Calm down, Calm down, calm down!!!!

Make the trip down to for the 10KingsPoker Festival Main Event with S2C and Can Only get Better at Stanley Circus Casino, Queens Square Liverpool.
Valet parking woooooo very posh and a nice looking modern casino following same design as a few other Circus venues Ive played in. Had some good results in Circus Casinos and to be honest I felt like I was ganna get a good result here as well.
Noticed a few well known faces as the place started filling up and game got underway with around 110 runners. Get nice table and very happy with table position plus Ive got Terry Nelson to my right who proved to be a right character and we had a really good laugh with each other.
Alot of ABC stuff in general and trappy plays by some but move through early levels with no damage and slowly build my stack although involved in a couple of hands I could of lost alot of chips with but get away light from.
2 main hands involved flopping top set Queens and then 3 way pot I re raise at turn when holding up & down straight draw and flush draw with 9s7s which completes when 6 arrives at river and get nicely paid.
End day 1 on 34k and better than most so hope for just as good a table on day 2 which I get and Im actually probably 3rd best in chips on it and have well stacked Norwegian lad 2 to my left. Table is fast n furious early doors with small stacks looking for a quick double up and we lose Can only Get Better doing just this on our table. Hands were few n far between until constant raising Norwegian raise UTG to my BB and late postion shoves in for 33k and I find QQ in BB which I shove in with and Norwegian lad makes up the 3 way pot. Ks10s for him and 8s9s for other lad see flop of 6s7s3d and turn and river miss for nice 100K pot to me and very comfy now. Expected to kick on now but then suffered horror 2 levels of rubbish which dragged me back into low stack target area and facing constant raises as expected to my blinds which i found virtually impossible to defend. Eventually when down to 12BBs I call Norwegians raise holding A7 putting him mid pair KQ hands and born also from alot of pure frustration so when AKrag flop comes Im very sure Im in front and shove in and eventually after chip count n tanking which made me more sure of his hand he calls flipping AJ and no help with me going out in 20th place just short of the 14th pay slot. Very rare I get annoyed at tournie exits but felt total shit with myself at this one and made swift exit from place.
Overall enjoyed the game and met some real characters but also some pure arseholes whose behaviour at the tables was nothing short of disgraceful in my opinion. They seem to think the world revolves around them and them only and fuck all the rest.
Mentions to 3 who made final table and hope to play with again were Terry Nelson who I enjoyed alot of banter with and obviously a well known Liverpool character, Jimmy Morgan another obvious Liverpool character and huge guy who made alot of pots very interesting and funny with his antics and behaviour and Zach Ford who I was most impressed with when moved to our table and a real gentleman to go with some excellent poker.

On returning I see the NPF Friday league got off to a tremendous start and special thanks must go to Cardguard Kid who put so much effort into making the 1st game so enjoyable for so many with his banter and coverage.


roscopiko said...

Another good performance, big cash on its way mate