Sold out for £100

Anyone remember we won a share in a racehorse on Ladbrokes called Laddies Poker Two.
4 way split between certain members of the then Teamdobbs was agreed and it was voted by shareholders late 2008 that the horse be sold.
I knew this but didnt say anything and late in January as shown in letter received by Ladbrokes the payout was made to members. It appears that the person whose account this share was won on decided that despite agreeing to a 4 way equal split, for whatever reason only known to him he was excluding me from this and making it a £225 £225 and £100 split to the other 3.
He even was sat next to me a few weeks ago in a poker game after not seeing him for ages pattering on nicey nicey yet earlier that evening had text others involved of his decision and split of funds. He didnt even have the bollocks to tell me, I wonder why???
Hes just been on MSN to me filling me full of shit about other stuff and soon as I start to talk about this horse subject he goes into "BUSY" hide mode and offline.

Well fuck you James Lewis name and shame time and dont ever talk to me again you tossa

This is him with the black n white scarf on to right hand side of Mike Ashley

Thanks for info to the genuine guys I know


cogb said...

get the imperssion it's not about the money ! fk him, sounds like a reet prick

we can all do without people like that in our lives

Steve H. said...

there's a few hard looking fookers in that photo... shepard was right, newcastle's full of dogs. lol.

Seriously though, if I see this toerag at the poker table i'll give him the rub down ;-)

mag1892 said...

pretty shit that , always thought he was ok , guess i was wrong.

fuk him davey , u dont need freinds like that.

MacRadgie said...

Once again I find myself dissapointed that someone who appears ok at the table sinks to this.

beastie said...

quite sad really

James said...

Well what to say. I gave it some thought as to whether to even bother giving a response to this pathetic stuff and I will leave one message to it and leave it at that. I'm not too sure why you feel the need to post it on the internet... seems mature.
Some of the facts you produce are very sketchy, one being most recently this MSN conversation we had thursday when I was out all night at stanleys playing the tournament???
Down to the details of the tourney. I go halfers usually with Adam on every tourney we ever played... there has been times when he has won 600 at grov and given me 300 so obv I have to return the favour as he was also in the same tourney plus that was agreed. I get a phone call off him saying the tourney is on when I am out on the drink. I ring dobbs and say to him we will go halfers if he plays it for me. Not once were you ever rang, so I dont quite know where you come to the conclusion of a 4 way split. Maybe I should of stated that clearly to you after which is my mistake. If I screwed anyone over it was giving dobbs 225 and not exactly the 50 50 we said but we agreed later to drop it a little. You played about 30 min of the tourney so from that you expect 115 pound out of 550 pound we received? I was actually going to give you 50 the next time I saw you but obv we can kinda chuck that out the window. I didnt state it to you when I saw you last as I had not even received the money myself. My error is not telling you how I was splitting it but never once before you played the 30 min in the tourney did I say you would get a 4th. Anyway, probs a blessing in disguise. Well done for the one sided blog post and the sad thing of trying to give people some opinion of myself.I hope you score some brownie points with the newcastle poker community.
Good Luck in the future

TEAMDOBB said...

lol at the excuse for stitching someone over.
I took the decision to name & shame because you were avoiding the situation probably through embarassment.If not why didnt you explain to me what you were going to do as you were so bravely doing with others
We all know how straight to the point and direct Gyposdog can be well lets see what his reply is to this as he is the ONLY other one who knows the EXACT truth and the sly pathetic way you handled it.
You probaly would of ripped Beastie off if the money hadnt of been paid to him. Hope he gives that some thought before he involves himself in any more financial deals with you. Your obvious stockbroking skills picked up in London have rubbed off well. Get the money and rip them!!!
I leave others to make their own opinions of me, you,and what happened and no doubt your embarrassment will be shown up worse when Gypos gives his side of the situation.

James said...

It's pretty clear that you have a problem with me much deeper than this horse thing. I'm not really arsed to be fair.
As I said, I was wrong in not really stating what I was going to do rather than just give you 50 quid the next time I saw you but before the tourney there was never a conversation between you and me on a split. I spoke to dobbsy and Adam before but never once you.... so how you come to the conclusion of a 4 way split I will never know, but yes I should have put you right about that earlier.
Would I of stitched Adam up? He is my best friend since about 11yrs old so yer of course I was going to try and rip him off for hundred quid and never speak to him again. As for your naming and shaming thing you seem intent on, it's all very sad and pathetic. I'm not to sure whther you are trying to make me look bad or bring on your own character you are trying to build?
You played 30 min of a tourney, dobbs played fk knows how long 5 hrs or wateva it was and me and Adam have a agreement over the yrs on tourneys. Yet you feel you should be getting a quarter for your efforts. I was wrong in not stating this clearly. Go ahead convince people I ma sly etc etc but I'm not but I don;t need to convince some bloke I met at a casino this. End of this debate from me.

Good Luck

candice74 said...

Just watched Lewis snort your £115 quid.

We're just about to enter a $5 tourney if you fancy going halfers?

TEAMDOBB said...

Hurry home Gypo and Ill rest my case my lord!!!
Guilty as charged

James said...

Say it's so Gypo! I need confirmation! lol soooo sad. This really is my last note. Just cudnt resist :)

gyposdog said...

FFS was in a good mood till i read all this shit, needs sorted face to face to be honest divvent like this tit for tat internet stuff, dont make good reading, suppose i got to say i started the tourney 50/50 with jamo, went deep davy took over cos i went in the bath, beastie was involved at all times on the msn, came back on and i said we'll just go 4 ways if i win beastie phoned jamo and i played the rest of the tourney thinking it was a 4 way split(WISH ID FKN BUBBLED) the both of you know how i feel about this ill make sure i dont get put in a situation like this again cos its fkn shite if ive upset anyone then hard to bare cos this bollocks has upset me. wont be entertaining anymore of this its finished sort ya heeds oot.

the pissed off original dobbsy.