Been hard work

Alreet stumpy here,
Pokers a tough game when all you do is lose and thats what happened in April online or live just couldnt win a thing. On top of this I lost on the betting to cap of my worst month for along time so its time to regroup and work hard and get my poker mojo back.
I played the GUKPT £500 event at Stockton, made day2 but eventually went out when I reshoved with AQ v 66 1st card 6 sigh. I really enjoyed it and cant speak highly enough of the cardroom and staff.
The hyper turbo sngos i made a small profit after rake but they wernt really my cup of tea so its prolly back to the normal sngos on stars.
Had another dtd staking sweat when my son Craig went really deep in the dtd grand prix when he was one of the chipleaders with about 50 left but he lost a big pot with kk v 45 on a flop of 366 he barrels flop turns a brick bet again and then river 7 oppo goes allin craig folds and oppo shows the 45 yuk he never really recovered and went out about 35th.
live mtts -£648
online mtts -$1600
online sngos +$50
horses -$500
live staking -£200
weight +2
keep on smiling stumpy