinking if i push he wont call unless he has 2 pair hes got to put me on a big A with the limp ( thats what im hoping ) so i go allin for about 100k , he fold showing A , he asks me what i had i tell him , he wasn't upset he said he couldn't call ( phew ) , few hands more and another one out and its down to 7 , utg raises to 25k folded round to me i look down at aq hmm now i know this guy was on a downturn so i thought just call and get out if needs be , guy in sb re-raises allin to 44.5k original raiser folds (?) i call he turns over 10 2 , i hit an A on flop and its down to 6 im now chip leader with about 250k , 2 hands later im utg and look down at AA i do what i normally do when blinds are huge and limp with them knowing that i will get raised , yes guys goes allin for 50ish k , i call and its down to 5 ,
sean mcguigan suggests a chop thers 5k in pot 1k each and its 4.45am , im chip leader and i agree with chop gary is low stacked to he agrees lol and then everyone else agrees , so we get 1k each and chip count reveals im big chip leader so i get the points.

some awful bad beats on the 2 tables i was sitting on , but final table calmed down and some great poker was played , very ul ( spilla and phlmc ) , and a great night ended with a very welcome 1k to help for pressies lol.

Best game in Town by far

Although not feeling up to a long night and feeling very tired due to some late nights its the best game in town on Tuesday 1st of the month at Circus with the £500 added £50 Freezeout and this established game now drags in over 120 runners so wheres this credit crunch stuff like?

Fellow dobba Jimmy Chipmunk on my table and very happy with table and my position on certain players.
Picked up some very nice early hands and get paid on most of them and alot by betting people off the pot or pre flop when holding good cards. 3 times I hit set and another time my A10 makes 2 pair at turn to beat an annoyed guy holding AJ who flat called all the way on flopped Ace board.
One guy seemed to be getting very agitated at my constant raising and eventually on his BB he calls my 4xBB raise with KJ. Was probably only time it wasnt a legitimate hand as Im holding J9 and flop comes down KJ9. He bets 1k and Ive got him AK all day and shove into him for his insta call for 10k pot. I make my house but so does he.

I then flop 2 pair with 8 10 on my bb but sb had J10 on the 8 10 J flop so more damage. Get abit back when guy makes it 1k from 1st position on 150/300 and Ive got AhKh on the button. Wasnt slowing down in way I had decided to play and push for around 8k only for BB and the agitated KJ to wake up with JJ and makes the call.

Flop is JK? with turn giving me heart flush draw but no saviour with 4d river and its an early bath for me. Might sound daft but I enjoyed the game in the short time I was there although proves again not to play when ya heads not up for it or ya not up for the game enough.

Thats it I reckon live before flying away on me jollies next Wednesday to Miami for 4days before the CPC sets sail on the 16th. Really looking forward to it and great time of year to get abit of sun on ya back and away from the miserable weather of the UK. Hope my son enjoys it as well as its his 1st major poker trip away.

Mr Entertainment & Card Guard off to Vegas as well so hope they have some luck and a great time. Should do fkn Mr E has done nowt but post about it everyday at the NPF. Have a great time lads ( and the Dawny wifeys )

Another Gatsby award for the Newcastle Poker Forum for website of the month ( its 3rd ) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Cheers Paul - when do we get the trophys?

Hooray hooray as at last the toon are playing with some passion and some shape and putting some performances together.

Finally megga well done to Soaps for his back to backs in the $55k and the $100k success on Poker Stars for a cool $22k win. His suitcase should be bulging on the cruise. Might even buy me a drink this year!!!

October Figures:

Online ( hardly played tbh) = £160 profit

Live = £2047 profit

Not quite in Soaps league but a profit is a profit


Well after two sell out concerts at the Rivington Barn Hotel down in Bolton it turned out to be a decent weekend.
Myself and the Band do this gig every Halloween and have done for the last 13 years, I personaly love it as i get to go to bolton grov and manchester g for some cash action,
however after a power cut during the support acts spot we were delayed going on stage so the cash game at the bolton grov didnt happen.
so saturday its off to the Trafford centre so mrs e can get her shopping fix, as always im watching the clock as i want to get to the G for a spot of dinner and a game of cards.
Now last year it was excellent, afternoon tourney and a couple of no limit tables so as you can imagine im looking forward to my poker fix.
we arrive at 5.00pm and theres a tourney in full swing but no cash, stick my name on the board with three others and its off to the restraunt for some bait,
Im thinking (hoping) that they will call my name as in any other civilised casino would do when they are seating the cash game NOT THE G .
We finnish dinner and i head over to the cardroom to find a full cash table in flow, so i ask at the desk whats the crack for a game ? only to be told you have to put your name down, REALY ? I then point out my name on the list only to be told sorry didnt see that ?????????
So have to leave at 8pm to get to the gig.
So no poker for me and no live game since last week.
Some strange goings on in the world of NPF bans and the like, seems to me some people just want attension and even post polls requesting it ?
In my opinion the forum is going from strength to strength and will have 500 members by christmas (some headache there sorting a team) but hats off to the people who gave birth to it.
Finally the £200 game at the grosvonor was a non event,there have been many posts on the forum with reasons however you dont need to be a genius to work it out, look in the papers on the tv on the radio people are losing there jobs prices are on the increase and christmas is coming the first to suffer in any recession is the leisure industry.
playing the $5 npf on stars tonight not to win £££££££££££££ just for the great crack

Unlucky 13th

Circus £100k guaranteed Birmingham
Set off early and easy trouble free run into Birmingham had us twiddling our thumbs abit arriving before 11.am as we cudnt book into hotel across the road from Casino until 3.00pm and the Casino didnt open till 12.
Massive casino and soon filled up and a 200 runner sell out it was with alternates waiting with eventual total runners of 217.

Not ganna go into in depth details but from the competitons point of view it was excellently ran. If I had to criticize anything at all it had maybe too many long breaks than necessary. Hopitality was excellent and service superb from the staff. The organisors also realised the structure needed tinkering with and did so accordingly to make it a better played game instead of it turning into a crapshoot at the later stages.

Key Hands

Was involved in alot of early hands and had added nicely to stack after guy tried to bluff me off hand and sb make up with 96h gave me 99J flop which got paid.
Key hand end of level 1 was KK in button and 4 limpers make it 300 to play and BB is only player that stays around. Flop brings JsQc4c and BB leads out for 1k which I make 3k for him to ask me for anutha 6k. Tells me not alot I can be beating and I show my binned KK. When guy got busted late on Saturday night he told me he had 44 for bottom set.
I get a nice double just before main break when my 10 10 takes out a low stack push with AK. Key hand late on in final session was my long dwell before calling a 4XBB bet when Im sitting with JJ. Flop of KQ5 and raiser checks so I bet 10k and he says "yip had you on AK or KK". That came to benefit the following day with same player.
End of day 1 and Im on 63k with an average of 40k mark. 2nd level of day 2 and I face a 4 bet raise from guy Ive just mentioned and I decide to push with JJ and certain he will fold to the shove. He chip counts and we have virtually same stack and announces call saying "I cant keep letting you push me off hands" Flips AQ and my hand holds up to put me bang in the competition now.
Down to 3 tables now and moved onto table next to Laker and eventually Laker getting low pushes his stack and with QQ its an insta call. Laker shows 79 and we joke before they deal the flop as he has this habit of sucking out on me time after time. Unreal when the dealer peels of 6 7 10 to give him the straight on the flop. 2 hands later Im moved again and then 2 laps later Im back to previous table with John Kalma to me left and Zahir Aslam opposite me. A very aggresive table and by far the more difficult between the remaining 2 left but Im sitting comfy to be honest and no way overawed by anyone there. Eventually the bubble nears and its so obvious the players who are panicking and being attacked and the low stack of everyone doubles up with AA then doubles through again making Mad Turk low stack now. He then shoves again and is obviously holding a monsta but gets a call from guy holding 10 10. He flips KK and must be thinking happy days as this virtually takes out the 10 10 guy but the poker gods decide against it turning the 10 and the bubble is burst.
As normally happens we quickly lose a few more and Ive added nicely to my stack taking guy out.
13 left and feeling very comfy when I look at JJ on button and make it 16k to play on 2k/4k 500 ante and Jon Kalma to my left who is chip leader and 3/1 over me obviously thinks Im at it and puts down a stack of black 5k chips which is putting me all in. I dont take long to call as Im putting him mid pair tbh and Im very confident Im ahead. He flips As10s and Im certain my hands ganna hold up mainly due to some of the crack I had with him about certain things. Flop is good 2 2 8 but wallop the turns brings the Ace of clubs and Im gone. That hand takes me 3rd or 4th in chips and Im virtually sure to get final table grrrrrrrr.
Great tournie and really enjoyed it, so close yet so far away picking up £2k for me troubles.

£500 added Tuesday night at Circus which is best game in Newcastle at mo then its off on our jollies to Miami and join up for the CPC Cruise from 16th - 23rd.