Thursdays are still nice.

Hi all.

Just a quick update again.

I mentioned in my last post about me not playing much other than Thursdays and seem to be playing a lot better for it. Well,,,,Thursday still seems to be my lucky day to play.

I played the NPF Birthday game last Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it again. I got to meet more of the lads from the forum and the craic was good allround. 85 runners and was reasonably happy with making the final 2 tables considering I had to pinch all the chips I had all day as I never seemed to pick up any sort of premium hands. I then take a blow when I run into Mr McGoogles monsterous QJ with 99 leaving me short then run a K9 desperation shove into eventual winner Smoggies AA. Played cash till around 6am and don't know how the fuck I made a little profit as I was pissed as a fart by that time and played awful.

Anyway, back to freaky Thursdays.

I regged for 6 mtts last night on Ub.

2 x $11 freezeouts. Out pretty early in both, set over set in one and KK into AA in the other after only 4 hands.

$20+2 2k guaranteed f/out 103 runners placed 12th just missing ft after huge suckout for $30.90.

$40+4 f/out, 102 runners and placed 6th for $244.80. Defining hand, AK V A6 and the clown hits his 6.

$50+5 8k guaranteed, 156 runners, placed 6th for $480. Defining hand QQ gets snap called by Q7 for his tourney life and obv he makes a straight. I'd made a lot of mistakes in this tourney but managed to make the ft so overall I guess a bad one was coming and can't grumble too much.

$2 rebuy. 441 runners, 4th for $220.08. Cant even remember what I went out with but I had been very patient in this for a lot of the time well below average chips and thought I was going to bink it but it wasn't to be.

So, as stated before I'm not sure if I am playing better because I'm not playing as much, or whether Im just on a sick Thursday heater but I'm certainly not gonna change the tactic or the schedule just yet.

I've managed to increase my ROI on UB/AP CEREUS network to close to 90% so I'm happy with the way things are going at the moment.

Maybe anyone who plays regularly and is having a hard time might find that less is more by playing less often and seeign if anything impoves, whether it be their results or passion for playing.