Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Well lads and lasses three days to go and counting and Ive been in serious training all week getting ready for the final countdown and TEAMDOBBS VICTORY DANCE.....

Thought I would put into place a serious training regime to prepare myself for the fight (no phlmc not fisticuffs with you although anymore lip ?)
Friday £20.00 freezeout Grov= two bottles of house red (no lemongate it wasn't shirazz see npf blog)
Saturday £10 £10 £10 Grov = paracetamols and water (two bottles of red not the best idea ive ever had)
Sunday £20 £20 Circus = coke and tea and the worst sirloin steak I've ever eaten
Monday 15 euro Virgin festival qualifier online.

So to sum up this weeks training finished 23rd Friday very worse for wear
14th Saturday when i push all in with pkt 10s and get a caller who has got me covered by about 500 chips with k 7 off Yes K 7 OFF Muppet ! hit his king on the river
Sunday a final table and 6th place again pkt tens against ace 10 ace comes on the river
Favourite of the week Monday nights Virgin Festival online game 8 runners many from the grov and three members of teamdobbs. after registering (first time online playing) and settling down ready my screen decides to go to mini view which totaly perplexes me and spend the next hour going through settings and god knows what else to put it right, finally getting sorted by S2C cheers mate !. problem is I'm blinded away to 1000 chips to g wilson jnr who takes me out with pkt queens to my .....Yep you have guessed POCKET FXXXXXX TENS!!!!
So Dave and the rest of Teamdobbs if I should be dealt pocket tens on Saturday I will flip them over and fold instantly ..............................................



TEAMDOBB said...

Just been informed Jimmy Chipmunks out on parole for Saturday and has requested permission to post.
Permission allowed and debut post to follow.

RealAle said...

Good luck to all. Just started on Virgin. What a game!!!! love it, so easy.

TEAMDOBB said...

lolol great to cya back Real.
What u play under so I can watch me back

RealAle said...

Look for the bloke who's always got position on you and you'll find me :-)