Time for a little break

Well here goes funny month really, made more cash than I would of fixing peoples toilets thats for sure, but could I do this full time? seriously doubt it im getting bored of it 8-12hrs a day. I take my hat off to online pros grinding it out all day, I have a new found respect for you lot even if yous are just luckboxes.
Another thing when you play that long I beleive my game starts to suffer, tilted twice last week in rebuy tourneys, reminded me of old crazy Irish Harry in the £5er rebuys at Grov - all in everyhand with this other nutter for 30 mins stupidity of the highest order
To be honest Ive stopped enjoying it so Im having a few days off, getting passport sorted and doing one, probley Amsterdam for a the weekend hopefully & come back mentally refreshed(more like mentally fkd).

Been offered a job in Denmark and giving it some serious thought, only problem with it is there month trips. Kill me being away from my two daughters for that long but the moneys fantastic and Xmas is just over the hill thinking could do two trips October and November and Ill be sorted to well after Xmas cos if have 2 bad months on poker Xmas could be a painful one. Not exactley a positive mental attitude but Im a realist. Good luck at the tables all.


TEAMDOBB said...

You know listening to the old fella makes sense mate and it worked last time.
Cant beat a bit of cake n custard in Amsterdam.