Better than Sherwood Forest

Up sharp and after student cafe greasy joe breakfast its across to pick up S2C from his hotel and taxi ride down to Dusk till Dawn. Club is located just outside of town directly on motorway links and easy to find.
Normal enough looking place from outside but WoW when you get past reception the place really is impressive on entering main room. Its only just gone 12.30 and place is already really busy especially the bar area.
From top to bottom the venue has obviously been well designed with no expenses spared and top quality fittings all over and all mod cons.
From the layout design, tables, computor display screens, merchandise, poker chips, quality of dealers and general cardroom management the place seemed virtually faultless and apart from the slightly overpriced drinks and food which is understandable considering the overheads involved then no poker player could be nothing but impressed with the place.
Good to meet up again with a few online faces Ive got to know from previous events and we were all soon seated and on the way.
Knew the guy on my right from online and didnt take long to realise had very good quality table.
Moved along nicely with steady growing stack and felt I had some good reads on players and their plays which in general were proved correct when shown down.
Picked up nice pot playing J10 in BB calling the buttons regular raise in 3 way pot.
Flop of 9 10 J and called his pot size raise to see another lovely Jack which took it down to his Q8 flopped straight.
Best pot taken was beauty 10 4 BB special in 5 way pot and flop of 10 4 A turn 4 and 7 river to guy holding A 9.
The normal level of dead cards then in later level my mid raised AJ was met by all in from BB who had started doing this alot. I get away from hand and from there go backwards. Our table is broken and did I draw the short straw. Table Im moved to puts me back in the blinds and between the chip leader and another monsta stack.
Low stack in early position who had pushed alot with crap moves in early and best hand Ive seen in 4 laps 88 is in front of me in Button position so I move in with him only for big stack to my left to go all in as well boooooooooo.
1st guy shows Q7 but big stack has KK which hold to take down the pot and Im offskis in 104th from 259.
Enter a STT which had been running al day with all winners going through to following days final and take it down then play Forum Team Game for AWOP late on after main event day 1 finish getting AA in busted twice at vital stages. 5 handed get my raise called to 10 high flop for guy to move all in showing Q 10 then rivers the Q and when 3 handed in chip lead although blinds were huge single raise the BB with AA for him to move all in with 99 and spike the 9 on the turn.
Cash returns at least but next days STT Final was a none event for me with total wrong head on and terminator game even worse. Had enough by end of play on 1st day to be honest and just wanted to get home.
Hung around to see my mate Pete cash out in main event low 20 position and then watch Newcastle lad I know very well Gary Wilson Senior take down the STT Final.

Eventually glad to get home and although Im going to play a good game at Stanley Circus added money tomorrow night in Newcastle Im then going to have a good few days with no poker.

Junes Figures

Online Poker = £228.50 profit

Live Poker including Vegas = £625 loss

No one likes losing but cosidering what Ive played in Vegas without cashing I cant complain at months figures.

Robbing the Rich for the Poor

Drive from Manchester across to Nottingham seemed to take forever with roadworks & traffic yet eventually find our apartment Id booked for the weekend for the Virgin Poker Festival. Not long later and S2c arrived by train and we made our way across town to find his hotel. Spot on as it was right next door to Stanley Circus Casino and we had made our minds up to play their £30 Freeze Out.
Wow what a shock we got when we signed in as this casino is within a centre similar to the Gate Complex at Newcastle but on 2 levels. At 1st the place looked like it was going to be small but escalators took us down stairs to a huge area made up of different sections and everything looked brand new and top of the range stuff. Registered for the tournie and made our way for something to eat. Lovely restaurant area and omg what a bargain. 3 course meal from huge selection on offer and a crazy price £5.95

Tournie kicked off with 3 tables so although the facilities and location were superb the poker room unfortunately wasnt being supported considering what the place had on offer.
Of the players at least were 6 visitors there for the festival so again it shows the lack of support at this venue which seemed such a shame.
Table was mixture of new, loose and rocks and players soon busted out. I slowly was getting sloshed to be honest with a nice steady flow of Fosters but also a steady flow & mixture of hands seeing my stack rise and eventually final table time and was nice to see S2C join me there and with a healthy stack as well. Down to 6 handed & us 2 still going nicely when this hand happens. S2C in 3rd position puts in raise to 6k at bottom of table and very strong player in button( local ) throws in 6k but obviously didnt see original bet. I realised this and said to him " Did you see the original bet?" which he hadnt but said its OK no problem. SB & BB fold and flop comes K99. S2C bets 1/2 the pot and guy announces all in and S2C cudnt call quick enough.
Guy shows J9 but S2C whips over KK.
We eventually end heads up and 3 hands later I take it down for a North East 1-2 and a £320 recovery against Vegas.
Weekend freerolling now and a nice lift for the games at Dusk till Dawn.

Back- just

Well eventually Im back on my settee infront of my lap top perched up on my Ikea table.
Just settled down after arriving back form the Virgin Festival at Dusk till Dawn Nottingham.
Bit of a chuckle at the last 2 posts by Jimmy C and Mr E and glad to see they settling in to the swing of the blog straight away. Weve took the plunge and exposed ourselves to the poker world by putting personal pictures up down the left hand side and I know this will really please a certain "Platonic".

Journey home from Vegas was so so. When I book any holiday one of the 1st things I look for is the time of the return flight as the nightmare I hate is when you fly back late so after vacating your room ya normally kicking ya heels to fill time in. Never seems to happen with Vegas flights to be honest and sure again this year its a 2.55pm departure time so with our 11.00am check out its basically pay the bits n bobs bill like $4.5 for a tiny bottle of coke and $14 per day internet bill then taxi for short drive to airport.
Wooooo hardly any queue at check in yet lady decides lets pick on these 2 daft fkrs as they tark deeed funny so I cant understand them. Gives us all the "Have you packed these cases " shitty patter then announces " Im sorry but in economy youre only allowed 20kg per passenger" I look on the scales and Mrs C has 23k and mines 17kg. Ffks where do these people get off from. Its open case time moving stuff from one to another with Caesar Palace towels all over the place.
She settles on 21 v 19 then kindly announces Mrs C has been chosen for extra special security search. Well anyone who knows my missus will no doubt understand how panic stricken she got when informed of this. I think she had a picture of strip search with rubber gloves on looking for gear.
An hour later and we are settled down in departures waiting for our flight displayed as "On Time"
Boarded with our normal central shit seats and the consistent couple infront who insist on having their seats fully pushed back in sleeping mode.
Taxi away from gate approx 30 mins late due to enginnering paperwork then sit another 30 mins at end of runway. Announcement tells us because of change in wind direction and weight on board we have to go to other end of next runway. Obviously when we get there weve missed our slot and Pilot turns off engine.
Announcement- just after turning off engines pilot was informed by traffic control of earlier slot now but due to him switching off engines they needed certain time to cool down before firing up again so we missed that slot as well.
Anyway 3 hours yes 3 hours later our flight took off and for our 10 hour flight it seemed as if I was flying back and forward to Australia it seemed forever. At least I took in 3 films I hadnt seen and learned all about trecking in San Francisco from the eccentric old couple I had next to me. Even took down their cheesecakes from their dinner as they didnt like it.

Anyway tired now and need some zzzzzzzzz so Ill post up tomorrow the Virgin Festival crack with abit of success to write about and other Geordies that did well and also Junes facts n figures which considering the run Ive been on and where Ive been and what Ive played in isnt as bad as what I thought it was going to be.

Teamdobb back on my settee in the UK infront of my Ikea table signing off and cya tomorrow.

I came,I saw,I donated....

Its been a pretty poor last 2 months with 2 car crashes and 1 final table in about 7 tournys but undeterred i headed to Aspers for there Saturday afternoon £50 freezeout feeling pretty good because i managed to get some vidoes on my itouch wich would help ease the boredom when i go through my usual slump of abysmal cards(thats an unofficial moan).
I turned up after the 1st level so missed the extra 2k and started with 7k so i decided to loosen up to get back them chips and basically let the table know who the boss was.So 45 minutes later at the break i have 2.8k left and wondering what iam going to have for my supper and if iam ever going to win again.
20 minutes into the 3rd level i get my 1st big break the valet brings my nooodles with chicken and shrimp and i start to watch Heroes on my ipod! After limping in with 6d7d and flopping my 7 nobody bets and another 7 hits the turn and the big stack bluffing machine fires out and calls my reraise with a pair of 3's but still below average and not getting much help from the dealer to follow up and get into the game.Another flopped 2 pair with 6,8 off in sb and i get all my money in with a call from another big stack who had top pair,great am up to 13k now and i just need 1 double up and then i have some chance but disaster strikes when the player to my left is eliminated and a very lucky calling station takes his place,he plays so bad but always has a big stack and has a knack of putting me out of competitions with his customary "sorry son"
3 rounds later no cards and it has been folded round to my sb and i look down at 8,9off i would love to push but mr calling station will knock me out so i decide to limp and when the flop comes j,9,2 i think ok lets bet 1.5k and take it down but no he calls a q hits the turn so i bet bigger(at this point i must point out there were 2 spades on the flop) he thinks about it and then calls :( now i have only 3k left so when the 2 spades hits the river :( i think poo so i check and then he bets out 4k now iam pot commited so there is no way iam folding so i put the terminator in the middle with my chips and he says" just a 9" i flick my cards over and then he shows his A9 "Sorry Son" i hear as i head out the door....Haddock,Cod,Haddock,Cod,Haddock god iam so bad at this game i know he is going to call but i still donk off my chips to him anyway! i have not played any cash since i started posting but in tournys iam - £370 down,i won 4.5k in the first 4 months of this year but for the life of me i cant remember how but hey ho the Shiraz is slipping down nicely and everything is rosey again,Laterz all

Sir James Chipmunk







Consistent at least & Homeward bound

Last day out on the street and its a lazy day in general with a bit of shopping with Mrs C getting a last few bits n pieces. At least theres some nice bargains over here especially with the strength of the £.

Give Binnions comp a miss and just play the very convenient Caesars 7.00 pm for $150 and at least if I was to go deep ( hahahahaha) Im close to bed and its a max of 2.30/3.00 estimated finish.
Just short of 200 runners again so approx $5k to winner. Hitting the cash was my target so top 18 was where the target was set.
Very comfy table to start and quick double up with 2 nice covered up hands. One of 1st tables to break and moved 3 along to another nice table and some good crack with a guy from Nottingham who gave me the run down on the Poker/Casino scene there. Nicely settled and moving along nicely but had amazing guy on table. He had decent stack when I sat down but no exaggeration this guy played every single hand no matter what raise went before him or whatever position he was in. Infact it became a sort of open private joke between me and the guy from Nottingham.
Eventually this table broke and got moved into main hall and the dreaded table 61 where I had crap all last night.
1st hand there and I pick up KK woooooooooooooo but its folded to my raise. Thats it Im afraid until I limp in with J10 from just below button and flop is JJ2. I bet it and guy calls my bet and an 8 turn sees him check raise my bet which I decide to just call. Its the jewel at the river when the 4th Jack pops out and also possible flush. Im convinced its pay day and hes gonna check raise me to be honest and I make token 3k bet into pot which after think tank he folds ( the fkn pussy)
Here we go I reckon and at last a decent run at vital stage but nope. Card dead sets in and cant even make any moves as big raises keep coming in front of me.
I drop to 6k but double through with 88 then on my BB which was contantly attacked by 2 players in particular the standard 3 X raise came in and called by the SB as well. I look down at 10 10 and with the time it was push em all in. Initial raiser folds reluctantly and SB after think tank announces call.
I tell him " Ive got your favourite hand" as hes had it at least 5 times and he says Noooooo turning over 99. Flop comes 2276 and of course as expected the killer 9 bombs in on the river.
Dealer previously had asked me where I had got my lucky 4 leaf clover card guard and as I left I told him " Its going back tomorrow cos its obviously broke"

Oh well been a great trip and its up in morning, pay my internet bill at reception then taxi to airport and hopefully no delays and an easier return journey back than the inward one.

Lets hope I get a change of luck this weekend and am certainly looking forward to meeting alot of old & new faces at the Virgin Festival.

No Critiscm Intended m8 BWTF?

You just cant let this game get to you or if it does then dont play it but its amazing what you see at times and at certain stages its even worse.
Had a great time on me hols here in Vegas and Ive got 2 more tournies to play.
I decide to play the $150 7pm in Caesars which attracts over 200 runners and chugging along nicely when daft twat knocks a cup of coffee over the felt and the table is broke to which Im moved to really tuff table.
Eventually get some crack going and WSOP dealer to my left has the table in stitches when he opens up with his crack.
Low chipped he goes on a 14 hand run of all ins and tables a nice high stack but eventually he runs into a suck out and the action man is lost.
Settles down then and a big jump in antes and big jump in blinds so starts sorting out the field including me who am totally card dead with 4 4 being best hand Ive seen in an hour and as such am low.
Eventually with a limper and one off the button I see suited Q10 and push em in for BB to announce RAISE. OMG a monsta obvious and its heads up me n BB all in. We down to last 30 odd now with 18 paid.
Flip and my Q10 is met by the sight of Qc2d- Yip I repeat Qc2d.
No guessing what I see 1st as dealers to my right and that is a Q but followed by 7 then 2. Wp GG shake of hand and what the fuck was that all about? Can anyone out there explain that to me cause I certainly dont understand stupid plays like that and if Im daft then I need to change this game we play. Why isolate in that position with utter shite like that? then get rewarded makes it even worse.

Rob " Animal " Price was on the table next to me and well enoughed stacked to certainly make at least the money and even enough getting the right cards now to go all the way. $5k for winner but like in most of these they are very top heavy with top 3 where its all about and push poker being played in most hands now. As I left there were 20 odd left so good luck Rob.

On my way out I passed the tables of the $120 game that kicked off at 11.00 and recognise a face there from all the WSOP Main Event hype that you see on TV.
The guy made final few of Main Event 2007 taking home over $1 million and here he was playing this badly structured $120 game and not wanting to sound nasty but actually looking really rough and worse for wear. Wonder if hes spewed all his wonga back into the Poker eating machine called Vegas? Easily done Im sure getting carried away in this crazy game that can promise you so much yet is always waiting there to take it all back.

One more tournie left and then back to UK reality and the surroundings of Dusk till Dawn Nottingham for the Virgin Festival which to be honest Im really looking forward to after my experiences of the last 12 days. Its always nice to come home.

See you next year!

Those old codgers got me and zimmer frames n all they were just too dam good!!!!

To be honest it was one of my best experiences ever playing Poker.
A record entry for the Seniors Event WSOP with well over 2000 runners and the atmosphere and introductions were brilliant. Oldest player was the ripe young age of 91 and they kept on asking me for evidence of my age ( I wish)

From the start our table was absolutely brilliant and I simply cannot praise these guys enough. Throughout the game was played in the spirit it should be with good play being appreciated and not one word was said out of turn or any offence uttered.

Play most of the time seemed very basic ABC stuff and over 1st 2 levels I had added nicely to the miserley starting stack given. 4th level I was probably 3rd in chips on table and we had only lost one player. Picking up QQ mid position I raise up well for BB to re raise twice my original so I fold and show to his wow remark as he reveals AA. Next lap I pick up QQ again same position to which I make my raise only for same guy on BB to re raise again. Didnt feel happy but called to take the flop to a Jack high and a BBx2 bet by the guy. "Respect man" I say "as I only feel Im beating 10 10" and fold again showing my QQ. He looked at me as if I was mad and said "Well played Son" lolol son luv it and turned over KK.
Funny how you can feel great losing with QQ in quick succession and damage to your stack but in my opinion I was free rolling now.
Antes kicked in after 4th level and last hand before break with 5 seconds on clock the dealer gets the hand in. Im not in it but a 3 way flop sees J94 rainbow and 1st to act announces all in and 2nd guy pushes all his chips forward and so does the 3rd guy.
On their backs and 1st guy has AJs 2nd guy has AA 3rd guy 44 and takes the lot and massive pot. Same guy 4 hands previous had his jacket on when pushing in with 10 10 against KK but was rescued on the river. Poor guy who lost that pot with KK later lost pots of KK to JJ with river J and AA to KK with river K.

Not much else happened for me to be honest with survival twice on steals and an AK v AJ holding up. Never had more than 3 times starting stack but was still enjoying it and just hoping for that flood of cards that never came and my aim was to make the dinner break with the clock showing approx 600 players left. Wasnt to be and with little over 4 BB left and 15 minutes to dinner break I try and steal with Qs10s on the button and BB wakes up with AQ and the codger from Texas shot me down. Between 500-600 left when I went out so only a few hundred off the money. 0:)

Brilliant game and loved every minute of it and cant wait to do it all again next year. Hope someone from table goes far and even Mrs C swopped e mails n addresses on the rail from a lovely lady from Montana.

Record at Caesars

Enter the Poker room at Caesars for the 12.00 $300 Deep Stack and ffks the queues a mile long and 5 deep to register at 11.45am. Eventually get sorted and seated and the tournie is full with alternates waiting and eventual announcement that todays game is record for room of 705 runners. Pot of $205155.00 with top 76 paid and winner taking $55k.
General crack seems to be alot of locals and Americans are preferring these deep stack hotel games in preference to the WSOP with more play and value for their money.
Double stack up 1st 2 levels move table then double up again within next hour at new table and sitting very comfy. 10 10 paid me off nice twice flopping house once with it to guys set of queens and then bust AA when my AK comes K high flop and turns another K and guy eventually folds at river.
3rd table move and backwards from here in.
Limp early position with AJ on 200/400 and sb makes up 3 way. Flop is A38 rainbow and small blind leads out 4k with 10k behind him to which I call. Strange but he then went as if to fold but is stopped by BB saying " hes only called"
Its check check at turn and river brings another 3 to which he bets another 3k and I call. Shows 34 for set at river then explains he threw the wrong coloured chips in at flop meaning to bet 400 and was folding to what he thought was my raise.
Next strange hand was when I raise 3k with 10 10 mid to face re raise to 15k by big stack and call from BB to which I fold. 8 high flop and BB checks and big stack announces all in. BB thinks then decides to call showing AJd to AKh from big stack.
QQ turn & river for AK to take it down then totally bosses table.
Going backwards and fold a couple of mid pairs to decent raises that hit then survive my 1st all in when getting low when my AKs holds in 3 way pot.
Make dinner break with just over 200 left and when in queue for food start cracking on to Yankee guy in front who asks me where Im from. England Newcastle I explain " Do you know where that it is? " I ask. Sure do he says I lived in Washington for few years and was a Sunderland season ticket holder. He even played Grosvenor and knew Mark Cook very well. What a small world it is.
After dinner it became survival and antes grew fast yet cudnt find opening or hand to shove. Eventually forced on my BB to push blind to raise and turn J10 to guys KQ that doesnt improve.
About 140 left when I bust with play due to finish at 2.00am and returning tomorrow.
Played OK but could of played alot better especially in certain vital hands.

Feeling it Today somehow?

Im up early today catching up with forum stuff and work but Im actually FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEling it. Maybe the email Ive just received from Gyposdog has inspired me as he chopped the $20k guaranteed on Poker Stars for $5k each. Go on dogs feeeeeeeeeelllll maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Just had some online tuition from my son on digital camera jargon and how to use and download pics n stuff cos I havnt got a clue when it comes to that technical side.
Maybe time to have a bash at the Caesars Deep Stack I reckon.
Offskis for some breakfast, shop about to get some wonga changed ( proppa rip off most places and rates so different at each place) then decide where Im ganna play.

Day 3&4

Not alot to write in about to be honest.
Weathers brilliant, place is buzzing and pokers still shite.

Had a laugh at the comments by Mr Entertainment & Gyposdog on last post and they are the sort of guys to certainly bring ya back to earth. Feet on the ground guys and I wish they were over here wooping it up with some of these loud yanks.

Went up to the Rio for a mosey around and to register for the old gits event. Not that busy to be honest but plenty satellites going on for the main event.
Spent an hour or so watching the Pot limit Omaha Event with Phil Ivey near where we were and lots of other well known faces.

Its a long shot but at least Im off to a good start with my WSOP registration. Ironic maybe or the closest I may get to anything but Im TABLE 1 SEAT 1 lolol. Just gotta try and finish number 1 now.

Back down to Caesars cos wow theres certainly plenty action going on in their Poker room and their Megga Stack Series. Its attracting big fields and as such big payouts.

Play the 7.00 $150 and get great table with a guy from Wakefield to my left. He then gets AA about 10 times. 4th level and table breaks up and moved to new table with totally different atmosphere. Guy slow plays AK from mid pos into my BB A10 and on Ace flop does damage to my average stack. Eventually around level 8 and with only 5BB left I push mid position with 10 10 and JJ is round the corner. Looks like its another Vodka Red Bull please. P.S. Over $9k for the winner of this.

Its tough and enclosed a picture of our room just to let you see how hard it is out here with you lot back home in ya cosey beds.
Ill be right back soon.

Team Game

Well after all the noise its over,

congratulations to As and his Team although no real help from their captain "lets face it mate when it comes to the crunch you just cant hack it "

and after the demise of PHLMC so early on rumours of his death are totaly unfounded .... Turns out it was a dummy hanging from the bridge after all, (dummy or was it the fool who called my all in with 6 4 off and hit his atraight on the river i had A 10) if only i had a rope lol.
have to apologise to the team as i was in fact suffering from the worst migraine possible and even pebble dashed the bogs at osbournes without a drink so thanks to TeamBobb for the drugs to get me through the tourney,
And well done to all who took part and the grosvenor staff for a great night here`s to next years event

Day 2

Good nights sleep always helps and it seems the old body clock has switched ok into the new time zone. First impressions are although its very hot at least its bearable unlike last year and we are able to enjoy the pool. Its been dramatically reduced in size due to a huge new tower going up alongside where pool 2 used to be and it now seems overcrowded all around.
Spend half the day crashed around the pool then had to do abit of shopping as I had left me toiletries in the bathroom back home.
Eventually play the 11.00 in Caesars which doesnt attract the normal field it was last year maybe due to wider choice they now have on and the Poker room is certainly buzzing. Bump into Tom 1_Fish who tells me about a few local wins across at Venetian notably Eric Barker taking down a good comp.
The 11.00 to be honest was a no show affair and with a reasonably sensible and straight forward table its a pity I dont pick up anything of note and slowly get chipped away in this short structure despite trying to make things happen in position with poor cards. Best hand I see is AJ and on a 10 A 7 board a guy follows my bet then comes out betting strong when another 10 hits the turn. I decide to fold showing my Ace and he kindly shows me K 10. Eventually on about the 6th level of a very quick structure my BB is raised and short stacked I push them all in with KsQs to see initial raiser turn over AQ. Queen hits the flop but thats it and its an earlier night than I wanted in my 1st game.
Oh well plenty more games to choose from although Im just not feeling it at the mo. Confidence is at a low which is not the norm for me. Need a result to kick me into action. Maybe tomorrow?

Karen33000 Targets

Alreet. Great to see the new lads in full swing on saturday with big shouts out to mr entertainment and cardguard who keept the party going all nite lol.
I just wanted to write a few targets for myself. Well I used to play pretty high blind levels on the internet but have come down crashing after a shocking run and I am busto once again. Really thought I had got past that stage but obviously not. I have set myself a target of starting with 1500 dollars. I am really trying to be strict and I can only move up blind levels after I am up 50 buy ins. So I am starting off at 10 20 cent blinds and see where I go. I am going to try and download the poker tracker thing as well so I should be getting sum of that stuff up to bore everyone.

On a brighter note I am doing really well spread betting on the FTSE 100 and Wall Street. I am doing a pound a point and started last week. Im up 230 quid so far and just trying to chip away each day when things are looking appealling and not do trades for the sake of doing one.

Catch u all later

Vegas Diary- Eventually arrive!

15th June 2008
Looks like its not just the poker that’s running bad now but even my travel. Normally have always flew straight through direct to Las Vegas but this year going out its via Chicago.
Arrived into Chicago on time only to find our connecting flight to Vegas had been cancelled. What a nightmare and chaos everywhere with a lot of other flights being also cancelled so you can imagine the mayhem at United Airline desks as hundreds of people are trying to get fixed up with alternative flights.
With the exception of Charles de Gaulle Paris this is the next worst airport experience Ive had with long queues all over and not enough staff to cope with the anger. At one point it seemed we weren’t going to get fixed up till the next day in getting out of Chicago or take the risk of going on stand by but eventually we decided to fly into San Francisco and then pick up a flight into Las Vegas from there. Basically it meant we were losing about 8 hours but at least we would be flying in tonight and also the opportunity to see what it looked like flying in late at night with it all lit up.
Arrive in San Francisco and it looks a straight forward connection just near to where we landed so keeping our fingers crossed. Been on the go 24 hours now since leaving home and still not in Vegas.
Connection no problem and we land at midnight in Las Vegas which is a sight to be seen flying in at that time.
Taxi to Caesars, check in and desk guy seems amazed we have same birthday and probably looking how rough we must look tells us he will upgrade us into a nicer room . What a charmer!!!
Anyway 28 hours after leaving home we are here and we need a clean up and some sleep.

Day 2 to follow.

Vegas Bound

Just in from the Team Event and its 3.30am and leaving for drive to Manchester in an hours time. Although not 100% confirmed yet we looked like finishing runners up again after leading going into the final 2 tables. Card Guard Kid, Dave Snooker Harris & Beastie all made it through but Beasties QQ all in was called instant by K 10 for guy to runner runner straight him and Card Guard followed soon after leaving Snooker Dave as last man standing.
Dave final tabled but team 10 looked certs having 3 players there. Had to leave as gotta get packed and take my time in the drive down for our 11.00 flight Chichago then onto Las Vegas.
Hope to do a Vegas diary of whats going on and to keep in touch.

Post Championship Party at Osbournes 5.30pm

Just a quick post to welcome the newbies to Teamdobbs, in transfer terms "We got what we wanted" but I struggle to come to terms with the fact that the Card Guard Kid is a no show at the post championship ball at Osbournes, what a pussy.
Looking forward to seeing some of the old guard there aswell, actually tbh Im fucking pumped, think its all the hype on Newcastle Poker Forum, bit shitty it being self dealt but thats the Grosvenor for ya.
Well i raise my glass of shiraz to easy money, cheers lads and lasses. here is one from me for all the lads:

Hello All

I just thought I would introduce myself as I am one of the latest members of Teamdobbs.
My name is David and I have been playing poker for about 8 years now altho only the last 3 have been sober,I havnt been playing as much lately but this blog should give me the motivation to get back into the swing of things so I am going to start putting my results up here and if the last month is anything to go by I will probably end up on Prozac to go with the AA meetings.
Good luck at the tables all and if you happen to be sitting next to me in the future buy us a drink preferably with a chaser


Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Well lads and lasses three days to go and counting and Ive been in serious training all week getting ready for the final countdown and TEAMDOBBS VICTORY DANCE.....

Thought I would put into place a serious training regime to prepare myself for the fight (no phlmc not fisticuffs with you although anymore lip ?)
Friday £20.00 freezeout Grov= two bottles of house red (no lemongate it wasn't shirazz see npf blog)
Saturday £10 £10 £10 Grov = paracetamols and water (two bottles of red not the best idea ive ever had)
Sunday £20 £20 Circus = coke and tea and the worst sirloin steak I've ever eaten
Monday 15 euro Virgin festival qualifier online.

So to sum up this weeks training finished 23rd Friday very worse for wear
14th Saturday when i push all in with pkt 10s and get a caller who has got me covered by about 500 chips with k 7 off Yes K 7 OFF Muppet ! hit his king on the river
Sunday a final table and 6th place again pkt tens against ace 10 ace comes on the river
Favourite of the week Monday nights Virgin Festival online game 8 runners many from the grov and three members of teamdobbs. after registering (first time online playing) and settling down ready my screen decides to go to mini view which totaly perplexes me and spend the next hour going through settings and god knows what else to put it right, finally getting sorted by S2C cheers mate !. problem is I'm blinded away to 1000 chips to g wilson jnr who takes me out with pkt queens to my .....Yep you have guessed POCKET FXXXXXX TENS!!!!
So Dave and the rest of Teamdobbs if I should be dealt pocket tens on Saturday I will flip them over and fold instantly ..............................................



4 day countdown and the full new "Teamdobbs" meet for the annual team event at Grosvenor Newcastle followed next day by my departure for the bright lights of Las Vegas and The World Series of Poker 2008 visit.

The annual Team event sees the introduction of 3 new members who I know are really looking forward to the event and their debuts. The event has been well hyped up at the Newcastle Forum with bountys being placed on certain players heads combined with last weekends brilliant day in Blackpool at World of Pokers team event which clearly impressed alot of the forum members that attended. As such extra spice is added to our local event and our meet up Osbournes in trendy Jesmond will be jumping and Im sure a few of our rivals on the night will turn up there as well to wind us all up. Bring it on we say and Im sure the pics will follow of a very loud & nosiy night with wind ups galore and alot of pride to be played for.
Team meet at 5.30 with 6.00 - 7.00 Happy Hour

Quick explanation as to why new member Jimmy Chipmunk aint posted yet and thats because he tried to rip his broadband company off by not paying them and they cut him off. Hes since won a few bob at poker and managed to save up enough to get his line back on and hopefully he will make his 1st post very soon.

Im going to try and do a Vegas diary and will keep this as updated as I can during my trip.

No main event!

Played a couple of live games this week including a deep stack game at Stanleys on Tuesday night but still running bad.
Hard work throughout and never seen much but double through when low with 2nd pair and flush draw that hits then a couple of raggy Ace pushes get through.
Move tables and limper plus sb make up my 63 BB. K 6 2 flop so I lead out after sb check but limper comes over top and shows K. Blinded a bit form there and eventually with only 4XBB the sb pushes all in on my BB and I see an Ace for instant call him showing K 10. As normal lately the K arrives on the river and Im out.

Saturday sees Newcastle Poker Forum take a 10 man team down to Blackpool for The World of Poker Team Event at the G Casino which attracted a full house of 16 teams.

What a great day & organised event with plenty crack, poker & drink.
Team miss out on 3rd place by single point and one of the lads take down the Headhunter side Event for great result. I go deepest in main event when down to last 20 and my Full House just happened to walk into Quadzilla 6 from one of only 2 guys at my table that had me covered. Felt so rough this morning but eventually arrive back home and get some rays in the garden before playing a couple of online games tonight.

Im in a Virgin Points game but the game Ive been looking forward to is a special on Everest which I gained entry into for FREE and its a $1000 entry with 20 seats for the WSOP Main Event plus $3000 spendies.
Just over 300 runners and battle away for hours to get down to last 50ish eventually picking up 10 10 on my BB. Guy raises it up and I decide to push and get him off hand. Nope he calls and pot would put me in top 12. He shows A J off.

Flop comes Q 8 K turn Q river FKN KING!!!! paying his Ace. Totally gutted and made worse when comfortable in other points game and switched across I press the Call button instead of fold to a guys all in and Ive got 83 off. His AK paid lololol.

Oh well wudda been awkward anyway having to come back from Vegas then go back over again especially with Staffs holidays. Fk that Im just trying to console me self and make the beat seem not so bad- the lucky twat!!!!

What a WSOP star t !

The World Series of Poker has already swung into action and hats off already to UK player James Akenhead of the "Hit Squad" who has finished 2nd in the 2nd event $1500 NL with nearly 4000 runners and a monsta $520k pay day. James suffered horror final beat when getting his chips in with AK to call a bluff of 10 4 pre flop only to see guy flop set then rub it in with quad 10 on the river- ouch n sick.

Met the guys when at GUKPT Newcastle and seemed great bunch very much together. Nice start indeed to their WSOP 2008 journey.


We all play to win a few quid at this game but obviously some win more than others.
Have a look at these figures for the top guy at Full Tilt and not a bad few days work I say!
Full Tilt Champ

On a more realistic note well done to our Gyposdog for these figures after his lay off. 3 multi tournie cashes in a row.

gyposdogs stats

Karen33000 Hits the Speed Dating Scene

Alreet its Karen33000 reporting in. Well at the mom I'm trying to play as little poker as possible.

So Friday night comes along and Im twiddling my thumbs until me mate rings me up and says that he has got me and two other lads tickets to some speed dating event tonight! Well Im having a barren spell at cards and on the women front and all so I think stuff a few beers and you never know.

We get there and walk downstairs where it is being held in some pub and dear me it looks like im gonna be in for a long night. Not a single nice one in there and I aint even a picky person!! The score was that you have to dee 3 min with each bird and then tick whether ya like them or not.

First couple I meet were nice enough people and chatty. I gaan bar for a couple more and sit back doon. Some bird sits herself doon and off on our three min we gaan.
On the sheet it says tick yes , no or friends if ya fancied them. I say to her "how there is naye need for that friends boxes we aint here for that". That goes down like a lead ballon she says "wat u just after a shag" and I jokingly sip me pint.

Then I hit death row of 4 birds each chatting about their ex husband! but me mates console me saying there is a gem in the rough on the horizon in the form of some Scottish bird. I eventually get there and she is a rite freak chattin to me about what colour bedsheets I want.

Anyway to cut a long story short at the end of the neet we are about to go and the Scottish bird comes over shouting "goodbye and ya mate from Newcastle is a manic depressant"

omg I never been so blown out I hit rock bottom lol

Am I ready for the pressures of the forthcoming Team event- I hope so!!


Wow after moaning on about how bad May has been ( few others seem in same boat as well ) June gets off to a BANG with awards. woooooooooooooo.

The well known and famous blogger UKGatsby has rewarded his local North East area with not just 1, but 3 of his awards for May.

1: Live performance of the month went to and well deserved Ganeesh Rao for his GUKPT main event win.

2; Web Site of the month went to no other than Newcastle Poker Forum wooooooooooo and I must give a very special mention to S2C the brains and driving force behind the scenes of this great free facility for North East poker players. I can see this type of forum going nationwide with each region having their own site as a result of this launch and the success of it.

3; Blog of the month no other than "TEAMDOBBS" woooooooooo. Thanks very much Mr Gatsby an honour well received and cherished by all the team.