Sing when i'm winning !!

OK readers,
I was invited into Teamdobbs a few weeks ago now but been waiting for a positive outlook on life before breaking my duck and making my first contribution to to the blogg. But shit happens and things just keep taking a turn for the worst, talk about grey clouds, so now's a good as time as any!

Most of you will know me as CanOnlyGetBetter on the NewcastlePokerForum and use the alias AcesNext on most pokersites. Been a member of the NPF for a little over a year now, was introduced to it by a very good friend of mine and fellow Teamdobber, Gyposdog. Never looked back since joining NPF, made so many new friends and had many a laugh along the way.

Gypo kindly took me under his wing and brought my game on leaps and bounds, and considering Id only been playing since the turn ov last year was a major acomplishment and many thanks must go to him. Within weeks ov Gypo's help won my first MTT on Pokerstars, $10 - 2000k runners one , won roughly $2500 had a few decent results since then but never over $4k. I think over the past few months I've took a step or two back in playing abbilities for sum unknown reason but Im thinking it's probably down to lifestyle and the ongoings of behind the scenes to the poker., not to mention BRM, or lack ov it.

Had an excellent job this time last year but got paid off in March and since then aint accomplished much, never had any money worries back then and since then I think the money aspect has played a big part in my game, playing scared is the correct terminolgy I think.

The last 3 leagues i've participated in Iv'e finished 2nd in all, the NPF live league, managed to secure a seat into the £200GUKPT side event, 2 online syndicates on Pokerstars via NPF, one for the GUKPT ME and the most recent one into the CoralBritishMasterTour at Teeside, but unfortunatley 2nd place didnt win anything in them 2, and if memory serves me correct MrCardGuard scooped both off those, (see, all the best players are Dobbas) . So for a fairly new player to the game I was still well chuffed to have had decent finishes in these especialy as the quality of the opposition was second to none

Lately havent played live much at all, what with little roll, well no roll (the bank has seen to that) havent been able too but hopefully with a well paid job just around the corner things could well change. Have the possibilities of a job working away in Dublin on a long term contract so fingers and toes are firmly crossed and just awaiting that all important phone call

Heard the saying, "when it rains it pours" well went for a family outing yesterday. Was heading to the Wildlife Park in Barrow on Fairness, was half an hour away when the Audi fkd up, Injector pipe decided to fracture and squirt desiel allawa the shop. Smoke bellowing out and with the smell ov fuel quickly got wor lass and the 3 kids( 2 hers and my little laddie) onto the grass verge at the side of the busy duel carriageway(not recommended). long story short, AA man with us for 1 and 1/2 hours trying to fix it, nee good, recovery truck took another hour to get us, then he says he clocks of at 7 so wont be taking us the whole way back home, drops us at another service station and wait another hour for diff recoveery truck to take us rest ov the way FML. took from 1.10 to 7.30 just to get home, talk about a headache, and to make matters worse been told it's ganna cost in the region ov £250 to fix, fk nars where am ganna find that from, ARGHHHH. (can feel the grey hairs sprouting as I type)

Well feel am rambling on a bit now and I've squeezed enough of "about me" into my first post, dont want to bore u guys ha. Hopefully my next post will be full ov sunshine and happiness, Hey, i have a wonderfull family, a beautifull Girlfriend and my health, I cant complain really :)

Our Tribute to Sir Bobby Robson

Our tribute from Teamdobbs crew and the Newcastle Poker Forum

RIP Sir Bobby Robson

Fat Chipmunk getting thinner!!!!

Alright Peeps after 1 week of eating healthy grub I have lost 4lb and now weigh 15st 3lb altho the craving for apple pie and cream is intense but 3 weeks left I will not waver!

Pokerwise played G's Friday night freezeout 80+ runners and busted 17th when I lost a massive 3 way pot QQ V AK AND A10 K on turn and goodnight.
Went to Aspers for the monthly £75 freezeout and after sitting pretty with 15 left call down the table drunk with 2nd pair just to try and get rid of him because he was being an arsehole and really getting on my tits picking on other players for trying to help him anyways blind against blind and he flips AA and takes a chunk of my stack(so there you go pick on somebody then next hand get AA? if there is a God I will show my arse in Fenwicks window,obviously in 3 weeks tho)
Anyways I eventually busted in 6th where after 2 hours on ft my best hand was AQ and didnt have stack to waste chips stealing.

Head down to Teeside for £100 side event and tbh I wish I had took a book because after just over 4hrs play I had 1 pp 1010 and my next best hand was A8 suited possibly the most boring 4hrs of my life eventually I double up then the next orbit I pick up AJ and shove to the serial drunks constant raising he calls and groans when he see's my cards then flips A3 and where racing 729 4 5 and its goodnight but after the cards I was getting I new it wasnt going to be my night and wasnt really surprised when he rivered the wheel.

Laters all JC

May the force be with you!!!

alrit stumpy here,

Its been a quiet week of poker, no live games but still grindin the sngos +$240. Nearly played the Teeside £500 main event but decided 2 wait till bankroll got a bit bigger.Watched it on Nutz tv which is excellent coverage and railed Mark Trett npfer 2 victory which was a great result. Nice 1 Mark

Was at work a while ago and was sitting on platform 2 waiting to go to Sunderland(im a traindriver)when this little old lady taps on the window,She looked like Yoda from Star Wars,she says "is me friend on the train?" I say no and she walks away then I think how the hell do I know who her friend is unless it was Luke Skywalker lol!
I get the buzzer 2 leave and I was just pulling away when I hear screams from the platform. I put the brakes on and look out of the window 2 see Yoda holding onto the back door getting dragged along the platform!!!
Conductor gets oot and helps her up, she seems ok so he lets her on and off we go. I get to Sunderland and change ends. Im walkin doon the platform and Yodas coming towards me. I say "are u ok pet? she says "aye nee thanks 2 you !!!you said me friend wasnt on the train and she was .........speechless!!!

keep smiling stumpy.

Congrats to a Nice Guy

Big congrats to a really nice lad and a true NPF member Mark Trett. Hasnt been playing poker that long to be honest but we all knew it wouldnt be long before he took a decent tournament down and this weekend he took down the Coral/Gala British Masters at Teesside. Tipped him for it in last post and he didnt disappoint. Big well done mate and after taking some horrible bad beats in GUKPT in true gentleman style came back and it all came good this time.

Mark Trett is the British Masters Poker Tour Teesside Champion taking home £12,650!!!

Dobba Legends!!!

Couple of videos done with some legends supporting the legend Bobby Robson and by 2 Dobba legends Cardguard Kid & Mr Entertainment----- ENJOY!!!

Not quite the Master!!!

Coral Teeside Masters and full field of 100 runners. Rumour was they were adding couple more tables to take it to 120 but staff/dealer issues changed this.
Meet up with Juicey, Soaps n Rosco for a quick drink before shuffle up n deal and away we go. Nice opening table and even have lad from forum I know to my left. Quite active early doors picking up pots n hitting cards. Even pick up couple of premiums that get paid. Steady grow then couple of setbacks with dubious plays have my stack on yo yo and then pick up KK last hand before dinner break. 10 9 3 flop with 2 in the pot including a very aggresive Chinese local and Full Tilit from forum. My bet is called by FT and Chinese guy folds. Safe turn card and I lead out quite strong to be called again. River brings another 10 which I dont really like but dont want to check and my attempt at leading for 3k is ruled as 1k string and Full Tilit makes it 3.5k to play. Dont snap it but eventually call and his 89 is quickly mucked.
23k at the break and well above average so feeling good. Lose 1st hand after break with 10c4c in my BB to limp pot after leading into 664 flop. 3 turn didnt really scare me to guy left in pot but did when he called my turn bet. Simply cant check imo at this stage and K rvr I continue bet and he calls and tables the straight with 57.
Sit fairly tight for couple of orbits then lose bad pot in my BB again. 3 limps into my J7 and we see flop of J74 ( 2 diamonds) I lead out for pot to get one follower. 6 on the turn and I pot again for him to stay with me with 3k left behind. 5d river gives me the straight but Im sure hes flushed it. His 3k goes in and yip rivered Ace 2 of diamonds for flush. Very very rare I tilt but must admit was on semi tilt here and shudda got up and had 5 mins away from table.
Guy to my right took down 2 or 3 monsta pots ( AA v KK started it ) and when he called a decent early raise and I found AA I was sure a ship here would find a call so in it went. Original raiser folded and after tanking for ages CL folded as well boooooooooo showing 99 n other lad had 88. Needed that call as after that hit bad card dead session.
Got my pal Juicey Oranges come in seat to my left and had couple of pots with him but soon after that with last hand of table before getting broke up aggressive button makes standard raise to my BB on 300/600 and I find AQ. 15BBs shipped and happy to take it there and his tank time tells me Im in front. Eventually he calls but tables AK. AK10 flop but no miracle J and Im gone with 40 odd left.
Didnt want to hang around so left straight away giving couple of forum lads lift home and tbh when I got home felt really pissed off about poker. Hopefully a few days break will do the trick. Couldnt complain with cards I was given during tournie just didnt get the breaks needed and could of played a few hands better being toally honest.
Going back today 2nd in chips is Mark "Pokerstars" Trett from the forum so good luck to him. Deffo got a big game win in him and wont be long before its coming.





My first diet

Hello all

As the title indicates I have started my 1st diet I was sitting on the settee after a shower and I looked down and seen just a big lump of fat and 2 boobs (not man boobs real boobs) it was a digusting sight and I now have a very painful neck after trying for an hour to suck one of the said boobs!
I weighed myself on sunday and I was 15st 7lbs and for the next 4 weeks I will be eating nothing but salad,chicken fish etc just to see how much I can lose I havn't got a clue how much to be honest but after driving taxi for 9 years I have ate nothing but garbage and gourged on cream cakes which I love also I have half a bottle of red win before I go to bed.
So for anyone who reads this I would like you take a guess on my weight come Sunday 16th August,I wont be doing any exercise and I will be drinking on the 1st tuesday game at circus oh and there are no prizes for the closest guess unless Dave 'Teamdobbs' Collins would like to donate a cardguard :)

Pokerwise I cant really have any complaints. I have finished 1st(chopped with TD) and 3rd in my last 2 ventures to the G's Friday night freezout and if not for a few coolers I would have had a few more results lately to but to be honest my hearts not really in it anymore. I am just sick of crap tournys with even worse prize money and even if there are only 30 runners there are still 10 prizes a total waste of time so I will now be diverting my attention to the £20 rebuy on a Monday night at Teesides Gala which has been getting regular 5k+ pots,I enjoy playing down there as they are a very friendly bunch and the craic is spot on so I look forward to seeing a few of you down there

Reet am off to munch on some Ryvita laters all

Jimmy Chipmunk (its only been changed on the forum!)

Basil Brush ran so bad!!!

Miss my normal Tuesday game as want to pre reg down Teeside for the Coral British Masters so with Roscopiko n Can Only Get Better we head down to Smoggie land. We are playing the satellite £25 rebuy for the Main Event to try n get in on the cheapo. Went the scenic route via Stockton as Rosco likes the countryside and arrive in good time only for Can Only get Better to get refused entrance for wearing tracky bottoms.
He goes off across the retail park to find some suitable trews as we register and I face a problem straight away at the cash desk. Im there not only to register for me but also for Juicey Oranges whos coming up from Manchester at weekend to play and for Soaps as well. "Got to be on the premises" wtf is that all about. Im refused and told they gotta be on the premises to register. After a long discussion with the cardroom manager and explain the situation and how can they expect someone to travel up from Manchester on the day of a £500 tournament to possibly find on arrival the game is already sold out. Eventually they see common sense and allow me to register for them.
Open my 2 envelopes I have containing £20 notes and FML Ive forgot that I took £500 out of one of them for something else work related and Im cash short now. Felt such a prick after the lengthy discussions Ive been through but put it through on my debit card.
Can only Get Better is sorted with £3 jeans from Asda George and looking reet dapper so all sorted now and 30 odd runners kick off with 2500 stack. Alot of chip gamblers as you expect and after long period with very little I ship with 77 to a raise but his QQ call does my 1st stack in. Max spend of £50 here for me so after reload Ive decided no more spendies.
Call raise with 8s7s and 8 with flush draw keeps me in and weak turn bet as well so when my flush makes on river I ship it in and eventually he calls with his 2 pair and Im in the game. Guy goes on semi tilt after that and donates some more before busting out with awful river bet bluff on a paired board with guy full up.
2 tables left and pot has made 4 seats with £100 for 5th. Have Can Only Get Better, his dad and Jimmy Chipmunk on the table. Chipmunk ships 77 to be called by AK and although he hits his 7 on the river the AKA flop sent him packing. COGB then raises from pos 2 and is called from the small blind. On a flop of K 5 10 he looks at the sb after she checks the flop and asks her how much she has left. 150 she says and explains she didnt want to go all in as if she missed she could still get away from it ( very sarcastically) Better then sticks in 200 chips and she calls asking what you got. COGB proudly announces 5 SET OF!!!! and she very neatly says 10 SET OF !!!!!
Betters face was a fkn picture I tell ya. Damage done he exited soon after.
Make final table and Can Only Get Betters dad has a huge stack yet decides to involve himself in a hand he had no need to that does him serious damage. He then loses a couple of pair v pair hands and incredibly doesnt even make a seat which to be honest he could of folded his way there he had that many chips.
AA and the QQ v 10 10 made me safe and eventually I call for 9k with 55 with 2 smallest stacks in and my set take them both out.

One piece of sad news was on way home and Basil Brush makes an appearance across the A19 motorway and 70 mph splat aint good for a foxes health Im afraid as i hit him wheel on.

my poker life so far.........

Alrit Stumpy here,
Just 4ght I wud tell u a bit aboot my poker history,1st seen holdem when I used 2 come home pissed on a Friday nite with me curry nd seen Late Nite Poka on the telly was around 2001 I think, luved it nd when my mate at work said he was playin online I cudnt wait 2 get home nd hav a crack at it.Deposited $25 and played a sit n go finished 2nd nd that was me hooked ran the 1st $25 up to $275 and I 4ght I had it made then and lost the lot. In the meantime I was reading a lot of poker books so invested anutha $25 and ran that up 2 a nice amount.After about a year playin online we had a crack of playin live at Stanleys it was a £20 rebuy we didnt have a clue how 2 play rebuys but we kept goin and after a couple of months started winnin regular.My notable achievements so far are 3 festival final tables 1 main event,won the Aspers league 1st prize was a trip for 2 to the Aussie Millions in Melbourne(crown casino was awesome)Virgin Festival Terminator champ,online my best cash was winning the $35k gtd on Ipoker(titan poker) for $8000.
At the start of this year set my online goal 2 play 100 sngos per week hopefully at a ave profit of $3 per sngo meaning I could make about $14k a year. Soon realised due 2 work,family and playin live there was no way I cud play 100 per week probably only make 50 a week so target reset at $7k.This is wot Ive done deposited 600 into Full Tilt and started playin $20 9 seaters $10 45s nd $24 45s got my br upto $2k and started 2 play some small buyin mtts got it upto $4k so now just starting 2 play $30 9 s nd $50 9s 2 c how I go. Current br stands at $5200 would a been more but at start said strictley no cash but I played 4 cash sessions losin $800 so deffo no more cash!
keep smiling Stumpy

Playing whilst Pissed!!!!! Expensive Game.

Areet lads.
After only a few outings in a long time to play live I thought I'd come through to the Grosvenor last Friday and play the double chance.
I arrived, early cos my mate would only drop me off right away so he could get back home to demolish a bottle of Vodka he bought seeing as his lass was away on a hen night in Edinburgh.
So I arrived at 7pm. No'one there really, spotted spoona playing BJ so decided to go outside for a tab and drink my pint and get myself focused on the tourney.
About 7.30. Rosco and missus turns up (from the NPF). Ive been speaking to Rosco a fair bit online lately and can say he's a good lad from what I know of him. Say "hello" and go back outside with another pint, piss about with me phone before the tourney starts.
Go back inside for another pint and find my designated seat and OMFG what a draw.
I have some tall kid in a blue trackie top to my right. Who I found out was Samj (another NPF'er) to my left is Rosco, to Rosco's left was AKVID (Stars Sunday Mill Winner from the NPF too).
I think I'm already tipsy cos I thought some lads stack was bigger than mine and presumed he had took his second lot, so I asked for my second lot of chips there and then.
All's going ok till I pick up JJ TG. I raise it 4x to 200. It folds round to Sam who tells me he's a defender of his BB and calls then checks in the dark. I don't know the lad at all, or his abilities from just a few hands so I go to the flop with an open mind.
FLOP: KK9 rainbow.
I know I should bet out for info here but look at the flop and look at Sam and we both start laughing. I check behind. Pot: 425.
Turn: 9. Sam leads out 75, I really don't like my hand now after playing it so badly on the flop and call behind.
River: Brick. pot: 575
Sam bets 200, I call, thinking it's cheap and it's early and I want to see his hand.
97 FOR FULL HOUSE. WEEEEEEEEEE! First signs the beers kicking in.
Sam then proceeded to play a lot of pots and took his extra chips and went down to 2000.
Blinds are 50/100 now. It's folded to him in the c-off and he raises to 900 wtf?
I peer down at my cards and peel back AA.
Now I have a problem because of this wierd bet. I have Rosco and Avkid in the blinds behind me and I'm obviously giving them credit for being good players. So a flat seems really suspicious.
I know after the opening bet they aren't coming in with us anyway so I decide to flat and hope Sam shoves any flop which I expect. They both fold and the flop comes KXX.
POT : 2100, Sam has 1100 left in his stack and he leads out for 100,,lol,,wtf is that?????
This really done my head in now,lol. WTF IS THAT BET? I decide to just shove, he folds,lol.
Again, not thinking clearly, beer deffo kicking in.
Anyway, few pints later and a table change I sit down on the most mental table I've ever sat at. Talk about coincidence, I met a lad from Seaham at Aspers about 3 years ago, had a bit crack and exchanged email addresses etc and met up and played again a few times. Lost touch about 18 months ago and recently noticed him as a friend I might know just last week on facebook.
When I moved tables this lads sitting on my left and we laugh like fuck about this coincidence.
About 60 minutes of craziness pass (and a few more beers, and Ive had a player call for a ruling on me for not announcing a raise when I threw some chips in a pot. Candice made the right ruling btw (for once I here you all shout)
Rosco comes to the table and sucks out on a few kids (god he runs fuckin good)
Anyway, as usual and me being a twisty get I lose with 33 v A9 AIPF.Flop 3 and kid hits runner runner for A high straight.Lose AK v QQ AIPF. I flop K and he hits Turn Q (OBV)
DOM (Another npfer) comes to the table and replaces my long lost mate.
DOM seemed like a very nice lad but I think he may not have taken to me much as I was now pissed and talking a load of bollox.
I then get called when I shove with 10,8 from the button (being pissed I didnt notice an early pos limper and the SB and BB called behind me.GG me.Sit down to play PLO cash. Sit down with akvid again, Imi (another fucking npfer) Rosco joins us (fuck off man Rosco, you stalking me or what?) Farmer Dave (yet another), and a few others.I havent got a fucking clue what we were talking about now, I can just remember pissing myself laughing the whole time sitting at the table.
Even when me and avkid shove on a flop and I have fuck all but some sort of shit draw and avkid has bottom pair (2's) and a draw. We both brick the world and a pair of 2's win in fucking Omaha WTF?LOL. (about £80)
Anyway I manage to get up off the table after a losing about another £50 and a few more pints. Dump £25 on a Bj table and drag myself outside to get picked up off a mate who works as a Taxi Driver.
Stop the car half way home and vomit out the door and get home smashed, £180down and eat a Chinese our lass had ordered earlier in the night.
Wake up at 11am. Our lass spitting feathers cos I spilled curry on our new, cream, living room carpet,lol.
Ill all day, broke, our lass not talking to me, but had a cracking time.
But, MY GOD! It's expensive playing poker when you're pissed!

53 on the way in!!

Just like to start by saying congratulations to James Akenhead of the Hitsquad in making the final table of the WSOP Main Event. Megga achievement by a player so highly rated by so many in the UK. Nice bunch of lads who have all had their fair share of success and Im sure alot more to follow.

Only played live once this week on Friday at the Grosvenor with their £20 D/C offering a guaranteed pot of £3k if they get 110 runners and £2k gtd for 50 runners. Game fell just short with 106 runners and apart from having a cracking table nowt much to write home about. Table had CardGuard, Mr Entertainment, Stumpy, Xenocode and me all sat next to each other and when I bust out Jimmy Chipmunk ( sorry ChipmunkDobbs ) took my seat.
Played very loose as the crack flowed and after picking up a couple of decent pots my raise with JJ is called by Cazmac. 10 high flop weeeeeeeee but my pot sized bet is single re raised. Alarms bells and shudda been easy fold to the player in question especially with how confident she looked but I take another card which gives me straight draw and when she shoves I decide to fishy gamble with my 1st stack which misses as she flips AA.
Play the 2nd stack even looser which is unusual for me and after having to fold 10 10 on bad board I end up shipping into massive value pot with KQ only for Cardguard to have AA which scoops. Played bit of cash and get nice double up of £85 but after a couple of hours and bored out my head I call decent raise with 8s6s and the up n down flop gets all my money which misses to AA. Strange I can sit for hours n hours in a MTT and not get bored yet anytime I play cash Im bored straight away.

As the title says im on my last week of being 52 as next Friday sees me hit the ripe old age of 53. Son asks me what I want and I suggest some concert tickets. Blogged ages ago about a R&B American I like called NE Yo and he was performing at the Metro Arena on Saturday night. Off I goes with my son and we spent an hour at least trying to find someone in crowd that was older than me and FAILED miserably. So fuck I say, I like his music and nowt wrong wi that. Had a good night and even got a complimentary meal at Circus Casino after popping in to feed the need. Cheers to JimmyB.

Probs play Tuesday game at Circus and next weekend its Teeside bound for the Coral British Masters which Im really looking forward to. Laters all and good luck.

Well done Bananarama!!!

Play the Tuesday Circus £50 monthly £500 added and its another full place and 109 runners. Strong field and happy with my table although I never seem able to get off to a good start in this game. Need to really cos the structure can be so cruel past level 4 if ya dont have much. The game actually isnt well structured but cant be helped due to time restrictions and its the pot size that attracts the big field.
Its my birthday early doors when obv nervous newbie on my right limps and I join in with AJ 3rd pos to see 4 way flop of AJ4 (2 hts)Newbie bets I raise he calls. Rag turn and I bet his check decent for him to call again. River brings A hts and he leads out and after the drama queen bit I ship in for snap call as he proudly shows Q8 hts and seems abit bemused and unsure as to why he hasnt won the pot. Anyway nice pressie but unfortunately no more gifts came my way and I really struggled to get involved or pick up any thing worth playing.
I lose to an outkicked Ace making up my BB to a low stacked shove in 3 way pot then ship my increasing low stack with 55 into QQ.

Go into hype the Pub Poker Team game up on the forum with some inter team rivalry which results in a bit of a misunderstanding with certain people despite most people involved going along with it but hey ho thats life and people shouldnt get so serious over what basically is a simple game and the fun element should never be lost especially at the levels we play at. Lose the fun and you stop enjoying it.
Anyway its 5 per team and 21 teams take part as we send in Me, Cardguard, Mr Entertainment, Jimmy Chipmunk & Xenocode.
Lose CG early doors with his normal KK v AA typical hand and eventually theres only me and Mr E left as we hit the 40 player mark and the point scoring. Had really good table to be honest although play was so slow due to newbie dealer and not many hands early doors. Guy ships from sb onto my BB and Ive been so card dead the sight of AQc gets my snap call. He shows KJ and cheers in my face as his K hits the flop but my 2 finger salute at the turned Ace soon changed his tune.
Went on nice steady run of cards & hands and then used my decent stack well as players tried to ladder the points. Must of been in top 3 of chips when 14 left when utg ships in for 2nd pos to ship as well for 60k. Im sitting on just over 70k and look down at KK. Now Im actually so comfy in this tourney its unreal and for only the 3rd time since playing poker I actually contemplated folding KK pre flop. 20 seconds later and I ship all my chips in and its a 3 way monsta pot with the winner taking away probably 30% of chips in play. What am I up against A 10 & AK.
Flop 3 A 4 turn A river 9. Gutter but then pick up couple of blinds with my low shove and onto final table after Mr Entertainment goes down in 10th. Been in worse to win tournaments but not to be this time as despite doubling up with AQ 2 laps of nothing force me in with crap and my crap aint good enough to his crap going out in 8th.
Thoroughly enjoyable day finishing at just past 11 from a 2.00pm start and hats off again to the Circus staff who just go from strength to strength.
Well done to Imis team ( pictured ) who not only won the game with Imi finishing 2nd but also take down the best dressed team as well. You looked good and played good, well done lads.

miserable fecker

Alrit stumpy here,
Im over the moon to be the newest member of Teamdobbs.It was only last November when I introduced mysell to Dave Collins,it was at Stanleys I was telling Jimmy Chipmonk Id won a place on the CPC Poker Cruise on Interpoka.He said DC has won 1 too he pointed him out so I went over to introduce mesell,Id been on his table a couple of times in Festival events but hadnt really spoken to him before but he seemed canny,
Jeez how wrong could I have been he gave me a very lukewarm reception and didnt seem interested!
When I got home I told Mrs Stumpy who said maybe you caught him at a bad time!!

We had only been on the ship a couple of hours when we bumped into Dave,Sandra and Scott had a good chat and agreed to meet up later for a drink and from there spent most of the cruise together havin a great laff usually ending up in the "dog n duck" Pub with DC nd wife Sandra( lovely and very funny lady)Scott daves son(a lovely lad)nd Soaps nd his Mrs who were great company and a great poker player shown by his result of 6th in main event nice one, that was the night of the pic of him smiling lol.

On the last nite we were all quite merry nd DC turns 2 me nd says "I always 4ght u were a miserable fuker ,so i tells him straight I most people do say that to me like!!!we just burst oot laffing.

Hopefully they change there mind when they get 2 know me better lol.
When I got back from cruise I joined the NPF and since then I have met some great people all because of the forum events Ive been 2.Probably wud not of met them proppa but for the forum and now we consider them firm friends.

cheers STUMPY.

Another newbie!!!

Teams being getting re shuffled and re shaped of late due to certain lads either being non involved with the poker scene and another it seems who has pursued his love of snooker.
We like a squad of 10 and with the addition of Cowhead followed by young Jedi Can Only Get Better Im absolutely delighted to welcome to the team our 10th member Peter " Stumpy" Newton.
Played against Peter for years around the local scene and always struck me as a rock of a player but had one big big problem with him, HE ALWAYS STRUCK ME AS A REET MISERABLE FUCKER!!!!

Last November I qualify for the Caribbean Poker Classic Cruise and Im informed by Peter at the local casino that he has too. Fucking great I think dont think we ll be spending much time together mate!! Low n behold we end up knocking around with each other most of the trip and the 2 wifes get on well too. Never forget the night we are sitting in the "Dog n Duck" pub worse the wear for drink and i turn round to him and say " Yi na what mate I used ta think yee were a reet miserable fucker, just shows how wrong I was". He turns round to me and says " Divnt worry about it DC everyone else thinks the same as well"


Class lad, wicked sense of humour and great company to be with plus he can play poker pretty good as well.

Stumpy mate welcome to the Dobbas.

sunny southend

Hi folks been a while since I lasted posted anything , due mainly to the fact I haven't been playing live/online much at all , just been going through a spell .

well been on my hols down at my brothers in sunny south end and they weren't kidding with the sunny bit , been so hot down there i bought my first pair of shorts since i was 16 , and wore em lol , u would understand the lol part if u seen my knees.

anyways me and my brother and a few of his mates decided to play the rendezvous on the sat night ( rendezvous is owned by the empire in London ) we get in for 5.55 and pay the £25 for the freeze out , there's a massive 17 runners with a starting stack of 2.5k ( yeah lol ) , i get knocked out by one of my bros mate who called my Allin my with 10 10 him with j4 off ( excellent play lol ) , anyways we decide to hang about and play some sngs , i win first 1 , then come 2ND in the 2ND 1 , just as we are finishing the 2ND one my bro and 1 of his mates come over and say u have to come and look at this , so i follow them to the end of the card room where the cashiers desk is , i look at this Chinese fellow ( whom i remember from the last time i was in south end ) cashing up chips to the value of £90.000 he had 5 orange chips worth 10k a piece then 40 green chips worth 1k each , now Ive seen this guy play before in the mint and he was totally mad £500-£1000 bets every spin , the funny thing is he looked sad , i would be if i only won 90k as well :P.

play a few homes games during the week and Ive never been so card dead , not a single high pair , in fact i think i only had about 10 pairs in total out of about 20 hrs of play .

Wednesday decide to play down at the mint casino on the sea front , lovely dedicated card room downstairs , would love to have it in Newcastle , by far 1 of the best Ive been in , shame they dint get full every night , there's about 40ish runners £30 freeze out , card dead again , but i got tripled up just before break when I'm on BB and 6 limper's for 150/300 , Ive got k6 flop comes out kk6 , so i just check ( hardly played any hand ) guy in seat 6 bets 900 ( weee ) guy in pos 9 calls , so do i , turn brings another k ( how do i get more chips ) ive got 3.4 k left and i think if i go Allin they will think I'm weak cos Ive not played a hand , weee both players call , 1 has jj the ohter has a 7 off ( yes i know ) , manage to make ft still card dead , and go out on the bubble ( 7 pays ) with kqd on 800/1600 blinds ive got 6.5k and im bb in 2 .

Thursday decide to go down again , for the £40 1 re buy/addon , same again total card dead , and some shocking play with players raising with q7/96/k5 and getting called with equally bad hands , glad i was cd tbh , manage to get to break with 9k in chips and decide not to re buy , pot is now £1200 ish and top 7 get paid , make ft again and yes i manage to bubble again .

Monday night go down again for £30 freeze out , and again total card dead , glad i got my ipod touch , anyways i don't play a single hand for an entire 2 levels , not playing tight , but if u seen what i was dealt , and then seen what the rest were playing with u would understand , last hand before break guy utg goes Allin for 3.8k when blinds are only 75/150 I'm on button i look down at ak , i call instantly hes got a 3 d , my hand holds with a k hitting the flop , come back after break and decide to open up a bit gonna play more connectors , looks down at 10js blinds are 200/400 guy to my left raises to 800 so 7 calls 9 calls and so do i , flop is as qs 4s royal draw with flopping flush also , i check guy to my left goes allin for 8.2k others flod and i call , he turns over qj eh i think , anways get to ft 2nd in chips , first hand im on button guy in pos 7 raises to 4k with blinds at 600/1200 i look down at 77 so i call , flop is q 7 2 rainbow , i check he bets another 4k , i flat turn brings 8 , i check he bets 4k again i think there's enough lets see if he has qq , i raise 8k on top , he folds , then the inevitable happens they change dealer and yes im card dead again , with utg players going allin nearly all the time , never seen so many short stacks survive so many allins with worse hands than callers , blinds are now 2/4k and ive got 22k , i look down at 88 and ship it allin for guy in seat 10 to instant call with kk argh , and yes im out again , 3 fts in a row and 0 profit lol.

back home today and going to play stanners tonight , please let me have some cards , bye bye for now , good luck at the tables all.



WSOP Seniors cash bubble footage

the moment the cash bubble burst



Pet Taxi Episode 8. Angela, Ozzy an Elizabeth.

Hi lads,

Episode 8.

7.20AM Emma drops off van.

8.30AM Shower and have breakfast of 3 shreaded wheat. (I like to load up on Pet Taxi days for extra mental strength.)

9.35AM Leave the house and set off for Gateshead to pick up Angela and her mongrel dog Ozzy.

10AM: Pull into nice little cul-de-sac right next to Allerdene club. Nice street, hopefully someone respectable and normal I hope.

Angela comes out the house looking all normal, dog looks in decent nick, and we set off for the PDSA at Hebburn to get Ozzy checked out and get more antibiotics for some kind of infection.

10.15AM: Pull upto PDSA, the journey there went well apart from Angela's constant waffling about her "PURE WHITE CAT". (FFS it'S FUCKING WHITE AND IT'S A CAT, I GET IT OK?)

There's a sandwich van just down the street so Angela and the dog go inside while I wander off down the street.

10.45AM: I'm still fucking waiting. I decide to go inside and see what the hold up is. Fuck me! The place is wall to wall with halfwits and their manky animals,lol.

I decide to wait inside with her until she gets seen to. Then,,,,, in walks this lad with his lass. Don't get me wrong lads, I don't have anything against anyone overweight or judge anyone in any kind of way usually but this lad didn't carry his 25 stone well. He had a pair of navy jogging bottoms on (with holes all over) and a Lonsdale T-Shirt that barely covered his tits. It was like a fucking crop-top,lol. His fucking gut was hanging out the bottom ffs. His lass, a scrawny little horrible thing was with him. She looked like the last time her fuckin hair wash washed was with the afterbirth when she was born ffs. She had leggings on that had what looked like spunk stains all over the arse and backs of her legs. I briefly envisaged her lad doing her from behind, finishing and then just pulling the leggings back up and wiping his cock all over the back of them. I say briefly cos I started to reach at the thought of these two fucking. They both fucking stunk btw.

Anyway, they went to the desk, I could hear them saying something about their dog etc and signing the registration forms. The lady behind the desk asked them to bring the dog in and wait and they will get the dog seen to. They walk out, presumably to get the dog from the car, and 2 minutes later they return. I'm waiting with baited breath to see what they bring and and POW!!!!!!!!!

OMFG, These two fucking pikeys walk back in with a fuckin tan DOG DE BORDEAUX! This fucker walks in like it fuckin owns the place. Anyone who has showed dogs will know the strut I'm talking about. I have a friend who breeds these and and average model will cost you £500 minimum.

Un-fuckin-believable!!!!! They must have nicked it,lol.

Anyway, Angela and Ozzy get seen to and we leave, journey back is ok. I drop her off and ask her for the £15 agreed fee. My Sis said the first time I did this for her that if a fare is £15 or £25 they normally pay you £20 or £30 etc but you always say I haven't got change and you end up with the extra fiver,lol. This worked as Angela said "oh just take the £20 then"


It's around 11.30AM now and I ring Sis to say job's done. She says "good! There's a job at Langley Park you can do. She is moving house to Burnopfield and needs the pets running to the new house"

"Is she normal?" I ask.

"Not exactly" is the reply.


SIS: "Well! To be honest she's a fucking idiot, she's a proper tramp and I fucking hate her" lol.WTF?

SIS: "It'll be ok,,you have a way with the ladies,lol. Just pick her up and take her it'll be ok. I told her it will be £35 but say the journey is longer than planned and stick a fiver extra on top cos she's a twat and I don't mind fleecing her. She's fucking minging but she's got the money"


12PM: I pull into a street in Langley Park and I instantly know which house it is. There's a removal van and a skip outside. Two blokes carrying stuff out the house. The fuckers were putting more gear in the skip than in the van,lol. There's a kid in the garden about 11 years old and he deffo looks in-bred. Poor kid.

BOOM!!!!!!! Elizabeth, the mother, walks out the door. OMFG!! She's a little overweight but nowt flash. Her hair is a home dyed blonde, (you know the sort that looks yellow?) She's wearing a fucking 1980's RAH-RAH skirt, and a navy umbro t-shirt and pink slippers that looked like they'd just been shipped OUT the skip. She's got egg yolk down the front of the T-Shirt. She's deffo IN-BRED! She was telling me later that she regarded her oldest brother as her dad as she didn't have a father figure when she was younger. I was thinking he probably fucking was,lol.
She didn't say hello, she said "is that the van we're going in?" I say "yes" "they'll not all get in there will they?" (All fuckin what ffs?)

3 dogs and 5 fucking cats (twats)

I ask how big the dogs are and she tells me they are pretty small. (Good, I can get the 3 of them in the cage) It turns out she had fold-up cardboard boxes for the cats. She asked me "what do you want to do?" My first thoughts were "I want to fuck off!,lol"

I tell her we'll get the dogs in first and then the cats afterwards. She brings out 3 rather well groomed looking dogs. I load them into the van and hang around outside, talking with the removal van guys while I wait for her to bring out the cats.

We're joking about the sites we see and the idiots we come across in our respected jobs.

Bam!!!!!! The kid runs out the house chasing a scraggy looking tabby cat,lol.. He's chasing this thing up the street,lol. (Like he's got any chance of catching the fucker,lol) Out comes Elizabeth again with 2 of the boxes. She says "lets get them in and I'll get the other two in a minute" When she had came out she left the door ajar and I saw out the corner of my eye the other two twats leg it,lol.

Me and the removal bloke are laughin our tits off when she goes inside and comes back out and says "the cunts have gone" with a surprised expression on her face. I tell her I can't wait around and that we will have to go as I have another job on later,lol. (I didn't, but fuck her too! I'm not pissing about chasing cats all day)

So we set off for the new house and she says "if they don't come back later she will have to ring the RSPCA to get them later sometime,lol. So, we're heading for Burnopfield and this bitch is fucking lifting. I'm not joking she fucking stunk. I had the window down and I could still smell her. I had a few moments relief when we passed a sewage plant on the Lanchester road. (FUCKING HELL,SOME RELIEF!) She' moaning on about the long day she's had already and that she's never had a bite to eat or even a cuppa this morning cos she's been so busy. LMFAO!!! So the T-SHIRT, (with the egg yolk down the front) she has on, must have been off the previous day at least,lol GROSS!!!!!!

I get her to the new address in quick time and drop her off and get paid the £40 (lol) and leave and (DARE I SAY IT?)


NPF version of If by Kipling

The NPF Version

If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on bad cards

if you can trust yourself when all other players doubt you but make allowances for their bluffing too

if you can wait for a good hand and not get tired at waiting or lie about ya cards, don’t lie to the dealer

or being hated, don’t give way to the haters
and yet don’t look too strong and don’t talk too wise

if you can dream and not make your dreams the master

if you can think and not let the dream overtake this

if you can handle triumph and disasters
and treat these two imposters as the same

if you can bear to hear truths you’ve spoke
so you lay traps for the fools to fall into

or watch the hand you’ve gave chips up for get busted

and stop and build them back up with suck out after suck out

if you can make a heap of winnings during the year
then risk it all on the turn of the river card
and lose and have to start all over again
and never tell anyone of your bad call and loss

if you can force your heart and nerves to take it again

to stick round after the turn when all are folding

and hold on in there when you aint got nothing in ya hand except the will to bluff and win which is the game of hold-em

if you can talk amongst a crowd and keep your virtue or limp along with kings and not lose your nerve

if neither friends or foe can hurt you if they call
and all can count the outs they have but the”re not enough
if you can outlast that last man in the last minute with sixty seconds of pure aggression

then the poker world and everything in it is yours

and which is more- youll be a real NPF poker player my son!!!

Well We Can Only Get Better!!!

As we re shuffle and re organise please welcome another new addition to the squad in Paul " Can only get better" Sewell who has been a dobba in waiting for over a year. Played the odd game for us and now being officially announced as an accepted Dobba.
Paul plays alot of his online poker at Poker Stars and was recently runner up in the Grosvenor Friday Night NPF League.

He doesnt mince his words so look forward to his contributions at the blog.

Radgies owned again!!!!!

Always tough when youve been away on ya jollies and more so when youve been to Vegas and the WSOP to come back down to earth and slip back into the normal day to day life routines. Its actually harder as well the older ya get and its no difference this year especially sleep patterns. Been struggling with this since my return sleeping at stupid times and wide awake at others but its also not been helped by some well received final tables.
Take in the £2k guaranteed £20 D/C which is superb value, get my final stamp on my card for their promotional free watch lol, and with 89 runners its extra value again.

Make it my 3rd final table from 4 games played since getting back and great pleasure in me n Chipmunk totally owning a couple of the Radgie team.
Was involved in a few cracking hands during the tournie including turning quads 3 way all in with other 2 holding top n bottom straights and make final table 2nd in chips.
Final table was very interesting and in early stages of it was alot more tighter than they normally are. Over n hour in and still we hadnt lost any of the final 9.
On my 3rd raise in a row with 88 and position to 2 lower stacks its obvious by my stack and sized bet I aint folding the hand to any shove yet guy sticks his chips in obviously thinking his Ace 10 is good and tells me he didnt think I would call when he flops his 10 and scoops the pot. Same guy shoves me off a pot with 2nd pair K when Im out kicking him by pushing on Ace board at the turn and then later in game when making a move on him with J9 his K4 call makes trips on river after I flop my 9. Eventually I take him out with my Ace holding to his raggy Jack shove when low in last 3.
Best part of the final table was the banter n wind up from me n Chipmunk with 2 lads from the forum who are part of "Team Radgie"
Team Radgie are a group of over 40s poker players put together by my accountant " Looseman" and their group include some very integral members of the NPF. The crack/craic between us can be from one extreme to the other but always very entertaining and certainly adds to alot of local games with the tit for tat exploits n piss taking we do to each other.
5 handed and Apokerlypse & TxTrev from Teamradgie both have monsta stacks yet push the self destruct buttons and go out 5th n 4th respectively as me n Chipmunk power our way past them and when I take out the Ace 10 man in 3rd its a nice evenings payday for £520 each for £20.

Supposed to be playing the Circus monthly £75 game today but after getting in at 5.30 and up for work at 8 i just aint capable of it and decided to give it a miss to recharge the old batteries.

Big thanks to UKGatsby who has awarded us blog of the month award and also a special award for our Greg Raymer scoop at the forum. Its nice to know that some people out there read and like what we do. Thanks to Steve Holden as well for his special mention for me at his excellent blog.




Welcome to NPF Mr Raymer

The flight back home from Vegas wasnt as smooth as hoped when on arriving at Vegas Mclaren Airport we are informed our flight is delayed over an hour. Get comfy in the deaprture lounge at one of the few power sockets and fire up the lap top. Amazing how quick the time goes past with that little piece of technoly purring away on ya lap.
Chatting away to a mate on msn whe he tells me "Michael Jacksons dead" Fuck off I tell him ya taking the Michael here but no he confirms its on Sky News. I think the people around me were of the same frame of mind but soon the news spreads like wild fire around the airport.
Get into Gatwick ( what a dump of an airport ) over an hour late which unfortunately makes us miss our flybe flight back to Newcastle by the time we get through customs n get our cases. Another £360 lighter and we are booked onto the later flight at 4.30. Just found out Virgin will connect with Flybe as a special all the way route if ring them direct at customer services. This way if its Virgins fault you miss the connection in UK they get you on the next available free of charge.

Free watch on offer at Grosvenor if ya get 4 stamps on special promotion card and with 2 weeks left and 2 stamps needed I aint giving this baby up without an effort so after travelling half way across the world and had no proper sleep for god knows how many hours Im regging for their Friday £20 D/C Freezeout just before 8.00 pm.
About 2.30 am Im busting out in 8th place for £90 BUT IVE GOT ME WATCH CARD STAMPED WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Play the new monthly Aspers £75 Deepstack the following day and with a good turn out theres a decent pot up for grabs. Play alot of early pots with wide range of hands and some juicey concealed made straights get my stack moving in right direction in the early levels. Mid levels Im well stacked then make a basic mistake when guy early position makes standard raise and I should of re raised with my JJ holding but flat which allows the BB into the pot. His 54 flops 2 pair and costs me badly in very juicey pot. I then lose standard race 88 v JJ and after table move I get my stack back into good shape but bust out just short of final table when my KK fails against guy with AQ all in pre flop.
Tuesday brings some amazing news when none other than Mr GREG RAYMER who Mr E did an interview with at the WSOP actually looks up the NPF and JOINS AS A MEMBER.
Play the Circus Tuesday £30 D/C and after an early fishy winning decent pot when holding straight flush draw all the way my river 9 is too good for guying leading every street with 88. Good table which included Hamid and Roscopiko and as usual enjoy the banter n humour with Mr Piko who I do enjoy playing against. Table moved and down to nitty gritty of last few and a couple of shoves and scoops I grind into final table with probably 3rd lowest stack. Lose one guy early then double through and double through again in decent pot calling Mr Rocks shove with him flipping JJ but my 77 whips his arse when nice Mr Spoondog Dealer flops QQ7.
Loaded now and Im deffo taking this down I reckon but after losing Rosco in 9th I find QQ in early position and my strong raise is met by shove from guy I have covered but not by much. Snap call to see AA and big damage. How the fuck Spoona the dealer didnt drop my Q Ive no idea. Wow I run so bad!!!!!!!!!
My next big blind Mr Solid and big stack next to me puts in expected raise and my J9 Im sure is live and enough to go with. J9 v AK but once again Spoondog badly lets me down!!!! Come on Spoona sort ya self out mate but hey ho anutha final table and some small profit.

Announce an addition to the "Team" of a superb writing talent we discovered on the NPF and Im sure his contributions here will be well accepted. Another addition has been informed whos been waiting patiently in the wings but we are just waiting for the lazy twat to activate his account and fire his intro and picture over to me which he should do in the next day or two.

Final watch stamp weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this Friday and another very good game on Saturday at Circus to look forward to in their £75 Deep Stack Monthly game.

Multi Table tournament selection for beginners or inexperienced players.

Hi all.

Firstly I'd like to say it's great to be part of the team and thank TEAMDOBB for inviting me to join.

Ok, I figured my first post should be a good one so I am posting something I wrote a few years ago about tournament selection for beginners and inexperienced players, and maybe players that just have EGO issues. Some of you may have read it and some may have not but, I hope it helps.

Might I be correct in thinking you are the sort of player that grinds it out at low stakes tournaments online, cashes regularly, makes the occasional final table, and sometimes - whisper it quietly - even wins? All things considered, that doesn't sound too bad, does it? But tale a look at your Accounts page. I'd wager my next ten final tables that your bankroll isn't as healthy as you think it should be.

There's a strong possibility that you - like me - suffer from what I like to refer to as "I and E syndrome". The I stands for IGNORANCE, the E for EGO and the two together make for a condition that is debilitating to your bankroll, each and every time you log on to play. I and E syndrome is a combination of leaks that stops the growth of our bankrolls before we even sit down at a table without us even noticing it.

In my case I like to think that I'm generally a profitable player, but if I'm honest I find myself saying the same thing week in, week out: "Why am I not making more money?" The answer is simple. First of all, I'm Ignorant of the advanced skills to play the higher levels. Second, my Ego won't let me accept this FACT.

Doyle Brunson once mouthed the words "If you play poker to make money, find a level at which you're profitable - and stick to it".

I actually ignored this advice from the great man for all my poker playing life until I was involved in a car accident.

Even before my convalescence - in fact, as soon as I was sitting in A and E I started to think more and more about my poker game, and ways to improve it.

Suddenly - Eureka!! I had it.

It wasn't so much my general poker play, it was the levels I'd been playing at. With this epiphany in mind I decided to put Doyle's theory to the test.

By the time I left to go home I had concluded that I A: I make money in the smaller buy-in tournaments, then proceed to lose it to the more advanced players at the higher buy-ins. B: like so many others, I cannot, and will not, let myself accept this FACT that I'm out of my depth. Therefore I continually line the pockets of top players and professionals.

I was told I'd need 3 weeks off work so I decided to cut out all the unprofitable buy-ins I'd been playing in so far and concentrate on the buy-ins that I had shown a profit.

To do this I needed to research the internets databases and find out this information.

I found the answer at a site named I paid the small fee to register for a month and here's what I found:

The project site was Ultimate Bet (The site I played most)

Tournaments played: 377

Buy-ins (inc rake): $3116

Total prize money: $3881

Total Profit: $765

Wins: 5

Final tables: 57 ((15.12%)

Cashes: 82 (21.75%)

Biggest cash: $405

Biggest Buy-in: $100

Average field size: 191

ROI: 24.55%

These figures were interesting because thedb enabled me to check other players stats and make a comparative analysis.

It transpired that, although my stats were generally above average I wasn't making as much profit as a lot of other players. I looked further and found my ROI for each buy in level and then I nailed it. I knew exactly where my profits were going.

Over the next 3 weeks I played only the levels where I had a +ROI and cut out the -ROI buy-ins.

Here's what went down:

Tournaments played: 126

Buy-ins (incl rake): $1109

Total prize money: $3017

Total profit: $1908

Wins: 1

Final Tables: 37 (29.36%)

Cashes: 39 (30.95%)

Average field size: 143

ROI: 172%

As you can see, my percentage of cashes increased by around 9%, my final table increased by 15% and most importantly of all my ROI roe to a whopping 172%.

I had made more money in three weeks than in the previous year. Why? Because I resisted the egotistical urges that made me think I could cut it at the higher levels and took action to dispel my ignorance regarding the levels that I played at.

Still not sure about this concept?

Let's leave our Egos at the door and relate this theory to something rather different to poker so we can get to grips with it.

Let's say for example you pull into your local Golf club car park and Tiger Woods is standing on the first tee.

"Fancy a round for £50 ?" he asks. While you might say yes I can guarantee you don't agree to his wager because you seriously think you can beat him. You will say yes because you might consider £50 a small price to play to see this fella up close and personal and take a story to the pub for your mates.

Now lets say you pull up the next day and the worst player at the club asks the same question but for £10. You will then say yes because he's a bad player and you will take his money most days. So - in theory - the best financial decision is to ignore Tiger and play the bad player right?

This decision is common sense really, so why do we ignore the easy decision when we play poker? Again, this is simple. The luck element in poker makes us believe we're actually better than we really are.

If you're a recreational player and play poker to just "have fun" then what I'm saying is irrelevant but, if you play to make money then remember what I've said. Don't be tempted to play that impossibly difficult $100 tournament when there's a $5 tournament that you regularly crush starting 5 minutes later.

Don't let those Egotistical urges get the better of you. Play the games where you show a consistent profit, forget about impressing your friends, forget about being the next Chris Moneymaker. Why be a little fish in a big pond when you can be a predator in a small one?

The Egotist and the Ignoramus in your poker soul will cost you money.

Why not seek them out and close the door on them forever?

Hope this helps fellas.


New addition to the Team

I have great pleasure in announcing a new member to the team of contributors here at Teamdobbs.
After lengthy discussions that went on till late into the early hours of the morning I have eventually secured the services of the famous "Pet Taxi Driver" who has agreed to share some of his life experiences with our many readers.

Im sure we all look forward to the chequered stories of life by "Cowhead72" who is now officially part of the invited group here at "Teamdobbs" READ & ENJOY