New Team being assembled

Beginning of September and after a few discussions with others we decided enough was enough from certain members and layed down that a post a month on blog was minimum criteria to remain on the "Team".

With 3 members who have NEVER posted this was putting the team at the option of removing certain members and recruiting new blood. The new blood was no problem but felt it only fair to give the original members the opportunity to stay involved.

Times up Im afraid and from the 3 members in question then only Vegas Dave Harris has responded and as such from 1st October Beastie & Matto are given the boot and within the next few days the new additions will be revealed.

We have also decided to INCREASE the members to 10 in order to satisfy the majority of team events.

September Month End Figures

Online = £300 profit

Online other = $5000 CPC Cruise Package

Live = £200 profit

Live other = £495 sponsored input less £220 return (50%) = £275 loss

OMG Teamdobb to sponsored pros rescue!

As you can see from last post Spillas month of paid in games is over and I think he has done himself proud with some sterling performances. I have also been well pleased at how Spilla has thrown himself into the whole aspect of the thing and even hows he promoted stuff.

As such how could I not return the favour so when he got on the telephone to me today asking what I was doing as I was at work I replied whats up?

Gotta go to work he says and last 30 odd of 180 seater on stars. Nee probs I say Ill play rest of game for ya.

2 fkn hours later and Teamdobb takes it down for him and $216 weeeeeeee.

Sponsor rewards the sponsored wow what a cheek!!!!!

Lol at this--- Aspers £20 Freeze Out other night and the one n only Joey Barton with bouncer in toe takes down the tournie.
Shouts at end when he wins - " Get in there, 1st win bonus of this year" True Story!

Sponsorship Deal ends with a little flourish

Sunday saw the end of my sponsorship deal with Teamdobb, and I finally managed to cash in the Sunday game at Aspers. No real hands to write about, but I did enjoy the game and I cant remember being all-in until the final table, even though I was never really well stacked at any point.
Disappointing turnout out for the 3rd sunday running and I think that players who turned up were of the feeling that there is no value in the pot anymore, so unless numbers randomly increase significantly I can see Aspers needing to change the game. But I just cant see numbers for this game getting any better as people are skint, recession fears and also the standard of PokerStars Sunday evening schedule.

I would like to thank TD for staking me throughout the month and I have enjoyed representing him.

The final financial position for september was: outgoings £495. Winnins £440, which meant on the whole i wasnt too much down, but unfortunately TD lost 275 on the deal.

All in all september was a pretty hectic month; starting work Monday-Friday and playing poker all weekend, so during October I will be taking a bit of a step back from poker and spending more time looking for a job more suited to my long term ambitions (as my first shot at being a sponsored pro died in the water a little - haha)

All aboard please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With so many near misses in this tournament my 4th Final had me in determined mood despite a couple of very unlucky beats over weekend in other games, none more so than the Gala $1475 package I bubbled on to runner runner flush.

Not bore you with detailed hand stuff but just to say a couple of big folds at vital times and patience paid off. Couple of races held up and big hands held for a change so when 6/7 left my stack was used well imo to keep the pressure on others.
One scarey moment when 6 left saw me with AA on the BB and an utg raise to 7200 for then the only person at table who had more chips than me call the 7200. I could see the perfect set up hand coming with the big stacks here AA v KK and the magic K appearing but fk it in they all went. Thankfully they both folded and tbh after that it was cruise control into the Caribbean baby!!!!!

Nice room with meal packages and some spendies as well. Taking the missus and son Scott and it will be his 1st experience of a major overseas event.

cruise details

Whats the point in playing good poker?

Yesterday was ridiculous, and has made me really down about poker fullstop. The cardguard kid will probably not be too happy with what iu'm about to blog given his recent run of badbeats but i am actually going to bemoan my own GOOD luck.
early on in the tournament i get Q 10 on s..b couple of limpers i make it up, flop comes Qh 3h Qs, i check and late position bets 500 into a 200 pot. I basically think is there any way i can make it look like im on a flush draw? so i grimace a little and call. The turn is a 10 giving me the nuts so i check and the lad bets 500 again, i call. River is 5h and i check hopin that he was actually on a flush draw and he MOVES ALL IN for 6300 and i have him covered, i dont even think, i know that i cant be beaten and i call, he says "i think you got me" i replied "yeah i think i have" he shows K 8, a stone cold bluff, i get an early gift and pretty much a double up.
Down to the last 3 tables i have A J on the button a few limpers i limp: flop is J 9 2 rainbow checks to my right where guy has 3 times the average chips he bets outs i raise 40% of my stack and the bb moves all-in. guy to my right folds giving me a decision. i think and i think, he is making this move with Q 10, 10 8, K J, Q J, 9 2, J 9, 2 2. he wouldve raised pre with J J, 99 maybe even A J. he seemed like quite an aggressive player didnt really know him that well, anyways i call saying "i think you could be doing it with a draw or K J, if you got it fair play to you" and i ask him what he got he says "Jack" so i flip my hand, and he puts his cards on the table with just the jack showing and as the dealer is dealing the turn he reveals a 9 aswell, so he slow-rolled it a little, which annoyed me. the turn was 2 and the lad to his right says i passed and ace, bang A on the river, crazy suckout! Normarily i would be a little embarrassed by this, i called when i was behind etc but after he slow-rolled his hand i was more than happy to hit my two-outer. What follwed from him was a barrage of abuse about me making a bad call and that i was too young to understand the game of poker and a few tuts, usual stuff where nothing has been said when ive turned my cards over but when he gets beaten it becomes a bad call, he was crippled by my awful play and didnt last much longer (what a shame).
i stay fairly evenish for a while then and it gets down to 11 players, where as is typical with apsers, a bubble "prize" of £50 was agreed to "speed up the bubble" now i didnt agree with this but everybody else did, so to not be awkward i reluctantly agreed, and also my table had the 5 lowest stacks in the tourney so i could have easily gone out on bubble. 1st hand of the bubble im s.b. fold round i see 66 and shove, low and behold bb has 10 10, i have him just about covered, turn 6, i hit a 2 outer again and get to the final table.
1st hand of ft blinds 1500-3000, utg QQ raise to 13k shove mid position from a tight player for 18k, i know im behind, just know it i have to call onb the off chance im racing and even ama getting value if she does have AA or KK coz its only 5k more, she has AA, turn Q, two two-outers in two hands either side of the bubble, sick! i hate winning hands this way and this series of hands has made me down on the game. i ended up coming 4th but given the top heavy prize structure i walked away with £170.
My point about this luck is, CGK has been playin his poker well, getting his money in ahead and gettin a horrible run of beats, i have got my money in behind 3 times yesterday with only two outs in each instance at very important points in the tournament and hit. my best result so far in the sponsorship deal and its the game that i have enjoyed, by far, the least.
Its the last game of it today and in october i only plan to play once, that being the forum championships, maybe twice if knighty does actually want me to play his PokerStars syndicate game, but i just need a break for a while to refresh my enjoyment for the game coz this last month has been a real grind and if i continue to play regularly i will start to hate the game that i have spent the last 3 years loving

3rd Time lucky please

Popped over to Grosvenor for their £500 Freeroll and tbh cudnt believe the shocking turnout of only 40 players. The place has had so much stick lately about its reg fees n sarnie prices yet they put a freebie like this on and the turnout is nothing more than crap.

Grinded hard to get chips but always struggled and my top hand I was getting seemed to be AQ but unable to turn it into chips. Blinds began to kick in and with 16 left I made up the 4 way pot in the sb with 85. On a flop of K67 I made the bad mistake of checking - why I dont know with what I had left and shudda pushed at the flop and the button eventually bet enough to put me all in. I duly obliged and he made the commnet " Think you got me at it" when he flipped JQ. Not quite and no help with all me outs and bye bye.
Well done Grosvenor on this one just a pity the turnout let them down. Mind you they were competing with Newcastle United v Blackburn - omg least said the better.

Had 2 games online I had been looking forward to tonight even though they were clashing with the X Factor 0:)
1st game was the Gala Saturday Final for packages into their Teeside Event. Its a slow slog this one and get down to last 3 with virtually 2 X $1475 Packages up for grabs and Im 6k adrift of 2nd place with AdJh in sb so put my raise in and get re popped so considering situation its gamble time as far as Im concerned so push to insat call. Its my AJ v QQ and I hit my Ace to the flop. Turn brings 3 hearts to the board and fk hes got the Qh. Bang there it is and another heart on the river takes me down and all that grind for f.a.
During this Im also in the Main Sat into tomorrows CPC Final and hey ho its 5 seats on there and bubble time. Lose important hand and become low stacker but AhKh gets tangled up with AA and Im through to the final. After last weeks cock up I know the shuffle up n deal time without doubt is 18.00 and I wont be late this week. Hoping this week is 3rd time lucky for me.

Just cant get past post

Back trouble has had me in pain all week and had to put my fitness regime on slight hold till pain goes. Think I did it getting tiles at B&Q on Sunday.

Tuesday its the Circus £30 Double Chance and not much to report actually. Played OK and back after break with average chips. Started to get bored and drift away and constant laps of shite saw me get excited when I see AdKd and with one limper I BBx4 bet it to which the blinds fold but the limper calls. Flop comes QQ3 and from his check I push for my last 2.5k and insta called by KQ off.

Played like a total donk in CPC satellite when cruising and virtually guaranteed a seat into next stage by getting involved with the big bully big stack who called my top pair down all the way to make his straight at the river and crippled me eventually going out 2 off a seat - what a fkn donkey play by me. Followed this with a freeroll with 5 seats for grabs into next stage of Gala game and just miss out getting outdrawn with my QQ to the monsta A2 caller and nearly 3 hours play.

Thursday and Aspers and the £50 Freeze Out. Double up early doors when my JJ makes nice top set on a J 10 5 flop and when guy raises my bet all in hes drawing very very thin with his J 10.
Steady away from there and although lose race with my 10 10 v AK for big pot at vital stage get to final table although 4th lowest stack.
Nice double through with QQ making house and called by 10 10 with Q & A on board and then my raise with 10 10 is called by BB to a 568 flop. I push on his check and after tanking for while he calls showing As7s but no help.
Decent stack now and after 3 shoves in a row by Rob Richardson from cut off Im expecting it maybe again when Im sitting with QQ but its the button push this time holding 88 and Q89 flop gets me home and 2nd in chips.
Down to 4 and after folding winning hand to river bluff by chip leader I pick up KK and single raise into Robs BB hoping for push judging by his chip stack. Get what I wanted when he pushes to my insta call and he flips A 10 but the river god shines down on him bringing him the Ace in.
2 hands later I push my last 20k in with AQ for monsta stack leader BB to make call holding 82 off. Thats poker when he makes straight to the 10 and Im gone in 4th.

Just cant seem to get to that winning post at the mo whichever way I play it and vital hands just not holding out when in front at critical stages of games. Big difference in prize money here as well between top 2 which is also disappointing in the finish position although the return should ensure I have profitable month. Would be nice for Spilla to take one down this weekend or even go deep.

Deffo going out for CPC in Novemeber and booked some great flights with BA. More details on this laters.


Last Saturday finally saw me make a little return on TD's investment. Even though it was only £100 it was a huge relief to get something back so that the month's sponsorship wasn't a complete flop.

After playing well until the last 16 players it then became seemingly impossible to reach the final table. I had been well stacked and then started to dwindle a little bit, was joined on my table by a fellow forum member (xenocode) who was fairly shortstacked. after sitting patiently for one and a half orbits he shoved all in for 6300 in 2nd position whilst blinds were 500-1000. 4th position simply called he had a similar stack to myself (20k ish) and i looked down on BB to see 9 9. In my head i had envisaged a scenario where the two people in the pot both had 2 big cards or one of them having a pair not much bigger than mine, if at all, after thinking for a little while i reluctantly folded figuring i was up against 3 overcards, probably still having value to play but not wanting to play the flop.
Anyway Xenocode shows A Q and the caller had A K, the flop brought King and 9 meaning i would probably have been sat with 48k had i called.
Later on i was down to 8k with blinds at 1k-2k or 1500-3k and a shortish stack shoved in early position, i was on the button with A 10 and chose to fold figuring i was not in good shape against anything he was shoving with, anyway the bb called with QQ and the shover had 6 6. i announced i passed A 10 as an ace fell on the flop of A J 9, to whoch i was berated for bad play by the person who shoved with 6 6. anyway when the Q came on the turn i was happy with my pass, that was until the river brought a King which would have given me the straight and trebled me up - another opportunity missed.

Two hands later there is an early limper to my immediate left and he has been playing fairly loose. i have 10 10 so insta-shove the limper calls showing pocket aces and i spiked one of my two outs to double up, everything was going my way.

A few hands later i am on BB of 3k and utg raises to 8k, button shoves for 5.5k total and s.b. calls the 8 k. i see AQ, think for a while and decide there is too much value in the pot to fold so i call (have 8 k in pot and another 12k in my stack) flop comes A high, s.b. checks and i decide that the side pot of 7.5k is enough to warrant a shove. both other players pass and the all in shows 3 3 and misses his set putting me on 45k ish. utg announces he had 4 4 and wouldve spiked his 4 on river phew!

I went to final table with aounr 40k

the hand i went out on in 7th or 8th was a shove in 2nd position with AcQc, get called by chip leader in 3rd position who has 4 4, hitting her set on flop but i also flop a flushdraw that i sickeningly miss!!!!!

£100 better than nowt 50 for me 50 for TD, who lost 5r on the game which in this sponsorship is as profitable as it gets haha

Sunday i had A K on K hi flop and other player has aces - what can ye do?

Oh well just one week left then Teamdobbs can go back to feeding his family and saving for a trip to vegas instead of funding losing players.

Speak next week


Usain Bolt watch out

Ok people listen up. This December will see the first ever 'NPF PUB OLYMPICS'
Details are listed on the forum and anyone who wants to enter needs to post their intention to play on the thread. Its gonna be a great laugh so come join us and have some fun.
On a personal note my poker month so far goes like this. SHIT SHIT and SHITTER.
in fact so bad last week I nearly went 3 rounds with a cocky little 22 year old gay looking fucker with a bling cap on and an attitude Hellmouth would have been proud of. Not going into details read forum for that but suffice to say if this is whats to be expected at live games now then I will give up playing live.
Forum championships getting nearer and excitement is building so lets hope for a full field for what will undoubtedly be a great fun event. NPF TV will be in attendance, as will it be at the pub olympics, so footage and updates will be available.
Also I believe a couple of team games in the pipeline so once again will be a chance to show everyone the strength of Teamdobbs - so ffs lets actually win one of these boys bragging rights are so important.
Right work to do so signing off
see yas all later


Dont let the pressures of work or poker get to you like these guys!!!

Time for a Break and to Grow Up

Posting by Karen33000 on Dobbsy password

Well it has been coming. The last 3 months since i quit work I have been playing poker full time. Most people would think that this would be amazing. However, the stress that comes with it is really intense ( im not sure if i ever would want to own my own business after this ). The first two months I was flying winning about £4k and the £7k. This month has been an absolute disaster ending in my biggest loss for months the last 14 hr session of about 1600£ and for the mnth I'm probs about 5k down. Obviously there was alot of bad play in there after I got the red mist but so many sick beats on the river its ridculous and the draws I have I never hit so obviously you aint gonna get paid. Well decided to pack poker in for awhile. I don't even enjoy it anymore and find it very boring. I really do believe the poker bubble will slow down not end mind but deffo slow considerably. I have noticed it on the regular tables its just the same old faces and every now and again a mug comes along. However these mugs are now unlike 12 mnths ago reloading less and less.
The final thing which has mademe decide to get my arse into gear and look for work is I just think the skill factor in poker is very small. The main thing is "who makes less mistakes" and not really skill. The luck element to poker is so massive.
Well good luck to all of you for now.

Ship wrecked booooo!!!!

Sunday can be so shit

A small leak in my conservatory seems to be growing into a major DIY and redecoration program and after sorting some stuff out at B&Q nip into town to have a couple of beers with few of the poker lads as its McNallys birthday.

Get back home to find Ive cocked up starting time of CPC Final and lost 1/2 my starting stack to blinds.
Having connection problems and 1st hand I play AsKs gets me doubled up.
I then call low stack with 10 10 and his KQ rivers the K. Call another low stack with QQ to his AK river Ace. Down below 2k and lose connection. Get back and have 10 10 in button, 1 more to decide before me and I lose connection and folded out. When I get back on Ive got 880 left and 44 on button. Push and call by BB with K9 and K on river seals it.


Shippppppppp ahoy Hopefully!!!!

The week started crap when waking up Monday and as well as feeling total shit I had this awful pain in my back and felt like Id been 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. End up it seemed biting everyones head off at work for nowt and on getting home S2C suggested we start a fitness regime.
Get me outta bed in the morning he says and Ill jog with ya. Feeling fat and old aint nice and when ya hate running as well getting up at 7.45 in the morning to go running just doesnt fill ya with joy but hey if I dont do it nee ones ganna do it for me.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday n Friday all see us up at 7.45, brisk stroll into jog and back for shower. Tell ya what although Im aching like I knew I would Ive certainly felt good and alert at work and need to keep this schedule up. Caribbean Poker Classic coming up in November and gotta look lean n mean when I gan to the sunshine.
The Sunday finals are running out fast and I got into this weeks cheap enuff through the satellites so keep me fingers crossed. Going anyway and decided to spend few days before hand in Miami sooner than going onto Vegas as previously planned.
Reason for this is that S2C is coming with me n the wife and hes not 21 till next September so would sooner he went there for his birthday next year when he will be old enough to get in places and play poker.

Local live scene and Tuesday its £30 Circus Freeze Out but never in game even though most players except me kept picking up monsta hands at our table with one player being dealt KK AK suited AA AA then QQ virtually one after another. Bust out on push from sb with only 4 X BB with Js7S for BB to make call with A3 and the Ace paid.
Gave my normal Thursday game a miss as S2C wanted to play Friday Grosvenor game from its new schedule and new start time. Booooooooooo crap turn out and game began with only 20 runners eventually rising to 30 which is terrible and also considering 7 of these were a birthday party of guys up from Peterbrough for the weekend.
Had best table of the 4 and although dealing the crack was good having Card Guard and John Devlin at the same table with me.
Bust out soon after the break when I make up the 4 way limped pot from the small blind with A8. On an Ace flopped board I decide to push and get 2 callers and know Im in trouble. 1st guy shows KQ and other guy shows A10. KQ hits set at river and Im busted. S2C is still in so decided to join the £1/£2 £200 max cash game.
Good old 86 and 97 pay me off nicely and by time S2C busts out in 12th I leave game £100 up so its a freebie and pays for Spillas sponsored games this weekend.

Forum Growth Continues

Yesterday saw me go through 3000 posts at the Newcastle Poker Forum and I was prompted by someone else yesterday to make sure I posted something to highlight this. Totally forgot to be honest until Ive just read Cardguards 2000 post thread.
So here goes at what I think has been achieved from a personal point of view.

Growth of forum and content has been beyond what we expected and I honestly believe we have one of if not the strongest forums in the UK.

Away days at Blackpool in AWOP & APAT Team games were memorable for various reasons but mainly for bringing together the idea of the forum and the base as to what alot of the forum is all about.

After a somewhat slow start the forum really kicked off by our exposure at our live coverage at Newcastles leg of the GUKPT and the live updates we did to local players. This was well received and helped alot obviously by a local winner and deep finishing positions by a few more local players. People then really started to notice the forum and give it the recognition it deserved.
Dont want this next bit to sound too gay but it was at GUKPT Newcastle leg that Mr McNally showed his interest in the forum and to be honest the posting whore (love him or hate him ) certainly began his one man assault at the forum and made people aware of what was happening.

Stronger friendships have evolved through the forum and as good friends are very difficult to find then the forum has certainly provided this for me.

Ive also been made aware and very proud at how a 20 year old young man has taken an idea and created something he should be very proud of.

I have also very much appreciated the compliments we have received from various people but more so from alot of people who previously you would never expect to give them due to the image they have created for themselves.

The online games between forum players I think will steadily grow together with online team challenges and live forum challenges which are already being talked about and in the early stages of planning.

The Forum Championship will be a huge success and a big thank you here to Scott on his planning and efforts being put in, the original idea given here by Looseman and Im sure on the day the enthusiasm by certain members like Card Guard & Mr Entertainment who will make this day be talked about for ages.

The birth of the rail and the word ship has been amazing and well done to all members who have achieved some amazing results and hope the rails have played their parts in helping somewhat to this. Its kinda unique in my opinion.

The pleasure I got from making 2 piss take music videos all created by an idea in a silly thread about changing music lyrics in songs to poker related stuff will be with me forever and I still piss me self laughing when I watch them

Finally thanks to each and every member who has joined the forum and hopefully who continue to log in to see whats going on and make whatever contribution they feel they can in helping to make the NPF the number 1 talked about poker forum in the UK.

Cowboys! pff, send for the cavalry

NEVER playing KK again!

Need to get this off me chest before I go into meltdown. For the second night in a row went out of an aspers tournie with KK. Friday night crapshoot and got down to 40ish not seen a hand in a while the blinds eating into my stack, decided to try and get my chips in first with anything but someone always beat me to it. Getting a bit desperate when I come accross AQ suited, pushed and doubled up then very next hand KK. Blinds 3 and 6 hundred, utg raises to 2k, I push allin with 6k and he calls with 66. Pot now worth about 13k and with players going out all around me would fancy my chances for a final table, that is until a 6 hits the turn and i'm oot again with the best hand. I know it will turn around shortly but i'm getting frustrated and thinkin about a spell off, we'll see.

Still no win, but at least some hands to talk about.

Half way through Weekend two of the teamdobb sponsorship and there is still no hint of a cash. Played at aspers yesterday afternoon, was delayed 45 minutes which was frustrating, due to staff absences. Only 36 runners, so fairly low turnout. In the first two levels i played a little bit too loose but got to the break with 7k, 2.000 less than starting stack. A few hands after the break there is a min raise utg+1 i look down and see AA in the cutoff, while i am contemplating how to play this i see the lad to my left begin to play with his chips so i flat call and he accordingly puts in a 4x bet - beautiful! The s.b. shoves for 18BB yet utg+1 folds. I say something like "oh theres too much value in there now!" and throw my stack in, around 5,500 (blinds 100-200) and the button calls with KK. s.b. shows AK. i scoop and get a terminator in the process
I stayed around 15k for sometime then three levels later (400-800) there is a limp utg from a loose player, then a limp in 2nd pos by a gd player (Rob Richardson) im on the button with AJ so i call and s.b. completes. Flop A A 8. the b.b. bets 1k and utg calls or makes it 2k, cant remember, and then rob who has about 30k at this point puts roughly 13k in, not sure he counted the stack. At this point i'm pretty sure that the other two players in the pot have nowt and i try and put rob on a hand. I was thinking for a couple of minutes before calling a clock on myself. basically i was only behind to 88, AK, AQ and A8, I was confident he would have raised with AK pre flop and could have definitely have limped with the other 3 hands including the range of all other Ax. I couldnt see why he would make the bet if he did have A 8. I talked myself out of him having 8 8 for some reason, and then began to try and envisage a situation where i was ahead, him having A 10, A 9 or even A 7 and then thought that a double up would put me in a great position. As my minute drew to an end i remembered i was only in the pot for 800 chips and i let my hand get timed out. Unsurprisingly the other two players folded and rob graciously showed AQ. The dealer had already mucked my hand so i couldnt show why i had a tough decision but im sure he believed me when i told him.
I got down to the last two tables *ok there was only 36 runners but the last two tables in unchartered territory for me in this sponsorship* and played maybe one hand that i lost a little of my stack leaving me with 9 bb, i get QQ in the cutoff and duly push. S.b. who i have covered wakes up with KK and the B.b. thinks for almost 4 seconds!!!! before callling with AQ. Flop contains an Ace, the turn a K and somehow i miss my one out for the side pot and my dry spell continues, sorry TeamDobb!!
On a side note i was drawn in the perfect seat to watch 32.5 million pounds worth of robinho score on his debut against Chelsea, I didnt expect city to get anything out of the game but it was nice to give one of the big four a scare!

My first ever blog!

This is the first time I have ever posted a blog, partially because I am a lazy get when it comes to deeing things on-line and partially because I didnt think anyone would be interested in reading it anyway! Having seen the way the NPF has taken off and the amount of replies to almost all threads, I have realised people are interested in reading about any old crap so here goes!!!

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank-you to Dave Collins for inviting me to his blogger for the second time and for keeping me a part of the original Teamdobbs crew which has played the team game at the Grosvenor casino for the last two years, we will defo win it next year!! I would also like to thank him and scott for the fantastic job they are doing in regards to the NPF. It has given the North East and beyond a great vehicle to discuss the ins and outs of this phenomenom which has taken over the world called POKER. I know they put a lot of hard work into it in their own time to keep this going and it has brought together North East poker in a big way.

I regret I have to mention in my first blogg about bad play and a bad beat story but as it happened last night I am still stewing about it. Went to Aspers for the Thursday £50 deepstack tourny as I was told it was a good game and having never played it before along with the fact I was off work the next day was a good opportunity to go deep and have a late night, he he, i wish! Good start to the night when I nearly shit meself crossing the the road and some arsehole decides to honk his horn when he is waiting for the lights to change to green. Ignoring the first honk, it happens again as I am trying to dodge the traffic to register before 8 and so I am about to give the old swivel finger when I notice, yes its Teamdobbs in his big ass 4x4 thingy.

Get there in good time and imediately see a lot of friends who I have played with over the years, Jimmy from Grosvenor, Dave, Arian, Jimmy Chipmunk to name some. Sit down and start playing with a group of players I have seen but never really played much with before. A lot of the table are gambling early on and trying to hit some flops but with the blinds very small compared with with chip stacks there is no need for me to get involved just yet especially with the garbage I was being dealt. Sure enough gradually a few were losing their stack little by little and were getting desperate towards the first break. At this point I had added about 3k onto my stack and was quite happy. After the break I started to pick up a few hands, AA which I took down after the flop when someone called my raise and folded, 55 on a flop of 4 3 9 which I took down with a pot sized bet after raising pre-flop. I decided to use my table image and raise in position with decent hands and not just premium hands, then out of the blue KK. Blinds 2 and 4 so I raise it up to 12. Everyone folded apart from bb who called by raise, flop 10 6 4 rainbow. I have about 10k left, he has about 8k, 2.6k in pot, he bets out 2.5k so I decide to push allin. He thinks for a little while and calls which puts him allin, he turns over 10 J which in my opinion was a really bad call anyway but I am happy so cant complain, sure enough turn brings a J and river 10 for his full house! I ask him if he thought I was bluffing and he responded by saying no, just wanted to gamble to hit my other cards, Oh well on my knees now with under 3k left and the blinds up to 3 and 6 hundred only a round or two left to see something, eventually have to push with nothing and go out about 11pm. See you next week MR 10 j when I will take all of your chips off you!"

My fingers are bleeding now, later dudes.

Hit one Miss one

Virtuall nil online this week again but did play a league game at another forum site and was hit over the head with the "hammer"
Know and played against most of these players and when a guy utg made it 300 to play on level 2 at 50/100 I decided lets race if ya want but in most cases he will fold to my AcKc. Its much of an insta call and he flips the MONSTA of 7c2c and the "HAMMER" is raised to strike. Flop gives him an up and down and the turn brings me my K but down it comes on top of my head when the river makes up his straight bottom end and its a nasty hurtful blow. He went on to finish 3rd at least and even took out S2C from final table as well.
We also had the 1st of our own NPF games online on Monday with 200 euro added to the prize pot by the site. Game although very enjoyable with the good crack and decent turn out was somewhat spoilt by a cock up with rebuy info and basically lack of it that fecked up a few players me included. I go out pushing with 55 but 1st position decided that JQ was enough to call with and as expected hit her Q.

Played my usual 2 live games this week at Circus & Aspers.

Circus and a 70 runner field which is excellent for a Tuesday night and good table as well. Nice mix and cruising nicely along. Took small hit to stack when my 10 10 is damaged by AK but can get away from it at the turn and just above average chip stack at 200/400 when I get AA utg. BB is the previous AK guy and I know he aint passing for my opening bet of 2000. If I get another customer I decide Im probably pushing on flop but its just me and him as he makes it up. Flop is Jc9c3d and I bet 2500 after his check which he calls. Turn brings 10c and possible flush and straight draws and he puts rest of his stack in which is identical to mine. My Aces are red so Im relying on a total bluff or draw and decide to call. He flips Qs9s for his up and down but bang Kc appears on the river and Im gone. Dont normally let hands bother me but this one played on my mind all way home as to should I played the hand different. Disappointed as was really enjoying the game and feeling confident of going deep.

Aspers £50 game last night and although not the best quantity of runners theve been getting it certainly was a very strong and quality field. Even Vegas Dave Harris is in and I give him the get ya ares on blog and post summit or ya sacked crack.
Got really tough table which included Jimmy Chipmunk 2 to my right and his assessment comment of the table summed it up very well in "ganna take some getting chips here"
Added to my stack at slow but steady flow and as we got to the nitty gritty a nicley dealt AA got reasonably well paid on an Ace flop board. Make final table and although its 10 seater theres only 8 prize payout and although mentioned to pay 10 two players want it kept as 8 only get paid. Table gets off to a flyer when guy 2nd pos pushes in early position and I let 77 pass but BB with monsta stack makes the call and shows 22 to guys AK push. Quack quack holds up and my 7 hit the flop. Wudda been nice double and decided then fk it Im pushing with any decent hand I get now. Next hand guy in early position pushes and BB insta call flips AA to guys AdJd. 2 diamond flop gives the AJ hope, blank turn but diamond river makes his hand to cripple the AA and his stack. Its cash bubble time so looking good to at least get a return when guy UTG makes it 10k to play on 1500/3000 and Ive got KK. Hes got about 12k behind and I decide to flat call his bet to a Q rag rag flop. Happy days I reckon and I push to his check which he calls and flips QQ. FFKS looks like bubble boy here I come, blank turn and saviour K hits the river. What a cruel game it is and I rake in nice pot. Small stack busts out few hands later so down to 7.
Next lap though and its ciao baby ciao when my total mis read of guy betting 10K early position (mid range pair)based on hows hes played all night at my table. Ive got 99 and push to hopefully take him off hand and also didnt realise he had as many chips as he had. He makes call and shows JJ. I announce "dam I need to hit my 9 and I fancy this". Winning hand puts me 2nd in chips.
Flop was a wowzza and makes the hand play itself anyway even if I had flat called when it comes down 9 J J Woooooo flop the house but face quadzilla baby.
Double me money for small profit but at least the final tables are coming back and Im happy how Im playing.

Forum Championship game is coming fast and really looking forward to that and need to sort out arrangements for CPC in November which is something else thats highlighted in the old diary.

Good luck to "Spilla" this weekend at Aspers and hopefully he brings the goods home.

Time for a little break

Well here goes funny month really, made more cash than I would of fixing peoples toilets thats for sure, but could I do this full time? seriously doubt it im getting bored of it 8-12hrs a day. I take my hat off to online pros grinding it out all day, I have a new found respect for you lot even if yous are just luckboxes.
Another thing when you play that long I beleive my game starts to suffer, tilted twice last week in rebuy tourneys, reminded me of old crazy Irish Harry in the £5er rebuys at Grov - all in everyhand with this other nutter for 30 mins stupidity of the highest order
To be honest Ive stopped enjoying it so Im having a few days off, getting passport sorted and doing one, probley Amsterdam for a the weekend hopefully & come back mentally refreshed(more like mentally fkd).

Been offered a job in Denmark and giving it some serious thought, only problem with it is there month trips. Kill me being away from my two daughters for that long but the moneys fantastic and Xmas is just over the hill thinking could do two trips October and November and Ill be sorted to well after Xmas cos if have 2 bad months on poker Xmas could be a painful one. Not exactley a positive mental attitude but Im a realist. Good luck at the tables all.

Looks like we getting new members!!!

Couple of weeks ago it was posted here by Gyposdog that certain members have not been posting and a part of being on the team is that you post at least once. As yet none of the 3 have responded so have until the end of this month ot they are OUT!"

Matto, Beastie and Dave Harris get ya fecking fingers oot!!! to stay members of this group.

Losing Faith

I just need to do a post to get my frustration out. I had a great month last month on poker but this month the down swings have been coming and its thick and fast. When you are playing just cash poker its the big pots and the draws u r goin for and people are goin against if that boils down to.

For me this has been in form of countless times all in with bigger pairs all in before flop and they hitting their poxy smaller pair


oscars next

alreet people.
Firstly let me bore you all with the news i have a new video camera and a shit hot video editting programme. i have been messing with it for 2 days and posted a highlights package on the forum and im currentlt doing 2 more. spielberg watch out and im sure oscar nomination just round the corner.
Reet jokerstars - this site caused my blood pressure to go off the scale in a 26 hour period not gonna post details on here read the forum for that but all i can say is:
1, surprised i still got any monitors that are working
2, surprised dawn has not left me
3, surprised i have not been arrested for email sent to pokerstars
4, surprised i didn't have a chest gripper
5 surprised last bloke who bad beated me has not pressed charges for abuse
gonna give stars a big swerve from now on and probably on line poker as a whole.
only played once live in circus £50 this week and had 17k last hand before break when on big blind with Qs 7s there are 4 flat callers. i check to see flop of K 4 9 all spades. I bet out 2K and get called in 2 spots. turn is 2 diamonds and i bet out 8K. first guy thinks for ages then passes next guy shoves all in for xtra 4K. i call he shows As 3h. you guessed it spade on river he starts whooping and i look at my 4.k left thinking fucking dickhead. he then says ' knew i was gonna hit' to which i reply ' did it not cross your mind that the other guy prob had jack spades(to which he said yes) leaving you with 6 cards to hit to win, assuming no one else had any spades(to which 2 people say i did). he just said i won didnt i and went off on his break. First hand back i then find myself having a conversation with 2 other players on table who tell me i played hand wrong as i should have passed when he re raised the extra 4k as it was obvious he had the ace flush!!! i correct them saying he still needed to hit but they still said i should have passed. at this stage im having to really struggle to keep my anger and mouth in check when dealer says its your turn i look at my cards and see QQ , throw my chips in, and announce wanna see me play this hand shite as well do yas???. table pisses themselves and i get a caller with 66 and double up. eventually go out next orbit when i re raise a 1600 bet all in for 8.5k with 88 and get insta called by A 6 and board comes Q 3 A 6 A. decide to go home cos Mrs card guard got 30k in chips and dont like circus enough to sit there watching for 4 hours.
Planning on hitting teeside for the poker tour and think davy is gonna join me so open invite to anyone who wants to come i will be driving me and dc down and back every day so if ya wanna come let me know.
If music be the food of love then play on is the quote and its about time for another video to hit your screens. will be consulting with dc to make sure recording studios have not been damaged in recent floods and if ok another vid shortly.
10 weeks and counting to my vegas trip cant wait just love whipping those yankee asses at poker cos love to hear them whine. my retort is always the same and goes as follows ' im just getting my own back for all the shitty and ridiculous bad beats you yanks have inflicted on me on sites such as full tilt and pokerstars. see how it makes you feel??' to which i normally have a 20 minute debate about whether europeans or americans are best players and depending on whether i outlast guys im arguing with i either gloat and say told europeans are better or skulk away saying ' worse than playing on full tilt'. mostly tongue in cheek and i love every minute of being in vegas so much so that i only sleep about 4 hours a day.
reet off to bed cos am knackered.

Tough Week

Well its almost exactly a week since i first posted and the news is that there is nothing to report.
Tuesday I was drawn in the dealer seat, which was the second month running this has happened, I didnt mind dealing before the break and we were told the dealers were going to be moving around after the break, so no complaints. I got a few good starting hands in the first 2/3 levels, KK AK and AA, all holding up except the Aces, a bloke rivering a flush - but i layed my one pair down to his ridiculous oversize bet. Was sitting fairly comfortable just around my starting stack with the break drawing closer and made a good call for half my stack with 77 to 44 only for him to flop a set. The same player removed me after the break when he reshoved with QQ to my shove with AsQs with a reasonably low stack.
Saturday was very frustrating, had been building it up in my head after a week at work and a chance to escape the really bad rain (Aspers casino has no windows for the uninitiated). I never really got above my starting stack and bluffed half my stack away to somebody who either had me crushed or a really good read on me. An incident i witnessed on saturday - a late registree joined our table, stumbling over from the cash desk holding a glass of coke (later found out it was JD n coke) and awkwardly climbed into his seat. He spilt a good amount of his drink on the player he was to be sat next to, an iranian man who i have seen before and know him to have a loose, aggressive game as well as personality. The man began to say something and it then transpired he was foreign, swiss infact. He apologised numerous times which infuriated the amn further, as he was trying to say 'forget it' and then ' just stop speaking to me'. Next hand the iranian man raises 7x bb and the swiss man (completely hammered i add, as i realise i havent already mentioned this) calls. Everybody else folds and the flop is A 10 6. The iranian man fires out a pot size bet and the swiss man raises half of his stack (twice the pot at this point). The iranian shoves and gets immediately called showing 8 8 against the swiss A 10. all in on that flop for just under 8.5k on 25/50 blinds, he gets no help and is eliminated, the swiss man holds out his hand to be refused by the angry iranian man who i later saw hammering a slot machine.
The swiss bloke had managed to tilt an opponent without playing a hand then knocking him out with his first hand. I would find this funnier had the swiss bloke not gone out to prove to be a pain in the arse, pissing the inexperienced dealer off consistently, who to her credit asked the card room supervisor to watch her to make sure she wasnt making mistakes. He was so blatantly drunk and in my opinion should not have been allowed to take part in the tournament. The cardroom manager at one point had to resort to consficating his drink until he had finished in the tournament, but for me prevention in this case would have been much more preferable than the remedy.
Sunday, was equally frustrating, only one had before the break getting my 4k stack in preflop with KK versus AK and it holding up. After the break i hardly played a hand due to playing tight and another attrocious run of hands. My tight image was not unnoticed and i did manage to steal on a couple of occasions, which made the hand i went out on; even more surprising. on the sb it was folded round and i raise 2.5x with 8 6 leaving myself 3 bbs, and the BB called me the flop was Q 8 2, so i went all in for him to have called me pre flop with Q 2. not too many complaints other than he should never have called me as he didnt even have average chips at that point.
The week is behind me now and after struggling to remember a lot of it, will easily forget it and try and win myself and teamdobb some money next weekend.
One last point from last week's game at circus is congrats to teamdobb for his cash and great play with 8 7 (i think) against the lad who crippled and then knocked me out!

MR CardGuard Make me a millionaire!

Alreet, just thought do a quick post. Those figures for ya sports betting are amazing cardguard! I just wanted to say I am well up for a weekly top sports betting tips blog off ya!
I like most people think he knows his football but I always seem to get it wrong. Get ya researchers on the case and I'm flogging my gran tmoz to get funds together for your tip!


Damp Week

Not much to report to be honest apart from rain rain rain and such fkn depressing weather. Got to be the worst summer ever and a week in the sunshine is calling out to the old bones.
My online play is getting less and less as just aint got the motivation to play or put the effort required in. Played the very few mtts but mainly been watching some of the efforts of the Newcastle Forum lads. Got asked to play a friends entry on the WSOPE on Betfair but tbh wished I hadnt accepted as the old head just wasnt on the job. Very little to play with and when couple of moves failed was left struggling with the stack i had left. Eventually with 1/2 the field gone and me needing to double my QQ push was met by KK and the agony was over.
Rest of Sundays attention was spent watching some of the very interesting games and big names on Poker Stars in their WCOOP which is being held.Great table included Annette_15, Dario Maneri & No Mercy Mercier. Very interesting hand saw the 2 ladies of Poker pushing each other on a flop of 356. Ace at turn saw Mercier bet strong only for Annette to come over top by putting her firmly to the test and all in. Running the clock down to its limit she eventually called showing 33 for set with Annette on top pair 6 and straight draw. No help for Annette as another 6 hit giving Mercier the house and an unhappy Annette complaining of being slow rolled. Sat out for few hands after this maybe to re group her cool as she had been playing great poker and running the table. Soon went on her return pushing to re raise of Maneri and her AQ didnt improve to his JJ.
Alerted by forum member and newbie Craig88 going well in the monsta field of the $200k and being watched by the famous NPF rail boosted him to a fantastic finish of 11th of 23771. Well done mate and his exit was typical of many sick beats seen last night when his 88 push was called by 86 off and runner runner runner clubs saw a sick flush hit for the 86.

Only played one live game and it was the well supported £500 added at Circus which attracted a very healthy 98 runners. Ground it down to final table and was delighted with my performance considering the very poor cards I was getting and survival was mainly due to alot of wel timed moves on certain players. One move at final table made me chuckle laters when a weak raise in early position by young Chinese guy I looked at 88 and was sure I could win the hand pre flop so asked him how much he had behind knowing he had well enough to fold. On his answer i pushed all in and into deep think tank he went. Looking back at my cards it seems the lights had been playing games with my poor eyesight as it was 86 I had and not 88. He eventually mucked showing A8 to which I flipped my 86 and got a well played comment as I chuckled away to myself inside.
Eventually bust out in 6th place for £320 and 8 minutes from the chip count end of game when a move on my big blind I pushed with AdKd to be up against KQ off. No favours here and a flop of KQ4 took me out and the tired drive home. Happy considering all in all.
1st week of sponsoring Spilla Artois but Ill let him report how he did.
Nice end to week as well when my factory was well flooded out on arriving in on saturday morning with water pouring in through the walls. Never fkn rains but it pours.

Roll on the summer

September Song of the Month

By very very very special request and Im sure he thought I had forgot but its Gyposdog fav tune which hes been wanting as Song of the Month for ages.


Hi, im Spilla_Artois and will be posting on here for the next month.

As Teamdobb has outlined I will be sponsored in certain local games this month on a 50/50 deal. My posts will generally include my results from these games (9 or 10 in total). The first game will be tonight at Circus in the £500 added game and whilst I sit in my lounge, still amazed at the stories that have transpired in the football world over the last 24 hours, and also tired from my 3rd day in a new job, I am excited for the month of poker ahead.
My previous poker expirience is small buy-in local tourneys in Newcastle and friendly games. I have played in a few National Student tournaments and also one side event in the Newcastle leg of the GUKPT. My biggest cash coming in the last event on that list.
My online experience is limited and I dont regard myself as an online player and I very rarely play cash.
Teamdobb's confidence in my game has lead to renewed self-confidence and I hope that over the next 29 days I will be posting a good return on his investment.

I look forward to contibuting to this blog and also representing the Newcastle Poker Forum and DC Handrails & Ironwork Parts for the month of September!

ok 2 blogs in 2 mins but this is just a request blog. Dobbs can you change the picture of me on here to the one at the top of this blog please. That one on at mo makes me look like I just eaten big slick!!! I know I a lardy but that does me no justice at least I look sorta cool in the one above. Please please changes it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well lets start off with with the news that Rob Taxi Taylor won the Grosvenor league play off final for the 2nd time running. He gets stick, especially from me, but as my new signature shows on the forum, I do now have a new found respect for him. To win again proves he has a top quality game and my sincere congrats go out to him. Teamdobbers Rr E and Card Guard(me) went out in 11th , and 10th both being knocked out by eventual 2nd place finisher Mr Gary Brewer. a top bloke and a well deserved runner up.
My personal congrats go to Mrs Card Guard for winning the actual league and proving to be the most consistant player over the period it was run. She won the 1st tourney of the league and was top the whole way through and she is very very proud of the trophy that now sits proudly on the sideboard where my card guards used to live!!!!!!!!

On the poker front an average month for me, few final tables, 2 tourney wins and numerous on line cashes in Stars 50k tournies, but still looking for the big hit to move me forward. Probably showing £300 profit on poker for the month but as most of you will know I am a heavy gambler on football, rugby and horses and in fact these are only events I keep gambling records on.
For August I have shown a very healthy profit of £9500 from these events and I have also been lucky enough to hit the roulette tables hard this month having 5 sessions of coming off £1000 up and one of these was £2500 up. So all in all a great month gambling and Mrs Card Guard now has new wardrobe full of clothes!!!!.

As a footnote I do lot of research and studying into my football and rugby bets, and get info on horses from a guy who does same, so if any one requests I can post on here my tips for the football and rugby on a Friday and if people give me their mobiles / emails I can forward on my racing info - just let me know.

Now on to life in general. weather is fucking shit, giving up cricket this year in place of water ski-ing!!!. Very busy at work and am now 3 months behind must be something to do with MSN and nearly 2000 posts on a certain poker forum.
Am pleased Spiller is guesting for a month he is a nice kid but have to say the picture of him on here makes him look about 12 years old, so just watch out for the site being hi jacked by Gary Glitter!!!.

Mr E posted some things he disliked here are a few of mine:

1, Pro tennis players being allowed to play in the olympics, then playing as if they dont wanna be there - and yes Andy Murray is Scottish and not the new ' henman'

2, A Q always beating A K on pokerstars(cost me few thousand dollars last week)

3, Teamdobb not getting Monika and Dionne to model the new forum gear but instead using some back door Dierdre

4, Half buttered ham sandwiches in brown bread

5, Christine wanting to sue us for compairing her to Beelzebub - should be the other way round expect a writ from the devil anyday

6, Phil Mcnally not drinking. Not seeing him with a bud in his hand for the last week has made me question did I wake up last Monday in a parallel universe???

7, Nee craics wanting to cause arguements on the forum over football!!! ffs its 22 men kicking a cow skin full of air up and down ffs grow up!!!!!!!!!!

8, and lastly my major hate of the month..................................... BARRY SMITH. this pathetic lowlife, guttersnape, slimeball, misfit, mother fucker, arse wipe, and cunt faced man has tried to lie, mis quote and generally get Mr E, Mrs E, me and Mrs CG into trouble and for this I will reak a terrible vengance on this treacherous sole. He is gonna feel the full blast of a Card Guard gob full the next time I see him.

OK will post on a more regular basis from now on and will leave you with this burning - Who the fuck is Paisley Bob???????

Spilla joins the "Team" for September

As in last post Dan Spiller is being sponsored into certain games this month by me and on his request has asked permission to post his reports of them here. So for September he has been added as an invited contributor and hope everyone enjoys his posts which knowing Spilla will be funny and interesting.