Last Saturday finally saw me make a little return on TD's investment. Even though it was only £100 it was a huge relief to get something back so that the month's sponsorship wasn't a complete flop.

After playing well until the last 16 players it then became seemingly impossible to reach the final table. I had been well stacked and then started to dwindle a little bit, was joined on my table by a fellow forum member (xenocode) who was fairly shortstacked. after sitting patiently for one and a half orbits he shoved all in for 6300 in 2nd position whilst blinds were 500-1000. 4th position simply called he had a similar stack to myself (20k ish) and i looked down on BB to see 9 9. In my head i had envisaged a scenario where the two people in the pot both had 2 big cards or one of them having a pair not much bigger than mine, if at all, after thinking for a little while i reluctantly folded figuring i was up against 3 overcards, probably still having value to play but not wanting to play the flop.
Anyway Xenocode shows A Q and the caller had A K, the flop brought King and 9 meaning i would probably have been sat with 48k had i called.
Later on i was down to 8k with blinds at 1k-2k or 1500-3k and a shortish stack shoved in early position, i was on the button with A 10 and chose to fold figuring i was not in good shape against anything he was shoving with, anyway the bb called with QQ and the shover had 6 6. i announced i passed A 10 as an ace fell on the flop of A J 9, to whoch i was berated for bad play by the person who shoved with 6 6. anyway when the Q came on the turn i was happy with my pass, that was until the river brought a King which would have given me the straight and trebled me up - another opportunity missed.

Two hands later there is an early limper to my immediate left and he has been playing fairly loose. i have 10 10 so insta-shove the limper calls showing pocket aces and i spiked one of my two outs to double up, everything was going my way.

A few hands later i am on BB of 3k and utg raises to 8k, button shoves for 5.5k total and s.b. calls the 8 k. i see AQ, think for a while and decide there is too much value in the pot to fold so i call (have 8 k in pot and another 12k in my stack) flop comes A high, s.b. checks and i decide that the side pot of 7.5k is enough to warrant a shove. both other players pass and the all in shows 3 3 and misses his set putting me on 45k ish. utg announces he had 4 4 and wouldve spiked his 4 on river phew!

I went to final table with aounr 40k

the hand i went out on in 7th or 8th was a shove in 2nd position with AcQc, get called by chip leader in 3rd position who has 4 4, hitting her set on flop but i also flop a flushdraw that i sickeningly miss!!!!!

£100 better than nowt 50 for me 50 for TD, who lost 5r on the game which in this sponsorship is as profitable as it gets haha

Sunday i had A K on K hi flop and other player has aces - what can ye do?

Oh well just one week left then Teamdobbs can go back to feeding his family and saving for a trip to vegas instead of funding losing players.

Speak next week