Jimmy C on tour

Howdy all sorry i mean hello all,

As the title suggests i am on my holidays visiting my dad in Houston there are no casinos but there is a private club the other side of town about 55 miles away(fook me Houston is a big place)

We saddled up the horses(sorry) and headed over there for a $20 rebuy and when i arrive i am not surprised to see that its an illegal club with more cameras and buzz in entry points than fort knox,60+ runners start,2.5k starting chips and 1k for $20 thereafter.

Looking around the table and if anyone has seen 'the king of the hill' you will get an excellent idea of the people i was playing with...awesome..2nd hand in and i call a small raise in bb with 69d to see a flop of A53 all diamonds raiser shoves with AK no diamonds i tank and then reluctantly call and 2 others call with Kd and Qd and they miss so great start,i play 3 more hands before the break and win all 3 without showdown and i'm sitting pretty with the the chip lead at the break.

Now this is where it gets interesting as you can top up 2k for $20 anything up to $100 so players with 1k can now have 11k it boosts the pot very nicely but brings me right back to the pack as i was only prepared to spend another $40 bringing my total to $60,i must give a mention to the valet who was bloody gorgeous with a cracking pair of tits and nice arse who showed them off lovely with her tight jeans and low cut tight t-shirt and the way some of these yanks were playing it was obvious they were going in to see her and not the poker!

I dont want to bore you with the details(to be honest i cant remember any more hands) but a few hours later i was on the final table and so was my dad with a decent stack to and we were both going well until some crazy women shoves 40 bb from an early poz with AJo and gets looked up by my dad with JJ and just like back home the A flops and its bye bye dad.3 left and we decide to chop it for $960 each which seems a bit light as there should have been a hell of a lot more money in pot but as the club takes from the overall pool then its obvious they are taking a rather large slice but hey ho a wins a win and i will def be going back for another tourny on boxing day.

Before i go i must tell you of this hand at the cash table involving my dad with him holding Kd9d flop Qd6d9h turn 9c and all the money goes in about $900 all told the villain tables AQo and river Qh yuk gg dad :)

Have a very merry Xmas all and an even merrier new year

David s

Finally back to the online grind.

Hello all.

It's happened, I finally decided to make a deposit and play some online poker.
I've been out of action, give or take a few games here and there for about 6 months now and saw the thread on the NPF about the NCOPS so decided to throw $110 on Full Tilt and play a few.

That was Last Wednesday, I've had only 4 sessions playing including a 4th place bubble in NCOP #3 (OBVIOUSLY).

Aside from that I have basically been playing sngs. 6 max,9 man, 45 man and 90 mans.
I started well in my first session and found I'm actually enjoyed it. (good sign)
Buy ins: $57, money made: $153 I made $97 first session almost doubling my roll.

Second session:
Buy ins: $82.50, Money made: $109, profit: $26.50 (again enjoyed it)

Third session:
Buy ins $61.25 Money made: $73, profit $12.75 (3 sessions in a row enjoying it? no way!)

Fourth session:
Played the NCOP#4 PLO $15+1.50. Basically donked out fo the tourney committing the ultimate PLO cardinal sin overplaying AAXX so deceided to switch off laptop.
Buy in: $16.50 Money made: $0 profit: -$16.50.

Fifth session: Decided to play a few mtts aswell as sngs. Went deep in the $11 superstack 10k guaranteed finishing 81st from 2117 for $32.81 which was nice but the demons got hold of me, a reason Ive avoided playing for such a long time. I got pissed on bottles of Stella and half a bottle of Vodka. Stumpy was railing and chatting to me on Msn and asking "do you usually play like this when I went into Pissed-Super Aggro mode,lol. This tactic actually worked mid to late in the tourney as I had the weakest table ever but the hands I did lose were decent size pots so for all the stealing I did I didnt end up building my stack as much as I should have. Then the inevitable, I get unlucky on my exit hand and could/should have folded on the turn but the drink and tiredness had kicked right in and I gambled when I wouldnt usually.
8 hour session and breaking even which I should have been happy about in a way but I got pissed-super-aggro-fuck this! head on totally ignoring and saying "Fuck BRM!" and decided to play some sngs.

Played 14 sngs ranging from $5 to $55+5.

Total buy ins including mtts $$336 Money made: $359 profit $23.

Total Buy ins so far: $553 Money made: $694 profit: $141.

So, all in all pretty good first 6 days back. Learnt (another) lesson last night despite turning a profit that drunk poker is losing poker. Sample size for my start is still tiny but a profitable start is a good one in anyones book inspite of the time Ive been away, but the main thing is I'm actually enjoying the grind. I decided to post this up here in order to keep myself in check and possibly inspire me to keep a cool head and stick to strict BR management which, to be perfectly honest I haven't done so far but, I plan on doing from now on. $250 roll is enough for me now to play $2-$5 games comfortably and see how I go.

I'll try to keep up a log and let you all know how I'm doing. (New Rule number 1: self control and patience and to stop saying "FUCK THIS!") or it's back to the Taxi's.


Still limping but winning!!!!

alreet Stumpy here,

Just thought I would catch up on the last two weeks starting with Aspers on Fri 11th Dec when me ,Mrs Stumpy and Teamdobb was joined by Looseman to sample a few coronas and beat the big field,Teamdobb made the ft but was 1st out in 9th shipping AQc mid to find KK waiting for him in the BB.
Played £5/£5 dc,with me n Teamdobb going halfers again £100 each and soon had that upto £730 until I misplayed a hand versus Geremi the Newcastle footballer who was a complete fish when he 1st started playing but hes alot better now and it took me back down to £330, so only a small profit on the night.

The next day was the league final at Circus 60 players sat down to play for the 4k pot,I started as one of the shorter stacks as I only finished 7th in league with 7.5k. The nightly winners got 20k so had some work to do!got my stack up to 13k at the break by playin AA bit looser than usual and hitting a few hands, peaked at 28k when there was 15 left when I got 77 raising and it was Alis bigblind who was to short to pass and he called with j10 and ob Ali hits when does he not and Im down to 11k. Somehow grind my ss to ft when Im forced to push 64 utg only for Fatpants to look me up with AQ and Im out. I get £100 plus another £37 as swapped 20% with Samj who finished 5th.Would like to thank all the staff at Circus for all the hard work they put into the cardroom cant praise them enough tbh.

Next game was the staff bounty game at Circus and was a total right off for me nd Mrs stumpy. I dumped me chips off to Mrmagoogle when I knew he hit trip Qs when I had KK and Mrs Stumpy had KK v Alis 88 aipf ob 8 and it was an early night for the Stumpys weeeee.

Then it was back to Aspers on Friday night just me and Mrs Stumpy this time and we both made ft Mrs Stumpy 10th me 9th so sick but still a small profit.

Then on Saturday night we went to the 1st NPF xmas party we had a great night and was a good turnout despite the weather

My online sngo grind has hit the buffers on full tilt but luckily ive had 2 more fts on Pokerstars in the same mtt that I chopped for $2.5k. Ive since finished 5th for $585 and 3rd for $1800.I will do my online grind write up early in the New Year and my goals for next year.

Had my mri scan results and Ive snapped my cruciate ligaments and torn my cartiliage so just waiting for operation date,Physio says recovery time might be as long as 6 months ,Ive already been off 4 months now and I will go on half pay after 6 months so Im goin to have to bink a few more of those mtts to make my wages up.

Merry Xmas all from Stumpy

Would you watch Pet Taxi if it was on TV?

Hi bloggers.
Iv'e been really busy lately what with work etc so haven't had the time to post anything recently.
However, Iv'e been getting opinions from various sources about the quality of the Pet Taxi tales posted earlier this year and do you think it's good enough to make it onto TV?
My question to all of you that read the posts is what did you think of it? Was it a read that gave you a little laugh and that was it, or do you think it would be something you would sit down and watch if it was shown on TV?
I have just e-mailed a TV executive about how these sort of things get from being just "stories" to being aired on TV. It looks like I need to get the help of a script writer first of all and transform it from "STORIES" into a "script" which I'm told costs money.
Looking for a broader opinion of the possibilites of this becoming a TV show from anyone who read them. Is it a pipedream or do you think this could work?
All feedback, (good or bad) is appreciated lads and lasses.

A quiet weekend of poker

Alreet Stumpy here,

Went to Circus on Sat for the £75 game was a total waste of time never got going and ended when Im allin with a6 v a7 no help and Im off to Aspers for there £30 f/o

Sit down and dont recognise any one except the dealer mac which is the norm now as Aspers mtts is full of newbies the standard of play was awful,1st winning hand I have 52 sb flop 542 I ck raise the 2 limpers 100 to 500 1 caller turn ace i bet 500 he calls 10 rvr i bet 500 nd he call with ks8s missed fd yup he called with k high.

Kept chipping up by raising the weak limpers and c-betting the flops,un till guy shoves 10bbs with a7 v my ak cruise to ft from there pinch the blinds to maintain the stack till 7 left and i get aj shove allin and bigstack says out loud "oh no i keep wasting my chips doubling people up i hope no 1 rerases me" they all fold ob and he flips AA wot a tool so 7th for £90 and near break even day.

Sunday and its back to Circus for smoggies npf online league game we have the Geek,Cardguard,Looseman,Smoggie,me,Roscopiko,COGB,Sensation.Teamdobb.and PJB Aces.

Sensation sets out straight away to wipe the field out which backfires bigstyle when he bites the dust early obv,then Rosco goes next then its me when Looseman raises from button and Smoggie flats i ship with 88 and Smoggie calls with ak, k on turn and i bite the dust,the geek goes on 2 beat the cgk headsup nice 1 glen wp. a big thankyou too Smoggie who has ran the league and organised the live final table which was great craic.

When i got knocked out i was straight onto the cash tables as they were full of pub players who had been knocked out of there tourney, plus the Ridla who I always run like god against lol nd Gaz Walker the sensations skipper.The rest were larry the limpers so I decide 2 play crazy for a while to hopefully get paid off down the line which worked nicely picking up pots with nothing and also getting paid off on the rvr when board read 1073 a a I had a8 Ridla calls with bottom pair lol.

Then I pick up AA twice in a short space of time and lose the min with both 1st one hit flush on turn with 10 6 and 2nd time guy calls with 2nd pair and hits runner runner straight so much for setting the table up to pay me off sik,then the Ridla raises i call with AJ, flop J 10 rag he bets out but doesnt look comfy so I put him on mid pair I call turn K he bets again river Q gives me straight to A, I ck but cant see me getting anymore money but the hero the Ridla decides bet £22 on the river I ship and he folds for £26 more.Then I get my revenge on the 106 hero when he limps again I try 2 too isolate with Qs10s get 1 more caller flop AKJ 2 spades weeeeee I bet £10 on flop 106 hero calls ob ace,turn k bet £25 insta call then rvr 5 bet £35 on rvr he calls aq now up about £150.

In the meantime enter £20+£20 tourney and buyin my son Craig whos just turned 18 and already had a few fts plus somehow Samj got £40 out of me so he could play!The cash table was too good to leave so decide to sit out and and stay at cash table,until i pop over and play 3 hands in tourney hit trip 2s and add 3k too my stack head back too cash table and dont go back too tourney till blinds 200-400.
Notice samj has bigstack so good chance of roi but Craig struggling, I get nice dup when pub player limps utg Im sb with AQ off decide 2 limp also , flop Q rag rag 2hrts I bet out and utg calls put him on kq turn rag I bet he calls rvr heart I ck 2 call any bet he ships allin which threw me a bit I tank call he shows qj and im upto 28k,next decent pot Chipmunk goes allin after 2 limpers I call with 1010 v daves AQ he bricks and now on 40kish,then c/o rases my bb i rerase with kk he instaships 17k i call he has 77 no help and now on 60kish,then my 1st mistake button rases my bb i have a7 i rerase dont no why as hes pretty solid and rarely at it doh he has QQ no help and back too 40kish from there maintained my stack with steals

In the meantime Samj busted his bigstack the donk lol ,but Craig goes on massive heater, young lady min rases his blind he calls with 8h4h flop a62hearts and they get it allin lady a5 no hs and he goes to 70kish then few hands later Joe Peel minrases his blind by mistake ,didnt realise blinds were up and Craig calls with 9h2hs flop AJ8 all hearts,Joes allin with A8 no help and Craigs now got 160kish,we eventually get down too 4 handed when I ship A10 into Gladys KQ 1st card Ace but glad hits flush on rvr,Im out for £185. Craig does 3 way chop (thats my boy) for £425 each.A really enjoyable and profitable weekend even after the corona bill and Samj(one day Sam one day lol )

keep on smiling stumpy

General Update

Why hasnt the blog picture been changed FFS me and stumpy carry you lot to victory (hes only ickle aswell) and I havent even got a pic with me in the team photo on the right of the blog; omgz I run bad.

Anyway; on the poker front; made a couple of FTs at Circus but nothing special and find recalling hands boring. Back on the slippery slope of roulette after owning grovna 10p touchbet for around 2K in the last few days; oh to be able to quit while ahead.

Won 700 dollars from that daft stake thing azimut started; where i small cashed and spun 19 bucks progressively to around 700; and this has taken over from my proper games elsewhere as its so much more fun at this level and dont really need the stress or hassle of playing the kind of games I do on party.

Ill post again when I actually win at poker again (probably win when Im sober; hence ya may have to wait a while)

Much love


Women F******g Drivers

i hate women drivers

as some of you know I'm a delivery driver for a local Chinese takeaway , i do about 30.000 local miles a year , so in that many miles Ive seen a awful lot of things that drivers get up to , especially the women , don't get me wrong we've all seen some pretty amazing stuff , but Saturday night had to top mine off .

going to a delivery in hebburn from the low sima estate i go round a roundabout to be stopped halfway by an oncoming car , guess what it was a women driver the funny thing is she wound her window down and started effing and blinding at me , she soon stopped when the police car 2 cars behind me put its blue lights on lol , anyways gets to my delivery address and park round the back in car park , only gone about 2 Min's and i get back to the car park to hear crunch argh my new car , out jumps this women in her 30s who's the fuxxing idiot whose parked his car here , well Ive got to say i seen red , i told her that she must be fuxxing blind not to see a silver car with its sidelights left on to the left of her car , after about a min 4 guys appear saying I'm in the wrong cos i double parked ( must have been half of her inbred family ) to which i say how the hell is it my fault when I'm not even in the car.

getting nowhere i phone the police as the guys are just itching to smack me , so police turn up and shes still protesting her innocence , to which police women says to me i cant believe her shes hit a parked car , and she even says women drivers eh.

not much damage to my car just needs a new wing and damage to bumper , my insurance phoned me up on Monday and got me booked into a friendly garage and said they would contact the women's insurance company , gets phone call today off her company and they tell me they have instructed her to claim full liability ( even her insurance has had to tell her ) , so all in all sorted now , but god they are thick sometimes.

on the poker front only played once since teamgame , was at stanley's last thursday and ended up heads up against tubbs it was about 4pm and we just split with him taking the 20 points and £240 each.
gonna play this Thursday , but not much until Xmas as work is very busy.

gl all on the tables