Jimmy C on tour

Howdy all sorry i mean hello all,

As the title suggests i am on my holidays visiting my dad in Houston there are no casinos but there is a private club the other side of town about 55 miles away(fook me Houston is a big place)

We saddled up the horses(sorry) and headed over there for a $20 rebuy and when i arrive i am not surprised to see that its an illegal club with more cameras and buzz in entry points than fort knox,60+ runners start,2.5k starting chips and 1k for $20 thereafter.

Looking around the table and if anyone has seen 'the king of the hill' you will get an excellent idea of the people i was playing with...awesome..2nd hand in and i call a small raise in bb with 69d to see a flop of A53 all diamonds raiser shoves with AK no diamonds i tank and then reluctantly call and 2 others call with Kd and Qd and they miss so great start,i play 3 more hands before the break and win all 3 without showdown and i'm sitting pretty with the the chip lead at the break.

Now this is where it gets interesting as you can top up 2k for $20 anything up to $100 so players with 1k can now have 11k it boosts the pot very nicely but brings me right back to the pack as i was only prepared to spend another $40 bringing my total to $60,i must give a mention to the valet who was bloody gorgeous with a cracking pair of tits and nice arse who showed them off lovely with her tight jeans and low cut tight t-shirt and the way some of these yanks were playing it was obvious they were going in to see her and not the poker!

I dont want to bore you with the details(to be honest i cant remember any more hands) but a few hours later i was on the final table and so was my dad with a decent stack to and we were both going well until some crazy women shoves 40 bb from an early poz with AJo and gets looked up by my dad with JJ and just like back home the A flops and its bye bye dad.3 left and we decide to chop it for $960 each which seems a bit light as there should have been a hell of a lot more money in pot but as the club takes from the overall pool then its obvious they are taking a rather large slice but hey ho a wins a win and i will def be going back for another tourny on boxing day.

Before i go i must tell you of this hand at the cash table involving my dad with him holding Kd9d flop Qd6d9h turn 9c and all the money goes in about $900 all told the villain tables AQo and river Qh yuk gg dad :)

Have a very merry Xmas all and an even merrier new year

David s


stumpy said...

n1 dave,cant even beat u with 5 addons, njoy the rest of ya hols

Daniel Trett said...

Awesome M8, hope your having a good time away from the felt as well.

mag1892 said...

glad your having a good time m8. enjoy the rest of ya holiday.

TEAMDOBB said...

chop chop the stumpy way partner!!!


have a nice ya all!!!!!