A quiet weekend of poker

Alreet Stumpy here,

Went to Circus on Sat for the £75 game was a total waste of time never got going and ended when Im allin with a6 v a7 no help and Im off to Aspers for there £30 f/o

Sit down and dont recognise any one except the dealer mac which is the norm now as Aspers mtts is full of newbies the standard of play was awful,1st winning hand I have 52 sb flop 542 I ck raise the 2 limpers 100 to 500 1 caller turn ace i bet 500 he calls 10 rvr i bet 500 nd he call with ks8s missed fd yup he called with k high.

Kept chipping up by raising the weak limpers and c-betting the flops,un till guy shoves 10bbs with a7 v my ak cruise to ft from there pinch the blinds to maintain the stack till 7 left and i get aj shove allin and bigstack says out loud "oh no i keep wasting my chips doubling people up i hope no 1 rerases me" they all fold ob and he flips AA wot a tool so 7th for £90 and near break even day.

Sunday and its back to Circus for smoggies npf online league game we have the Geek,Cardguard,Looseman,Smoggie,me,Roscopiko,COGB,Sensation.Teamdobb.and PJB Aces.

Sensation sets out straight away to wipe the field out which backfires bigstyle when he bites the dust early obv,then Rosco goes next then its me when Looseman raises from button and Smoggie flats i ship with 88 and Smoggie calls with ak, k on turn and i bite the dust,the geek goes on 2 beat the cgk headsup nice 1 glen wp. a big thankyou too Smoggie who has ran the league and organised the live final table which was great craic.

When i got knocked out i was straight onto the cash tables as they were full of pub players who had been knocked out of there tourney, plus the Ridla who I always run like god against lol nd Gaz Walker the sensations skipper.The rest were larry the limpers so I decide 2 play crazy for a while to hopefully get paid off down the line which worked nicely picking up pots with nothing and also getting paid off on the rvr when board read 1073 a a I had a8 Ridla calls with bottom pair lol.

Then I pick up AA twice in a short space of time and lose the min with both 1st one hit flush on turn with 10 6 and 2nd time guy calls with 2nd pair and hits runner runner straight so much for setting the table up to pay me off sik,then the Ridla raises i call with AJ, flop J 10 rag he bets out but doesnt look comfy so I put him on mid pair I call turn K he bets again river Q gives me straight to A, I ck but cant see me getting anymore money but the hero the Ridla decides bet £22 on the river I ship and he folds for £26 more.Then I get my revenge on the 106 hero when he limps again I try 2 too isolate with Qs10s get 1 more caller flop AKJ 2 spades weeeeee I bet £10 on flop 106 hero calls ob ace,turn k bet £25 insta call then rvr 5 bet £35 on rvr he calls aq now up about £150.

In the meantime enter £20+£20 tourney and buyin my son Craig whos just turned 18 and already had a few fts plus somehow Samj got £40 out of me so he could play!The cash table was too good to leave so decide to sit out and and stay at cash table,until i pop over and play 3 hands in tourney hit trip 2s and add 3k too my stack head back too cash table and dont go back too tourney till blinds 200-400.
Notice samj has bigstack so good chance of roi but Craig struggling, I get nice dup when pub player limps utg Im sb with AQ off decide 2 limp also , flop Q rag rag 2hrts I bet out and utg calls put him on kq turn rag I bet he calls rvr heart I ck 2 call any bet he ships allin which threw me a bit I tank call he shows qj and im upto 28k,next decent pot Chipmunk goes allin after 2 limpers I call with 1010 v daves AQ he bricks and now on 40kish,then c/o rases my bb i rerase with kk he instaships 17k i call he has 77 no help and now on 60kish,then my 1st mistake button rases my bb i have a7 i rerase dont no why as hes pretty solid and rarely at it doh he has QQ no help and back too 40kish from there maintained my stack with steals

In the meantime Samj busted his bigstack the donk lol ,but Craig goes on massive heater, young lady min rases his blind he calls with 8h4h flop a62hearts and they get it allin lady a5 no hs and he goes to 70kish then few hands later Joe Peel minrases his blind by mistake ,didnt realise blinds were up and Craig calls with 9h2hs flop AJ8 all hearts,Joes allin with A8 no help and Craigs now got 160kish,we eventually get down too 4 handed when I ship A10 into Gladys KQ 1st card Ace but glad hits flush on rvr,Im out for £185. Craig does 3 way chop (thats my boy) for £425 each.A really enjoyable and profitable weekend even after the corona bill and Samj(one day Sam one day lol )

keep on smiling stumpy


Daniel Trett said...

Good write up Stumpy & WP The Geek on winning the prestigious Smoggie league final...oh & VWD on Jnr. Stumpy chopping the £20+£20, hopefully see him around.

Ridla said...

Not knowing the Redtooth league day was on until 2:30pm it was a spur of the moment decision to come down, great day on the cash table, good craic as always even if i was donating to little stumpy's pockets all afternoon, cracking day all round..

stumpy said...

thx daniel,think i need 2 watch out he chopped aspers monday too

CanOnlyGetBetter said...

farther like son eh.... quality m8