Happy Xmas and a Very Merry New Year

Alreet Stumpy here,

I was really looking forward to the sky poker at aspers but got up on the saturday morning and felt really rough,I thought a few bottles would put me right but as the day wore on i felt worse so mrs stumpy,knerrad,teamdobb and simmy headed over the road for a chinese that would pull me round emm after the soup we had to leave and had to stop the car on the way home spewing.I was ill for about 5 days felt hungary had something to eat spewed luvlee.As for the poker in the mtt i gave my chips to dan trett pretty early on who then went on to put them to good use by finishing 2nd and was very unlucky he didnt win with a couple of badbeats hup.Iwas over the moon for dan who over the last couple of years has played some great poker without much luck so this was a well deserved result and many more to come imo.

On the sinday after sky i was supposed to play the smoggies league playoff was really looking forward to this as well but ob missed this and was gutted.Was so pleased for Pam Butler for her win a great result for a lovely lady x

Online ive had 4 fts on willy hill and im running really hot on there but its the opposite on stars where i cant win a hand.Started off the month with a 4th in the 30r for $1330 a 3rd in a 2r and 3rd in a 20 f/o for $354 and $344 and finished the month with a 2nd in a 15r for $2795.

Live i played only twice this month had a 4 way chop in the circus/genting £50 f/o for £500 it was an old school ft with jonny the greek,andy wilson and gary collins chopping it up.

Got staked for the sky £100 rebuy on the npf but it ended up a nitemare as my puter was playing up not helped by skypoker lagging terribly with 5 tables up as it happened with hands i got never really got anything going sorry guys.

live mtts +£445
live cash - £200
online mtts +$ 3,688

staking -$200

horses -$140

sngos - $101

plo - +$150

I was at me dads on boxing day and find it hard to get a signal on my mobile he says the tree might be the problem mmm it might be (he has a big tree right in front of house ) he gets up and turns the xmas tree lights out and says try it now loooooooooooool.

keep on smiling happy xmas and merry new year Stumpy

When the boat came in

Alreet Stumpy here,

Went to a rugby reunion and had a canny day loads to drink and plenty of old time crack my favourite story was hazzas, after one game wed had a few pints and called into the halfway house pub and it was abit cold and we were all sitting round chatting when hazza picks up a bar stool and smashes a leg off and throws it in the fire everyone just looked in amazement as the stool leg bounced off the imitation coal fire and bounced onto the floor.lol.

live poker -Only played twice live due to having toothache most of the month couldnt be arsed to play or do much tbh had 1 ft for 8th.

Online poker -Had an 8th in the £100 f/o on skypoker ukops event ran kk into aa then finished 22nd in the ipoker 200kg i satted in for $22 and got $1145 reshipped with aj into aa doh.
Apart from those results ran like shit or played bad, im blaming my toothache well you have to blame something.

Staking-Had samj over at mine for a grind and he chopped the $11r on stars for $5.2k which i got half he played a couple of more session without any joy and has since obtained a fulltime staker so good luck with that sam. The only leaks he has now have nothing to do with poker as his game is top notch.He just needs to stop the brainfarts and hes ganna crush imo.

Horses-Break even for the month in running betting, but blew $500 betting pre race on the breeders cup.

live mtts - £80 played 2

live cash - £120 1 session

online mtts +$ 1,047 played 135

staking +$2,400

horses - $500

Played about 16 hours of 50/1 plo 6 max cash for a small profit as ive been thinking about a new challenge next year but we will see.

Keep on smiling stumpy.

It's been a while!

Cowhead here.
Well it's been a while since I blogged so thought I'd get on and do my annual review.
This year has been very stop start for me Poker wise. I've been concentrating on work stuff and online has taken a back seat for the most part.
To keep it brief highlights of the year really haven't really been very high but the NPF Team Championships went well for me personally. Again the dobbas took it down and I plced 4th individually falling to fellow dobba Paul Sewell after I made a mad push.
Day 1 was a breeze tbh, I was sober and a drink didn't pass my lips all day, I played tight for the most part (in true dobba nit style) only problems I had was with some kid from Ace of Clubs called Ty. He was pissed before the tourney actually started, got a big stack and totally ran over the table.
Day 2 I decided to have a few pints with a couple of team mates and Knerrad.
Big mistake, I reshoved out of turn with AA early on when a kid to my right was about to ship with 99 so I missed out on a juicey pot there. I made some other horrendous mistakes but none too damaging to my stack and like I said I donked out 4th when I felt I had a decent chance of taking it down. Only other memories of the day really was a superb performance from Buzz.
I haven't really played anything else live except for my Monthly Boldon 30 quid freeze out where I won the DTD league which I haven't played yet. Hopefully I'll get down there in January and obv bink that.
Hetton Thursday League has been another highlight for me,, I was invited by Gaz Scoop to play their League for the APAT which I squeezed into in the last League game.
That was largely uneventful at Dtd as I donked out in about 4 hours (obv too much to drink again)
Other than that I have played here and there online. Firstly Blair dog staked me earlier on in the year and returned him a few bob but spunked off my roll on FTP playing (again) drunk, still havent apologised for that yet but as I said I made him a few quid so not bad overall and even if I hadn't done that fucking LEDERER woulda had the twat anyway.
As for me personally online, It's been stop start for reasons already mentioned.
Had one or two 4 figure scores but all under 2k.
For most of the year I've made Silver star on stars without putting much in and might try and play a lot more next year but not sure what I want to play yet, whether it be sngs or mtts or a mix.
I've been trialling cash this last 2 weeks but I think it's given me a brain tumour. What a grind it is. Hats of to all cash grinders out there, you have to be nuts to do that imo.
Next up for me is the Smoggies League Live Final in a few weeks time. Im in a decent starting position after a few wins and a few extra starting chips, again, obv I'm gonna ship that.
The crack in the games online on Wednesday nights have been good and will be a special day to see all the lads together and have a laugh.
After that I think I'm calling it a day for the rest of the year. A nice break and Xmas is on the agenda then back on it in January.
Take care and be lucky and have a Great Xmas all.

The titanic didnt sink?

Alreet Stumpy here,

I put some money in skypoker for there ukops events which i felt were good value as most of the fields were made up of sat qualifiers, eventually only got to play the saturday night a £20r which i went out straight nd flush draw v top pare no kicker and the £100 f/o which i finished 8th for £652 kk v aa then on the monday night it was the 1st aspers qual for the sky poker tour which is always a good day ie plenty booze and crack.
Binked the seat first attempt weeee as did ridla who came on msn to say wp and we got chatting about a few things when samjs name came up and i said you mean The Titanic he cruises along owning the mtt fields then hits the iceburg and sinks without trace.I did say this half in jest but its amazing what fate brings as samj comes to mine the next day and chops the $11 r on stars 4 handed for $5.2k which i got a good % of weeeee.I have to say samj played awesome poker and i only had to calm him down a couple of times lol.

Live ive only played twice so far this month finished 9th in circus £50 f/o shoved c/off with 12 bigs ran into 99 then didnt cash in aspers £100 f/o.

Horses had a couple of bad days and for some reason decided to do a breeders cup spin up and busted account fookin dickhead so - $800 but ive scraped back $300 so far betting in running if i can get anywhere near even for month will be over the moon.

The titanics coming back to mine tomorrow hoping for a repeat of last week haha

keep on smiling stumpy

Roll on November

Alreet Stumpy here,

Busy month live starting out with the NPF championships and after finishing 17th and 7th the last 2 years i was hoping for a win but tbh never got going and all the decisions i made were the wrong ones, a big well done to Craig Mcdowall who won and i have to say he has to be 1 of the best mtt players in the toon at the mo wpwp.Also well done to Hazel "happydaze" Birchnall who finished 2nd and was 1 card away from victory its a shame there was a thread started which prolly took the shine off her efforts but all i can say is take no notice and keep grinding the profit wpwp.

Apat team event,had a great weekend at Luton with a great bunch of lads and Mrs Stumpy and was really disappointed we only had 2 left going into the points but to get 2 on the ft is a big acheivement. I eventually finished 8th losing ackc v 1010 aipf had a sweat on cc flop but no help

Well done to George "house shoes"Lawson who finished 5th going out ak v kj sigh ul but wpwp.

Also a big up for the hetton boys who only just missed out on a top 3 finish but were great fun all weekend.

Live- had a deep finish on friday when i finished 3rd for £440 in there £50f/o played great and went into the ft joint cl with jonny who has been crushing this mtt lately with his super aggro game which seems to be paying off at the mo so the plan was to sit tight and watch him knock everyone out lol.The plan was working fine until i butchered 2 hands v him but luckily i dup ak v aq of kenlock when we were down to 3 i shove qhjh and get called off other guy with kj q on the flop but k on the turn was the end of me hopefully these 2 fts are the start of the rungood.

Online - Ran awful this month and also made a few mistakes when very deep in a few but pretty pleased not to lose that much considering how bad Ive ran.

stars played 98 mtts for a $397 loss

ipoker played 55 for a $157 win

played 12 sngos on stars for a $143 win

live mtts +£142

cash 2 sessions - £60

horses + $30

So pretty much a break even month but felt near the end of the month the rungood was returning ......... hopefully

keep on smiling stumpy

september review

Alreet Stumpy here,

Well I finally sorted out a decent mtt schedule, my morning session is on Pokerstars and I can reg in about 8 mtts ranging from $4 -$33 between 10am and 12 noon and my night time session is on willy hill and I can reg for about 8 between 6pm and 9.10pm buyins between $2r -$33.
I would of liked to add a couple of Stars donkaments on the night schedule but for some reason Stars freezes when I have willy hill running. I need to sort this out and and it will give me the mtts I want, not too big of fields but still a decent payout.
Got off to a flyer as the results below show-
stumpy831 51 $40 $11 403% $2,029
stumpyn 109 $18 $14 97% $1,941
Ran really well,and played well but I still feel I left alot of money behind due to my endgame not been up to scratch. I have worked hard on my online game mainly watching cardrunner vids free through full tilt so Ive decided to splash out and suscribe and watch some endgame vids.

Played 1 session of plo cash won $170

Horses - up $500 had a few decent price winners and with the jumps soon to get back in full swing hopefully carry on winning at betting in running.

Live- continued to run bad getting stacks, then losing the key flips near the final table, until i had a final table on friday £50 f/o 54 runners. 8 left i have 30 bbs when the sb shoves 20bbs with 102 v my aq he hits his 2 and i never really recover and donk off the rest of my chips to finish 8th.Playing well live so just got to run better. -1k ive included spain even tho mrs stumpy bought me in for my birthday.

This month we have the NPF championships followed by the APAT Team champs at Luton which I feel we have a really good chance of winning, hopefully they will put us up at a big price so we can win a few quid of the bookies.

keep on smiling stumpy

Poker Player Tour Teeside

1st game back after my "experience" in Mallorca. Got back from Mallorca on the Tuesday after my insurance company flew a doctor out from gatwick to escort me back.
He arrived on the Monday and I met him at his hotel and suggested we go for a cup of tea n have a chat. As we were walking to the cafe in the village he was asking me things like " Has HE been resting" ? Has HE been sleeping OK ? Has HE been eating OK ? WTF I thought and said you do realise its me youve came to take home of which his reply was shock as he thought it was my Dad as I LOOKED SO YOUNG weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Did his examination and was happy I was fit to travel the next day and said he would pick me up from the apartment at 8.30 next morning. What you doing tonight I asked him and as he had no plans I suggested he join us in the local pub The Ship for the Monday night quiz. Always a medical question isnt there so thought an intelligent guy like him would be useful for our team. He duly obliged and we also took the quiz down by 1/2 point although the docs contribution was zero, so much so he didnt even know Barbara Knox was Rita Fairclough in Corras!!!

Arrived back safe & sound with front row seats on Sleasy Jet and even had the luxury of being collected at the airport and taken home in an ambulance.

Since Ive been home Ive obviously had lots of advice etc about stuff but at the end of the day its me and me only who really knows how i feel and to be honest I feel great and with the odd tweek here n there with the main things being working a few hours less and having a proper sleep pattern & routine and maybe eating slightly better with touch more exercise then I dont think theres much more I can do. Ill also pick & choose my poker better to make sure Im not up at crazy hours playing b ut that should be the easiest of them all to sort.

Anyway down to Gala Teeside for the Poker Player Tour and in for £12 through their online satellite at my 1st attempt. Not many down from NPF so nice to have some crack with Dan & Mark Trett and get sat next to Jonny Denton from the forum. Always found in these type of games a huge mixture of different types of players but my starting table was pretty tough with everyone very competent and added slowly but steady to my stack through 1st 2 levels. Level 3 saw me double up when my JJ flopped a tasty looking J 10 9 and with oppo commited with his stack on his bet it was all in on that flop with him holding KK which didnt find any of his outs. Always great when you have room to play and was chipping up easy and very active to always be well above average but you know whats round the corner and they soon came. I lost QQ v KK JJ v AJ ( rvr A ) 99 v 66 to take me back to my starting stack at the dinner break instead of being possibly chip leader with that bit of luck you need.
1st hand back from the break I make the nut flush over 2nd nut flush to dup and get my stack moving again in right direction until table break and some bad levels with very little happening.
3 tables left I dup but in this tournie & structure its very much shove poker with the average stack hardly ever above 10 bbs.
Into the cash with 14 left but have less than 10 bbs and when 13 left the TD makes a very strange decision. He asks me to move to the other table despite there being no need to move me.
2nd orbit on that table with all the big stacks there Im basically commited to shove atc and when I shove K3 blind on blind the BB calls with Q9 and despite me hitting my K he hits runner runner for the bot end straight to take me out in 13th for £220.
Enjoyed the game tbh and just needed to run that bit better in some vital hands to of had a very good chance of taking it down as was always comfy throughout the tournie.

Next game for me is this weekend with the NPF Championship at Circus Casino and then 2 weeks later will be travelling down to Luton for the APAT UK Team Event which is something I would so like to win for the NPF being so close twice before to taking it down.

What a fright!!!

Alreet Stumpy here,

Had 6 relaxing days on holiday relaxng round the pool thro the day and having a nice meal with a few drinks in the evening with Teamdobb and his wife Sandra then on the Friday me and Dave head off to play in the majorcan open 660 euro buyin which Mrs Stumpy bought me for my birthday and xmas present it was a really nice casino and the tourney was well run a couple of decent players on my 1st table but some really easy spots to get chips.
Started off ok then lost 3 times with jacks and then played 2 hands really bad and was down to 8k from 15k ss.Got moved tables just after Teamdobb got knocked out and shoved over a limper twice with a9 and then aj then shoved over bttn raise with a8 back up to 15k when i get 1010 raise 1 caller and see the flop of j104 r i bet tiny and he shoves with aj and im upto 30kish about average with about 25 left from the 70 runners,we are playing down to 20 runners to go to day2 then I lose with 66 after tabe donk calls my cbet with nothing and he hits his ace on the turn, then I raise with a10 and get reshipped i fold and he shows me ak, we are down to 21 players and i raise with 33 just then we lose a player and its the last hand of the night the bb goes allin I fold and he shows me QQ.
So got through to day 2 but with only 10bbs.We head back to the hotel its about 3.30am when we get back and ive only been asleep about 5 mins when Sandra wakes us up telling us Teamdobb is ill and is in the hotel lobby with the doctor.When we get there Daves been seen by the ambulance crew and they tell us hes had a heart attack hes rushed to hospital and straight into the theatre so me Mrs Stumpy and Sandra have a long worrying wait until about 9am when we get to see him in intensive care and im amazed and relieved to see him sitting up and quite chatty phew.

When we left him on Monday night he was in great form and just wanted to get home.See you when you get back take care.

I went back and played day 2 of the majorcan open 40 players left out of field of 130 got a shove through with a3 then im mid pos and looked at ace 2 when there was a big hand at other table and most of my table goes to look only the blinds are left so i shove again but small blind has aq and im out in 36th place.

Online ive had alot final tables and a lot of other deep runs, playing and running well just hope to have a few more before the end of the month to post a nice profit.

Live still running shit, no final tables this month so far got a change soon i hope.

Keep on smling stumpy.

Mallorca big shock!!!

Mallorca Shock

Took off to Mallorca with Sandra & Mr & Mrs Stumpy with one main intention of having a relaxing carefree chill out break.

Flight was spot on and slept most of way but faced over an hours wait in a queue to collect our car. Arrive at the hotel in Portal Nous village weve stayed at many times get booked into our rooms without a hitch.

Ist part of break goes totally as planned with days by the pool and nights enjoyed at some of the great restaurants in Portals.

Break takes a total tangent I didn’t expect when on the 16th September myself and Stumpy reg for the Mallorcan Poker Open Day 1A with 20 players from Day1A field going to the final day on Sunday 18th September. Tournie was pretty uneventful for me on a very straight forward table even though Id chipped up 1000 in 1st 2 levels. I then found AKcc in my BB and in a 5 way limped pot I make it 800 at 75/150 for mid position limper to jam for his stack of 6300. I make the call and he flips 44. Q 10 8 flop followed by Q turn giving me any J 10 8 A or K to win the pot but I blank it and my stack is seriously injured. Not as much as what was to follow later that evening which at the time I had absolutely no idea about.

I flop the world in another couple of hands but Im now on serious double up duty and looking for my right spot or hand to get it.

I then had my 1st signs things weren’t right with me when I began to get pains in my chest like heartburn and I was sweating heavily. I put it down to the heat of the room to be honest and made sure I took in plenty of water which did seem to do the trick but when I went out shoving Ace 10 ( 7 bbs ) into KQ that hit the turn I took a break outside to get some fresh air.

Pains had eased but I simply did not feel right but was hanging around railing Stumpy who made it through till the end of the day in true Dobba grind with very few hands to mention.

Drove back to hotel and half way back I was sweating up but nothing too serious.

Parked up at the car park and made my way to my room being about 4.00am but that’s when thing s took a big turn for the worse. Walking to my room along the corridor the pains were hrrific eft arm began to go weak and numb. My aim was to get into bed and relax and hope the pain would ease BUT I knew this was not right and after about 30mins and the pains getting worse I had to wake Sandra and tell her something was seriously wrong here with me. She tried to get me to lie back down and relax in bed but I knew then I needed urgent medical treatment and threw on some shorts and a Tee shirt and made my way back down to reception. Guy there must of thought I was a tourist drunk as when I asked him to get me a doctor his reaction at 1st was go back to your room Sir and Ill get the doctor to ring you. He soon realised I was in trouble and I lay down on the settees in the reception area. A few minutes later the doctor arrived and after a few basic checks he rang the local hospital and requested an ambulance. Those 5 / 10 mins of waiting for that ambulance to arrive seemed a lifetime with the pain building up in my chest and breathing was getter more shallow by the minute. Eventually they arrived and carried out an ECG on me which immediately showed a blockage in my main artery to my heart and they rushed me to the local clinic.

Doctor guy in ambulance was brilliant to be honest and explained everything that was going to happen which would be immediately. Must have been after 5.00am when we got to the hospital and the place was brand new and very high tech place.

I was rushed into the operating theatre, stripped naked and then a team of doctors & nurses appeared and began scrubbing up and preparing me for what needed doing. Main doctor spoke very broken English but did his utmost best to explain what was going to happen. Basically my main artery to my heart was blocked and they were going to insert a tube up through the artery in my arm across to the heart and then insert a stent in the artery to open it up. Basically like a balloon which they then inflate which allows the blood to renew its natural flow. Worst part of the whole episode was when they inflated the stent and I began shaking and shivering which I couldn’t control. One of weirdest feelings Ive had in life and not something I would like to repeat again.

I then spent the next 3 days on intensive care and the treatment and service of care was simply amazing in a truly amazing hospital of the highest standards. I was then transferred from IC to a cardiac ward but a private room once again with all mod cons.

Pretty scarey stuff not only for me but I assume also for my wife Sandra and Mr & Mrs Stumpy who have been absolutely brilliant keeping Mrs C as calm as she could be. Expect to be discharged from hospital after 5 or 6 days on this ward so probably Friday 23rd September but due to some health care law due to what has happened I am unable to fly for 21 days from when the incident happened. Got an apartment sorted out in Portals Nous village from some people we know which I can stay at

Sometimes you take a lot of stuff for granted but until something like this rears its head you never really appreciate how important life is and also what an incredible machine your body is. Lots to think over now about what to do in the near future and have no doubt Ill be giving a lot of important stuff my utmost attention.

Havnt read anything yet as Ive been without any internet but my son Scott has told me Ive been inundated with get well wishes which means a lot, so thanks all for that.

That’s it for now as I begin my recovery here with my feet up and hopefully the sun stays shining for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully see you all soon and Ill keep you all as best informed as I can as soon as I get some internet access when I get discharged.

p.s. must of watched and seen every goal in La Liga scored for the last 2 weeks 10 times each!!!!

edit: released 22nd September around 4.00 and finished 3rd of 5 in 18 holes at Fantasy Golf in Palma Nova which is the greatest crazy golf course in the world. From what nI understand now the 21 day flying rule we were told is total bollocks and Im waiting for a telephone call from my insurance company after they have spoke in detail with the doctor to let me know when I can fly home. Tbh I expect it to be possibly Monday,

Hopefuly cya soon

Blank August

Alreet stumpy here,

Live i had no final tables in august which tbh i dont think has happened before ran deep in alot but got coolered or lost the key races.

Online started well on willy hill had a 4th in nlh superseries event for £370 and next night 8th for $80 then 2 losing sessions so ended the month £87 up ( super series result not shown on sharky )

MTTS on stars played 103 and down $769

SNGOS on stars played 163 and down $186 ran like shit so pleased to lose as little

Luckily my son craig finished 4th in a $10 turbo for $1369 which i got the lions share of, which saved the month. This seems to be the running theme this year, if i have a bad month i get saved by stakee weeeeeeeee.

Hopefully september the luck will turn and i can have a good month. On my hols now for 3 weeks so hopefully can have some nice wins.Going to majorca on sunday with mr and mrs teamdobb a week of eating drinking and sunbathing ended off by playing in the majorca open which dave played last year and said it was a great tourney so really looking forward to it.

My last day at work we had some problems with the train, we were waiting for another train to come in when this man comes upto me and says whats the problem so i told him the windscreen wiper fell off and the next train wont be long, he says thats the worst excuse hes ever heard.I said really what about leaves on the line or wrong type of snow surely those are worse?The look on his face was priceless.

keep on smiling stumpy

Where do I go from here!

Alreet Stumpy here,

After full tilt closure Im at a bit of a loss of how to carry on. Ive been playing stars mtts but the fields are huge and you could go for months without a decent bink so Ive been playing some sitngos to hopefully pay for my mtts with mixed results so far but hopefully even out at a +2 per sngo profit.Had quite a few sessions of plo 50-1 cash 6 max and made about 700 so far did a little bit of reading up and tweaked a few things in my game not sure if this has helped or just ran good but will prolly find out in the next month. Next blog will prolly start with online cash never again blah blah.

MTTS - Looks like I might retry ipoker it seems to be the only site I can have about 10 decent payout mtts on the go in a session apart from stars I just dont like the software.

SNGOS - After Gaz won me enough to pay for my hols this year I stopped grinding them but I think im going to try and play a 100 a week to keep my roll ticking over will do this on stars.

PLO CASH - Going to carry on and play these when I havent got time for sngo sessions and hopefully keep improving and winning !

HORSES -Well after saying i was giving up until jumps started again, i seen a horse win at york and marked it down as a potential group horse then i see its in the big sprint handicap off top weight so put a 100 e/w on it and it romped home at 8-1 its called hoofit and i think it might be running at york next week in the big sprint race upped in class but i still think its improving and might lump on again.So sorry Soaps you are still the worst sports betting blogger lol.

Good news finally booked our hols going to Majorca for 9 nights on the 11th of September with Teamdobb and Sandra, 5 nights sunbathing eating and drinking and the rest of the hols hopefully grinding out a ft in the Majorcan open which is part of the Spanish Poker tour weeeee cant wait.

July results

live mtts - £ 242 9 played

live cash - even 4 sessions

online mtts -$ 425 played 51

online sngos +$94 played 57

online cash +$200 about 5 hours

staking +$3900 boom boom bomba

horses +$600 hoof it then lost a bit since sigh

Thats the plan now so lets see if i can crush keep on smiling stumpy

sheffield gukpt

Alreet Stumpy here,

Mrs Stumpy and I headed off to Sheffield on thursday 7th july by train sleep half the way and arrive at the copthorne hotel £50 a night deffo recomend it only 10 mins walk to the g casino.

Thursday 7th july £200 f/o 43 runners -Run ok and pick off a few shorty shoves and get to day 2 with 13 bbs 11 left 6 pay.Mrs stumpy won the high hand for this mtt with quad 9s and got a seat in the champion of champion online 15k freeroll with only 33 runners which takes place on 19th of july.

Friday 8th july £200 f/o day 2 -Get to ft and i shove 12bbs with 88 snapped by qq gg me

Friday night we meet up with Teamdobb and his wife Sandra and have a night off poker and head for the dogs had a lovely meal and a few drinks but the betting didnt go well until i get a tricast up the last few tricasts had payed £100 +.this one payed £35 i run so bad lol

Saturday 9th july £500 f/o 44 runners

Win a cuople of small pots until button raises i call with 33 flop a93 i ch call turn is ace and i ch raise button tank calls now im hoping to get the full double up until the river is a 9 ffs ch fold down to 5k.About 5 hands later 2 limpers im sb and make it 400 blinds 50-100 both call flop k 10 7 r i bet 600 1 caller turn 9 i bet 1600 knowing im putting rest in on river.River is an 8 im allin and he calls and tables 96 sigh.Play a bit of cash and start getting the coronas in while we wait for Teamdobb he was going well till he lost called with 88 from his BB to button K7 shove and dealer puts K7 on flop and he hit the rail abit later so we jump in a taxi and head off for something to eat. The taxi driver drops us off at a nice italians which turned out to be excellent choice as it had a great atmoshere. lovely food and excellent company with Dave and Sandra.After getting thro 3 courses 2 bottles of wine Teamdobb decides we need to walk back to the hotel good idea so we set off until we come to one of those horrible subways you see in the movies halfway through about 5 young punks rob you at knifepoint, Sandra wasnt to keen but we persuaded her we would be ok halfway thro i couldnt resist letting rip with one of my eeirie bird crys jesus wept Mrs C nearly took off was soso funny even Kaz nearly had heart attack and she new I was going to do it sorry Sandra.

Sunday 10th july £100 f/o with £25 bounty 104 runners 11 pay

Totally card dead with very little spots so sat patient until i get aa v aq v qq aipf then i raise with kk bb calls flop 679 we get it allin and he has j8 and bricks down to 2 tables and im bb with j2 and we get a limpfest flop j72 r and i ch raise allin and get called off aj and hold weee my 1st bounty £25 we eventullay get down to 11 but the blinds and antes are huge so decide to push any unopened pot and if i get 3 allins thro i will be in a goodposition on ft 1st push im snapped by 1010 and i have q10 and im out sigh that plan went well lol im out in 11th for £160 +£25 bounty.

Next morning we get phone call from reception at 11.40 you have to be out by noon ah shit flying round getting ready i look at my phone and get message off samj junior, bomba has won you $4.5k weeeee so i say to mrs s nice 1 $2.2k for us but then get message of cameltoe hes won 9k so its 4.5k to me well played bomba.

I staked bomba to play 180s 50/50 but he soon realised he couldnt make enough in the 6 week period so he asked if he could use it for mtts i said no probs go for it,normally mtts is 60/40 or 70/30 in my favour but deffo not complaining with my 4k profit and a nice way to end a great weekend.

keep on smiling stumpy

June review, What a donkey

Alreet Stumpy here,

After having 4 online fts this month it should of been a good month but after running bad on the fts I had a 4th,8th,6th and 9th I then decide to have another cash blowout and piss most of my mtt winnings away. ontop of that I decide to bet on the flat betting prerace which is impossible to win at and i blow my roll luckily I had withdrew alot of the winnings so im not reloading until the jumps starts again.

Fulltilt closing is a complete disaster as this year i have worked hard on my mtt game and I felt I had a great chance to ft every session I played and its hard switching sites, but got off to a good start on 888.com ft in my 1st session but only lasted 1 hand jj into aa for a small cash played few more times and it feels just as soft as fulltilt so hopefully have a good 1st month on 888.com Got about $1500 on fulltilt so hopefully it will be back up and running soon.

Live I only played 4mtts ukipt m/e and the charity game 1 small cash but this was covered by Samjs win the week before when I staked him into the circus game so about even for the month

Im off to sheffield this Thursday for the GUKPT Summer Series Im going to play the £200 side event on Thursday probably have the Friday night off then play the m/e on the Saturday which I won a seat into.

live mtts -£592

live cash -£40

online mtts -+ $525

online cash -$600

staking + £500

horses - $740

Take away the online cash and disaster on the horses it would of been a canny month oh well live and learn I hope lol.

keep on smiling stumpy

Vegas Trip and the 2011 WSOP Series

Decided that to make things easier for me and to keep everything together was do a daily blog report on the NPF. My schedule was staked out for 50% of the buy ins from members on there so thought it only best and fair to do it that way

Heres the link for anyone that wants to keep up or who are interested Vegas Daily report

Cheers and laters ya all!!!!

ukipt weekend

Alreet stumpy here,

Havent played much poker this month due to work and my cousins wedding, the friday before the wedding samj comes on msn for staking for the £55 5kg circus game i was having a few coronas with my nephew so i say why not have a sweat emm he lasts 4 hands sigh he asks if he can buy back in so i ask my nephew rob and he says go for it so he buys back in and 5mins later sam says ive lost half me stack so i say if you win you can use part of winnings to buy into ukipt. wake up the next morning with a text off sam won £1350 weeeeee.So im freerolling the ukipt with percentages in

samj 50% - he had bigstack but lost 200k flip on day2 ak v qq then rebuilt and then lost qq v 88 vul samj one day soon.

dapperdan 10% made day 2 but no cash.

juniorbomba-10%out early doors never got going

fatfish-10% had a great run but went out 25th for £1525

cameltoe-25% went out day2

Really thought i had a great chance of a ft from one of my players or from myself but my ukipt started bad and never really improved first hand i played 9d10d flop 8jq i bet straight into it 1 caller turn blank bet near pot he calls rvr makes flush possible so i ch call and yup he has flush.From then on went between 10k and 15k chips but just couldnt get the dup i needed ended day 1 with 7,3k 2nd day i shipped ak,jj no callers then reshipped bttn rase with a6 he folds then ship a9 still cant get the dup until cl on table raises from utg+1 and i ship aq he calls with 85 flop kjx 8 8 and i was out never ever got going in this tourney was going to play £300 game but after having a chinese with mrs stumpy couldnt be arsed so went home and fired up a few mtts on tilt finished 27th in $24kg and 4th in the 6kg for over $600 combined.Went back the sunday night to play the £100 charity game and after cracking aces with 99 i lost 88 to 77 aipf for what would of been a nice stack with about 30 players left.wp to all the npfers who cashed in ukipt but really disapointed we had no one on the ft.

keep smiling.....Stumpy

NPF Re-opens.......... with restrictions!!!

Well a full month to the day but at 7.00pm on Thursday 9th June the NPF will be officially re-opened to existing members only. As in alot of situations, rumours and speculation spread very easy and often facts are mis understood or exagerrated and that has certainly been the case since we took the decision to close the NPF. Many people have asked me if this n that are true and theyve heard this n that etc etc. Ive been very open and honest about things and have gave totally 100% honest answers to those people that asked me questions I was able to answer. Some I was unable to answer as I either didnt know the answer or the decision, or the question they put to me was being directed at the wrong person. In the majority of most of the questions only ONE person knew the answer and that would have been my son Scott who as explained previously was the only person who would decide whether we re open or stay closed.

Why have we re opened?........ simples really. The large majority and hard core of the community we created wanted it. We received pm after pm when we closed thanking us for what we had created, what we had done for the local scene but also alot of sadness at how the NPF had apparently ended and how much it would be missed. Like I said above only one person could re open the NPF and eventually after alot of careful thought and consideration he decided he would re open with certain restrictions in place for the time being. Those restrictions basically mean that the NPF will be a private community for the time being with the forum sections n threads only being accesible to existing NPF members. For the initial part of the re opening NO new members will be allowed to join until the new moderators have had a little bit of time to see how it goes.
A group of well respected and hard core members have been offered the chance of moderating the NPF in an attempt to give a more open and non biased over view of daily activity and goings on. This will take away alot of personal involvement for myself and Scott and relieve us of alot of sometimes difficult decisons we faced on a daily basis from certain sections. At least now the moderators that have been appointed can decide between them any actions that need to be taken for the good and well being of the community and hopefully the forum will as such return to the once happy and crazy banter full place it used to be.
All members that were offered a moderator post all received the same PM from Scott fully explaining alot of reasons why we closed and his thoughts on why he finally decided to re open which Im sure they will appreciate and also fully understand.

To those that maybe didnt like certain aspects of how we ran the NPF or the new direction we hope to take well at least they now have an alternative platform to stand on and can have no excuse of the NPF now being labelled some of the things they clearly thought we were. People now have a choice and the best of both worlds so lets move on and try and get some enjoyment back. We do what we do for free with the aim of bringing information and hopefully enjoyment from the services we offer. Not much you get in the world for free so please continue to enjoy the NPF and take from it what you choose. Its free!!!! n costs you sweet FA so please respect what the people there do and enjoy the bits you want to and ignore the bits you dont want.

As someone once said

Peace!!! n enjoy!!!!

May review & Running good

Alreet Stumpy here,

After my 3rd in the £200 link game for £2.9k i played 4 more live mtts in may
1,aspers £30 f/0 40 runners 4 way chop for £265
2,circus £100 f/o 136 runners finished about 40ish 88 v 99 aipf
3,circus £55 f/o 80 runners 8th £180 99 v ak aipf
4,circus £20 £20 50 runners 7th £120 aq v k3 aipf

Really happy with the way im playing and running long may it last.


sharkscope has me down as playing 24 sngos and 16 mtts for the month which im sure cant be right, mind you its only prolly missing maybe 1 mtt session as i was either at work or playing live or too knackered to play sigh work gets in the way of poker so much lol.

The ukipt rolls into the toon this month and really looking forward to this, hopefully do a gaz walker and scoop the loot.
Live mtts +£2,969 played 10

Live cash -£40 1 session

online mtts +$2,992

online sngos + $395

horses +$20

Another good month hopefully more of the same please

Keep on smiling stumpy

Anutha week anutha dollar

Another week has past without the NPF being live and guess what........... the world doesnt stop as we wait for Scott to re open it to the many people who are requesting it be done. Being asked by alot of people when Im out whats happening and thats why I post here the facts that I know. All I know is the NPF will be re opened as a "private" poker community for the NPF members but as yet I have no idea as to any restrictions or guidleines to what that will consist of. The other info I have been told is that some new moderators will be appointed to take care of things and to give a more balanced and impartial view of any disagreements but because of the "private" set up being put in place then alot of the spam and crap we faced on a daily basis will disappear and also far less arguments and personal disagreements should not take place as much thus making the new NPF a far happier place. Also with the launch of another local forum then Im sure everybody should find a happy medium as to what they want and to what they wish to read. If ya dont like it then dont read it,,,,,,,,, simples. Trouble is though poker in general is so fkn boring that people simply love the controvery and bickering and bitching and thats a fact. the most interesting n viewed threads are where people are arguing looooooool. Happy days

Poker wise well not bad at all. Take in the new Circus Friday £50 game with £5 gtd pot and it attracts a decent 1st night field of just over 80 runners but also wanna have a few beers so the poker is secondary tbh and have a really good night eventually busting out with 20 odd left when blind on blind I ask the table rock not to limp from his sb which he kindly does so I shove my last 12bbs in with 63 off to be snapped off by him holding AJ. AJ flop sends me to the 50/£1 cash table where I sit bored out my head picking up total crap on a very spewy table unable to take advantage of alot of loose money. Leave only about £20 lighter but having had a canny night out.

Tuesday and its back to Circus for their 2nd offering of their monthly £100 & £10k Guaranteed game with £2k ADDED to the pot. Place is very busy and a final field of 136 runners giving £4520 for the winner and paying 14. Get an interesting 1st table which included Junior Bomber from the Sensations, UKIPT winner Gaz Walker and Jack Ellwoods twin brother who has a good track record to his name. Overall the whole field was very strong and a credit to the awareness that the Circus pokeroom staff have of putting on the games that players want. Simple fact is they understand their customers and the local market. Saying local but this game even attracted the normal large group of Teeside regulars but also a large group who had travelled down from Scotland.
Had decided early doors how I was going to play and approach this game and tbh it didnt change much throughout the tournie. Later stages of this game become very much shove poker and that never changes much so no real panic to have massive chip stack as very few players have more than 8-10 bbs at final table. Final table actually only had 2 players above 10 bbs.
Only get my cards in behind three times throughout the tournie. 1st time I shove getting low in unopened pot with 7h8h to be called by Gaz Walker with 55 and I hit 7 flop & turn. Next time is holding Q10 on my BB to be shoved on by a low stacked Rocky Gupta from Teeside. Decide to make the call as hes shoving so light the position he was in and he flips A4. I flop my Q and pretty much cruise to final table after that picking up a few good spots to shove steal from players despo to make cash.
Final table proved interesting and a bit unlucky for me in some respects. With 2 very low stacks on the table I fold 2 decent sized Ace hands to shoves of mid pairs which I would normally snap call but didnt really want to go out 10th or 9th as money went up quite good from 7th up. I then get AA in my BB and cant believe it when its all folded to me and next lap one lad gets tripled up with AA on his BB. I eventually shove Ace 10 to be snap called by 99 with same stack and I miss the world. Guy who takes me out eventually goes on to win the event after travelling down from Glasgow. Not bad anyway with £940 return and 10% each to Stumpy & Cameltoe who once again ran shit at a crucial stage going out to a river case King just short of the money.
£10k Result
Tuesday 24th £100 F/O £10k guarantee with minimum 2k added
Entries 136
Prize Pool £15,600
1) Chris Johnstone £4520 (Glasgow)
...2) Dom Mahoney £2810 (Teeside)
3) Owen Mcdowell £1830
4) Ben stokes £1400
5) Paul Nixon £1170
6) Dave 'Teamdobbs' Collins £940
7) S Ng £780
8) John Nixon £620
9) Joward Martin £470
10) Ross Fernie £310
11) Greg doyle £230
12) Marie Ward £200
13) Paul richardson £160
14) Dave Heafield £160

Bit of form coming back it seems at just the right time with Vegas & the WSOP being only 3 weeks away for me.

Keep enjoying

Last week & the future

Over a week now since we closed the NPF and thanks to all the messages that have been left here but also to the absolutely amazing Private Messages Ive had in my message box at NPF. Never really realised how the closure has effected so many true and genuine people. Most amazing was the 5 pms I had from people who were not prolific posting members on there but also people I have never ever even met before and the lovely things they said were very mcuh appreciated. Always nice to know your efforts and things you have done have helped and been appreciated by others.
Theres obviously the other side to this where some people have put some rather derogative comments and some have been a total surprise to me as theve always been really nice to me face to face and yet now wish to say hurtful and in most cases incorrect facts of how they saw things or how they perceived things to be. Such is life and tbh Im not that fussed as I know the efforts we put in there and I also know the true genuine people are the ones that count to me. Fake people are 2 a penny and change like the wind and have no chance of effecting or interupting my life now or in the future.

As to the future? Well to be honest myself and Scott have had alot of pressure from others to re open the NPF but on that decision its totally in Scotts ballpark and his decision alone. Whether that will happen is totally up to him and what he wants to do. Couple of members from the NPF have opened a poker forum to try and continue where we left off which is understandable and its already attracted a large part of the NPF membership so good luck to them on that. A small section have indicated everything that was wrong with the NPF so its now a great opportunity for them to prove those facts right at their new home. Only time will tell on that but Im my opinion theres only so much hand discussion and strategy you can handle as in reality Pokers a pretty simple basic game which others love to make complicated. Fun & enjoyment are 2 crucial parts of poker that many continue to forget and without that then people lose interest. Others have indicated they will or could have done or helped in stuff we did, well now is their big opportunity to put this to the test and see what they can give back to the local poker scene

Personally since the closure of the NPF Ive actually felt great and am now looking forward to my 6th visit to Las Vegas and my 5th WSOP. Have a bit of action left on my WSOP Staking if any blog readers are interested and if your not a local then Ill accept a Stars or Bank transfer to make it easier for you. The details and link for this are here WSOP Offer

Locally I played at the G Poker Festival on Wednesday in their £75 Freeze out with 2 added main event seats. Throughlly enjoyed the game and the crack and was great to see 2 old mates there in Azimut and Ned Pepper making the trip down from Hexham.
Made steady progress with my stack and won 3 or 4 flips to then move into a good position to final table. Make final table reasonably stacked and move into proppa dobba mode for the 1st part of the final table which pays off. Few go out and with only 7 getting paid my aim was that top 3 spot where the decent cash was plus also top 2 won main event seats for that weekend which were worth £220 each. Lose Stumpy in 7th place on the cash bubble and then its basically shove mode in position which I get through alot. Couple of times Im looked up and Ive got the goods and down to 4 handed I try to do a % swop deal for the main event seats that 2 of us are going to win but Apokerlypse comes up with the much better idea of leaving the prize money as it is but to give the seats to 3rd & 4th place which evened up the monies left much easier and myself Mags1892 and Nemisis quickly agree as we are all on very similar stacks. Nemisis goes out in 4th place and then I shove with JJ on mags raise and he makes the call with AQ and gets there giving me £620.00 plus a £200 seat for the weekend.

Main event and Im very happy with my table and get off to a good start and soon get chipped up which always makes things easier. Flop 2 pair with 8 10 and table maniac donates me his full stack when he makes his bottom end straight to my rivered full house and then a non believer jams my re raise on a Jack high board holding JK and my KK takes him out. I get up to over 70k with the average around 20k when I pick up AA and face a raise in front plus a call. I put a big raise in to keep the 2 callers and we go to a K 10 rag flop. Caller leads out for over 3k and I make it 10k for original raiser to ship all in which i call. He flips Kq and the 45k pot looks destined to take me up around the 100k mark until Adam the dealer puts down the case K on the river. Re group and get my stack back going in the right direction and sitting on over 60k with 2 hands left of the night. I raise mid position KQ with alot of tight players to cat behind so am confident of taking pot with no action but Dave heathfield calls nervously from the sb. Ace flop and he cks back to me and I cb for him to flat call. Should really close down here as dave is very likely to have a decent Ace the way he plays but I end up bluffing and end up 23k lighter when he flips over AdKd on the river.
Come back day 2 with just over 38k and once again chip up steady on a very ABC table tbh. Nearing the cash bubble and looking to stay active and after previously shoving over a few raises I shove agin to a button raiser with my AK and he tank calls his stack with 88. Im happy enough and pot will put me in good shape to go to final table with but I miss and go out just short of some cash. Had swopped 10% in stumpy and he went on to finish 3rd for nearly £3k so not a bad week all in all with just short of £1k in returns.
Really felt for Dave "Cameltoe" Atkinson who was so so ul losing QQ to AQ for big pot at crucial time and then busting with AA to QQ and AQ which cudnt hold as AQ made runner runner for straight.
Rest of night I had a "few" drinks with Stunpy & Gazmeister and then a meal in the restaurant and we cudnt stoop laffing at winding some of the G staff in the very nicest of way which they throughly enjoyed as well and took in the best of humour it was meant to be. having a laugh with good people whilst playing poker........... cant beat it



edit 21.45 19/05/2012

maybe decided ?

Run good continues weeeee

Alreet Stumpy here,

After finally getting my internet sorted I realised it was my laptop that was the problem doh, so after pinching mrs Stumpys laptop I fire up a few mtts on tilt and ship the $10 547 runner for $2,110.10, then the next day I finished 4th in the $10 superstack 1128 runners for $919.60 a bit gutted with the 4th as I deffo made a mistake with 4 left, button raised and I 3 bet when I should just shipped allin, he still might of called but at least I would of played the hand right.The trouble is ive hardly played since then because of work and playing live in the Gs mini festival where I finished 7th in the £75 game, the bubble ffs! had a small saver with teamdobb who came back to form with a 3rd place nice one Dave,didnt play the next night so sent in my sub Samj to play the £100 game but no return from Sam sigh.

The main event was a £200 link game with sheffield with the g adding 4k wow, it ended off with about 90 runners and after day 1 five came up from sheffield to join the 20 left in newcastle.

My 1st table had Jon Lundy on who totally dominated the table and it was so much fun to watch him bamboozle a few on the table upto the point where this fish/novice open shoved with aj for 5.5k when blinds were 100 -200 I was in the big blind with ak and hold to get back to above the ss of 15k which was a releif as I had butchered a couple of hands.Then I win a couple of small pots off Jon when I called with 2nd pair on the flop and he gave up, then i called with A high on the flop and he gave up again he wouldnt of got me off 2nd pair but the ace high I might of folded.Then i go on a great run of cards

kk v qq aipf and I hold.

95 in the bb utg raises mid pos calls iImake it up flop q32 chchch turn 9 I ch utg bets near pot Icall putting him on fd rvr 5 I ch he bets near pot and I call he has missed fd weeeee upto 73k av 20k.

kk v aq I raise bb calls flop 10s10c2s I get ch raised allin for 22k more I call and he has aq off turn is ace ffs zsxdfvnde bollox down to 35k

a9 v kk Dave Heathfield raises mid pos calls I call button ad9d flop 109 2 Dave cbets small I call turn a chch river 7 ch and I bet 6k which Dave pays off with kk

kk v qq aipf this gets me back to 73k

Ended day 1 with 63k av 40kish

Day 2 25 players left and the deck smacked me in the face until the ft

Went from 63k to 203k without been allin

kk v?? raise flop k high 2 clubs c-bet called turn blank bet fold.

Dave Heathfield raised I flat button aq flop kq 7 dave cbet I call turn blank chch rvr q ch bet fold

aa v qq Dave raises again I 3bet he flats flop jhigh he donk leads 17k I have 55k behind and ship allin he tank folds qq.

kk v ak utg limps I raise bb he flats flop 1072 I cbet he calls turn 3 I bet he reraises I call river j i ch he chs shows ak.

Then its bubble abuse time and I pick up some easy chips on the bubble until this hand sb kd9d I raise the really tight bb defends flop q83 1diamond ch he bets 3k into 20k pot so i call turn and I ch he bets 6k i call and river is a diamond I bet 30k and he snap calls with qq lol.

FT was abit frustrating got off to good start when I flat raise with 1010 on button flop a22 chch turn 7 bet call river 4 he bets 3/4 pot and I call he tables 33.After this just maintain stack then when 4 left my raises get shipped on until3 left and im ss with 13 bbs I ship with 9d10d Hugh Frew calls with aj flop a 9 turn a 8 but river puts straight on the board for a chop very next hand ship with aq this time Hugh has ac4c flop 4q10 2 clubs and the club on the turn and I bite the dust in 3rd place for £2.9k.A quick mention to Dave Atkinson who lost qq v aq then aa v aq v qq to go out in about 15th also Teamdobb who lost ak v 88 in 12th wp ul.
Went for a meal with Gaz Robinson and Teamdobb it was a great laugh as we had been drinking since 4 and then Gaz and I went to Aspers for a drunken cash game finally got home at 7am.

Keep on smiling Stumpy.


Monday 9th May at approx 17.00 and myself and my son Scott make the decision to close down the Newcastle Poker Forum. Sad day for local poker and the local community we grew and developed but tbh not a very difficult decision for us to make. The forum had in our opinion went in a different direction to what we wanted and was becoming a total pain in the arse to run due to certain factors & elements. Dont get me wrong in that we achieved so much in the 3 years it has been running with the biggest main thing being the huge circle of friendships we created from all different types of people which also brought together friendships that may never have materialised without the NPF. We created unique games in an atmosphere we wanted poker to be played and added what we believed was how poker games should be played by seeing smiling faces and a social event based around a stupid game of cards we love to try and conquer. We also gave the local community a strong platform to vent their opinions which eventually moved casinos to sit up and listen and offer some of the best value games ever seen in the area and probaly some of the best value games anywhere in the UK coupled with giving them a large captive customer audience to freely market their games and services all free of charge

Why did we close it down ? Simple really in that we stopped enjoying doing it and it was beginning to effect our business, our personal and our family/home life. As such time to move on and I hope all those involved each took something positive away from the NPF and everything we did and Im sure alot of players locally are much better off for it
I d like to thank so many people as theres so many great people at the NPF but a few especially I would like to mention are as follows:

Scott my son for his foresight to see the need for the NPF and his dedication and hard work he put into it which most wont even be able to understand the amount involved.

Phil McNally who in the early days of the forum was a real driving force and took the forum in the direction we wanted as he was one of the very few people that fully understood our purpose and reasons for creating it

Mr Entertainment Craig Foggo who was always the life & soul of any party and always there for anything we asked for and someone I became very close friends with.

Stumpy who I got to know properly at the Caribbean Poker Cruise which then developed into a very strong friendship afters playing against him many times but not knowing him at all and someone I brought into the Dobbas to such great success

Looseman my accountant who contributed so much at the NPF and then developed a great squad of real true genuine people in the Radgies which included such huge characters like Koyte, Apokerlypse, and Smoggie who then devloped the very succesful Smoggie Online League on poker stars on Wednesdays

Dreamdobb who works for me and simply carried on his enthusiasm from when he played football for me into playing poker. Some great moments of daftness never to be forgotten there

To the many of the younger element who have been on msn to me and said their thanks Id like to say it was very much appreciated and know at least some actually do realise how much the NPF taught them about not just poker but about genuine people and true friends.

Last but not least has to be The Cardguard Kid who became a very good friend of mine but who simply gave his lot to the NPF and made me enjoy so much of what we did together because it was always fun and enjoyable to do. Myself & Scott take our hats off to you Steve Wills especially

April write up BOOOOOOM

Alreet stumpy here,

Well after cashing in 3 out of 4 fridays at the g i was in 2nd place for the player of the month and i was hoping to play all week to give myself the best chance to win.Well failed to get at all until the friday which was my last chance, nowt like putting the pressure on.Cant really remember much about friday so to cut it short i got to ft and i need to finish 5th or better to win player of the month, £550 seat to sheffield gukpt summer series with travel and accomadation so nice little prize we get down to 6 players and i suggest a 6 way chop for £510 each i took £500 im so kind lol which everyone is happy with booooooom king of the chops.

npf team championships 2011

Had a really good 1st table with everyone knocking the drinks back and enjoying the crack i built my stack upto a very healthy 22k at the 1st dinner break av 11k. hit trip 5s v ak on a a10 5 flop and got it aiotf then iso raised with 1010 v aj and held.Then i raised the buttn with a8 bb 3 bet small so i flatted and see a flop of q85 bb chs i ch turn 7 and bb goes allin for 5k thought it was either nuts or air so made the call and he tables ak and i hold.After the break i lost a couple of decent pots when i hit top 2 with aq on the turn unluckily this gave brett angel the flush i just ch called the rvr.This knocked me down to 18k which i stayed at for what seemed like an age until there was 33 left and play was finishing for the day once we got down to 30 players i get 2 shoves through and im on 22k when i pick up qq and raise get shipped on by kq, k on the flop and i hit the rail in 32nd place scoring some valuable points for the team.Went back on the sunday to cheer on gazmeister,cowhead,xenocode and cogb ship 1st place for the dobbers had a really good day drinking and watching the poker.Well done to cowhead who finished 4th and cogb who finished 2nd wpwp.

live mtts - +£2,020 +£550 +expenses for gukpt summer series seat at sheffield

live cash- -£100

online mtts -$854

online sngos -$75

horses- +$60

The horses in running betting was disapointing as i thought there was a 3 second delay from live pics to my telly but ive since been told its upto 7 secs which on the flat is a disaster so cant do it and have to wait to jumps starts again oh well it was fun while it lasted.

keep on smiling stumpy

Crushed it but got crushed

Massive congrats to all the squad for totally crushing the NPF UK Team Challenge even though my book on the event got totally crushed with my generous odds!!!

NPF Team Challenge report

Needing a break from poker until Vegas so dont expect to be playing much leading into that

Whole lot of Pizza fun!!!

Alreet stumpy here,
Had a good run in the gs friday night game this month played it 4 times so far and cashed in 3, 6th for £170 then did a 5 way chop for £560 then last friday won it for £790 we did a deal 5 left where we closed up the prize money. At the moment in sitting in 2nd for the player of the month and the prize is a £500 gukpt seat so im going to try and play as many times as i can this week to see if i can win the seat. samj is currently about £50 ahead of me so its all to play for.

online my volume and play has been pretty shit as i havent felt great. I think I had sinisitus and also my internet connection as been playing up but all excuses really just need to get my head down and grind tbh.

Played the apat game at aspers after bluffing half me stack off i went out with this hand. Villain raises im bb and call with as3s flop is 633 i ch raise his 500 cbet to 1100 he flats turn is ace i ch and he jams with 86 ob i call and the river is a 6 ffs.
Play a bit cash on same table as juniorbomba and it was so soft, ob we both lose a little when the donks keep getting there but we had a good laugh.Then i walk down to the g to meet mrs stumpy whos just finished work to play in the £10 rebuy chip up pretty easily until i lose kk v 77 aipf for 28k when av 11k then i lose jj v k10 rebuild back upto 11k until 2 limpers blinds 400-800 i ship with 99 and they both call with a3 and kj wtf ob never winning that ship my last 2k with a8 and lose to a 10.

Hit the cash table which is always fun at the g lost a couple of pots and was about £50 down when this happened ive been suprised by some of the replys at the NPF see what you think.
Pizza Hand

NPF team game next saturday and sunday so looking forward to that if i get my time off work fingers crossed.

keep on smiling stumpy

March review

Alreet Stumpy here,

Played Aspers £50 f/o 120 runners 1k added and with 13 left I had a 136k and get kk utg and raise jgeek ships for 100k and i make the call and he has aces ffs down to 36k blinds 4k-8k i then ship with kq,87,jj twice aq,ak and im back upto 95k without a showdown then mrmagoogle raises utg and i ship with qq he has me covered and he tables aces omg he flops an ace but the turn is a q but no miracle river and i head home with £125 for 11th place such a cruel game at times.

live = 9mtts 5 cashes + £1,257

live cash = 3 sessions +£294

online mtts +$2000

online sngos - $335

horses + $600

A nice profit for the month and really happy im running ok again.

Samj has started to show some profit after a few sessions at my house, i watched him play 2 small losing sessions and tried to give him a few tips but he was a bit sceptical so i said step aside and i will play 12 and if i dont cash in 6 from 12 i will run round the garden stark naked about 2hrs later ive cashed in 8 from 12 and im running round the house shouting whos the daddy, with clothes still on tho lol.He took the tips onboard and i have watched his sessions since then and he has played so well with very few mistakes all he has to do now is put the volume in and he can make a nice little wage.

keep on smiling stumpy

In need of some motivation

Well after a nice end to last month it was enevatible that stars was gonna flick my doomswitch and they didnt dissapoint. Started the month with 7 losing days out of 8 played so when the UKIPT Manchester arrived it was a pleasant break from the virtual.

Was really looking forward to ths game and after 3 days hard slog i was rewarded with 26th place and a nice return of £1450 , which was cool as i sattelited in for £6.20 (happy days).
Obviously happy with my return but still dissapionted i didnt go further as i felt so comfortable and felt i was playing pretty good , with about 30 players left i had 275k in chips and the average was about 310K so was right in there with a chance but a run of really bad cards , then getting 3 bet twice after blind steal raises and having to fold meant i couldn,t really afford to waste many chips.
Unfortunately i then called a shorty,s all in and got rivered losing 100k pot and the rest was history when i exit with good old AJvKK in an unorthadox played hand by my opponents. Great experiance these events , unfortunately dont think i can play any more this year.

So i get back home and notice stars have a reload bonus, so decide to deposit $600 and grind the 25% bonus. I grind away and soon i have made back my losses and actually finish the month just over $600 in profit, but although im winning i just cant get into the games , in fact the only reason im playing is because i want to grind the bonus.
I didnt even play enough games to make goldstar which i have not done before other than when i have been away on holiday and havn,t played, and with only 1 live game played i really need some motivation to get me interested in playing .

Feels strange especially when im making money, but im in need of some sort of challenge, something to get my teeth into, get interested in, so anybody reading this can forward all ideas my way please as im a little lost at what to try.

Anyway overall another good month money wise , just hope April brings new motivation, may play a few more live games . good luck at the tables.

Lickle bit of run good

Alreet stumpy here,

As I touched on in my last post I won the 8.5kg on full tilt for $2,291,I got the little bit of run good just b4 the ft when I reshipped a button raise with 88 only to be called by jj a nice 8 on the flop and I went to the ft with a canny stack.On the ft I was raisng every chance I got only for the cl to 3 bet me constantly so I decided to gamble and keep raising hoping to pick up a hand which did eventually happen after I had lost 200k in chips lol.Raised again this time with aces and the chipleader overshoves with a9 and I dup to the near cl and from there I get to hup v the cl who had kept 3 betting me and totally owned him headsup.Like to thank all the NPF who were on the rail, some of the crack was so funny and makes the win more enjoyable.

Live this month so far played 7 times and had 4 cashes including doing a 2 way chop with Rosi in the £50 f/o at circus had a great first table with a very aggro lady who when raised c bet 100% then kept barreling with or without a hand so when she raised I just flatted with ak and the flop was ak3 and she shoved allin I called and she tables kq wow ty.I chip up nicely from there until she gets moved to my tableafter rebuying back in, mmmm she raises from a 16k stack and I flat with 44 flop j74 and she bets flop I flat turn is a 10 and she asks me how much I have left 10.6k and she bets 10.6k weeeeee she tables kk and bricks the river and im upto 30kish, we get down to 2 tables from 64 runners and I raise kk utg the button flats who had been really tight upto now folding 1010 twice when he really should of called anyhow flop was 863r I cbet and he flats turn is a 6 and I bet 7k and he makes it 14k with the history of him been really tight I should of put him on a flopped set and turned house but for some reason I felt I was ahead and moved allin for 13k more to him he hummed and haahed for a bit and then says I cant fold now and tables qh10h wtf hes drawing dead weeee what a gift.I get to the ft with a decent stack and my son craig "big stumpy" newton is the chip leader who I have bought in for 50% plus buyin back, is cl and bullying the final table raising nearly everyhand he knocks a few out and I knock a couple out and we are down to 4 players he has 270k I have 210k and Rosi andTtom has about 100k each when I propose a deal of £800 each for me and Craig and £600 for the other two not a bad deal considering 2nd prize was £790 but Craig was having none of it and wanted to plYfor the win, fair enough so we carried on tillttom finished 4th and then Rosi dup thro Craig twice kk v 66 then 88 v aq and I took craigs last 40k whenIi hit a straight flush and Craig got £490 for 3rd, me and Rosi split for 1k each as we were just about level in chips.

Also finished

11th in £55 f/o circus for £110

3rd in £20 £20 circus for 280

6th in £20 £20 g for £228

So not a bad month upto now and hopefully finish it with some more cashes.

Training and backing Sam "longstringofpiss" James also known to most as Samj to play sngos and the plan is for him to play as many sngos a week either $10 9s or $10 45s to get a roll together to go on his own, he started off slowly as its hard to get his head round the sngo strategy after he has been playing mtts for ages but I think hes getting there,hopefully he will run ok and win me some money and show himself he can make money longterm at poker,all he needs to do is get his head down and griiiiiiiind.

Back to work next week, I went to see the specailist and he says I have arthritus in my knee and if I exercise regular it might last 15years before I need a knee replacement if I dont exercise it regular it could be as little as 5 years,so Im getting myself an exercise bike to make it last as long as possible.

keep on smiling, stumpy

Running bad but weeeeeeeeeeee biggest win!!

Alreet stumpy here,

The run bad continues online and live, usually in the past its been one or another, three fookin months of contant outdraws and coolers but dont feel sorry for me, haha as if you would, as i had 10% of gaz "papa shippa" walker who very kindy shipped the ukipt at dtd for 94k which beats my biggest ever cash of 8.5k when he shipped me 9.4k.Last year gaz was my roommate at vegas and is a cracking lad and good company and his poker game has improved so much over the last few years so when he asked me to back him i snapped his hand off no problem.Well done gaz amazing result wpwp.

The cardguard cup=15 teams of 10 mainly from the npf and a few from hetton, as defending champ i was hoping for another deep run to help the dobbas win the cgc,Got off to a good start then lost a pot with kk to go back to ss then utg ss shipped and i called with 66 he tables 93 and binks a 9 then i get moved tables and i ship 3 hands in row with a8,kq,and aq, i get called by qq but i hit my ace for a much needed dup.then i pick off a shorty with kk v aj and we are down to 4 tables and in the points i grinded my way down to the ft bubble when stevie "wannayear" sensation raises and i ship and hes priced in to call with q4 v my 88 4 on the flop and 4 on the river ouch.The dobbas won the team prize with 6 of are team getting deep into the points with fatfish getting to the final table.dobba phlmac who was able to play at the last minute for a misfit team went onto win the event wp phil.It was an awesome day and ive never seen so many pissed poker players in my life hopefully next year we make it the hatrick.

Horses betting in running-Made a very small profit this month mainly due to laying 1 horse and backing the 2nd fav lost $350 on the 1 race so really pleased to claw this back and make a small profit of $80 for the month.

Circus £50 game- Got off to a great start until i lost a 20k pot which still left me with 10k 1k over ss then i got a lucky dup with a10 v kk which got me back into the game until i shove jh10h from the button with 10bbs and mac calls with aq a j on the flop but an ace on the turn seals my fate nd i get £110 for 11th place.

When i started writing this blog post i was playing a few mtts and i actually won the $5 $8.5g on fulltilt winning $2,291.38 hopefully this is the start of the run good.

Had 3 goes to qualify for the manchester ukipt finished 12th when 9 1k packages ak v 99 aipf then 19 left utg raises i ship with aa and bttn calls with kq??and hits the flush ffs.Then going well in the last one i played, well above av and 3bet player he calls flop 10 43 and we get it allin on the flop and he had called 3 bet with 33 sigh.

end of month stats

live mtts =-£150

live cash =+ £90 1 session

online mtts = - $180

online sngos = -$ 160

horses = +$80

staking = + £9,350

Running so bad

been a while since i last posted ,

since first week in Jan Ive been running so bad online but hardly played live , hopefully just a spell that everyone go's through , just only problem it seems to last forever lol.

last 4 live tourneys Ive played up till team game , Ive had pocket 10s beat by pocket 4s down to last 16 players , then £ 50 game i had jj go down to 88 , then with ak call Allin to a 54 hits straight , never mind always next 1 lol.

team game and I'm totally card dead , make a few blind steals to keep my head above water , then i get ak and its Allin vs kq , weee i hold for a chip double and i then get moved tables as their is only 45 left , im going well with a fellow dobba xenocode sitting to my left and we get into the points , then it happens again , first hand i call allin with akd vs j6 he hits 2 pair , then 3 hands later I'm utg with kk i raise andrizu calls with ak and hits his ace on the river gg me , but with 6 dobba's making the points we win .

play the £50 game on Tuesday and im on table with mac , Craig (his son ) and Sean mcguigan amongst others , 3rd hand in and the table donk who a few players were talking about before the game ( you know who you are ;P ) decides to call a raise by Sean on 25/50 guy to my left reraises sean makes it up and then donk calls , flop is 8c6c6s Sean bets donk calls guy to my left raises allin , Sean calls donk calls , guy to my left shows akcc Sean qq donk q6 no help with the rest and we lose 2 players (omg) , donk is now playing every hand next to go is mac ( apokelypse ) he doesn't show what hes got but on a board of 10 9 6 10 x the donk shows 108 off , few hands later its my turn , blinds are 100/200 i get 1010 on bb and i raise to 750 2 others call including donk , flop q108 rainbow , i check donk bets i reraise he goes Allin i got about 15k so i call hoping he has aq but knowing he has j9 , yes i was right j9 what a bellend he is , anyways im out and hes got about 60k in chips when we have 20 mins before first break lol .

so off i go on tilt to the roulette table with my £150 get down to about £40 and then i start hitting , 15mins later I'm up 1k weeeeee , so i head over to cash table and start with £100 , really good laugh with the likes of camel toe , andrizu , nemesis amongst others about 12 o'clock i see the donk again standing behind 1 of his mates at our table , i say still in ? he says no ( hahahaha ) donk , anyways about 1.30am i get up and I'm £270 up so pretty good night so far lol.

I'm hovering around the roulette but decide to play on the machines , im up and down for the next 4 hrs , and then mac ( apocalypse )comes over to tell me he won on chip count , got to say hes been playing awesome this year with a few big wins at aspers the g and hear ( wp m8) , so i head off home with money in my pocket for once :).

decide to play Thursday night in the g and im totally card dead again all way through first 5 levels , then i get kk and everyone folds lol , get back to av a little later when im Allin with my a7 to get snapped by a10 and i hit a flush omg doesn't happen to me :P , get to final table and after 3hrs of playing we decide to do a 5 way chop with most of us with similar stacks , but with blinds of 3k/6k , and the chip leader with 15 bbs we all get £350 each not bad for £30.

just hoping new month new goals ( play more live and online ) and also still sticking to my diet and training daily , 2ND week in January i was 17st8lbs , I'm now 15st 6 , i want to get to 12st 6 hopefully by July.

hope this post makes some sense , as ive only had 2 hrs sleep :p

gl at the tables all. :)