Ya gannin "straight flush" arnt ya!!!!

Recovered from dodgy Thursday me n S2C need to finalise fine details with Grosvenor management about forthcoming NPF Friday league and to also give them update on February team event so although I cant be arsed to be honest we take in the Friday £20 f/o. Although the place is reasonably busy theres only 40 make up the tournie and Im drawn seat 1 and dealing opposite Cardguard and have none other than Sean McGuiggan to my right so know its easily the noisiest table by far.
Got young lad on table with full monty poker gear on and acting the big "I am a real time bigshot" which tbh Friday night at G on the table he was on was a simple NO No No mate. World crashes down around him when his AsKs gets beat by AQ and his moaning began. He quickly gets told to get a life and join the real world in no uncertain terms and after he sucks out on someone he does seem to begin and start to get our message and chills out abit and trys to join in some of the banter. With McGuiggan on ya table theres always good banter as previously mentioned and tonight is no exception.

He tells us of a murder case hes been on and although Ive changed the names the story goes briefly like this:

Him interviewing murder suspect:

Mcg: What was mate called?

Suspect: I dont know

mcg: You dont know, hows that, he was ya mate

Suspect: yea but I dont know what he was called

Mcg: Surely ya must know ya mates name

Suspect: No - nee idea what his name was

McG; Find that hard to believe if he was your mate

Suspect: I only know him by his nickname

Mcg: and whats that?

Suspect; SMITHY

Mcg: Joe Smith?

Suspect: AYE THATS IT!!!!!

Takes all sorts I suppose

We eventually lose McGuiggan soon after break when his awful continuation bluff costs him most of his stack and then his J8 push finds Cardguards KK.
I take out young lad "bigshot" in 2 nicely timed hands and then get very well paid with QQ from 88 to put me on very healthy stack.

Final table sees me, Cardguard and S2C with 3 or 4 very young newcomers and a couple of regular faces with Cardguard very healthy. Ive got bigstack to my left and 1st hand we see S2C push his low stack from mid with 3s4s into low satck holding QQ. Spade flush for 34 but next orbit his 10 10 is busted by 2 pair of J8 and hes gone in 8th.
Cardguard makes couple of great plays n calls to take final down to 4 when this hand happens. He raises from button into young lad to my left with 2nd biggest stack who announces "All in" Snap call by Cardguard holding KK and young lad turns over Js10s

I turn to him and say: what ya doing after playing so solid all night doing that into only other guy at table who can put you out? "I dont know, rush of blood" he says in reply. QsQcJd flop Turn brings 9s and OH YES river hits a big juicey 8s for st flush to Q and a gutted Cardguard who then delivers a polite speech to a bemused young lad who announces " stop fkn lecturing me I won man didnt I"
Same young lad eventually busts both Cardguard and other player in same hand holding QQ that holds againt their Ace hands and Im heads up against him probs 5/1 down.
Dont really get anywhere near him to be fair with total shite I was dealt and eventually my AJ shove missed to his 22 call. Decent 10/1 on me money anyway and a very busy cardroom with 4 cash tables and 2 stgs give good vibes for a well supportd forum league 1st week in February.