Damp Week

Not much to report to be honest apart from rain rain rain and such fkn depressing weather. Got to be the worst summer ever and a week in the sunshine is calling out to the old bones.
My online play is getting less and less as just aint got the motivation to play or put the effort required in. Played the very few mtts but mainly been watching some of the efforts of the Newcastle Forum lads. Got asked to play a friends entry on the WSOPE on Betfair but tbh wished I hadnt accepted as the old head just wasnt on the job. Very little to play with and when couple of moves failed was left struggling with the stack i had left. Eventually with 1/2 the field gone and me needing to double my QQ push was met by KK and the agony was over.
Rest of Sundays attention was spent watching some of the very interesting games and big names on Poker Stars in their WCOOP which is being held.Great table included Annette_15, Dario Maneri & No Mercy Mercier. Very interesting hand saw the 2 ladies of Poker pushing each other on a flop of 356. Ace at turn saw Mercier bet strong only for Annette to come over top by putting her firmly to the test and all in. Running the clock down to its limit she eventually called showing 33 for set with Annette on top pair 6 and straight draw. No help for Annette as another 6 hit giving Mercier the house and an unhappy Annette complaining of being slow rolled. Sat out for few hands after this maybe to re group her cool as she had been playing great poker and running the table. Soon went on her return pushing to re raise of Maneri and her AQ didnt improve to his JJ.
Alerted by forum member and newbie Craig88 going well in the monsta field of the $200k and being watched by the famous NPF rail boosted him to a fantastic finish of 11th of 23771. Well done mate and his exit was typical of many sick beats seen last night when his 88 push was called by 86 off and runner runner runner clubs saw a sick flush hit for the 86.

Only played one live game and it was the well supported £500 added at Circus which attracted a very healthy 98 runners. Ground it down to final table and was delighted with my performance considering the very poor cards I was getting and survival was mainly due to alot of wel timed moves on certain players. One move at final table made me chuckle laters when a weak raise in early position by young Chinese guy I looked at 88 and was sure I could win the hand pre flop so asked him how much he had behind knowing he had well enough to fold. On his answer i pushed all in and into deep think tank he went. Looking back at my cards it seems the lights had been playing games with my poor eyesight as it was 86 I had and not 88. He eventually mucked showing A8 to which I flipped my 86 and got a well played comment as I chuckled away to myself inside.
Eventually bust out in 6th place for £320 and 8 minutes from the chip count end of game when a move on my big blind I pushed with AdKd to be up against KQ off. No favours here and a flop of KQ4 took me out and the tired drive home. Happy considering all in all.
1st week of sponsoring Spilla Artois but Ill let him report how he did.
Nice end to week as well when my factory was well flooded out on arriving in on saturday morning with water pouring in through the walls. Never fkn rains but it pours.

Roll on the summer