We all play to win a few quid at this game but obviously some win more than others.
Have a look at these figures for the top guy at Full Tilt and not a bad few days work I say!
Full Tilt Champ

On a more realistic note well done to our Gyposdog for these figures after his lay off. 3 multi tournie cashes in a row.

gyposdogs stats


gyposdog said...

yip hes looking over his shoulder bricking it

Pud's Poker said...

Jesus! That's some crazy money earned there!

Would you say a bankroll of $4k would be enough to start a MTT career? I love MTT's but can't motivate myself to play the $5 games with 1500 runners for platry payouts after 8 hours work! By my reckoning $4k would be more than enough to play $33 downwards and earn some decent money in reduced fields.