casinos in other parts of the country

been in southend since 23 dec , so on Saturday decided on playing at southend casino ( stanleys mint ) 40 + 4 freezeout .

got there for 8.30 and sits down with 5 k in chips , then found out the deal passes round to everyone , which isn't to bad of a thing , but when your playing 5 handed ( yes ) its goes around pretty quick , there was 46 runners so why were we playing 5 handed i asked , the manager said for late entries ( lol ) , anyways some of the players were should we say not so good with the rules , ie some of them made them up as they went along , blinds wernt all that good either , 30 mins for first 3 levels then 20 min levels.

break time comes 45 mins :eek: , then we take our seats and we get 7 players to the table with 42 left in .?????? , they played it 7/6 handed till we get to 16 players , then its 2 tables down to final table , hits final table and gets cardroom manager dealing ( very good on rules and doesn't take any shit off anyone which he proved on 2 occasions ) , then we get another dealer after who sits down and starts dealing very slowly , about 10 mins later the blinds are 2/4k and the blinds are checked with small and bb only ones playing hand, flop comes down and there's a raise to 6k , other player thinks for a min then re-raises to 10k , so i say very nicely to dealer it should be 12 k , dealer says why should it , sry i just laughed and said its ok , feels a bit strange when all the players are looking at you , anyways nice friendly ft table goes out 5th with kk vs jj and he hits his j on the river lol.

the real reason i posted this post is to try and say stop whinging about the cardrooms in Newcastle cos u dont know what u have got until its missing .

just one other thing and its aimed at the casinos in Newcastle , if u ask for a sandwich they ask u what kind of filling etc , which u can basically make up what u want within reason , they say 10 mins or so and ask u for £1.00 , 10 mins later they bring out a large baguette cut in 2 i was gobsmacked at how big and how much filling was in them, they must have made at least 50/60 of them through out the night for us and the cash tables and i bet another 50/60 for upstairs , just goes to show some casinos use there brains ie dont be greedy and u will get people in through the doors , and hopefully keep them there.


Amatay said...

whats the crack with geordie accom late Feb mate?

TEAMDOBB said...

send my your contact tel number by pm at NPF forum or put in comment here as I moderate them anyway and wont print

TEAMDOBB said...

sorted- be in touch this week