See you next year!

Those old codgers got me and zimmer frames n all they were just too dam good!!!!

To be honest it was one of my best experiences ever playing Poker.
A record entry for the Seniors Event WSOP with well over 2000 runners and the atmosphere and introductions were brilliant. Oldest player was the ripe young age of 91 and they kept on asking me for evidence of my age ( I wish)

From the start our table was absolutely brilliant and I simply cannot praise these guys enough. Throughout the game was played in the spirit it should be with good play being appreciated and not one word was said out of turn or any offence uttered.

Play most of the time seemed very basic ABC stuff and over 1st 2 levels I had added nicely to the miserley starting stack given. 4th level I was probably 3rd in chips on table and we had only lost one player. Picking up QQ mid position I raise up well for BB to re raise twice my original so I fold and show to his wow remark as he reveals AA. Next lap I pick up QQ again same position to which I make my raise only for same guy on BB to re raise again. Didnt feel happy but called to take the flop to a Jack high and a BBx2 bet by the guy. "Respect man" I say "as I only feel Im beating 10 10" and fold again showing my QQ. He looked at me as if I was mad and said "Well played Son" lolol son luv it and turned over KK.
Funny how you can feel great losing with QQ in quick succession and damage to your stack but in my opinion I was free rolling now.
Antes kicked in after 4th level and last hand before break with 5 seconds on clock the dealer gets the hand in. Im not in it but a 3 way flop sees J94 rainbow and 1st to act announces all in and 2nd guy pushes all his chips forward and so does the 3rd guy.
On their backs and 1st guy has AJs 2nd guy has AA 3rd guy 44 and takes the lot and massive pot. Same guy 4 hands previous had his jacket on when pushing in with 10 10 against KK but was rescued on the river. Poor guy who lost that pot with KK later lost pots of KK to JJ with river J and AA to KK with river K.

Not much else happened for me to be honest with survival twice on steals and an AK v AJ holding up. Never had more than 3 times starting stack but was still enjoying it and just hoping for that flood of cards that never came and my aim was to make the dinner break with the clock showing approx 600 players left. Wasnt to be and with little over 4 BB left and 15 minutes to dinner break I try and steal with Qs10s on the button and BB wakes up with AQ and the codger from Texas shot me down. Between 500-600 left when I went out so only a few hundred off the money. 0:)

Brilliant game and loved every minute of it and cant wait to do it all again next year. Hope someone from table goes far and even Mrs C swopped e mails n addresses on the rail from a lovely lady from Montana.


dreamdobb said...

unlucky m8 ,by the sounds of it next year when you play alot of them wont be here and youll still be just 50 ish.
keep plugging away last 3 days ..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

N1 DC .... sounds great. Still hacked off I missed it.

Enjoy the rest of the trip sir.


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

UL dude its all experience and in another 10 years you will be Da Man and i promise i wont call you Amarillo Dim