Still no win, but at least some hands to talk about.

Half way through Weekend two of the teamdobb sponsorship and there is still no hint of a cash. Played at aspers yesterday afternoon, was delayed 45 minutes which was frustrating, due to staff absences. Only 36 runners, so fairly low turnout. In the first two levels i played a little bit too loose but got to the break with 7k, 2.000 less than starting stack. A few hands after the break there is a min raise utg+1 i look down and see AA in the cutoff, while i am contemplating how to play this i see the lad to my left begin to play with his chips so i flat call and he accordingly puts in a 4x bet - beautiful! The s.b. shoves for 18BB yet utg+1 folds. I say something like "oh theres too much value in there now!" and throw my stack in, around 5,500 (blinds 100-200) and the button calls with KK. s.b. shows AK. i scoop and get a terminator in the process
I stayed around 15k for sometime then three levels later (400-800) there is a limp utg from a loose player, then a limp in 2nd pos by a gd player (Rob Richardson) im on the button with AJ so i call and s.b. completes. Flop A A 8. the b.b. bets 1k and utg calls or makes it 2k, cant remember, and then rob who has about 30k at this point puts roughly 13k in, not sure he counted the stack. At this point i'm pretty sure that the other two players in the pot have nowt and i try and put rob on a hand. I was thinking for a couple of minutes before calling a clock on myself. basically i was only behind to 88, AK, AQ and A8, I was confident he would have raised with AK pre flop and could have definitely have limped with the other 3 hands including the range of all other Ax. I couldnt see why he would make the bet if he did have A 8. I talked myself out of him having 8 8 for some reason, and then began to try and envisage a situation where i was ahead, him having A 10, A 9 or even A 7 and then thought that a double up would put me in a great position. As my minute drew to an end i remembered i was only in the pot for 800 chips and i let my hand get timed out. Unsurprisingly the other two players folded and rob graciously showed AQ. The dealer had already mucked my hand so i couldnt show why i had a tough decision but im sure he believed me when i told him.
I got down to the last two tables *ok there was only 36 runners but the last two tables in unchartered territory for me in this sponsorship* and played maybe one hand that i lost a little of my stack leaving me with 9 bb, i get QQ in the cutoff and duly push. S.b. who i have covered wakes up with KK and the B.b. thinks for almost 4 seconds!!!! before callling with AQ. Flop contains an Ace, the turn a K and somehow i miss my one out for the side pot and my dry spell continues, sorry TeamDobb!!
On a side note i was drawn in the perfect seat to watch 32.5 million pounds worth of robinho score on his debut against Chelsea, I didnt expect city to get anything out of the game but it was nice to give one of the big four a scare!


TEAMDOBB said...

Nice fold to Rock Rob and vul with ya QQ into them 2.

Sunday is the day I feel it. GL

Anonymous said...

Class fold Spilla to my AQ, so many people would have paid me off there. Unlucky on your QQ vs KK vs AQ, but wtf was AQ doing in there??
I had him down as the type of player who would fold that there.