Ship wrecked booooo!!!!

Sunday can be so shit

A small leak in my conservatory seems to be growing into a major DIY and redecoration program and after sorting some stuff out at B&Q nip into town to have a couple of beers with few of the poker lads as its McNallys birthday.

Get back home to find Ive cocked up starting time of CPC Final and lost 1/2 my starting stack to blinds.
Having connection problems and 1st hand I play AsKs gets me doubled up.
I then call low stack with 10 10 and his KQ rivers the K. Call another low stack with QQ to his AK river Ace. Down below 2k and lose connection. Get back and have 10 10 in button, 1 more to decide before me and I lose connection and folded out. When I get back on Ive got 880 left and 44 on button. Push and call by BB with K9 and K on river seals it.