Nice leaving present

Decide to get one more live game in before starting the journey to Miami and make it my normal Tuesday visit to Circus for the £30 D/C Freezeout. Over 50 runners and nice to see fellow dobbas Mag1892 & Card Guard Kid there.
Awful cards and totally card dead and glad to see the break with something like my original starting stack although Mag1892 had a nice healthy stack at my table.Soon after the break and Card Guard joins our table so your always sure of banter and a noisy table.
Next break and both of us are pretty low and below average yet I have an interesting converstaion with him about last year when I play the same tournie before leaving for the CPC and chop it with Mr Entertainment. Wouldnt it be ironic if this happens again I say to him with us 2 doing the same.
Double up with AA v KK and a couple of uncontested raises to get me to my largest stack only for a 1/2 tilt guy to push with 99 and my AK call doesnt hit. Eventually we make final table and Im joined by both Mag1892 and Card Guard Kid there and we get sat next to each other.
Pick up KK early and with 2 limpers my raise gets rid and next hand my mid position raise also removes any others.
Card Guard loses massive pot as we get down to 6 left when he gets guy all in with KdQd against his KK only for guy to hit one of only 4 diamonds left at the river to cripple Card Guard. Mention to him dont tilt as well as a really low stack hanging on to move up the money and he says " Take some doing now for us to chop it"
I think you know whats coming as he gets himself back into game and down to 5 now.
I pick up KK in the BB and the sb limps into me. Make it 20k more and he shoves for about same stack as me. Insta call and oops hes slow played AA but hey ho the gods shine down and K flop is joined by quads at the river.
Get to 3 as we lose Mag1892 and eventually its me n Card Guard heads up and weve already decided we chopping 50/50 but as Circus are running nightly leagues we still play to enable points but are obviously going to just push 1st hand irrelevant of chip stacks.
All in with KJ and hes got 64 which flops open ender and a 4 at turn but K at river gives me top spot as we both are cheering at each card thats flipped.
Great crack, great fun and very good tournie and a very nice going away present of £440 each.

In Heathrow now waiting for flight to Miami and just had confirmation from Cryptologic that weve been granted media passes for the CPC and will be allowed to cover the event for the forum and beam back updates as we can.


Steve H. said...

Nice result mukker and good luck on the cruise, watch out for them sailor boys and them backdoor flush draws!!!!

Lucky Fkr, wish i was on a cruise.

mag1892 said...

well done guys , glad you took out that luckbox who hit the flush agaisnt cgk , he thinks hes really good.

the card guard kid said...

total class final table dc played short stack fantastic and i came back from 15k to have 250k with 3 of us left. in the stars for us to chop it and we ripped the place apart with our banter and had the other players and staff in stitches very very enjoyable


well done mate unbelievable you and cg heads up night before you go away touch of twilight zone there, have a great time you and the family see you when you get back - take it down dobba

realale said...

Always thought it was odd you don't sign each post but assume I know who it is. Still watching you all and good luck.