Cowboys! pff, send for the cavalry

NEVER playing KK again!

Need to get this off me chest before I go into meltdown. For the second night in a row went out of an aspers tournie with KK. Friday night crapshoot and got down to 40ish not seen a hand in a while the blinds eating into my stack, decided to try and get my chips in first with anything but someone always beat me to it. Getting a bit desperate when I come accross AQ suited, pushed and doubled up then very next hand KK. Blinds 3 and 6 hundred, utg raises to 2k, I push allin with 6k and he calls with 66. Pot now worth about 13k and with players going out all around me would fancy my chances for a final table, that is until a 6 hits the turn and i'm oot again with the best hand. I know it will turn around shortly but i'm getting frustrated and thinkin about a spell off, we'll see.