Well done Bananarama!!!

Play the Tuesday Circus £50 monthly £500 added and its another full place and 109 runners. Strong field and happy with my table although I never seem able to get off to a good start in this game. Need to really cos the structure can be so cruel past level 4 if ya dont have much. The game actually isnt well structured but cant be helped due to time restrictions and its the pot size that attracts the big field.
Its my birthday early doors when obv nervous newbie on my right limps and I join in with AJ 3rd pos to see 4 way flop of AJ4 (2 hts)Newbie bets I raise he calls. Rag turn and I bet his check decent for him to call again. River brings A hts and he leads out and after the drama queen bit I ship in for snap call as he proudly shows Q8 hts and seems abit bemused and unsure as to why he hasnt won the pot. Anyway nice pressie but unfortunately no more gifts came my way and I really struggled to get involved or pick up any thing worth playing.
I lose to an outkicked Ace making up my BB to a low stacked shove in 3 way pot then ship my increasing low stack with 55 into QQ.

Go into hype the Pub Poker Team game up on the forum with some inter team rivalry which results in a bit of a misunderstanding with certain people despite most people involved going along with it but hey ho thats life and people shouldnt get so serious over what basically is a simple game and the fun element should never be lost especially at the levels we play at. Lose the fun and you stop enjoying it.
Anyway its 5 per team and 21 teams take part as we send in Me, Cardguard, Mr Entertainment, Jimmy Chipmunk & Xenocode.
Lose CG early doors with his normal KK v AA typical hand and eventually theres only me and Mr E left as we hit the 40 player mark and the point scoring. Had really good table to be honest although play was so slow due to newbie dealer and not many hands early doors. Guy ships from sb onto my BB and Ive been so card dead the sight of AQc gets my snap call. He shows KJ and cheers in my face as his K hits the flop but my 2 finger salute at the turned Ace soon changed his tune.
Went on nice steady run of cards & hands and then used my decent stack well as players tried to ladder the points. Must of been in top 3 of chips when 14 left when utg ships in for 2nd pos to ship as well for 60k. Im sitting on just over 70k and look down at KK. Now Im actually so comfy in this tourney its unreal and for only the 3rd time since playing poker I actually contemplated folding KK pre flop. 20 seconds later and I ship all my chips in and its a 3 way monsta pot with the winner taking away probably 30% of chips in play. What am I up against A 10 & AK.
Flop 3 A 4 turn A river 9. Gutter but then pick up couple of blinds with my low shove and onto final table after Mr Entertainment goes down in 10th. Been in worse to win tournaments but not to be this time as despite doubling up with AQ 2 laps of nothing force me in with crap and my crap aint good enough to his crap going out in 8th.
Thoroughly enjoyable day finishing at just past 11 from a 2.00pm start and hats off again to the Circus staff who just go from strength to strength.
Well done to Imis team ( pictured ) who not only won the game with Imi finishing 2nd but also take down the best dressed team as well. You looked good and played good, well done lads.


stumpy said...

never seen any1 look as proud as sensation haha

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

fancy getting beat off a bunch of nerds,fml