easy money

well here we go, first post so may aswell tell u how i came into this amazing game. It all started when i bumped into an old school friend (batesy) in my local bar (a shithole) and he was saying he gonna take all these muppets money at cards. anyways i met a couple of mates and we had a few beers, the night went on and up pops batesy sayin easy money and put about 80 quid in my face claiming it to be his winnings,then he goes on to say he had come 3rd in a tournament at the casino for a cool 420 quid, thats it i wanted in, i invited him back to my house so he can show me the ropes, by 4am im down 120 quid and im hooked and from that day i knew that this was for me. well to cut a long story short the next time batesy came round for his nice little earner, he ended up skint and oweing me 360 quid lol easy money. id learnt so much that night and i hadnt even scratched the surface


As we have said only Teamdobbs members allowed to post.
James was selected for his calming influence on others and his soft spoken way. He is our Ladbrokes specialist online pro and our personal stockbroker although hes skint but makes a luverley cuppa coffee. We share a racehorse even though its 1% of wotever won online won in a joint effort by me, gyposdog ( main part ) and another member beastiebac playing under jamesy s table name of "" KAREN33000 ""
Now you know why he left Newcastle to go down to the big smoke where although he tells us he is a trainee stockbroker we believe he works in Soho maybe around the tranny scene.
Because of his move down south Jamesy s position in Teamdobbs was well in jeopardy with for long periods looking like he was going to be the sub. After an emergency meeting with me n Gypo it was decided he had to be in the 1st 8 and as such we made final table of the team event eventually finishing second due to Jamesys points contribution. Plus he looked lush in his Red Satin attire.


First few posts are mainly explanations as to how things started. The name was born so simple. Each week at the Grosvenor the winner of the multi tournie was given a card marker which we named as " Dobbers " Banter began with us as to who had the most dobbers and from there we chose players who had the same sense of humour and who in our opinion were good lads cos as we all know the game is full of up their own arse wankers. The Grosvenor then on our request decided to have a " Team " event challenge and from their we selected 8 good lads ( not necessary the best 8 players ) who would form Teamdobbs. The crack this created was unreal as week after week we dominated tables with crack which no others could compete against.
The prestige of being selected in Teamdobbs has now stuck with these players and the bond has remained. Hee hee.


Playing online is the normal way most people pick up poker and learn yet playing live poker with real people next to you is an experience any player needs. As my confidence grew I started visiting our local Grosvenor Casino to see what was on offer and was pleasantly surprised to find a very vibrant and busy group of players where a game was available virtually every night of the week. My 3rd visit gave me my 1st sucess and 1st final table and from then I was always at ease and comfortable in what alot of people find a daunting atmosphere.
One of my regular Thursday night visits I found myself out of the main tournie and decided to join a very noisy cash game that had started. Sitting down with my chips I found myself sitting next to a very young looking lad who was obviously worse the wear for drink and very loud and aggressive. I dont normally like this but there was something about this lad that I found amusing and interesting and as such spent the next couple of hours intrigued with. He had me cringing at times and laughing yet at no time did I think he was a pissed up dickhead. A couple of times I did make certain comments I remember but only in the interests of him as I felt he was getting a little bit carried away. I eventually left and the following week entered my normal Thursday night tournie to only be sat next to this same lad. As I sat down I looked at him and said " You sober this week?" He gave me a very strange look and in a very quiet voice said " aye but do I know you? " After I explained the previous week which he struggled to recall we got on with the tournie and spent the next few hours chatting normally and even at the break cracked on abit on various things. A special friendship was launched from then on which at the time I was to have no idea would happen. I leave it there for now with further exploits of what happened next to follow !

Funny how you meet people

I first started playing poker after catching my 15 year old son online and asking what he was doing. Turns out he was actually playing poker. I soon downloaded WillHill and playing free money under the table name 'deeirun'. I soon got bored with this as being a gambler, the lure of winning money was too stong. A few saturday afternoon freerolls later and initial success convinced me the road to riches had been invented and my first cash deposit was made. It took no time at all to be £200 down and then a £2 multi table tournament win gave me a + account bankroll. At the time, I was involved with a good friend of mine betting on football which we were very successful at losing. I thought I better not let him miss out on this chance and told him about this exciting game I had been introduced to. he was soon online himself playing udner the name of 'monacokev' and within a very short period of time the wins started pouring in for both of us (monacokev has since changed his name to the famous 'Azimut').

A lot of enjoyment I used to get at the time was the fun and humour created by the chat box during games and it was in this time that I regularly used to come against a player called 'ricbeau'. Rich and beautiful I thought and as such our chat became part and parcel of the game. Eventually, we swopped telephone numbers and made contact with each other as it seems we had a lot in common. During one conversation we had, I mentioned we were having a BBQ and said why don't you come up, it will be a good weekend. The following weekend ricbeau got a flight from Southampton to Newcastle and ever since we have become very good friends. So much so that despite Richard moving away to live in Prague we have still kept in touch and I was delighted to be invited and attend his wedding last weekend. Good luck Richard and I have gave you the honour of being the subject of my first post. I hope you don't mind me publishing your wedding photo.

The arrival of TEAMDOBBS

The TEAMDOBBS has landed into the world of poker blogs. For the last few months, myself and Michael (gyposdog) have read with interest the blogs of fellow players, some of them people we know personally being impresed but also disappointed. Gyposdog has plagued me for us to launch our own blog so here goes...I hope you all enjoy our entries and experiences in the future.