game set match and its all over

ok after months and months and months of getting outdrawn, rivered, numpty beaten and basically fucked 5 ways from sunday i have decided to quit playing poker. tonight has been the final straw for me. i have only played 2 live tourneys in last 4 weeks and all that i currently hate about poker has happened in these 2 tournies. in the forum team game i had no cards for nearly 4 hours and never played a hand until i was dealt AK on the button. to set the scene i had already passed QQ and 10 10 and AK s earlier showing all 3 hands, so i think i have built up tight table image. so guy who has been playing loose raises from 3rd spot to 1000 chips, its folded to me and i re pop to 2500, the guy hads 8k behind and i got total of 6600 with my raise. folds round to raiser who insta shoves all in. i think for a bit and decide if i am to get anywhere in tourney i need to call and double up and i think he is not strong so i call and ffs he flips over 4 4. suffice to say flop comes 10s Qs 10h, then 8c on turn. at this stage i count i have about 21 cards to win with but of course river is a meaningless 2 c. gg wp i say and guy on table asks guy with 4 4 did ya not take him for a big hand seeing as he showed he passed QQ and 10 10 earlier and you only had pocket 4's??. lololol guy replies oh i never saw those hands but to be fair when im not in a hand i dont take much notice of what anyone else is doing and i did have a pair anyway!!!!!!!! just about says it all im afraid spend 4 hours building an image and some numpty who could not give a fuck aboot game thinks 4 4 is massive.

Then tonight in £100 game, played 6 hands all night won 2 and got rivered in other 4 and out before 10.30pm when with an equal ammount of luck i would have 35k. no cards for first 2 levels then decide to raise mid pos with QJc. guy to my left who has played like a fish insta calls and flop brings nice Q J 2 rainbow flop. i bet out 800 and he insta calls, at this stage i have him on either Q rag or J rag. turn brings 8 and i bet 2k to which he thinks for a bit and makes what looks like a crying call. river brings a 9 and i bet another 2k. he calls and flips Q 10 over ffffffsssssss. dead in water on flop and turn and miracle on river gifts him pot. same round and im in sb and fish is in bb, passed to me look down see 10 10 so raise it to 700. he calls and flop is A J Q all spades and i got 2 black 10's. i bet out 1k and he calls. turn pairs J and i bet again as im sure im in front , again he flats river pairs A counterfitting my 10's so i check and he checks too and flips K 2 off, i now maybe a bet here wins the pot but my confidence is shot and that impairs my decision making, however i am still horrified he decided to call pre, flop and turn. then the 2 killer hands come along. passed to me on button i got AQ(blinds 300-600) raise to 2100 and BB shoves all in for 5500. i call and he flips AJ off weeeeeee happy days at last flop 9 7 2(2 diamonds) turn is another diamond and ffs he has J of diamonds and ouch A diamonds on river gives him 4 to flush and yet again im fucked in a hand im 85% to win. totally frustrated now and steaming but manage to pass until my next BB when i look down to see K J s. 5 limpers and i decide to raise another 3k leaving myself 4k behind. folds round to last limper(darren laverick) who shoves all in for 10k. having played with this guy before i know his range here is between 44 and 10 10 and im 99% its a race and for what i got left i cant pass. so i say im gonna call cos i know we are racing and he nods and flips 77. weeeeeeeeeeeee K on flop happy days turn blank and river 7. fml ffs and its about the last 2 outer i can possibly take.

You all know me quite well and you all witnessed what i am about at the G last week. to me lifes about having fun, taking the piss and generally not being too serious about life but im afraid to say poker is turning me into a bitter horrible person. the beats i have indured over the last 6 months are more than most will get in a lifetime and they have virtually ground me down to the stage where i dont want to put myself in a position to feel like it makes me feel. its not the money i have good life and am never short, its the constant feeling of being ' almost scared' to play a pot as i already know the outcome. i have qualified for the sky event next week and that will be the last time i play poker for a very long time. just before writing this i have withdrawn money from the 6 online sites i had some on and deleted them all from my computer. i have left enough on stars for dawn to play this weeks millions and for us to transfer to the last 5 players in the syndicate but apart from that as far as im concerned im done with poker. love people that say ya gotta ride it out cos if you keep getting it in good then it will change - sorry but thats bollocks i have been getting it in good for 2 years and it still has not changed. last week really opened my eyes cos i walked round commentating on the forum game and saw so many people get there chips in bad and suck out that it made me cringe. my original opinion of poker was that it was a skill game with a little bit of luck thrown in. now my opinion is that it is totally 100% with no skill whatsoever and its usually the fishes and the players that have not got a clue that win. one last point from what i saw tonight the standard at the £100 was worse than what i see at the grosvenor £5 rebuy- was totally shocked how poor the play was.

rant over
poker over

Canny weekend eventually!

With NPF League not on due to a private function booking at Grosvenor decided to take in the mad fest shove at Aspers. £20 3000 chips plus 1000 for being on time with short clock and big field to luckbox past. Over 130 runners and "amusing" table although it did contain a couple of decent well know regulars.
This game is full of the Friday night guys out for a few drinks around town and Aspers location makes it ideal for them to move on when they bust.Table had 3 or 4 lads who were obviously very new to playing poker and especially live and the "amusing" remark I met before was to their comments and things they were saying during and after hands.
Classic 1st hand with me utg and the guy to my right on the BB was obviously a newbie and very nervous when the self dealt spins over his 1st card Ac and as he is dealt his 2nd card he may as well of put a flashing light on his head as he obviously had another Ace. Joking I says to him "ul mate can tell yive got another Ace" which he immediately starts nodding his head in agreement and cursing. Lol then at the flop of AA3 and small blind actually bets the pot. BB flat calls and guy to my left calls as well on rainbow board. Turn 1st guy checks and BB fires decent bet in to fold fold and shows his Ace which shudda been AAAA. Lol and full 10 outta 10 lads for your observation skills.
Played loose as hell with not much luck and any hand I did get walked into better ones especially AK.
Low stacked and after break shoved 1st 5 hands with no takers picking up the blinds. Couple of orbits later newbie to table gives abit of speech play to my BB about an easy blind to nick and I tell him to shove em in then which he does. So obvious hes got a monsta and when I look at AJ with stack Ive got Im not passing and make the call to try and suck out. He flips AA and although I flop my J I cant find the miracle and bust out.
S2C going along decent so decide to play abit of cash while I wait for him and my £100 soon turns into £180 when my limp with A4 flops AA3 and turns the 4 but guy to my right becomes a non believer and puts me all in with 10 10. Thanks very much.
Filling time basically and looking for freeroll entry into Saturdays £100 game so £200 clear is my target
Moved to next table due to feeder system in action there and Chinese guy opposite goes on a golden run hitting everything hes in for and mistakenly I join in his fortune. Flat so see Kc6s7s when Im holding 6h7h and he calls my bet to Ace turn that he re pops me all in and my As rag/bluff to flush draw read is miles off when he flips basic limp called AK and I decide no more Josephine for me tonight.

Enjoyed the night and different scene and look for better fortune in weekends £100 2 day Deep Stack game.

Just for Amatays travels!

Found this little beauty which I thought would be ideal for Amatay to keep handy for his worldwide but especially UK trips as he doesnt seem to be able to pick a decent hotel especially the further North he travels!!!

Amatays fav hotel list

Short n Sweet as I Can

Hectic since the weekend and to be honest also the week leading up to the team Challenge coupled with the death of my Mam after a very long illness last Tuesday. A death is never an easy thing to deal with and accept but sometimes with certain situations and illness it can be a blessing in disguise. Quality of life is something we should be aware of and fully appreciate as we aint here that long. Playing poker gives people the opportunity to meet alot of totally different people from all walks of life and it also gives the chance to see how some conduct themselves and treat others.
Last weekends Team Challenge to me was the perfect example of this compared to other games Ive played in recently which threw up alot of total wankers carrying super sized egos and treating other people as if they are far lesser mortals than themsleves. For fuck sake man to those like that get a life and get real. Last weekend proved by a million miles what Poker should be played like and thats amongst great people with the object of winning yes but mainly enjoying themselves. Set the right atmosphere and get the right people there and this will happen. Thank you once again to all concerned and all who turned up and experienced what we did.

OK personally Im going to keep this as short and as sweet as i can. Was drawn on what I called "the feature table" due to it being the eventual final table location and had the NPF Banners surrounding it. Total random draw may I add but very pleased with my table and my position. That famous blogger Amatay directly across from me and a couple of faces I recognised.
1st few levels are always a strange affair as players go about trying to stack build, get lucky and suss each other out and this game was no different. Had "Peter Stringfellow" look alike to my right who opened up 1st couple of levels very strong and guy from Hartlepool to his right who picked up some nice hands. These 2 soon built decent sized stacks but me personally was very happy with my stack growth going in the right direction with to be honest very little cards. Flopped top straight early doors but turned heart to give possible flush reduced the payday and apart from that stole some nice pots with well timed moves and continuations.
Tall guy introduced into table from Geordie Poker followed soon after by a little grey haired fella from same team and his team captain to his right. Cudnt understand this to be honest by cardroom staff having 3 players from same team on same table in team event and as such had a quiet word. They tell me its just way the cards are drawn when breaking tables but surely some common sense should be shown here and players placed in more suitable tables considering the type of tournament it was.
Some starnge action followed all these 3 players. Lets call tall guy "John Motson" as he could yabba on and loved giving running commentary of hands and what players had plus made alot of comments on how players were playing-from his point of view of course!!! I love playing back at these type of players and they simply dont even realise the information they give away to you. The older grey haired fella was obviously an absolute fish as the John Motson had pleasure in telling all and who to be honest didnt have a clue how to play yet had came to table with decent stack then went about flat calling his captains raise pre flop and on a Jack high board checked to his skipper pushing all in with top pair to snap call and proudly flip over AA to take him out. He then on 200/400 called utg and table chip leader who had shown down nothing but big hands to make it 1600 in late position and old fella calls. Flop is JQ2 and raiser makes it 2k and old fella called. Turn brings safe card and anutha 3500 bet and call. River blank and 4k bet by initial raiser for old fella to call. Initial raiser shows AhKh and old fella proudly flips over 23 off!!!! lol fkn classic and chip leaders face had to be seen to be believed. He then seemed to go on semi tilt eventually making shove move to my BB with K4 with me holding AQ and tbh from his body language I certainly sensed weakness but if I lose this hand my stack would be crippled. I eventually make the call and my AQ holds up. This now gives me the stack to play abit more and as such play back in a few hands to "John Motson" and get greta pleasure in taking him of 2 or 3 pots and showing him the bluff and funnily enough made him go all quiet for some reason!!!
I make good progress with my stack when late on in evening with not many levels left I pick up my 1st premium hand in hours of play with AA utg. I make standard raise and total rock to my left shoves all his 20k+ stack in the middle and I cant wait for it to get back round to me for snap call to which he groans at my hand and flips over AK. Killer flop when 1st 2 cards come out KK and I lose pot that wudda took me into megga strong position in comp although Ive still got healthy enough stack.
Guy from Nottingham is then brought to table and I had played on his cash table on Friday night and he could obviously play but had a proppa edge to his way he spoke to people yet was something about him i liked and dont really know why. By pure coincidence I seemed to pick up hands on his BB or if he entered the pot I would be the one he was up against. Took some nice pots from him and he was now vunerable due to his stack size and last hand of the night I raise to his BB in mid position with JQ and he makes call. Flop comes J93 and I announce all in. He has about 12k left and we then spend 5 mins in goading each other and I persuade him to call with him announcing "I know Im gifting you this but Im not coming back tomorrow light" and flips K9. Happy days and blank turn but river 9 gives him the pot. Not so much the damage done to my stack but had feeling this guy with chips the following day would be a very dangerous player and another double up for him would put him in very strong position. Finished the day on just over 30k yet with the right luck cudda been easily 80k.
Think there were 40 odd players return and made good start taking some nice pots down then went on run of hands that took my stack to over 100k none more so than picking up KK as Mrs Cardguard shoved with big Ace that didnt improve. Took a nice pot involving Amatay when calling his raise to my BB holding 67. K6rag flop which I think went check check and blank turn which I bet to be called and river brought nice looking 7 giving me 2 pair and my bet was groan called by Amatay showing JJ. He came back to get his revenge soon after in very important pot and bite my arse in big style.
He raised in late position and I call in button with KQ together with sb. Flop comes K45 and its ck ck to me and I bet 12k 3/4 pot I think it was for sb to fold and Amatay to shove all in. Big worry to me here was obviously AK but made my mind up quick his bet size was to take me off the pot and didnt really want a call. I made call and from his reaction was obvious he didnt want it as it was also for his tournie life. He flips 6c7c which I didnt have him on at all but boom the turn brings the 3 and he scoops a very nice pot and puts big dent in mine.
I then folded AcJc in mid position to an early raise by him and lost big pot calling another guys shove when Im holding 88 to his KK.
17 left now and Teeside guy shoves his last 15/17k in with me holding AcJc but guy infront of me makes call and I fold. JQd v AJ which AJ wins.
Hit total card dead period now and suffer a few orbits on auto fold and get dragged down to big big danger zone. Then the hand that totally pissed me off more than any other and my big mistake imo from a very solid performance.
Pick up Qd5d in sb and all fold to me and LIMP call. (ffks was so annoyed and no idea why) Flop came J66 with 2 diamonds which I bet all way for BB to call showing J2 off and my limp cost me about 20k. Semi tilt now but hold it back yet no hands come. Despo now and shove think it was approx 4 or 5 BBs utg with KJ for 2 callers both with big Aces and Im gone in 12th. So close yet so far and totally gutted as so wanted to at least final table in our own event and experience what I knew was going to be a fanatastic final table.
Fucked off up the bar area to chill and get my head back and what a laugh I had. Sat next to Dicey from Kracked Kings whos a giant of a bloke and a lovely guy and then Mike Saban and his Mrs who are a lovely couple and also the guy who bust my AA with his AK who also was from Kracked Kings. None of them would let me buy a drink and I must of had about 8 pints in no time and throughly enjoyed both the company and the crack.
Back to final table to watch later stages and make presentations and after having watched them back on video- fuck me could easy tell I was well pissed.

Great day , great weekend, great people, great organisation and great advert for poker.

As for Teamdobbs - omg was a total disaster with all the team crashing out before the points which considering some of their games is amazing imo and I was left to be the lone flag bearer bringing in a few points for the team who finished an embarassing 16th place. Get back soon Gypos & Mcnally!!!


Team event at the G was a huge success and created two new n/east celebs (watch yah backs donnelly nd mcpartlan) Teamdobbs very own Ant n Dec took the helm and we had our very own saturday night takeaway,
A huge thanks to all who took part in what was a momentous occasion, for such a short time in the poker forum community the NPF has every right to feel very proud of the event that they hosted and took part in,friendships were forged and im sure the good name of the NPF will be spreading round the poker world as we speak.
Now down to the nitty gritty... first two levels were a dream ak no fewer than 5 times along with AA twice and managed to get myself up to 15k befor the break. then disaster K J diamonds on the button and a free flop brings 5d 9d 3s theres a bet from bb 600 folded to me i call and sb folds turn J check check river J bb checks I bet 1200 and bb raises to 3k i call and bang head first into 55 for a 555JJ, so now down to 10 .5 k and A 7 diamonds on bb flop As 3d 8d
so top pr with nut flush draw bet out 1200 utg raises to 2800 sb calls and i call turn is 9h i check utg raises all in for about 19k sb goes in the tank and calls all his stack 18k i fold and utg shows A8 2PR sb shows A2 ???? river no help and sb is gone, so blinded down to 6k as now card dead and get moved to table 1 no hands for two levels and now realy need somthing to shove with it comes in the form of KQ on the bb there are two limpers and I shove cazmac calls and table chipleader calls flop comes 3d 7 s Ac turn kc river 9d cazmac shows K J off ?? and table chipleader shows As ks so im out of there.
have to say the mrs (MRS ENTERTAINMENT) played out of her skin and made it to the 2nd day and a respectful 23rd place finnish in her fist big tournament and summed up the two days perfectley in her forum post "CONRATULATIONS TO GARY AVERY AND THE KRACKED KINGS AND TO THE LOSERS WELL THERE SIMPLY WEREN,T ANY " perfectly put and absolutely spot on well done dc scott and cg and all the staff at the G including birthday girl Kim Tracy and Haz who gave up there weekend to deal.
Fantastic weekend onwards to the Forums 1st Birthday now and im sure somthing special to celebrate it over to you Scott and DC.

Wow What a Weekend!!!

Well wow what a weekend this was. The NPF UK Team Challenge and with 200 runners of 20 teams of 10 an organisation headache. Result= MEGGA MEGGA SUCCESS STORY

Just a few thanks in this post to be honest and Ill fill in on other stuff in my next post.
S2C who organised and put together all the admin and structures and liased with all teams together with his immaculate planning should feel very very proud as to how smooth and well ran this huge game turned out. Most of his stuff often goes un noticed yet I know is hugely appreciated by those that know.
Mr Entertainment who provided the professional PA System and co hosted the event with his partner in crime Cardguard Kid the cockney gangsta and to which theve been re named the new Ant n Dec of the North East. Absolutely superb job and with the addition of Cardguard giving hand for hand commentary throughout and the one line genius and humour had to be heard to be appreciated. Stringfellow, Uncle Festa and Meatballs to name a few.
The captains of the other 4 NPF Teams who lead their teams superb and not one piece of controvery happened over 2 drink fuelled days of fun and poker.
Candice and Mark of the Grosvenor and all their staff who worked so hard and long hours without one bad word said.
Gaz Walker & Koyte who gave teams the opportunity of signed framed photograph momentos which was superb and all of Koytes own back and all at cost price.
To 3 local players Tracey, Kim and Haz who gave up their own time to make up the pool of over 20 dealers that provided this fully dealer dealt competition.
Updaters on the 2nd day Big Neil and Irish Andy who joined in with helping

All the other teams who travelled from around the UK with players coming in from Ireland and even France!!! that made this competiton something we hope to do annually and who will return next year. Each and every player conducted themselves in the right manner and created an absolutely fantastic event and atmospshere in Newcastle.

Roll on 2010!!!

Last but not least congratulations to individual winner Gary Avery from Kracked Kings A Team and a clean sweep by Kracked Kings B team who became the Team Event Champions


Been a while since I posted so here goes.

Not played a lot of live just been getting caned online p/stars and virgin,however realy looking forward to the NPF team event this weekend which will realy put the forum on the map.
Also got some closure on my industrial tribunal and thanks to the ineptness of my former employers I have booked a holiday for myself and Mrs E. We have been together 25 years on the 10th May this year so Im taking her on the trip of a lifetime. Flying out of Manchester on the 10th June to New York for 4 days then flying from JFK down to San Diego to meet up with a couple we met 2 years ago in Vegas, staying with them for 4 days then they are driving us up to Vegas just in time for the WSOP and meeting up with Teamdobb.I know you shouldnt wish your life away but wish it was June next week.
So NPF national team event at the Grosvenor this weekend and I know a lot of work and effort has gone into it so good luck TD and S2C and I know myself and Cardguard wont let you two down


Up the league!!!

Friday night and after missing last weeks opening NPF Live League its my 1st visit and game at Grosvenor for ages and really looking forward to it. Registered early so get there with about 10 minutes to start of the game and soon as we walk in can feel a different buzz about the place with groups of forum lads all over and warm welcome by the compere of the night in the shape and form of Mr Cardguard.
Pot of over £2000 to play for in £25 freeze out with 5000 starting stack. NPF Cardguard stuck on my head as a bounty for the crack and off we go. Nice table which includes the entertaining Sean McGuiggan and some interesting hands early doors including nice set of eights to top pair board help my stack nicely.
With stack and structure theres not much room for losing any decent pot you get involved with early doors and chip leader moved to table soon after level 3 starts to use his stack well.
2 more levels and another table move and my stack isnt looking very healthy I must say and get sat right of Spilla with similar stack and 2 to left of huge stack chip leader Berlin Bates.
Clock up league points as we move past last 30 left in tournie and seems agreed me & Spilla are all in next hand on our blinds. Works out all fold to my sb and I put em in with K8 off and Spilla obliges with Ace 4 off. Dont expect nothing else here but place at the bar and giving cardguard to Dan and helping the busy Mr Cardguard Kid yet river brings the 8 to pair me and double through. 2 laps later and strange sort of guy to my right tells me hes putting me all in on my BB to claim the cardguard and I say nicely " I put myself all in mate not you! " and looking down at KsJs make the call to his K10 off and now have at least a stack to play with.
This guy to my right proved to be a real man of the world and desperately tried his hardest to impress. Any thing that was mentioned he had done and from living in Tenerife for years dealing and playing at big poker games with all the islands mafia he also seemed to have been world champion at any sport that was mentioned and as such me and Cardguard couldnt resist dangling the carrots in front of him to which he bit bit bit all night.
Guy takes sick sick beat at bubble when after raise n re raise they see flop of 77J to which he bets out for other guy to move all in and a huge pot sits there. Eventually he makes the call holding 10 10 and shove guy turns KK. Guy says the imortal words of " I passed Ace 10 " leaving 1 out to be hit. River smacks the KK guy right in the chops with case 10 and gives the other guy probaly 1/4 of the chips in play.
Final table and sat with Jimmy Chipmunk to my left and Vegas Dave to his left. Big suck out hand when shove with KQ & Mr Tenerife Open Champion and full time pro snaps calls to my left with AK. Flop is AK10 turns Q river QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQueen!!! and just what I needed with luverly jubbly suck oot and double my stack.

Eventually get down to 3 handed when Mr Tenerife goes out in 4th holding KQ and Im low stack of 3. Eventually we agree a deal with chip leader taking £500 and me and other guy equal split rest. Get same points as chip leader gets so all in all a good night although getting only a couple of hours kip on the settee before having to get up work dont do an old fkr like me any favours.

Sold out for £100

Anyone remember we won a share in a racehorse on Ladbrokes called Laddies Poker Two.
4 way split between certain members of the then Teamdobbs was agreed and it was voted by shareholders late 2008 that the horse be sold.
I knew this but didnt say anything and late in January as shown in letter received by Ladbrokes the payout was made to members. It appears that the person whose account this share was won on decided that despite agreeing to a 4 way equal split, for whatever reason only known to him he was excluding me from this and making it a £225 £225 and £100 split to the other 3.
He even was sat next to me a few weeks ago in a poker game after not seeing him for ages pattering on nicey nicey yet earlier that evening had text others involved of his decision and split of funds. He didnt even have the bollocks to tell me, I wonder why???
Hes just been on MSN to me filling me full of shit about other stuff and soon as I start to talk about this horse subject he goes into "BUSY" hide mode and offline.

Well fuck you James Lewis name and shame time and dont ever talk to me again you tossa

This is him with the black n white scarf on to right hand side of Mike Ashley

Thanks for info to the genuine guys I know

Chicken shit poker player

Wow 2 posts in 24hrs just like buses

okay well i wasnt going to play for a few days but after noticing that Ladbrokes poker had a $10 freezeout on with $10,000 added there was no way i could miss that value so settled down at 7pm lacking in confidence but knowing luck changes eventually and tonights the night!
I win a couple of small pots and then 10 minutes in i pick up KK and raise it up to 120 blinds 15/30 i get 3 callers and then another player pushes for 1600! so i push hoping for heads up but get 1 other caller,on your backs reraiser has A2 sooted and other caller has 88
flop 567.....sigh,turn 2 and river..............9 crippled and down to 300 i push my last next hand with Ak get called by JQ and flop brings QQ so i lasted 12 minutes hehehehe brilliant!

Now not to be defeated i decide to head up to Aspers for there £10,10,10 as well i cant play for 12 minutes and then knock it on the head and like i said my luck is going to change i cant fail now its destiny,so i play really tight and play 3 hands before break all uncontested and have 10.5k at break with average of 6.5k
Amazing hand as a player raises and bets A high flop and shoves on turn only to be called by guy holding QQ and deservedly hits the Q on river to send a somewhat dissapointed player holding an A to the rail!
the very next hand i get AQ and same guy calls and after missing J high flop and checking down to river(i wasnt going to bluff this guy for obvious reasons) i show my A high and he shows AJ very well played sir?
Very next hand i pick up KsKd and raise to 800 blinds 100/200 2 callers and a flop of j73 all clubs so i bet out 1500 1st caller raises and other caller goes all in so i move out of the way 1st player has j7off and other has 45 of clubs :) beautiful absolutely beautiful great news tho as the table is split 3 minutes later.
New table and i get a few back and reraise a maniac with AK i need to double up and am getting bored he insta calls with AJ and shock horror i win a race am up to 20+ now and starting to feel like this could be on i then limp with A7 of clubs and flop AA10 2 diamonds i put out a weak bet and get stared down by Darren Laverick so i look nervous and avoid eye contact and he calls no diamond on turn and he checks so put a bet just short of pot size as i dont want the golden child hitting flush on me and he folds but calls me "A CHICKEN SHIT POKER PLAYER!!" hahahaha priceless i nearly peed myself its always nice when a successfull poker player encourages mere mortals at the table cheers Daz i am going to put you forward for a Looseman award 'Most miserable git in Newcastle Poker'
Anyhow he cant upset me as i am on my way to a well deserved victory at last down to 16 and blinds 500/1000 i pick up 2 red Kings utg so i make it 3k player in mid pos reraises to 5300 and he is all in and another player also calls so i smooth call as i have not won with them for a while flop Q97 all hearts :) i move my last in and after much soul searching the other player folds and i confidently say 1 pair with a flush draw :) er other player has 2 black Aces :( but my luck has changed so i know the heart is coming,hoorah ah shit its a diamond no probs just lost 5k still comfy
very next hand JJ in BB mr Aces makes it 5k to go and says its not quite as good as last time so am thinking poo QQ and i feel quite happy when a K hits the flop so push half my stack in middle to let him know i have him beat but after an age he moves all in and i have to fold and he shows me KQ likes its a royal flush! after that i just wait till 7k left limp utg 1400 next player to act pushes for 5k but a big stack at other end of table moves all in i am pretty much sure he has big slick and am pretty peed off after losing a good position to be nearly out so i call 1st raiser has K10 sooted and big stack indeed has big slick the guy next to me shows a K so please uno timo sil vous plait
FLOP AK2...sigh and thats it another crap night on the felt the money was not that good but its a tad gutting when you can see people losing 30k with q5 against kq and u can see they dont like chips its like there allergic to having them and they have to get rid of them or something bad will happen,well something bad did happen to one of my neighbours cats!

sorry for boring details but i feel it was necessary this time but i just cant help feeling if i hadnt been chicken shit i may have got a few more chips of Darren and it may have been a different story,CLUCKCLUCKCLUCK!

Jimmy Licken

Tuesday night at Circus

Alright peoples its been a while since i posted anything but i have been having serious motivational problems as i have been finding poker is really boring me lately and instead of looking forward to it i am having to force myself to go.
So anyways i normally play for a snooker team on a tuesday and if i am playing poker i play first and then head off but tonight when i went(real hassle to get my cue and head back over to the club) i get told if i am not staying till the end then i cant play so more hassle as i head back to other club to drop off my cue and foot down to the circus where its a £30 d/chance freezeout 7k with an additional 1k if you are there at the start.
Now for the past few weeks i have decided to gamble with my first lot and then tighten up with the 2nd lot but after going out early in every 1 i decide to play tight aggressive from the start,now i wont bore you with the details but i only played 2 hands before the break 1 which i won uncontested and the other where i showed down quad Queens so i would like to think my table image was pretty well set.....and in most cases it would but alas to my left is the well known moaning lady player whose name i cant remember who got all her chips by pushing her last lot 3.5k all in to a pot of 600 with A9 off on a board off q92 2 spades and being called by A2spades and q 10 and spiking the A on turn and it was a good 15 minutes before she stopped ranting nonesense still tilting because her QQ got beat by KK when after a raise,reraise,reraise and a flopped A all the money still went in all tho i think the wine did help(the drink not the moan)
3(conservative estimate) large wines later and i wake up with AA utg blinds 200/400 so i pop it up to 800 just letting everybody know its a monster because i really really dont want action but Christine(ooops) reraises to 3k and everybody else gets out the way so i smooth call and check the lovely flop of 1055,Christine pushes i call my last 8k and she flips her JJ now under normal circumstances i am reaaly happy that i am about to double up but and i know everybody gets them and there part of the game but so far in 2009 i have had so many bad beats that i dont feel comfortable with 80/20's and i positively pap myself with 70/30's so anyways the valet just happens to turn up and goes to give me my drink but i say dont bother am going home barely finishing the sentence and the J hits the river and to be perfectly honest i really was expecting it and it didnt help that the last time i was on Mrs. Mcdonalds table she said that all taxi drivers were thick so for all the religious out there dont wait to long on god answering your prayers!

Good luck at the tables and am sure i will see you all at the team game at Grosvenor

Jimmy Shitmunk

Calm down, Calm down, calm down!!!!

Make the trip down to for the 10KingsPoker Festival Main Event with S2C and Can Only get Better at Stanley Circus Casino, Queens Square Liverpool.
Valet parking woooooo very posh and a nice looking modern casino following same design as a few other Circus venues Ive played in. Had some good results in Circus Casinos and to be honest I felt like I was ganna get a good result here as well.
Noticed a few well known faces as the place started filling up and game got underway with around 110 runners. Get nice table and very happy with table position plus Ive got Terry Nelson to my right who proved to be a right character and we had a really good laugh with each other.
Alot of ABC stuff in general and trappy plays by some but move through early levels with no damage and slowly build my stack although involved in a couple of hands I could of lost alot of chips with but get away light from.
2 main hands involved flopping top set Queens and then 3 way pot I re raise at turn when holding up & down straight draw and flush draw with 9s7s which completes when 6 arrives at river and get nicely paid.
End day 1 on 34k and better than most so hope for just as good a table on day 2 which I get and Im actually probably 3rd best in chips on it and have well stacked Norwegian lad 2 to my left. Table is fast n furious early doors with small stacks looking for a quick double up and we lose Can only Get Better doing just this on our table. Hands were few n far between until constant raising Norwegian raise UTG to my BB and late postion shoves in for 33k and I find QQ in BB which I shove in with and Norwegian lad makes up the 3 way pot. Ks10s for him and 8s9s for other lad see flop of 6s7s3d and turn and river miss for nice 100K pot to me and very comfy now. Expected to kick on now but then suffered horror 2 levels of rubbish which dragged me back into low stack target area and facing constant raises as expected to my blinds which i found virtually impossible to defend. Eventually when down to 12BBs I call Norwegians raise holding A7 putting him mid pair KQ hands and born also from alot of pure frustration so when AKrag flop comes Im very sure Im in front and shove in and eventually after chip count n tanking which made me more sure of his hand he calls flipping AJ and no help with me going out in 20th place just short of the 14th pay slot. Very rare I get annoyed at tournie exits but felt total shit with myself at this one and made swift exit from place.
Overall enjoyed the game and met some real characters but also some pure arseholes whose behaviour at the tables was nothing short of disgraceful in my opinion. They seem to think the world revolves around them and them only and fuck all the rest.
Mentions to 3 who made final table and hope to play with again were Terry Nelson who I enjoyed alot of banter with and obviously a well known Liverpool character, Jimmy Morgan another obvious Liverpool character and huge guy who made alot of pots very interesting and funny with his antics and behaviour and Zach Ford who I was most impressed with when moved to our table and a real gentleman to go with some excellent poker.

On returning I see the NPF Friday league got off to a tremendous start and special thanks must go to Cardguard Kid who put so much effort into making the 1st game so enjoyable for so many with his banter and coverage.


last night saw the first npf friday league game at the grosvenor. general feeling amongst most was would be well attended but not full. well fuck me 110 entrants plus 7 alternates who all got in made for a great night with a 3k pot. Dc and scotty where away flying the flag in liverpool so dc asked me if i would go along and oversea things and make sure everything was run ok. gotta say no fears on that score the staff at the G did a great job. plenty of rivalry from the members who are in the teams for the forum team event and got to say the radgies faired worst of all losing 4 of the 5 representatives they ha before the break(to be expected). vegas did the dobbas proud just falling short of the last 2 tables exiting in 21st. was a great night and for me personally a welcome break from the bad beats i have been getting. gotta say i enjoyed myself just as much last night as if i was playing and if its ok with DC i would like to perform the same duties every week of the league. one point my wife dawn made the final table and finished 6th and but for 2 poor calls from someone who got lucky she would have been part of the split. she made a world class call with king high with 40 players left and also made 2 great laydowns of big pairs. pains me to say this but she has only been playing properly for just over a year and if he rate of improvement continues she will becoming an extremly good player and i will be urging her to play some of the bigger tournies. i am very proud of her and also a little sick to now officially be the 2nd best player in my house called wills. full details, pictures and video highlights now on forum and roll on next week cant wait

Wee Jockosdog

Well been a while since i posted but got myself back to work after a 6 month break, been working away and didnt take laptop with me wish i fkn had of im sick of the sight of my beloved peroni keep waking up in the morning feeling like ive had a kidney swop with george best

First night here goes oot on the piss with the boys but im sharing a room with this fairy who i wont name and he does a fkn dissappearing act with the room key, thinking not to much of it i turn back up at the digs at aboot 2am and its fkn sub zero and im locked out this fkr wont answer his phone as hes fkn comatosed i try knocking on the door, nee joy ffs, the (drunken) messages on his phone are getting more and more aggresive as the panic sets in, im absolutely fkn freezing debateing smashing his car window and sleeping in his car but then i get a (drunken) brainwave, ill climb up the drain pipe and in the loft window as are rooms are loft conversions get halfway up and realise im not to tricky with heights, got to keep going though or freeze to death so gets on the roof and rives window open jumps in onto the bed to here AHHHH WHAT THE FUCK its only the wrong fkn bedroom ha ha his face was a picture luckily it was a kid off the job im on, so drunkenly explains wot has happened how embarrasing but fk it im not freezing.

Back home this weekend weeeeeeeee cant wait missing me two beautiful daughters so much its unreal, special weekend with loadsa quality time with the family is in order , happy days.

well homies its just a swift one as im on me mates laptop and looking through his favourites hes a reet little sexual deviant, wonder why hes on me case for it back :)
anyways good luck to the hit squad going to liverpool this weekend stick it reet up them fly the flag for the toon laters

Win when ya lose

Ive already got alot of live poker planned and pencilled into the diary and looking forward to the future months because of this.
The weekend featured the Tyne/Wear derby and considering the fears of alot of die hard Geordies it appears the Makems are as bad as we say when despite being gifted a 1-0 lead a stone cold blatant nailed on penalty let us back into the game and England star of the future Shola Amoebi found the top corner with a precise placed finish and hey ho we cruise to a fully deserved 1-1 draw and even should have won it. (did that sound right?) Club is in a total shambles and hope we can survive the season and maybe, yes maybe some sense will be shown and a total rebuild programme put into place. Guy from forum put this post up which I find very interesting and maybe the masterplan for the future NUFC Savour Blueprint
Poker featured the new monthly £100 Double Chance Freezeout at Aspers with a brilliant structure that runs over Saturday and Sunday ( well for some)
Very interesting in the last time they put this game on it attracted the heady heights of 23 runners, this time with the forums help and them actually using it to publicise the game and inform players it attracted a respectable 73 runners. Im sure the next one will pass the 100 mark.
Was a total no go game for me personally which breaks down as follows. Last about 5 hours with grand total of 3 pocket pairs during this time and AK once and AQ once. Never hit or would of hit a flop and have 4 tables in total and on 3 of them Im drawn in the dealer seat. Theres an old saying though "More than one way to skin a cat" and I prove that correct in a nice move.
Young lad on the forum who I rate very highly had been having a tough time at the tables lately and as such put a post up. This resulted in the normal flood of replies of advice which was nice to see and most of it Im sure we have all been through. I told him to maybe have a pop at a higher buy in game which would hopefully help him focus and be motivated more for and also should be against a better quality of player than what hes been facing in the normal £20 fast structure of local casino games. I offered as such if he wanted, to have a part stake in him and during the week received a message from him to take up my offer for the Aspers £100 game. Took a 50/50 in him and he duly obliged making it to a 5 way chop with chip leader taking a £1500 pay day and he collected a nice £1000. Well played Spoona and dont doubt ya ability in future mate, cya Tuesday for me dosh 0:)
Met up with Peter Newton (Elephant towel pic from prev post)who I got to know at the CPC and had a few beers and a good laugh with after we both got knocked out about the same time.
Tuesday sees the 1st of the Month £500 added at Stanley Circus then its off to Liverpool Circus for the festival thats being run by 10Kingspoker.
Short and sweet cos its throwing a snow storm and I need to go and find a shovel to dig the car out. Laters