Monthly figures from Karen33000

Just posting my figures from March. This month has been a rollercoaster with emotions. I have had gud spells but also some very very bad spells where it has got to me and I have gone back to my old ways of losing a lot of cash in one sitting. I really need to sort out my table selection and know when to walk away as well. Its a old sayin but true "there is always a game tmoz".
Well for the month including rakeback which I havent got yet but can estimate what the figure is to within 50 quid.

Monthly figures

March = £3500 profit


Decide to have farewell pint with Gyposdog on his way down to London and end up running late and running around like a loony to get to start of £200 freeze out at Grosvenor. Non shaven I musta looked like a reet scruff and tbh I felt like that. So disappointed to see the minimal amount of entries as this is my favourite live game in the town and the lack of support could eventually see its end- hope not!
4 tables kicked it off with a final total after level 2 of a miserly 31, just simply not enuff for a 2 day tournament with this structure. Never really comfortable or feeling good at start or with table and although playing alot of hands not hitting much. Getting decent cards as well but with such low levels they can also get you in trouble. My KK to mention but my fold on Ace flop proved good on Ace show.Couple of early casualties fell and then last hand before table break up I get QQ in mid position to which I fire in decent raise to get caller around corner and BB gives a little bit of speech then puts all his chips in. So fkn obvious hes got AA or KK the sort of play and player he was yet I still make the donk call and finds myself at 2nd table with only my next lot of 5000 chips and feeling very annoyed with myself.
Oucha wot a tuff table this is looking around but on the other hand alot of chips as well.
1st hand Im involved with decent Ace, raise gets me 2 handed and when Ace hits the turn my bet isnt big enough to lose him and when board gives straight to 5 his push all in its oh dear! No point in calling I decide so fold and he shows me A6. Next hand Im involved again with same guy when I play JQc and on a 2 club board with overs I decide to call his decent bet and basically I just gotta hit now or Im out. The club hits the turn and he puts me all in and show me top pair 8 with straight draw. Nice double up. Steady build again and now have monsta stack to my left. I fire in decent raise in late position with 10 10 but monsta stack calls but I get feeling he has a very big hand. When an 8 high board comes my feeler bet is met by " Ill put you all in " reply and I eventually show my 10 10 fold to which Jim kindly says nice fold and shows QQ. Fkn QQ again the ****. His last 3 hands had been 33 hit set, AA, then QQ.
Starting to look bleak it seems and get away with a couple of steals with push to keep within 10BB.
Players dropping fast now and im below 8BB. Then the point of the tournie that shud of changed it for me for the better. Im on 5BB and get 22 utg (7 handed)and fold and an Ace flop includes the 2 that would of given me my set and decent pot comes from both players having an Ace. Next hand I fold 66 on my BB ( all in basically) to big raise top of table and call. 2 really premium card players, my reason being they obviously got 2 good hands and Im up against them and the danger of them checking it out against me. Would need to hit my set or I was gone.
Flop comes AQ6 ( fffkkks) Ends up original raise had KK and the pot taker hits AQ so if I had pushed I would of trebled up. Down to 11 left and final table is last 9. Very next hand and the button pumps it up to virtually have me all in and I look down at QQ. Yip the lovely sight of them ladies again and here we go. He makes up the call and shows AQ. Flop 247 turn 9 and the flipped river brings the beautiful sight of the ACE of clubs. Bye bye cheerio see you all next time hopefully and a tired raggy looking DC makes the drive home and even loses an hours kip due to the clocks going forward!
Gonna have 2 day break now so did my months figures this afternoon.


Live play = £125.50 profit
Online play = £289 loss (Included £120 Footy & Horse Racing Crap Tips )
Online other = £275 WSOP final table place

So all in all basically break even online taking into consideration the £275 final table to come as winnings and a small live play profit which considering the amount of games I actually played and a nil return from a £200+£20 reg entry then Im reasonably pleased enough. Also had a £270 return for £100 from stakes in 2 players that played in Prague competition.
S2C is hoping to get Newcastle forum launched this week and initial response is good. We went live for a day to test and had nearly 20 signs up within a couple of hours. Spread the word guys because it seems its needed and can only help the local poker scene and its FREE! Betta to be lucky than good.


Ages ago I was playing a live game in town at Stanleys and remebered a guy on my table who had a monsta stack but 2 or 3 hands after getting moved the cry of "Player down" went out and away he went. Picked up on a blog somewhere and low and behold its this guy from town so I linked him up (Morlspin) and weve since met up.He seems well known around the poker scene and even more on the forum scene.On his blog he had up shares for sale in him at a tournament in Prague and as a show of goodwill and faith I bought £50 in him. A couple of weeks later and Im on final table of forum challenge sitting next to guy called BurnleyJoe. Hes winning 30/70 shots all nite it seemed to me and after chatting and looking at his blog I notice he also is selling shares for Prague, knows Morlspin and as such I take 10 shares in him for 50 quid mainly because he seemed such a luck box!
Looks up tournie on forum live updates last night and low n behold BurnleyJoe only cashes for 3rd place and £3k+ and also being so ul when last 3 and a 3 way all in to flop 2 pair with A5 only for turn to bring winner his K for AK 2 pair. Megga result BurnleyJoe ( from Plymouth) and at £27 return per share a nice little ROI for me. He also got top 3 finish in player points for overall tournament during the 3 days and a nice cash return for that.I stuck a pic of the guys in Prague on - Morlspin is the "good looking one" on the left or so the girls tell him and I think BurnleyJoe is guy in the middle with the beard, glasses and nice carddie on!
The joyful return for playing forum games!


Noooooooooooooooo I just been given the sad news that my best poker buddy Gyposdog is leaving me for the big smoke. How Teamdobbs will cope without him is beyond thinking about but cope we must! Without saying too much I know the guy has been having a hard time lately with losing a big job opporunity through someone badly letting him down with broken promises and in the contracting game you just gotta go where the next job and wage packet is. As such with family commitments,bills to pay as well as mouths to feed hes packed his bags, took the bull by the horns and set sail for the South where the streets are said to be paved with gold and the Cockney boys just dont like getting them hands dirty. Short term contract and fix yes but Ive seen this before and sometimes 2 week jobs turn into 2 years- booooooooo!
Keep in touch ya mad man and dont let Jamesy drag ya off to the Gutshot and lose all ya hard earned dough.
Wow thats 2 members of the crew down the smoke- maybe we should change our office base there.
Best of luck Mick I hope it works out well for ya cos I know you need and deserve it. Stuck a pic of you showing Ruthy around Picadilly when she comes doon for a week end break!

Bit Slow but Building Up

Funny sort of week really with the feeling of not that much happening. Played the usual Poker in the Pub stuff at the Felly on Tuesday which was good crack as normal. Made it 8 from 8 final tables and picked up sizeable points with a 2nd place finish although feel I should of won but eventually a couple of bad sucks outs were too much to make up but quite happy. Used to be once a fortnight there as we played in our league one week and the following week was just a get together for a few who wanted the weekly game. Now theve entered the Poker in the Pub League so its a weekly event for points towards that and the fortnightly in house league still runs seperately. Anyone wanting a live game but not yet confident enough to take the plunge to play a casino tournament should definately consider this because its played in a very friendly environment within an understanding rules format and some great people are involved to a decent standard. Alot are now playing in the casino tournies in town due to this. Tuesdays 7.30 Fellsider Pub on Fellside Road!
Online I have been giving the STGs & mtts a break for awhile and playing cash on the micro stakes tables to hopefully improve this side to my game. Aim is to slowly step to higher levels based on a gradual bankroll improvement in relation to buy ins as well described and explained in a friends previous posts on his blog. My respect for his applications hopefully pays off for me, just gotta try n match his skills.
Thursday played for AWOP forum in the 4 way forum rumble challenge and as usual great crack and value entertainment was had. Awful result last week left a big uphill struggle to pull it back and big points difference to make up.BUT make it up AWOP did and with 4 players left we still had 3 there. When down to 3 we need to take 1st & 2nd to win outright but as it finished with a 1st n 3rd the 4 week rumble ended in an amazing tie and as such a single head to head game between the two tieing forums looks like happening next Thursday to decide the outright winners. AWOP v Punters Lounge Thurday night at 8.30
Tomorrow Im at the Newcastle Grosvenor for their 3 monthly 2 day £200 Freeze Out thats been brought forward due to the clash of dates it originally had with the Virgin Festival thats being held at Aspers on 12th & 13th April.
News on launch of Newcastle Forum is just round the corner with final finishing touches just being made now. Watch this space!

A "Real" Star is Born

Hi its Karen33000 writing here. I just wanted to be the first to claim I have spotted the next up and coming top online pro. He has been ripping up the online cash tables for the last two weeks. Is he a Scandie, Finnish? Norwegian? Swede? Danish? narr he is the one and only "Real Ale" from Bristol.
Real Ale has been beating everyone in site on the cash tables going from 25 / 50 cent blinds to playing 2.5 / 5$ Omaha and two card after he has stopped off at Threshers within a week.
I dont speak to Real Ale as much as Davey as Im normally tilting my cash away or playing a million tables all at once but he is a good lad who loves the crack between hands in the chat box.
We met Real Ale on the 25 / 50 blinds and he was straight away chipping in with a few comments. Next thing I know its Friday night 2am and who pops up on 2.5 / 5$ blinds. The new pro Real Ale. After a horrible start at the blind levels where he got stung after making a great call / beer call, with ace 10 on a ace high flop with the guy holding jacks only for him to spike a jack on the turn. Real was soon sent to the rails and I thought the next time I saw him would be on Crimewatch trying to bust into Threshers to get his money back from the ciders! but no 20 min later Real pops up on the other side of the table having reloaded. He goes down abit in cash and then BANG pocket Aces and Real rakes in a 1000 dollar pot and finally makes his mark on the 2 / 5 game. He quickly sobers up and shoots off with a small loss for the nite.
From that nite either Real is on the ciders every night or he did actually do that shop raid on Threshers as he is on the 2 / 5 blinds non stop.
Big shout out to you Real for playing extremely well the other night and winning 150 quid on the 2 / 5 omaha table. They couldnt live with your game!!!! see you on the tables soon!


Some love using them, some hate them, some dont even know what they are but Poker forums can be very useful to players. I personally use AWOP ( A World of Poker ) and post there and also get involved with organised forum games online between various other forums. A festival of Poker is coming up soon at Aspers with a restricted entry of online qualification and players coming from all over the UK to take part in a weekend of fun and the opportunity to play in a reasonable entry game with a prize fund not to be scoffed at (£28k) Many years of involvement with local football brought me a wide range of friends over the years and the same is now happening with poker. From various tournaments I have played in here and abroad I have met some great people and have kept in touch with many of them. A big topic of discussion on AWOP was the local North East Poker scene and what it has on offer from the 3 major casino venues. As such my son suggested to me that maybe a local forum would be of interest to alot of players here. With some basic market interest it would appear this is correct and he has been working over the last few weeks of putting together the facility of an online North East Poker Forum which we hope can be launched within the next week or so. For this to be a success it obviously relys heavily on a reasonable membership and input from them. Hopefully from this various advantages can be gained for players from outside sources but it mainly gives local players a platform to discuss their needs and topics with others and as such hopefully improves whats on offers to us in the North East. It would be very usefull to us to know your feelings on this matter and any comments, ideas and input would be much appreciated.


Got to be a big well done to local guy Tommy Dunwoodie who achieved the massive result of being 3rd placed in the Paddy Power Irish Open over in Dublin during the Easter period. One of the biggest ever if not the biggest money win by any North East player of 275000.00 Euro (approx £214000.00) for his efforts. Great work by all from A World of Poker who were over there giving live updates and all the support shown online as well from alot of Aspers regulars.

Easter Bunny Freeze Out

A power cut at home around 3.00 makes my mind up and me and S2C make our way to the Grosvenor and their newish Sunday afternoon game of £25 Freeze Out, 6000 chips and 30 minute blinds. Expected decent turn out after last weeks 58 runners but boooooooooooooo ends up just over 30 and top 3 is only place to finish for decent return. Added bonus was 2 bountys out there called "Bunnys" and not announced until the "Bunny" is knocked out.
Best hand early doors was a flopped house with Ah3h which eventually got paid by 2 callers after my bet at the river. After that it was grind grind for a couple of hours and the game eventually turned for me when all fold to my sb and my MONSTA Kd7d I call the BB to which he single raises me. I call and I cant remember the exact flop but my check was met by single bet by guy to which I call. I had made my mind up here with what I had left and what had been put in it was shit or bust. The river brought possible straight to Queen on the board and I pushed the rest of my 3k plus into the middle to represent it. Guy was cursing me for hitting the straight and folded his raggy Ace. Made it worse for him when I showed the bluff but It wasnt to rub his face in it, was just because hes a decent guy. Not a happy bunny now to my left and next round its all fold to my sb and I raise it up to 4500 for him to hum and ha and announce "Youve got AK AQ" Im not just calling its all in or fold. Hes obviously got pocket pair prob mid and he eventually pushes it all in. I know Im calling cos its make or break. He shows 66 and its race time. Flop of QQ improves even further when A hits the turn for the house to me and an angry bunny is even more angry.
Table moved and soon its bubble time and Im AQ clubs utg for raise to 4500. BB calls with about same stack as me and the flop brings J10K and happy days when he annouces all in showing AK. Pot takes me chip leader to final table and thats where it all stops. Hand after hand its utter total crap and cant even get a steal in with raises in front all the time. Down to last 5 and I eventually see a hand with JJ utg and my raise is met by all in on the button. AK AQ I say and make call hoping to win decent pot which would take me back as chip leader. She shows down AK and the flop brings the A and the turn brings the K. Crippled now and push next hand with A6D to be called by A5C chip leader and his 5 drops in on the flop. 5th place for £60 and leave feeling rather disappointed although any win is nice enough.
Good structure to this tournament but some important things to note. In my opinion they have to have at least 50/60 runners to make it worthwhile. It hardly seems worth it when the 1st prize was £258 for the amount of time involved. I finish 5th for £60 return on £30 investment and over 6 hours play. Easier to play a £30 stt online forsure but the live play element is always the draw for me.


Easter holidays early this year and after last years disaster of going to Madeira for the break decided just to chill at home and look forward to Vegas and the WSOP. Think we are going much earlier this year and miss the main event as last year was just crazy weather and far too hot for enjoying. Looks like early June and hope to play maybe a bracelet $1500 event which will be megga supported and huge field but the opportunity to do it will be too tempting to resist for me. Weather will be kinder as well cos me n the missus love slobbing around the pool especially the one at Caesars.Played WSOP Final table event on Wednesday night with a 12k package up for grabs and after solid start and sitting OK made bad mistake and overplayed my JJ to walk into QQ. No complaints just my bollock and another lesson hopefully learnt. Satellighted straight into next final at 1st attempt for 25 so anutha cheap chance to do it all again very soon. Next weekend sees the £200 2 day game at Grosvenor and Im looking forward to that. Hope to play one game live over Easter but aint decided which one yet- maybe the decent structured new game at Grosvenor on Sunday afternoon.
Been playing more cash lately and had a few interesting nights on Betfair. Im working hard at this part of my game as I would like to play more of this and its definately a big weak link to my game. ANY DECENT BOOKS OUT THERE YOU CAN ADVISE THEN PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW. Mainly went on to keep an eye on a team member as I had the whisper he was tilting badly which he was but now seems to have turned it round.
Anyway hand picked a good table and grinded away at tramp level stakes but really enjoyed it and as usual there were various differing players there. Some liked to talk and others did not, some were very critical of others and some were just total arse holes who only sang when they won and bemoaned their horrific luck when they lost out. Met one guy who I enjoyed called RealAle and he seemed a proppa character sitting there drinking his Waitrose Cider throwing in his comments. I double up very early and going along nice but lose with set of 7s and Ace to K7 hitting house on rvr and another pot when well ahead.After a few hours grind I was ready for bed but determined to leave in profit and was $3 down. Woooooah AA appears in my BB and get full table of limpers so decide fk it no messing and lob the full $49.90 in ( big stuff eh!)giving me plus return even if no one calls. Always one though isnt there and sure enuff my chatting pal RealAle makes the call. Showdown and my AA is up against 10 10. Obviously the 10 hits the flop and Im off to bed feeling what a waste of 3 hours. Cudnt resist though asking Real Ale and at 1st I think he thought I was annoyed but to be perfectly honest I wasnt, its just the way it goes. I wanted to know "What he thought I had for him to call me with 10 10" bearing in mind how we both had played durng the session and the size of the bet. On asking the question his reply was the classic " I DIDNT- I JUST CALLED WITHOUT THINKING" lolololol luv it! Good luck RealAle Ive added you to my find player facility for future fun together. He actually pops up again the following night and after plodding away for a while he leaves table to go to bed. OOOOOOOoo on checking my find player who do I notice playing 2/5 and 5/10 is YES RealAle. Cant believe his step up and put it down to the cider. He loads up 250 and loses it, reloads for 500 and gets into this hand. A big pre flop raise which he calls, flop is Ace to which original raiser bets out and RealAle instant All In for a few hundred more to which guy calls. He shows JJ to RealAles A 10. Monsta pot and turn is safe but river is an arrow to RealAles heart when a Jack pops out. Unlucky mate and betta to be lucky than good always!


Bad beat after bad beat online with it actually becoming a joke especially when most are 70/30 it gets to you. Maybe a break is the answer but not before playing in a WSOP final table tonight that I satellited into for a 12k package and keep my fingers crossed fair play turns my way. Ill also play the AWOP forum game tomorrow night and then have an online break. Made it 7 final tables from 7 in the Pub League at our local picking up some very useful points to my total that keeps me in the top 3 and S2C is vey well placed too. One more week left to see who qualifys into the main frame tournament from the pub.
If you remember from previous posting 4 members of Teamdobbs have a share in the racehorse Laddies Poker Two which won on its racecourse debut. Its next appearance is due hopefully next month. I was approached last week with a business opportunity to buy shares in a promising new horse and as such I have taken the plunge. So for all you horsey folk out there here is action of it in training this morning.
I only took HALF ownership in this animal by the way!

What a crap time for the dog

Well where do I start, still no job which is really starting to become a ball ache, wouldn't be to bad but accepted a job two weeks ago to start this Monday, that's now been put back, I knocked back a job last week as well thinking Monday was a definite lol.
So six weeks of looking after my two beautiful daughters has been fantastic, the roi is unmeasurable.
On the poker front I'm not losing anything but not winning anything either which is no good especially when ya not getting any wages, must give a quick shout out to anyone and everyone who plays for a living, I think I now understand how hard it actually is. Just got a new poker book with my points off Pokerstars, Sklansky Hold Em for advanced players hoping this can take my game to the next level, but I really doubt it because at the levels I play this book is pretty useless. I have a roll of $600 and am open to suggestions on what and where I should try my arm.
My brother has just recently got married in the Caribbean, so a big congratulations to him and his new wife Diane. Went for a Chinese meal in town with them and a few of the new in laws on Sunday, but me being the idiot I am I ended up getting totally hammered before I went, had a bowl of soup two bits of beef and had to go running through the restaurant spewing my ring lol, hundred pounds literally down the drain lol. Talking about wasting money I had a little incident at the casino the other week don't really want to go into it cos it makes me look like a daft cunt and tbh I was, but a big thanks to a special person, he knows who he is. Sometimes I cant understand why he gives me the time of day with my mood swings, bad drunken behavior foul mouth etc etc but i suppose it shows he is proper mate. Oh yes before I forget dont worry ""Henson"" Ive picked up ya hat and Im running with it. Bye all gl at the tables.


Nice visuals and my choice for March.


Very quiet week on the poker front as very busy at work due to staff shortage and Im covering for key member who had knee operation on Sunday and is enjoying Cheltenham and being pampered at home with his leg up drinking tea, coffee n bicckys. To be fair he offered to return on Wednesday but me being the best boss in the World told him to have the rest of the week off--!
Made Fellsider final table again on Tuesday in Poker Pub League ( thats 6 in a row ) but never ever had chips and my early push with A 10 ran into JJ next to me. N1 Ally. Young S2C was VUL losing a very good heads up battle.
Online was awful although damage limited due to entry costs of games I was playing but donked off at 1/2 a couple of nights. Enjoyed the 2nd week of forum game for AWOP on Virgin and crack etc was as good as previous week and over a 100 runners took part. AWOP still lead league 6 points clear from Punters Lounge.
Anyway Friday was Grosvenor live again and the £20 D/C Freeze Out. About 60 runners I think and got a very nice table with Dave " Poisson-Henson-Chipmunk" Stephenson to my left and Russ " The Suit " opposite. Being drawn seat 1 which meant I was dealing didnt bother me as it helps me concentrate and focus better. Was dealing myself utter crap and 1st few levels were a total grind and only decent hand I got was KK which was well raised but called by 2. A flopped Ace had me folding it to strong bet and call which on showdown was A9 and AK. Had to mention it Russ as we laughed about it but " The Suit " made a move on me and my BB which I called looking at 8D6D. Flop came QQ9 to which we both checked. Turn was 5 and check check again- ooooooo free card to inside straight-nice! River brings the 6 and Russ pushes all in. I was convinced my 6 was good and after thinking it through I made the call with all my chips. Yip " The Suit" was bluffing and gets his hand caught in the cookie jar. Took the compliment he made and promised to print!
After break we got broke up and to be honest rest of tournamnet was total grind with total crap cards but somehow and I dont know how really I made it to the Final Table although very low in chips. Chip leader at final table had monsta stack and had been on my 2nd table where hand after hand he was being dealt the business and it seemed no matter what he played they just dropped into the middle for him. Musta been bribing the dealer I think- oops no way cos I was dealing there as well. Final table was a no go for me so decided just for fun element alone to fold down to one 500 chip and attempt to make the comeback of the decade but alas it didnt work although I did move up one place to finish 8th for the grand sum of £45 for £20 plus £5 buy in giving an hourly rate return of tuppence half penny per hour. Slave labour returns to Newcastle!
Moved over to £1/2 cash and after winning 1st hand got the same shit again. Had AA pay off nicely to guy betting into it even though I had flopped set, had straight draw and even hit nut flush on turn he stayed there. Lots of loose money there but never got the business to get involved. Eventually I entered a pot I decided was my last due to being very tired and to save Batesy from losing even more money on the big table with 910 on button and BB raised. 3 way pot to 10 high flop and 2nd caller bets it decent to which I flat call and original raiser folds. Turn brings K and he pushes all in for £30 quid more. The guy had been super tight and patient and I decide to fold to leave in slight profit although the odds tell me to call and he says he was drawing although I never seen his cards. Pussy fold I know but fk it although it did bug me on the way home.
ANYWAY the big news was ANNETTE OBRESTAD- yes the Norwegian Poker Super Star and sponsored Betfair Pro was in the TOON!
She was there at Aspers playing cash £5/£5 Pot Limit with a group of Norwegians over on a Poker Cruise. Sure that sparked alot of action up there, Ill see if I can find out about any interesting pots that were played and how she did. Dont think she entered the £20 quid tournie though lololol!. A few of the guys on the trip were playing the action table in the Grosvenor and I did see a big hand with megga bucks in Pot go to a mad skandie who raised on the button. Ace high flop saw him bet it for Mark Cook to re raise and Skandie announced All In for alot of wonga. Mark eventually folded and Skandie showed down 94. Mmmmm they do like to gamble dont they!
Not playing today, gonna do abit of shopping with the missus and catch up some sleep.
Team game date at Grosvenor being announced soon so watch this space. Good luck all cya laters. Betta to be lucky than good.


Its me Karen3300 again. I must get my sign in code name sorted oot.
Just wanted to throw a few names into the hat for the the new team event.

1) Cockney
Even though I dont think he is a cockney, Im sure he is from Yorkshire. He has proven to be a megga player at the Grov these days. When I go along he always seems to b there or there abouts. At first I thought he was abit too loud and sure of himself but he is actually a sound bloke and always gets involved in the crack at the tables. He is a big possibility.

2) The Snooker lads
Two of the old skool regulars who did us proud last yr. I aint seen them for ages but think they have been hitting the final tables in Aspers abit so they have got to be looking at pipping Matto and the Beast in recent form!

3) Provy
You cant miss this bugger like, if you heard him before you seen him ya cant miss them bloody big ear fones or his Blue Square gear! He is probs the most improved player at the Grov. Was impressed with him in the 200 quid game. Not many people at the Grov can pass a hand and full of respect he can do that. Someone else who aint shy to get involved with the banter and a few cringe worthy comments. Im not too sure about his drinking ability mind which needs to be looked at as of course Osbourne Road is the pre match venue for the team event.

4) The Suit
In between shooting Oceans Eleven Russel is down the Grov strutting his stuff. I never knew how to take him until awhile ago when fair play to him you can give him some grief and he will give you some back. I think he could be our bouncer on the doors at Osbornes to help when Gypos gets abit vocal after a few magners.

5) S2C2

Daveys young un and part of the new breed of up and coming youngsters. Dunno aboot them sandies and drain pipe jeans like-would need a shirt to get into Osbornes.

Any more names in the hat please feel free to chip in.

Karen33000 Ramble

Alreet everyone its Karen33000 writing.
Just thought I would give a quick little ramble before bed as aint written much recently. Well about Friday with Davey and Gypos Im staying out the way of them too big chums but all I got to say to Gypos is that, with the up and coming elections Daveys actions havent affected how Im going to vote (cough new captain! fukin mole in the camp!).
Hope yee are doing alrite and he bought you a couple of magners so u could offer sumone outside like the good old days!
Was worried as i heard the Redheugh Bridge was closed Friday night u radgie!
I have a strong view that our youth team set up at Teamdobbs isnt working and the likes of the beast (theo walcott) and matto (peter rammage) r not chipping in and maybe come the elections we may have to loan them out for a season for some first team experience like at the likes of Darlington!
The beast is currently ripping up betfair now on 5 10 cent tables and is building up his bankroll to go deep on West Brom in the cup who he fancies.
Im a right tight git myself at multi tournys but does anyone know gud tournys with gud guarantees where the buyin is 25 dollars and below?


Played a fair bit on Will Hill this weekend but wish I hadnt. Played like a donk at 1/2 both Saturday night and Sunday so no excuses there but the multis I played in left me in total shock and dis belief. Some of the play I experience just beggared belief. What does go through peoples minds at times I ask myself? Icing on cake was last 16 of satellite to MPP final with 7 seats and got KK in BB. 6 limpers on 100 blinds I raise it to 750 get 2 callers. Flop comes Q77 guy bets 100 I push all in lose one and he calls my all in showing 73 off. WTF is that all about?

Anyway on a lighter note the team event that got together Teamdobbs in the 1st place is being featured again at the Grosvenor very soon and as such we are on the look out for a couple of new members due to various reasons. A few contenders have been put forward with good CVs and watch this space soon for the announcement and names of the new members.

INTERESTING FRIDAY EVENING! but dont play 10 4 off.

After a reasonably eventful week Friday proved to be no exception. Decided my live game was going to be at Grosvenor for the £20 Double Chance again and 70 runners made the shuffle up and deal.
No S2C this week, too tired and stressed out maybe from graft with the launch of his online shop project hes been working on for months and the joy of his 1st order midway through launch day that afternoon.A call from John Devlin that hes going and Woooooooooooo Gyposdog my number 1 poker buddy puts away his Poker Stars slippers and pipe to tell me "" Im ooooot-do ya fancy it? """"
1st levels werent too bad from a very weak table although very slow each hand which always happens when it contains new players having to inform them basic stuff. Gyposdog was on next table and into his 2nd stack early doors and not looking a happy chappy due to certain things that had happened at his table.
Get to break with enough chips and greet a couple of new players on return one being the loud and drunk Sean "CID" McGuiness. At least he livened up a rather dour table and things started picking up but he went out early trying to steal with J9 and got his fingers burnt. Guy to my right was hitting everything and playing any 2 cards. Down to last 20 odd and my BB with only 10 blind stack on 1/2k blinds dealt 8c5c and all fold to sb who calls. Flop drops in 8h6c4c and big stack checks to which I push all in and he calls showing Kd7d. Turn is Q and river is one of only 2 Kings he could hit for good night josephine for me. Typical Friday night exit I suppose. The guy went on to donk away most of his stack although he did make final table but very low stacked.
Look around for Gypo and hes up on £1/£2 cash table next to Craig "Mr Entertainer" Foggo so I decide to buy in for the £100 max and sit down at opposite end of table looking for a couple of hours of good crack and abit of fun we normally get with who was sitting there. I get 88 1st hand in BB and with 6 limpers to which I patter on abit then I raise it up and loose 3 to flop of 8 9 10. It ends up that just me and Gypo want the pot and despite my obvious strength he stays in and loses large pot and needs another stack of chips. Soon after he raises in position to my blind and I call with Q10 to flop of A106 and hes pushing so I call and hes got 10 crap and my hand takes the pot and an unhappy Gypo leaves the table. Im gobsmacked cos I didnt sit down at that table to skint me best poker buddy so go looking for him and find him in the bog. Ill keep what was said private between us but despite the awkward situation he knows the score and its all A OK.
Ended up one of those nights when whatever you play its hitting and came away from table £500 up. Had a quick errand to do and then got home around 2.30.
Slept alot Saturday afternoon and thought I was dreaming when looking at the FA Cup results although Newcastle wouldnt even win in a dream at the moment.
Had a look on Will Hill and decided to play a couple of satellites for final of WPT/EPT final and Vegas Package final. Shudnt of bothered- 1st hand in WPT Satellite Im dealt AA and utg raises it to 120, I re raise to 390 and guy round corner pushes all in and utg and me both call. Its AA KK round corner and JJ utg. Yip JJ makes up straight to Jack on river. Vegas satellite I make bad push with JJ and KK pops up with no help for me. Oh well WIN SOME LOSE SOME. Betta luck tomorrow maybe.


Back from great weekend and even the sun shone down for 2 days. Special mention to the dolly waitresses dressed in loverley orange flying the flag for easyjet- wot a bunch of miserable fkrs they are.
Couple of multis on Monday night on Crypto busted bad with sikko beats and Tuesday made 5 in a row for poker league at Felly pub busting out in 10th with AK to caller with 33 that held. Strange night really because at 6.45 I get a message from Karen33000 saying him and Beastiback coming over to play and have abit crack which I was surprised about because they live so far away. Anyway at 7 I get the message right we on our way but at 7.30 get the message we lost and in Consett which is miles away from pub. Game starts at 7.45- 8.00 latest and on paying them in Im amazed they dont show. Fk me how can you get lost coming to Whickham and the pub is so well known. Any way they dont arrive and on speaking to Karen33000 later it appears they were virtually on top of the pub yet turned around and went home. OMG and by the way Beastie blinded out in 12th position and Karen33000 in bubble in 11th LOLOLOL.
Wednesday night I played the Mr Silent WSOPE Charity Event on Betfair for my own personal reasons and enjoyed it going out in 17th in a very strong field of well known players with big reputations and some of the best online players around. Early doors took a couple of decent pots but gave 2 players too much respect in one hand that turned into big pot when folding like a pussy top pair which I bet strong on the flop to face a raise and a re raise yet they were both chasing flush. Never really recovered from that and eventually called 1/2 my stack with AsQs on my BB to small stacked all in push of AK that held then pushed with only 5xBB next time round on button with Ac7C to be called by BB with A9. Both hit 2 pair so that was that. Event raised $23000 for charity and once again well done to Mr Silent and all who took part.
Played 2 more small multis but shudnt of bothered although went deepish but no luck when needed it most.
Thursday night I played the AWOP forum game on Virgin but got asked at last minute to play in Betfair Forum game as well starting 30 mins earlier.
Dont know why I said yes because I didnt really want to play in this and it showed in my play. Good start but slowly donked my chips away eventually calling a medium raise with 10 10 and pushed on flop of crap crap crap to see a nice QQ and good night Josephene.
AWOP Forum game was totally different story, maybe because I was really looking forward to playing it. Played solid throughout in a good quality field and so ul in 3 major pots losing with AQ to AJ he hits Jack, hitting nut straight on turn to end up splitting to rvr Ace and another split pot when well ahead. 10 10 became my winning hand all night eventually getting me into final table and the points for the AWOP Forum.
We had 4 players there and I went out in 9th when a few hands into final table Ive got KK in button and an early all in for decent stack I push only for sb to call as well. Initial raiser shows AQ and other guy has Ace rag of spades. Yip you guessed it the flush hits the river for monsta pot and raggy Ace scoops the lot.Really good game played in excellent spirit and humour and some superb banter around the tables. Just shows you dont have to play in MONSTA entry tournaments with huge entry fees to enjoy the game.
To cap an excellent night off Dave " Poisson" "Henson" Stephenson from the Toon takes down the win and 15 points for the AWOP crew. Well done Davey, you bang in form lately mate.
Stuck a picture on with my caption winners cap and top on just for PhyschoDave and Tracey from AWOP.