Canny weekend eventually!

With NPF League not on due to a private function booking at Grosvenor decided to take in the mad fest shove at Aspers. £20 3000 chips plus 1000 for being on time with short clock and big field to luckbox past. Over 130 runners and "amusing" table although it did contain a couple of decent well know regulars.
This game is full of the Friday night guys out for a few drinks around town and Aspers location makes it ideal for them to move on when they bust.Table had 3 or 4 lads who were obviously very new to playing poker and especially live and the "amusing" remark I met before was to their comments and things they were saying during and after hands.
Classic 1st hand with me utg and the guy to my right on the BB was obviously a newbie and very nervous when the self dealt spins over his 1st card Ac and as he is dealt his 2nd card he may as well of put a flashing light on his head as he obviously had another Ace. Joking I says to him "ul mate can tell yive got another Ace" which he immediately starts nodding his head in agreement and cursing. Lol then at the flop of AA3 and small blind actually bets the pot. BB flat calls and guy to my left calls as well on rainbow board. Turn 1st guy checks and BB fires decent bet in to fold fold and shows his Ace which shudda been AAAA. Lol and full 10 outta 10 lads for your observation skills.
Played loose as hell with not much luck and any hand I did get walked into better ones especially AK.
Low stacked and after break shoved 1st 5 hands with no takers picking up the blinds. Couple of orbits later newbie to table gives abit of speech play to my BB about an easy blind to nick and I tell him to shove em in then which he does. So obvious hes got a monsta and when I look at AJ with stack Ive got Im not passing and make the call to try and suck out. He flips AA and although I flop my J I cant find the miracle and bust out.
S2C going along decent so decide to play abit of cash while I wait for him and my £100 soon turns into £180 when my limp with A4 flops AA3 and turns the 4 but guy to my right becomes a non believer and puts me all in with 10 10. Thanks very much.
Filling time basically and looking for freeroll entry into Saturdays £100 game so £200 clear is my target
Moved to next table due to feeder system in action there and Chinese guy opposite goes on a golden run hitting everything hes in for and mistakenly I join in his fortune. Flat so see Kc6s7s when Im holding 6h7h and he calls my bet to Ace turn that he re pops me all in and my As rag/bluff to flush draw read is miles off when he flips basic limp called AK and I decide no more Josephine for me tonight.

Enjoyed the night and different scene and look for better fortune in weekends £100 2 day Deep Stack game.