No main event!

Played a couple of live games this week including a deep stack game at Stanleys on Tuesday night but still running bad.
Hard work throughout and never seen much but double through when low with 2nd pair and flush draw that hits then a couple of raggy Ace pushes get through.
Move tables and limper plus sb make up my 63 BB. K 6 2 flop so I lead out after sb check but limper comes over top and shows K. Blinded a bit form there and eventually with only 4XBB the sb pushes all in on my BB and I see an Ace for instant call him showing K 10. As normal lately the K arrives on the river and Im out.

Saturday sees Newcastle Poker Forum take a 10 man team down to Blackpool for The World of Poker Team Event at the G Casino which attracted a full house of 16 teams.

What a great day & organised event with plenty crack, poker & drink.
Team miss out on 3rd place by single point and one of the lads take down the Headhunter side Event for great result. I go deepest in main event when down to last 20 and my Full House just happened to walk into Quadzilla 6 from one of only 2 guys at my table that had me covered. Felt so rough this morning but eventually arrive back home and get some rays in the garden before playing a couple of online games tonight.

Im in a Virgin Points game but the game Ive been looking forward to is a special on Everest which I gained entry into for FREE and its a $1000 entry with 20 seats for the WSOP Main Event plus $3000 spendies.
Just over 300 runners and battle away for hours to get down to last 50ish eventually picking up 10 10 on my BB. Guy raises it up and I decide to push and get him off hand. Nope he calls and pot would put me in top 12. He shows A J off.

Flop comes Q 8 K turn Q river FKN KING!!!! paying his Ace. Totally gutted and made worse when comfortable in other points game and switched across I press the Call button instead of fold to a guys all in and Ive got 83 off. His AK paid lololol.

Oh well wudda been awkward anyway having to come back from Vegas then go back over again especially with Staffs holidays. Fk that Im just trying to console me self and make the beat seem not so bad- the lucky twat!!!!