Vegas Trip and the 2011 WSOP Series

Decided that to make things easier for me and to keep everything together was do a daily blog report on the NPF. My schedule was staked out for 50% of the buy ins from members on there so thought it only best and fair to do it that way

Heres the link for anyone that wants to keep up or who are interested Vegas Daily report

Cheers and laters ya all!!!!

ukipt weekend

Alreet stumpy here,

Havent played much poker this month due to work and my cousins wedding, the friday before the wedding samj comes on msn for staking for the £55 5kg circus game i was having a few coronas with my nephew so i say why not have a sweat emm he lasts 4 hands sigh he asks if he can buy back in so i ask my nephew rob and he says go for it so he buys back in and 5mins later sam says ive lost half me stack so i say if you win you can use part of winnings to buy into ukipt. wake up the next morning with a text off sam won £1350 weeeeee.So im freerolling the ukipt with percentages in

samj 50% - he had bigstack but lost 200k flip on day2 ak v qq then rebuilt and then lost qq v 88 vul samj one day soon.

dapperdan 10% made day 2 but no cash.

juniorbomba-10%out early doors never got going

fatfish-10% had a great run but went out 25th for £1525

cameltoe-25% went out day2

Really thought i had a great chance of a ft from one of my players or from myself but my ukipt started bad and never really improved first hand i played 9d10d flop 8jq i bet straight into it 1 caller turn blank bet near pot he calls rvr makes flush possible so i ch call and yup he has flush.From then on went between 10k and 15k chips but just couldnt get the dup i needed ended day 1 with 7,3k 2nd day i shipped ak,jj no callers then reshipped bttn rase with a6 he folds then ship a9 still cant get the dup until cl on table raises from utg+1 and i ship aq he calls with 85 flop kjx 8 8 and i was out never ever got going in this tourney was going to play £300 game but after having a chinese with mrs stumpy couldnt be arsed so went home and fired up a few mtts on tilt finished 27th in $24kg and 4th in the 6kg for over $600 combined.Went back the sunday night to play the £100 charity game and after cracking aces with 99 i lost 88 to 77 aipf for what would of been a nice stack with about 30 players left.wp to all the npfers who cashed in ukipt but really disapointed we had no one on the ft.

keep smiling.....Stumpy

NPF Re-opens.......... with restrictions!!!

Well a full month to the day but at 7.00pm on Thursday 9th June the NPF will be officially re-opened to existing members only. As in alot of situations, rumours and speculation spread very easy and often facts are mis understood or exagerrated and that has certainly been the case since we took the decision to close the NPF. Many people have asked me if this n that are true and theyve heard this n that etc etc. Ive been very open and honest about things and have gave totally 100% honest answers to those people that asked me questions I was able to answer. Some I was unable to answer as I either didnt know the answer or the decision, or the question they put to me was being directed at the wrong person. In the majority of most of the questions only ONE person knew the answer and that would have been my son Scott who as explained previously was the only person who would decide whether we re open or stay closed.

Why have we re opened?........ simples really. The large majority and hard core of the community we created wanted it. We received pm after pm when we closed thanking us for what we had created, what we had done for the local scene but also alot of sadness at how the NPF had apparently ended and how much it would be missed. Like I said above only one person could re open the NPF and eventually after alot of careful thought and consideration he decided he would re open with certain restrictions in place for the time being. Those restrictions basically mean that the NPF will be a private community for the time being with the forum sections n threads only being accesible to existing NPF members. For the initial part of the re opening NO new members will be allowed to join until the new moderators have had a little bit of time to see how it goes.
A group of well respected and hard core members have been offered the chance of moderating the NPF in an attempt to give a more open and non biased over view of daily activity and goings on. This will take away alot of personal involvement for myself and Scott and relieve us of alot of sometimes difficult decisons we faced on a daily basis from certain sections. At least now the moderators that have been appointed can decide between them any actions that need to be taken for the good and well being of the community and hopefully the forum will as such return to the once happy and crazy banter full place it used to be.
All members that were offered a moderator post all received the same PM from Scott fully explaining alot of reasons why we closed and his thoughts on why he finally decided to re open which Im sure they will appreciate and also fully understand.

To those that maybe didnt like certain aspects of how we ran the NPF or the new direction we hope to take well at least they now have an alternative platform to stand on and can have no excuse of the NPF now being labelled some of the things they clearly thought we were. People now have a choice and the best of both worlds so lets move on and try and get some enjoyment back. We do what we do for free with the aim of bringing information and hopefully enjoyment from the services we offer. Not much you get in the world for free so please continue to enjoy the NPF and take from it what you choose. Its free!!!! n costs you sweet FA so please respect what the people there do and enjoy the bits you want to and ignore the bits you dont want.

As someone once said

Peace!!! n enjoy!!!!

May review & Running good

Alreet Stumpy here,

After my 3rd in the £200 link game for £2.9k i played 4 more live mtts in may
1,aspers £30 f/0 40 runners 4 way chop for £265
2,circus £100 f/o 136 runners finished about 40ish 88 v 99 aipf
3,circus £55 f/o 80 runners 8th £180 99 v ak aipf
4,circus £20 £20 50 runners 7th £120 aq v k3 aipf

Really happy with the way im playing and running long may it last.


sharkscope has me down as playing 24 sngos and 16 mtts for the month which im sure cant be right, mind you its only prolly missing maybe 1 mtt session as i was either at work or playing live or too knackered to play sigh work gets in the way of poker so much lol.

The ukipt rolls into the toon this month and really looking forward to this, hopefully do a gaz walker and scoop the loot.
Live mtts +£2,969 played 10

Live cash -£40 1 session

online mtts +$2,992

online sngos + $395

horses +$20

Another good month hopefully more of the same please

Keep on smiling stumpy