Arse spanked by the bairn!!!

Alot of cracking games coming up and the diary is filling up fast and alot of stuff being organised behind the scenes for some cracking NPF events.
Reasonable week online in the micro games I played in although I do feel Im playing even less n less due to one thing and another.

Credit crunch is deffo picking up pace and Ive never known business so bad in over 25 years of being self employed and to be honest I dont see any light at the end of the tunnel for a good few months yet. This has got to filter through in all areas and if ya dont keep tight hold of your purse strings then I think alot of people could find themselves very deep in debt before too long. News came through this week of a very well known forum openly publishing they are owed a considerable amount of money from a well known online poker site which to me will be the 1st of many as it seems they have completly over stretched themselves and now dont have the money to pay out what they owe people.

Play my normal live game at Circus on Tuesday and shudda simply not bothered. Great turn out but hand after hand I was dealt complete gutter garbage and although remained as patient as possible the cracks did eventually show and when down to a level I wasnt prepared to drop below I found KsQs in a folded pot to me on the sb and shove my stack in to pick up the call from the BB holding AK. I hit my Q on the flop and felt hey ho my comeback begins but runner runner diamonds gave the flush to his K and Im relieved of a very frustrating night. Delighted for the cardroom at Circus that the hard work of their staff there and at the forum has really paid now with particular nights being very well supported.

No more live rest of week as decide to play in a live satellite the forum have arranged for Saturday at Circus for a seat to the coming Liverpool Festival 1st week in February thats being arranged by 10KingsPoker
Only 2 tables generate only one seat but the structure and players that did turn up made it a decent game and the crack was excellent. Found some strange shove plays when players sitting with well above stacks they needed and a few went out with what I thought was well overplaying pre flop play.
2 huge bits of luck for me in the game were as follows: 12 left and guy who had not been involved at all in the game puts in standard raise early position and I re pop with KK to find BB shove all his stack and the original raiser eventually puts all his in as well. I openly announce " Fuck I pick up monsta and someone else picks up AA typical" and in my chips go.
They say it only happens online but 6 handed here and AA KK QQ get flipped. Lady luck shines down on me when I turn the K for a very decent pot that takes me onto final table of 9.
Lose a few decent pots with badly timed bluffs then involved in 4 way pot with KhQs I shove on a board of 9h6h4h to be called by BB holding Qh5h and his made flush. River brings me my get out card and bigger flush to the K and this pot is the seal basically on getting to heads up situation. Up against big stack of my son S2C who to be honest had played some great poker on final table and was deserved chip leader. Nearly an hour of heads up play till eventually his AK over my A8 was the deciding hand. Nice one Scotty and a seat in the £500 main event.
p.s. we did deal at heads up 50/50 so Im deffo playing Liverpool as well with him and a few more I think from NPF who are going down.


dapperdanman said...

Nice One! Well Played. Thanx for your link to my blog :)

Poker play the Soap way said...

I heard about the deal.

You give me 50% of winnings son or your can pack your bags ... :)

TEAMDOBB said...

I asked him where his board was but he spells it BORED 0:)