Well always been a believer there is more to this online stuff than just rng, s delivering cards , but never took to much notice of this poker fable known as the cash out curse untill now.
Bad runs come and go and generally at least 1 week of a month i have a bit of a bad run, but this month was just rediculous.
Anyway last year(sept) i bought new house and cashed out some $$$ to help me buy bits and bobs for the house,this was followed by my first ever losing month online (oct), anyway between xmas and new year i have another cash out as i buy a new 3 peice suit and t.v and want to pay them off soon as credit card bill arrives.
Now this year starts fine and im $300 up by the 4th of jan , then i get email ,, your withdrawal has been deposited and sure enough its in the bank .Then what follows is 3 weeks of misery and total bollox badbeats.
Anyway i decide to check previous withdrawals against my playing records and unbelievably every time i withdraw , it is followed by a really bad run,, except for 1 time and that was proberbly coz i went on holliday and didn,t play for nearly 3 weeks.
Absolutly amazing and i am now a true believer that this is just 1 more piece of a big rigged jigsaw.
Anyway thankfully these last few days been ok and have ended the month with a small profit ,plus i recieved another couple of hundred $$ into my rake account for my trouble .
Well roll on feb, 1 thing for sure i wont be cashing anything out (boooo).

Keeps Getting in the way

Just a quick thank you to all the teams that have entered the NPF UK Forum Team/Team Poker Challenge we have organised for the weekend of 21st/22nd February. Yesterday the final 2 teams that enquired last week confirmed their places when their deposit cheques arrived with us. NPF Team Event
To say we are delighted to have the 1st 200 runner Poker event outside of major tours thats ever going to be staged in Newcastle as a sell out already is pretty much an understatement and for anyone out there that doubted it which Im sure there was - ya missing out on what will be a fantastic event and a fantastic weekend. Im sure also Grosvenor & others will hopefully sit up more and listen to us when we put ideas and propositions forward to them in the future. Must be nice for others to fill ya premises up especially in the credit crunch times we are all facing.
Still alot of organisation stuff to do and hats off to S2C for his work hes already put in with his careful planning and forward thinking needed in games like this.Amazing whats taken for granted by others who dont realise the amount of work involved in putting together games of this size.

NUFC still beggar to believe how they handle themselves and although super business from them the sale the timing of Shay Givens sale is crazy. The week before the huge derby game and under major threat of relegation they look like selling one of their major assets. Im sure anything else than a win or a huge performance this weekend against the local rivals will see huge repercussions around town and against the club in the following weeks.
My view on the situation is that Given had decided he wanted to leave the club and as such they set about getting the best fee they could. I also believe that the deal is already done and dusted now and as such they wudnt risk playing him last night and gave excuse thats hes picked up an injury. I then believe they will fill the fans and media up with crap about trying to change his mind right up to deadline date and then push the deal through at the last minute thus avoiding the pressure to spend the fee on further incoming players and the huge flack they will receive. Its also amazing for such a club that the top brass running it appear to be faceless people that hide behind their positions and keep the normal fan/guy on the street at the farest distance they possibly can. This weekend could be very very interesting indeed.

Finally I have a very wide spread in music taste and often face local stick from players when I reveal to them what I have on my ipod, especially for an old radgie like me they seem to pidgeon hole me into certain brackets. Well recently Ive taken an attraction to a young American artist called Ne Yo who I think has knocked out some great tunes and very catchy stuff. Ne-Yo (born Shaffer Chimere Smith on October 18, 1982) is a Grammy Award winning American R&B singer-songwriter currently signed to Def Jam Records. I recently came across this one from him and Ill be honest its one of those tunes I simply cant get out of mind and stop singing away to myself. try listening to it if ya got 15 mins but play it at reasonable volume and also play it 3 or 4 times in a row. That way youll maybe see what i mean more clearly. In the Way - Ne Yo

Busy Busy & Vegas bound again!

Been a busy old time of late with one thing and another even though Im actually not playing much and the actual games I am playing I feel Im just going through the motions especially the local live games. Need a change I reckon and this weekend going to play the Aspers new monthly £100 Deep Stack 2 day game which hopefully will motivate me. We broke the ice with this casino at the forum and theyve even been put a notice up informing players about the game with an added prize we suggested of free meal for 2 for 1st NPF member that gets busted. Maybe shudda made that 1st 2 players and they cudda sat down with each and shared their beats over a steak and a bottle of wine. Loved Chipmunks comment on forum about this when he asks " Do you get a pudding included as well?"
I like Aspers as a place to play poker and its easily the best venue to play poker in Newcastle although does suffer from some small customer care problems it seems and hopefully their now involvement at the forum can help and it will interesting to see if the bit hype and info on there actually adds a few bums on seats and boosts the pot and I also look forward to seeing and playing against some of the old regulars that I used to lock horns with in some of the better buy in games in town.
Played last night at Circus in my normal Tuesday game but body n soul just not there and should of known better and gave it a miss. Went over mainly cos I had a favour to do for someone to pay them into the Liverpool Festival game of which a few of us are going down to play in weekend after next.
Normal card dead shit and as boredom set in and couple of moves got shafted the small stack to my left shoves last hand before break and the other small stack calls so I decide my 88 on the BB is enough to gamble call with especially what he had been shoving with and they flip A2 off and KQ off respectively and dealer puts an ace on the board 1st card that scoops it.
Double chance 2nd stack and the small bit of change I had left dont last long after break when I make up 5 way pot with Q9 clubs in button. AcKc7s flop gets small bet from utg which gets my call and another. 10c looks a winner all day for me when it hits turn and eventually all chips land in the middle but river 7 gives original utg limper the house when he flips over KK. Must give myself a reminder and kick up the arse- DONT PLAY WHEN YA HEADS NOT IN IT!!!

Online is getting less and less for me even though I only play very small buy in games and every where you read is the same basically with players bemoaning the crazy things you see online which simply beggars belief. Personally I just take this with a pinch of salt now but I must admit after playing our forum Virgin Festival 5 week league cheapy NPF Monday League that started simply for the crack and banter we generate then I must admit I simply cant remember a game Ive played anywhere that threw up so many crazy hands and horror beats hand after hand. It actually did become a total farce and joke when I would say a minimum of 12 consecutive hands went to the 20/80 30/70 dog who was normally making the CALL!!

Booked Vegas for WSOP 2009
After throughly enjoying my 1st Seniors WSOP experience last year decided that I would base my visit this year around that event. Also there was no way I was being fucked about like last year with stupid connecting flights that eventually turned a supposed 14 hour journey into 28 hours due to connection cancellations and re routes in the States. Direct only and direct only with Virgin as well so with the 2009 WSOP schedule being publicised 2009 WSOP Schedule was straight onto Virgin and Im all booked up flying Newcastle to Gatwick with FlyB and Virgin Direct into Vegas. Return is same with direct flights back. Flying out the 13th June and return on the 26th June with the Seniors 3 day Event 43 starting on the 22nd June.
Lesson to be learnt here though. Books my Virgin flights after double paging with FlyB to tie up connectors. Then books my FlyB flights. I only go and book wrong date return connection dont i as leave vegas 25th but its 26th when I arrive back in UK so had to go back onto FlyB and alter my booking. Result!!!! £119 extra for clicking wrong fkn button and not thinking straight!!
Going to sort hotel laters and if I can convince the Mrs then will hopefully try a different one to stay in as weve stayed at same place last 2 years as its her favourite.
Thatll do for now as must also get my head back into my business in these doom n gloom times as its survival of the fittest at the mo and I must admit Ive been a lazy take it for granted fooker for last few month and at the end of the day Im not used to being like that.

Wanna just add final note regarding last post made by Phil. A young guy with an old head on his shoulders and someone I totally mis judged until we kicked off the forum last April and he came onboard and took it by storm with his knowledge, wit, humour and sharpness that you simply just cant help but admire. I slowly took the time and effort to get to know the guy properly and Im so glad I did. I now include him in my small group of friends I feel I can trust in and hope whatever his problems have been are now getting sorted and look forward to seeing him back on the scene on a regular basis.


Hi kids;

Having a bit of a bad time of it but thought id update.
Not played poker for a while and finding porogative hard to come by. Weathers shit and im struggling to get 100% to play live and online bores me to tears.
Hoping everyone that reads is well as i havent had the chance to see or even converse with most of you. Ihave a few issues that im sorting through atm (through choice and randomly) but this doesnt reflect on any of my mates longstanding or through the forum. Lack of contact has been my fault (inability in parts) and hoping everyone is on top form.
sorry for the lack of blogs ill write summit worthwhile asap.

hope everyones getting lucky



Arse spanked by the bairn!!!

Alot of cracking games coming up and the diary is filling up fast and alot of stuff being organised behind the scenes for some cracking NPF events.
Reasonable week online in the micro games I played in although I do feel Im playing even less n less due to one thing and another.

Credit crunch is deffo picking up pace and Ive never known business so bad in over 25 years of being self employed and to be honest I dont see any light at the end of the tunnel for a good few months yet. This has got to filter through in all areas and if ya dont keep tight hold of your purse strings then I think alot of people could find themselves very deep in debt before too long. News came through this week of a very well known forum openly publishing they are owed a considerable amount of money from a well known online poker site which to me will be the 1st of many as it seems they have completly over stretched themselves and now dont have the money to pay out what they owe people.

Play my normal live game at Circus on Tuesday and shudda simply not bothered. Great turn out but hand after hand I was dealt complete gutter garbage and although remained as patient as possible the cracks did eventually show and when down to a level I wasnt prepared to drop below I found KsQs in a folded pot to me on the sb and shove my stack in to pick up the call from the BB holding AK. I hit my Q on the flop and felt hey ho my comeback begins but runner runner diamonds gave the flush to his K and Im relieved of a very frustrating night. Delighted for the cardroom at Circus that the hard work of their staff there and at the forum has really paid now with particular nights being very well supported.

No more live rest of week as decide to play in a live satellite the forum have arranged for Saturday at Circus for a seat to the coming Liverpool Festival 1st week in February thats being arranged by 10KingsPoker
Only 2 tables generate only one seat but the structure and players that did turn up made it a decent game and the crack was excellent. Found some strange shove plays when players sitting with well above stacks they needed and a few went out with what I thought was well overplaying pre flop play.
2 huge bits of luck for me in the game were as follows: 12 left and guy who had not been involved at all in the game puts in standard raise early position and I re pop with KK to find BB shove all his stack and the original raiser eventually puts all his in as well. I openly announce " Fuck I pick up monsta and someone else picks up AA typical" and in my chips go.
They say it only happens online but 6 handed here and AA KK QQ get flipped. Lady luck shines down on me when I turn the K for a very decent pot that takes me onto final table of 9.
Lose a few decent pots with badly timed bluffs then involved in 4 way pot with KhQs I shove on a board of 9h6h4h to be called by BB holding Qh5h and his made flush. River brings me my get out card and bigger flush to the K and this pot is the seal basically on getting to heads up situation. Up against big stack of my son S2C who to be honest had played some great poker on final table and was deserved chip leader. Nearly an hour of heads up play till eventually his AK over my A8 was the deciding hand. Nice one Scotty and a seat in the £500 main event.
p.s. we did deal at heads up 50/50 so Im deffo playing Liverpool as well with him and a few more I think from NPF who are going down.

Positive thinking!!

I must admit over the last few weeks and if Im totally honest with myself leading into Xmas Ive been a fkn pain in the arse with a few people. Few things had been making me feel totally pissed off and for why I simply dont know. I have a great life when I look at the real me and can do what I want when i want and go where I want so feck knows why Ive been like I have been. Ive got no financial worries and have all the materialistic things most people strive for. Im putting it down to my age maybe but a few things over the last couple of days have really made me sit up and think.
Everyday the gloom of the credit crunch seems to be effecting someone ya know and even worse is when ya hear of people getting bad news on health problems. One thing that has prompted this post is reading someone elses post about his Mrs and what they have been through lately and when I think about it Ive been through a similar year. Also a very good mate of mine has been having it tough lately and struggling to find work yet everytime I speak to him he continues to remain positive about things.
I have an absolute diamond of a Mrs who Ive been married to for over 30 years with 2 fantastic kids who have given me zero hassle or problems like some get yet the last year or so shes probably been through agony with one thing then another health wise. Couple of slight scares that were given the all clear but a continuous battle with one tablet or another to ease arthritis pains, bunions and hearing problems and every night I go in shes there with a smile on her face and my tea being cooked and heres me fecking moaning about the least stupid little thing that bugs me. Ffs man get real and appreciate how lucky you really are as generally Ive been health scare free.
Sorry for my rant but thought it may infact make me feel better which it has and even may get to someone else out there whos been feeling similar to what I have. Being happy and healthy and having people around you that really care is priceless.

On a brighter note took the steps yesterday of booking for Vegas for my sons 21st birthday on September 1st. Flying Virgin direct 2nd September returning 12th September weeeeeeeee

Just for Gypo (converted)

Few words needed but just for my buddy Gyposdog

The Kings

enjoy mate

Liverpool Winter Festival 4-8 February 2009

< and >

Just thought Id put this info up at the blog to publicise a tournament coming up soon down Liverpool which I personally think looks like a great few days of poker.
Weve even spoke to guy through the NPF and he seems a smashing guy trying to break into poker scene with what looks like some good back up. The festival will have alot of Norwegians travelling over and some very famous Ex Liverpool football stars will be playing.
We have 2 live satellites for this event on the Newcastle Poker forum and the thread about it can be found here Live Sats for Liverpool

Quick edit:

Well done to S2C for winning his seat tonight for the Virgin Festival at Aspers in April but a proppa GIVE YA SELF A SHAKE to Mr Entertainment who to be honest played his Poker Miliions Syndicate like a blind donkey at the horse sales dumping off a decent stack with awful play. Would like ta say UL Craig but cant 0:)


just a swift one some stupid things in life really piss me off, like stumping me toe that really pisses me off but tbh on a par with that is these sad pathetic cunts who come oot with garbage like " took 5 replies to get some serious answer on this forum" and then they fkn rant on aboot wanting serious answers and winge like bairns aboot it(fuck off sad pricks), like having to read some guys intelligent(sometimes) witty(sometimes) replies is a chore for fuck sake man get a grip you wanna get all serious fucking piss off to 2+2 ok rant over :) (but got oot to say aboot that feel free).
Anyways following on from previous post ya mentionioned mad man mc guigan, what a laff he could easy be the difference between a good night at the poker and a bad neet dont think that makes any sense but it will to him:) how else can i put it rather sit at his table(and cardgaurds) than ANYONE ELSES(but i like a laugh and not to up me own serious arses:))

Ya gannin "straight flush" arnt ya!!!!

Recovered from dodgy Thursday me n S2C need to finalise fine details with Grosvenor management about forthcoming NPF Friday league and to also give them update on February team event so although I cant be arsed to be honest we take in the Friday £20 f/o. Although the place is reasonably busy theres only 40 make up the tournie and Im drawn seat 1 and dealing opposite Cardguard and have none other than Sean McGuiggan to my right so know its easily the noisiest table by far.
Got young lad on table with full monty poker gear on and acting the big "I am a real time bigshot" which tbh Friday night at G on the table he was on was a simple NO No No mate. World crashes down around him when his AsKs gets beat by AQ and his moaning began. He quickly gets told to get a life and join the real world in no uncertain terms and after he sucks out on someone he does seem to begin and start to get our message and chills out abit and trys to join in some of the banter. With McGuiggan on ya table theres always good banter as previously mentioned and tonight is no exception.

He tells us of a murder case hes been on and although Ive changed the names the story goes briefly like this:

Him interviewing murder suspect:

Mcg: What was mate called?

Suspect: I dont know

mcg: You dont know, hows that, he was ya mate

Suspect: yea but I dont know what he was called

Mcg: Surely ya must know ya mates name

Suspect: No - nee idea what his name was

McG; Find that hard to believe if he was your mate

Suspect: I only know him by his nickname

Mcg: and whats that?

Suspect; SMITHY

Mcg: Joe Smith?

Suspect: AYE THATS IT!!!!!

Takes all sorts I suppose

We eventually lose McGuiggan soon after break when his awful continuation bluff costs him most of his stack and then his J8 push finds Cardguards KK.
I take out young lad "bigshot" in 2 nicely timed hands and then get very well paid with QQ from 88 to put me on very healthy stack.

Final table sees me, Cardguard and S2C with 3 or 4 very young newcomers and a couple of regular faces with Cardguard very healthy. Ive got bigstack to my left and 1st hand we see S2C push his low stack from mid with 3s4s into low satck holding QQ. Spade flush for 34 but next orbit his 10 10 is busted by 2 pair of J8 and hes gone in 8th.
Cardguard makes couple of great plays n calls to take final down to 4 when this hand happens. He raises from button into young lad to my left with 2nd biggest stack who announces "All in" Snap call by Cardguard holding KK and young lad turns over Js10s

I turn to him and say: what ya doing after playing so solid all night doing that into only other guy at table who can put you out? "I dont know, rush of blood" he says in reply. QsQcJd flop Turn brings 9s and OH YES river hits a big juicey 8s for st flush to Q and a gutted Cardguard who then delivers a polite speech to a bemused young lad who announces " stop fkn lecturing me I won man didnt I"
Same young lad eventually busts both Cardguard and other player in same hand holding QQ that holds againt their Ace hands and Im heads up against him probs 5/1 down.
Dont really get anywhere near him to be fair with total shite I was dealt and eventually my AJ shove missed to his 22 call. Decent 10/1 on me money anyway and a very busy cardroom with 4 cash tables and 2 stgs give good vibes for a well supportd forum league 1st week in February.

Hospitality with no football to support it!!

Well what a strange week this one has been.

Monday night its NPF online night where we arrange a game on Poker Stars for anyone at forum that wants ta play and we usually get decent turn out of around 30 to 40. Its only $5 but its so competitive and the cracks fkn awesome. Total piss takes all the time and some brilliant one liners get thrown in and its what ya need cos them online beats are like horror movies. Get heads up with me son S2C and its megga pride at stake. Having upside down house where our living room is upstairs comes in handy here as hes down stairs in his room and out of earshot. Eventually I sucumb to his re raise and shove em in with raggy Ace and cant believe it when Stars lets his AJ stand up. WTF is online coming to!!! Nice win young Scott and maybe a sign of better things ahead hopefully.
Tuesday night and Circus £30 D/C Freeze Out and 60 plus runners. Nice table and played OK dispite 2 bad hands. One involved a bad call at river when I knew I shud fold and another when holding the house and I dont get enough back. Table move and down to last 3 tables when full drama gets thumbs up when shoving with KK and getting 2 callers. A10 n AJ shown and Jack high flop. Turn brings spade flush draw but Ive got the King to cover that one giving that hand ONE out and the Ace 10 has 3 outs for his runner runner straight. Oh yes King on the river gives me a set but him his straight. Pot wudda gave me 2 1/2 times the average but as such its home time instead.
Wednesday- omg get an invite over to watch the Mighty Magpies at St James in their quest to take down the FA Cup 2009. Gotta be our year surely as weve waited so long and are due a return to the Wembly scene. In ya dreams you lot. Ive never seen such a bag of fkn rubbish like them since the binmen went on strike. Who in their right minds actually pays good money to watch that garbage. 100k per week Mr Owen- hang ya head in shame and you should feel guilty. Hopitality 10/10 but football 1/10. Even lost £20 by my heart pulling bet of 2-0 when obvious others were better value.
Thursday wake up feeling shit and sick feeling and sweating like a fat man at a disco. See what watching Newcastle United can do to you. Sweating and headaches so crawl back into bed and stay there all day till 10.00 at night being fed lemsips.

NPF UK Forum Team Challenge

Newcastle Poker Forum and Grosvenor Casino Newcastle will be hosting a Poker Team Event for Poker Forums and Organisations in the UK on the weekend of 21-22 February 2009.

The event will be a 2 day fully dealer dealt NL Hold'em tournament with space for 200 runners and is fully expected to be a sell out. Teams consist of 10 players per team and points will be awarded to those players who finish in the top 50 (more details below). The buy in is £50 + £5.50 (£555 payable per team) with 80% of the buy in towards the team event and 20% of the buy in towards the individual event.

Forums should appoint a team captain (playing or non playing) to arrange team selection and organise their team. Teams are encouraged to wear team shirts to represet their forum/organisation and ensure there is a competitive spirit. A free buffet will also be provided by Grosvenor Casino for all the poker players.

Entry Details

To register your interest in this event please e-mail us using the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page. Include team name, team captains name, e-mail address and we will return with details for sending your deposit.

Teams will be required to send a £50 cheque as a deposit to reserve a spot with the remaining £505 being paid in cash on the day. Cheques will not be cashed until 2 February 2009 so please feel free to post date the cheque to this date. In the unlikely event that the event is cancelled, cheques will be returned to the sender or refunded.

A full list of team players will be required before 14 February 2009 and there will no entries allowed after this date. If a team does not turn up with a full team, it is the team captains responsibility that the full buy in is paid.

Tournament Structure

The tournament will start at 2pm with 45 minutes per level with day 1 ending at approximately 1am. Structure Updated - The structure has been updated with an increased starting stack to 7500 from the original 6000 and some slight changes in the ante structure. This will allow for an anticipated 27 players returning for day 2 and ensure that day 1 does not end close to the bubble.

The above structure is subject to change and if so, will be notified before the start of the tournament.

Points and Payouts

The team event will be based on a points structure with the top 50 players receiving points for their team.

1st - 65
2nd - 61
3rd - 58
4th - 55
5th - 52
6th - 49
7th - 47
8th - 45
9th - 43

10th - 41, 11th - 40 with each place decreasing by one point down to 50th who receives 1 point.

Team prizes will be based on a 50%, 30%, 20% payout structure based on the anticipated 200 runners. The first place team is expected to receive £4,000. The first place team will receive the trophy plus each team player will receive smaller trophies/medals. The individual event will have prizes allocated for the final table of 9.

We look forward to seeing all the teams and hope that we have some of the best UK players from the best forums playing with excellent sportsmanship.

The event will be held at Grosvenor Casino Newcastle - 100 St James Boulevard, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4BN | 0191 260 3303. There is a private secure car park and parking is free. It is also situated directly opposite the bus station and a 5-10 minute walk from Newcastle Central Train Station. For more information on the casino, visit the Grosvenor Casinos website.
Hotel details nearby can also be found at the link below to Newcastle Poker Forum

Full details of this event and how to enter can be found at Newcastle Poker Forum.

Harry Potter n Hitler

Bit of a change to normal routine when me n S2C take in the Friday night Grosvenor Freeze Out and bump into some old faces as well. Got summit happening with the G soon connected with the forum so S2 wanted to check out the structure they had in place.
40 odd runners and great table which included Mr & Mrs Cardguard, a few new faces which included a nervous Harry Potter look alike who took stick all night and then eventually joined by a drunken Sean Mcguiggan which always adds extra spice to ya table.
Sean is a total nutter and a Detective Seargant in the CID. His patter can be so funny at times and he always has a few diamond stories to offer the table. Being a useless fucker was a topic of conversation after some of the plays and hands that were on show in the early stages and so Sean chips in with this diamond.
Starts telling us about this useless copper ( lets call him Joe) he once knew who was so bad at whatever he did that they kept him in the station pushing paper about although his qualifications did cover "Hostage negotiation skills" The guy has also always bragged about his earlier days and how fluent he is in speaking German and about all his previous German experiences.
Anyways one day a hostage seige happens and the Cop in charge needs someone that speaks German to negotiate with the crazed man holding his family within their house.
He suggests Joe to sort this so they drive 100 miles to collect him and drive him back to the situation. they explain in full detail during the trip as to the situation and how delicate this is and its his chance to really impress the chiefs in how he handles it.
Arrive at site and Joe armed with loudspeaker approaches the safe area in his attempt to start his negotiations with the Hostage taker.
Nervously he brings the loudspeaker up to his lips and utters these famous words in broken german :


To see 30 cops rolling about pissing themselves in a very serious situation must of been a site to behold.

Grosvenor game was cruelty of the highest and totally card dead throughout with probably only 4 playable hands all night yet somehow get down to 11 left before eventually getting it in with A3 on my BB when low stacked put in by sb holding K10.
K hits and the agony is over. Mr & Mrs Cardguard 6th n 5th respectively and Xenocode took down 4th. As for Harry Potter well he left early but slightly later than a drunken cop called McGuiggan!!!

Magic - not alot!!!

what with all the pics on here below is me and me dad

see the family resemblence

Hold on Teamdobb

Following on from the last post Ive had Ben Kingsley on the blower to me.

Reckons we have a team member impersonating him around the North East - dont know which one hes thinking about???

Vegas Dave


After watching the darts lately and with Mag1892 being missing down Southend for a few weeks as he trys his best to dodge his several court appearances and continual harrassment from debt collectors I have a feeling he may be telling us porkie pies.

Im sure he has been lost at birth and has eventually found his long lost brother!!!

Ted Hankey



Just finished reading through a few blogs I like to follow and came across a big dilemma of a guy I became friendly with at the CPC in November.
Those that know me will always tell you that Ill always try my best to help a friend that finds him self in an awkward situation or an unfortunate predicament.

As such heres ya answer Amatay and if ya want the address and price of them then just give me a ring

Cya soon xxxxx

oops nearly forgot - ya might need this as well

10 min penalties

Played at the Southend mint last night , 1 hr late as we went out for a meal , sits down with 30 mins to go before break , with blinds 75/150 , guy to my immediate left is a raising station ( super aggressive ) , anyways 3 hands in a row he gets caught with his raises , first 1 his A70 gets called by Akd , next hand his A4o gets caught by kk , next hand his A9o gets caught by jj , after having about 15k hes down to 5.9 k , this time when it comes round to him he raises to 1.2k goes round to bb and he re-raises to put him allin , guy thinks for about 2mins picks up his hand in full view of me ( sitting at end of table ) and he has k 10 off , eventually he folds and mutters under his breath im playing with idiots ( only idiot is you m8 raising with shit out of position ) .
its his deal , so he deals all the cards everyone starts looking at their cards , then bang he smacks the table very hard , to this the card room manager comes over and says , scott you need to calm down please , please leave the cardroom for 10 minutes as your actions are disrupting the cardroom , now he said this very nicely to the guy ( scott ) , scott repleys no please after about 2 mins of back and forth with the cm being very nice but getting more sterner says to him either leave the cardroom or be escorted out by security , scott eventually leaves and comes back after his 10 min ban .
now my question is did the cm do the right thing by giving the player a 10 min ban.
i personally think it was an excellent decision , and should be taking up by more cardrooms , its not fair on other players especially when it intimidates them ( which i have seen numerous times ) , dont get me wrong we all wince/cry/sob ( lol ) when we get a bad beat , but there should be a line and once u cross it the manager/staff should take appropriate action.
thought please.

Fuck work ( Job please)

What a cracking day i had yesterday, wakes up about 11:30 (thats a mega lie in) to the finest of full english breakfasts 2 sausages, 2 rashes of bacon, 2 waffles, tomatos, beans,1 fried egg and 3 slices of toast all done to perfection, cheers sweetie:).

Switch me phone on and its on fire the match is on in the club, meet up with a few old school buddies tony and justin what a pair these two are real 100%ers and i fkn love them do anything for them as they would for me, anyways gets in the club and theres a canny squad out great craic and the pints are flowing, the match wasnt to bad either, then me young jedi turns up canonlygetbetter few more pints then he talks me into going to a home game i talk me dad into coming along and away we go.

Gets at the guys house and gotta say im impressed at his poker set up flat screen monitor with blinds counter(fkn mint imo) better chips than any casino ive been in and a lovely home made chicken dish yummy cracking host thanks for having us.

Five quid a head 10 players shuffle up and deal, instantly realise my dad dont have clue (god bless him) but as always happens donks oot on three players and hes stacked lol, must add the standard was canny with canonlygetbetter and well known casino regular willy "the mackem" hymers lovely lad and good player. To much pushing for my liking and decide to call blind to sumone who had pushed blind (im seriously tanked at this point as been oot for 7hrs and im shite at drinking) cant remember what i had but lost and my 3k stack doon to 450 on a 100/200 blinds was really pissed off with meself but dug in and then went through them like a train (so lucky) for the win, come on! played 2 more games but had no luck in them, well more like me young prodigy took advantage of me while drunk;) and he went onto win them both wp fella.

Thanks to Hairy Gymnast & The Pink Shirted Man

Lol everyone has their own sense of humour and the world would be a boring place if we were all the same so had to put this up from a post at an excellent blog and a must read.
hairy gymnast

Pink shirt man and my sense of humour all over Im afraid - luv it!!!!

pink shirt man check out the boob screen wipers at bottom right hand corner - quality

more examples of pink shirt man at: NPF Thread

Animals that bite!!!

Different dangers in life are best to be avoided and one of them certainly is dont mess with dangerous animals.

Ive just come across this pic from someone I know so warning warning warning.

Dont eat Kangaroo, Koala Bear, Emu, Dingo, Tasmanian Devil or Wombat or ya might end up with a belly like this!!!!!

Good luck Rob it certainly seems ya running so golden.

Back but not all there at mo

Long haul back from the hols and what a difference. From Blue skys and sunshine of the caribbean to be met by -5 degrees on a Black Tuesday morning in Manchester- which one would you prefer?

Been doing Xmas & New year holidays now as our main holiday for 13 years as Im not a Xmas type of person and also its ideal when our business closes down because so do most of our customers and also have hardly any hassle when I get back cos everyone else has been closed as well. The 2 weeks become a basic lazy beach/pool thing which I love.

Bumpy flight but drive back from Manc is trouble free and we are back in good old Newcastle just after dinner time. Quick check of post and then into office and 3 hours later and up to date with both post and e mails I feel I havnt even been away.

Its 1st Tuesday of the month so into Circus for their £500 added game and once again over 100 runners shuffle up and deal for the £6000 pot with alot of new faces around the busy cardroom. Theyve even got tables in the majong room- whats the world coming to!!!
Considering I had been on go for over 18 hours without any sleep I felt great although brain ceasure did kick in later on.
Nice table and nice steady stack increase especially a virtual double up when holding 85 from BB on a 225 flop then 2 turn and 7 river guy trys to take pot with decent river bet holding 33 and my call takes down tasty pot to leave me well placed at break.
KK gets well paid before table break up gets me seated on very noisy table with Jimmy Chipmunk and Card Guard Kid to name but 2. Got my stack to very healthy position until making really bad read and mistake when limping in with Ace 10 in mid position to an Ace flop. End up losing big chunk of chips to guy who had hit a set of 6 which make quads after totally mis reading what he had and what he thought I had. Another total mis read and total lack of concentration a few laps later and Im on my way home for some much needed sleep when looking down at 99 in BB I decide to shove against initial raiser whos only sitting with AA and its goodnight to donkey head me and au revoir to a very good table. Oh well got what I deserved and totally blew a very good chance to pick up decent cash in 1st game of the year.


Lines from the teacher completed and promise wont do it again!!!

casinos in other parts of the country

been in southend since 23 dec , so on Saturday decided on playing at southend casino ( stanleys mint ) 40 + 4 freezeout .

got there for 8.30 and sits down with 5 k in chips , then found out the deal passes round to everyone , which isn't to bad of a thing , but when your playing 5 handed ( yes ) its goes around pretty quick , there was 46 runners so why were we playing 5 handed i asked , the manager said for late entries ( lol ) , anyways some of the players were should we say not so good with the rules , ie some of them made them up as they went along , blinds wernt all that good either , 30 mins for first 3 levels then 20 min levels.

break time comes 45 mins :eek: , then we take our seats and we get 7 players to the table with 42 left in .?????? , they played it 7/6 handed till we get to 16 players , then its 2 tables down to final table , hits final table and gets cardroom manager dealing ( very good on rules and doesn't take any shit off anyone which he proved on 2 occasions ) , then we get another dealer after who sits down and starts dealing very slowly , about 10 mins later the blinds are 2/4k and the blinds are checked with small and bb only ones playing hand, flop comes down and there's a raise to 6k , other player thinks for a min then re-raises to 10k , so i say very nicely to dealer it should be 12 k , dealer says why should it , sry i just laughed and said its ok , feels a bit strange when all the players are looking at you , anyways nice friendly ft table goes out 5th with kk vs jj and he hits his j on the river lol.

the real reason i posted this post is to try and say stop whinging about the cardrooms in Newcastle cos u dont know what u have got until its missing .

just one other thing and its aimed at the casinos in Newcastle , if u ask for a sandwich they ask u what kind of filling etc , which u can basically make up what u want within reason , they say 10 mins or so and ask u for £1.00 , 10 mins later they bring out a large baguette cut in 2 i was gobsmacked at how big and how much filling was in them, they must have made at least 50/60 of them through out the night for us and the cash tables and i bet another 50/60 for upstairs , just goes to show some casinos use there brains ie dont be greedy and u will get people in through the doors , and hopefully keep them there.