NPF Re-opens.......... with restrictions!!!

Well a full month to the day but at 7.00pm on Thursday 9th June the NPF will be officially re-opened to existing members only. As in alot of situations, rumours and speculation spread very easy and often facts are mis understood or exagerrated and that has certainly been the case since we took the decision to close the NPF. Many people have asked me if this n that are true and theyve heard this n that etc etc. Ive been very open and honest about things and have gave totally 100% honest answers to those people that asked me questions I was able to answer. Some I was unable to answer as I either didnt know the answer or the decision, or the question they put to me was being directed at the wrong person. In the majority of most of the questions only ONE person knew the answer and that would have been my son Scott who as explained previously was the only person who would decide whether we re open or stay closed.

Why have we re opened?........ simples really. The large majority and hard core of the community we created wanted it. We received pm after pm when we closed thanking us for what we had created, what we had done for the local scene but also alot of sadness at how the NPF had apparently ended and how much it would be missed. Like I said above only one person could re open the NPF and eventually after alot of careful thought and consideration he decided he would re open with certain restrictions in place for the time being. Those restrictions basically mean that the NPF will be a private community for the time being with the forum sections n threads only being accesible to existing NPF members. For the initial part of the re opening NO new members will be allowed to join until the new moderators have had a little bit of time to see how it goes.
A group of well respected and hard core members have been offered the chance of moderating the NPF in an attempt to give a more open and non biased over view of daily activity and goings on. This will take away alot of personal involvement for myself and Scott and relieve us of alot of sometimes difficult decisons we faced on a daily basis from certain sections. At least now the moderators that have been appointed can decide between them any actions that need to be taken for the good and well being of the community and hopefully the forum will as such return to the once happy and crazy banter full place it used to be.
All members that were offered a moderator post all received the same PM from Scott fully explaining alot of reasons why we closed and his thoughts on why he finally decided to re open which Im sure they will appreciate and also fully understand.

To those that maybe didnt like certain aspects of how we ran the NPF or the new direction we hope to take well at least they now have an alternative platform to stand on and can have no excuse of the NPF now being labelled some of the things they clearly thought we were. People now have a choice and the best of both worlds so lets move on and try and get some enjoyment back. We do what we do for free with the aim of bringing information and hopefully enjoyment from the services we offer. Not much you get in the world for free so please continue to enjoy the NPF and take from it what you choose. Its free!!!! n costs you sweet FA so please respect what the people there do and enjoy the bits you want to and ignore the bits you dont want.

As someone once said

Peace!!! n enjoy!!!!