Fat Chipmunk getting thinner!!!!

Alright Peeps after 1 week of eating healthy grub I have lost 4lb and now weigh 15st 3lb altho the craving for apple pie and cream is intense but 3 weeks left I will not waver!

Pokerwise played G's Friday night freezeout 80+ runners and busted 17th when I lost a massive 3 way pot QQ V AK AND A10 K on turn and goodnight.
Went to Aspers for the monthly £75 freezeout and after sitting pretty with 15 left call down the table drunk with 2nd pair just to try and get rid of him because he was being an arsehole and really getting on my tits picking on other players for trying to help him anyways blind against blind and he flips AA and takes a chunk of my stack(so there you go pick on somebody then next hand get AA? if there is a God I will show my arse in Fenwicks window,obviously in 3 weeks tho)
Anyways I eventually busted in 6th where after 2 hours on ft my best hand was AQ and didnt have stack to waste chips stealing.

Head down to Teeside for £100 side event and tbh I wish I had took a book because after just over 4hrs play I had 1 pp 1010 and my next best hand was A8 suited possibly the most boring 4hrs of my life eventually I double up then the next orbit I pick up AJ and shove to the serial drunks constant raising he calls and groans when he see's my cards then flips A3 and where racing 729 4 5 and its goodnight but after the cards I was getting I new it wasnt going to be my night and wasnt really surprised when he rivered the wheel.

Laters all JC


CanOnlyGetBetter (acesnext) said...

That picture does'nt do you justice m8 :) :)