Back to work

Alreet Stumpy here,

My son Craig whos 18 and has been watching and learning poker on and off for 3 years, hes already had a few nice scores live and online but Sunday morning he wakes me up at 9am, hes 2-7 in the $10 superstack and from there he crushes the field for 1st place for $4.2k his biggest win so far, nice one! just need to learn him bankroll management now erm gl me.

Played 4 times live in the last 2 weeks with 2 fts but not much profit,1 ft was at Circus last Tuesday when there was only 34 runners so just 6 prizes which is just about right but for some reason a lad wanted to do 4 bubble prizes which is a joke tbh, fuk me might as well run don mtts.

3 weeks left in the league and ive been trying to qualify with as little entries as possible but I think im cutting it a bit fine as im on the bubble for qualification.

Online ive been grinding the 45s and 9s making a steady profit but no mtt bink close but no cigar.

Did my 2nd training day, had two nice lads who really wanted to learn, and on the day one of em cashed 8-10 and the other ran bad but cashed 2-8 they gave me some great feedback and hopefully they will carry on with the strategy and make a nice profit.

Its the Newcastle Poker Forum Team Challenge this Saturday and really looking forward to it as last years event was probably the best and most enjoyable days poker ive ever had and i didnt cash,after finishing 1st and 5th in my last 2 teamgames for the dobbas and ending up on the winning team both times the pressure is on to carry this form onto Saturday so just got a do my best and hope the poker gods are smiling on me.

Looks like I will be going back to work next week, my knee is still sore and stiff after I go for a walk but im on half pay and I have been using my poker br to top up my pay which I hate to do as im a br nit.

So it looks like its back to the real world and combining my poker with my fulltime job of driving trains, oh well it was never going to last, sigh.

keep on smiling


Thursday mtt update.

Quick update bloggers on the Thursday mtt sessions I'm experimenting with at the moment.

As picture shows, after another successful Thursday night session last night, I have reinforced my belief that playing less is keeping myself interested in the game and not getting bored by overplaying. I'm feeling fresh,excited and stimulated when I sit down for a Thursday session now, rather than playing any time I can.

I only played 7 tournaments last night which went like this:

$10+1 125/241.

$2+.20 rebuy 14/467 $24.58 profit

$5+.50 Limit Horse 3/16 $10.50 profit.

$10+1 48/131.

$20+2 6 max 47/87

$10+1 turbo rebuy satelitte to the 200k Sunday major. 1/27 $215tds.

$40+4 1/112 $1143.20 profit.

Last nights session pushed my ROI back to 85% (over $5k) for a small sample size of just 393 mtts.

Great session for me, railed by canonlygetbetter and Joblin on ft. Again, made a lot of mistakes as always, but none too costly to my stack at any point. (Need to "man up" an get aggressive when deep) but overall happy and enjoying my poker at the moment.
Look forward to (hopefully) next Friday to see if I can post more positive results.


Our Tribute To Card Guard Kid

Since the announcement last week that Cardguard was leaving the forum, a little tribute was in order. Watch & enjoy an NPF legend in action

Originally posted here.


ok fellow bloggers

thought i would post up on here after last few days events and also cos i aint blogged for a bit.

Firstly - i hope you all understand why i have taken the decision i have to not be involved with the NPF any more. It has taken me 2 weeks of serious thinking but i reached this descision for my own sake really. You all know how much i do in regards to forum stuff and it has been my pleasure to do this over the last few years - however the last few months have not been enjoyable and yesterday i finally decided enough was enough. If im honest the main reason is i dont see why i should put myself out for ungrateful tossers and have realised that when i do stuff it is enjoyed by these tossers and that makes me an idiot. I know some of the idiots love trawling through everything i post looking to catch me out or pull me if i type one wrong word - so to those of you reading this - thats right you are tossers!!!

Would never post any of this up on the forum due to the respect i have for dave and scott, but my my real mindset at the moment is to tear all the fools apart in posts and i dont want to spoil the forum so thats why i have decided not to be a part anymore.

Have told davy i will do the forum uk team challange as i had committed my self to doing this and i do not let my friends down - so will be a great weekend and imo a good event for me to bow out on. The forum is much much bigger than any individual and my posting last night of my exit was not done so people would reply arrrr dont do it etc - i really really dont need my ego massaging by anyone - it was done so people will understand why they wont see me on anymore or doing forum stuff - makes it easier for me to explain once to everyone rather than everytime an individual asks.

im sure some of the 10% i mention will read this and im sure most will understand and know who i mean - but i wont spell out who i mean - just to say to them - happy days for you lot you now have what you wanted - nee more cgk to bother about.

reet another biggish factor in my descision was i have also really really fallen out of love with poker - in fact i would go as far to say i actually hate the game - so much so i have not played one game live or online for 10 days - i have just staked a few people online and think i will burn my roll off doing this and not reload.

Always been proud to be the kind of person who ' shoots from the hip' as they say and you all know that maybes i can be abrupt and kind of impulsive but i always say it just as i feel it

Im proud to be a dobba and friends with some great people and my association with the dobbas will remain.



A trainer and a train driver now!!!

Alreet stumpy here,

Following on from my 9th place in miniftops plo for $1600ish I take down the $10 Superstack on Fulltilt for just over $2k. Spoona was at my house grinding mtts for the day and when I had scooped he dropped me off at Circus where Mrs Stumpy and Young Stumpy had left earlier to play the £20+£20. They had bought me in and I didnt get there till midnite and only had 3k left but managed to sneak onto ft but bow out in 10th place. Mrs Stumpy continued her good run with another ft finally losing race to finish in 5th place.

Wake up the next day and I get a text off Spoona who played a few mtts when he got home and finished 1st in $10ko for just over $1k his biggest online bink so far and many more to come imo.

Last week was the NPF 2nd birthday game which was a great night had a good laugh and a few drinks and got to know a lot of the new forum members and catching up with others. In the game itself I had above average chips until pretty deep then went card dead and being on a pretty aggro table could never get my chips in, eventually getting them in with 22 v aa wp me.

Mrs Stumpy picked up most improved player of the year and I was so proud as she has went from not even knowing the hand rankings 2 years ago,to cashing regulary whenever she plays live,I also picked up the live player of the year award.

Saturday I did my 1st sngo training day,I had 5 members from the NPF at bannisters hq to teach them my strategy of winning at sngos and on the day the 5 players seemed to pick up and understand the strategy quite well with 2 breaking even and the other 3 making a nice profit. Alot more work to do but now they have a basic understanding of the strategy and with a little more help via the internet or maybe another live day Im sure they will be making a nice profit.I have another 8 players who have applied so will deffo be doing another day soon.

I would like to thank Teamdobb for letting me use bannisters hq,Dreamdobb,Spoona and Samj as I couldnt of done this day without them. Also the players who turned up who were a pleasure to work with.

keep on smiling stumpy

Thursdays are still nice.

Hi all.

Just a quick update again.

I mentioned in my last post about me not playing much other than Thursdays and seem to be playing a lot better for it. Well,,,,Thursday still seems to be my lucky day to play.

I played the NPF Birthday game last Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it again. I got to meet more of the lads from the forum and the craic was good allround. 85 runners and was reasonably happy with making the final 2 tables considering I had to pinch all the chips I had all day as I never seemed to pick up any sort of premium hands. I then take a blow when I run into Mr McGoogles monsterous QJ with 99 leaving me short then run a K9 desperation shove into eventual winner Smoggies AA. Played cash till around 6am and don't know how the fuck I made a little profit as I was pissed as a fart by that time and played awful.

Anyway, back to freaky Thursdays.

I regged for 6 mtts last night on Ub.

2 x $11 freezeouts. Out pretty early in both, set over set in one and KK into AA in the other after only 4 hands.

$20+2 2k guaranteed f/out 103 runners placed 12th just missing ft after huge suckout for $30.90.

$40+4 f/out, 102 runners and placed 6th for $244.80. Defining hand, AK V A6 and the clown hits his 6.

$50+5 8k guaranteed, 156 runners, placed 6th for $480. Defining hand QQ gets snap called by Q7 for his tourney life and obv he makes a straight. I'd made a lot of mistakes in this tourney but managed to make the ft so overall I guess a bad one was coming and can't grumble too much.

$2 rebuy. 441 runners, 4th for $220.08. Cant even remember what I went out with but I had been very patient in this for a lot of the time well below average chips and thought I was going to bink it but it wasn't to be.

So, as stated before I'm not sure if I am playing better because I'm not playing as much, or whether Im just on a sick Thursday heater but I'm certainly not gonna change the tactic or the schedule just yet.

I've managed to increase my ROI on UB/AP CEREUS network to close to 90% so I'm happy with the way things are going at the moment.

Maybe anyone who plays regularly and is having a hard time might find that less is more by playing less often and seeign if anything impoves, whether it be their results or passion for playing.


Happy Birthday

Quick update post to follow on from previous.
Happy 2nd birthday NPF and 85 runners took their seats which considering how many regular forum members were unavailable to make it was superb taking everything into consideration.

Played in the upstairs cardroom I get excellent table which included Cardguard, Spoona, Mr Entertainment, Mono. Mr Nice Guy, Gary Wilson Junior and S2C.
The game played itself for me tbh and after losing 2k bluffing from a 7.5k stack with a missed up n down draw I didnt leave myself much room for error. This was made worse when calling my initial raised bet with KQss to Cardguards low stack ship to find he has AA and then soon after that win a race with CG when my AK made Ace on river to his QQ.
Dont know how tbh but make final table eventually going out 9th shoving JQcc from button in unopened pot to be looked up by Mulhuzz with A8 and dont hit. 2 pairs in over 10 hours 33 n 77 and AK twice n AQ once tells ya what total crap I had. KQ was my most often dealt hand I was getting and is my new utg mover lol!!!!!

All in all an excellent day and once again alot of very positives to be taken.

Big well done to Dave "Smoggie" Grayson in taking it down with the added bonus of a £300 GUKPT Main event Summer series seat and I know how much the win meant to him especially being his 1st Live Game win and for S2C for finishing in 6th place after being down to just over 300 chips in level 3. NPF full report here

Tuesday sees the Circus £500 added £50 monthly and 120 runner field will probaly contain yours truely.

Until then everyone be happy and run good

Back......hopefully with a bang

Hi blogger world,

Been off the scene for over 6 weeks now so thought Id give you lot quick update as to why

1: Poker simply wasnt doing it for me so decided to force myself to take a break instead of playing for playing sake around the local scene. That had got pretty stale to be honest with very few games that were attractive and fields so small the time and effort hardly seemed worth it. I mainly play for the social aspect of the game and even this seemed to have changed and as such my enjoyment levels were at their lowest.
Its been 6 weeks since Ive played apart from one game midweek at Circus and today I make my return for the coveted NPF 2nd Annual Birthday/Awards bash at Grosvenor Newcastle and am looking forward to seeing their new cardroom layout. Hope theres a good crowd there, the cards are kind and most importantly for me I get a good table with some good crack on it.

2: Been busy on the work front with some new investment into a totally new computor network system being the brainchild of my son Scott with the intention to make our jobs at work easier, better and more efficient and to progress the business the direction he sees it going. Been away abroad visiting some new suppliers and also meeting some present suppliers which was interesting and fun and alot of benefit should come from that. Still very tough times ahead and whatever business youre in, it will have suffered lately not helped by the crazy taxation laws this country have which give no real incentive for people to work hard as your taxed for breathing too loud it seems these days.

3; Big upheaval at home featured giving into my wifes requests of wanting a new kitchen.

Not the simple job obviously as her idea of a new kitchen meant a total house change with basically the back of the house removed, changing the back door position to install special folding doors to bring the garden into the kitchen with a wall of glass and removing walls from the kitchen to the seperate dining room to create a large open plan kitchen dining room with a hihg tec, high spec gleaming white new singing and dancing room. Alot of research, alot of trying to find the right people to do the jobs and alot of money spent but the end result is BINGO and a total dogs bollocks job completed.

All in all a nice break and looking forward to the next few weeks/month with some interesting stuff.

Booked hotel for WSOP/Vegas trip in June and have sorted the games Im playing in which feature starting with the Seniors event at The Golden Nuggett followed by the WSOP Seniors Event at the Rio a few days later sanwiched in between a few hotel MTTs. Got a brilliant deal imo at the Aria. This is the new complex that opened beginning of the year slap bang in the middle of the strip next to The Bellagio and opposite Paris which we really fancied staying at. I have been holding back on booking and keeping a close eye on their prices and when searching the other day it popped up on a site I often use at the unreal price of £625 for 10 nights for the room (cheaper than a fkn Travel Lodge here ) Booked paid and happy and now I see that price was only ever available for 2 or 3 days weeeeeee!!!

Vegas should be really good this year in the fact theres a really good crowd going over from the NPF and a big variety of ages and games there playing should make it a very interesting trip.
Think Ill play the Coral Masters game at Leeds on the weekend before we leave which is the 2nd leg of a very attractive tour I hope to play most legs of.

Reet gotta wash me hair and make myself smell nice for hopefully a deep deep run at todays game.

Laters all and glad to be back............................. for now and hopefully back with a bang!!!!!

Fresh and back in form!!!!

Hi bloggers.

It's been a while since I last posted on here but thought it was time to put up a post of how I've been recently and how I've been getting on.

Last post I think I was going to start a grind from scratch on FTP but as always, I got bored played too much too soon and got fuckng bored with it to be honest and spewed what little cash I had on there.

About 10 weeks ago I decided to have a full break from poker and anything poker related for a few weeks. I refrained from playing, I didn't post here or the forum much at all in those 4 weeks and felt that the time I took reflect on what I want out of the game etc has done me good.

About 6 weeks ago I decided to reload on UB (something I said I'd never do on UB, and didn't)
so I logged on, looked at account and noticed I had the grand sum of $4 in my account. "I'll fuck about with this and see if I can spin it up first" I said to myself. BAM! 1st session, roll was upto around $100 playing sngs.
Next night, played a few mtts for $2-$5 and a few sngs and had a decnt session so decided to play a $10 mtt. 4 hours later I'd run through 199 runners and binked $537.30 for my troubles.

Since then, I've stuck to only playing on a Thursday and the odd Friday nights and have been doing well. The fact that all my time isn't being consumed by poker has kept me fresh, interested and hungry to win and increase the roll.

Fast forward to today it's been up and down, I've been playing above my roll but Thursday nights seem to be my lucky night and have improved the roll, banked a few quid (I'm not one for building and building a roll, I like to withdraw and enjoy the cash to make it seem worthwile) and having fun at the moment and most of all enjoying playing.

Recent results suggest to me that the limited time I'm allowing myself to play is infact beneficial to the way I'm playing (I think!)

A good session last night (suckouts aside) have had me regain my shark status on sharkscope for mtts on Cereus and upping my ROI on there back to around 80%.
Sharkscope haven't been recording stats on Cereus for that long, the sample size on there is very small but at the micro-small stakes it can be a slow and steady increase on anyones roll if you can take the ridiculous beats from really bad plays by some. (As McGoogle has recently shown in last months $500-$1500 challenge.)

I know a lot of the bloggers and forum lads say volume is the key to making money but in my opinion I feel less is definately more in my current situation and state of mind. My mindset in these last 6 weeks hasn't been about making money but just playing and enjoying a session when I WANT to play.
All in all, I've had a good a good few weeks, I'm enjoying my Thursday nights, feel I'm playing well and looking forward to the NPF Birthday game this Saturday on the back of a decent bit of form. See you all there and don't say I didn't warn you if I take it down, crowbarring Stumpy out of his seat on the way.
Just have to now convince myself it's a Thursday and not a Saturday though.