Hospitality with no football to support it!!

Well what a strange week this one has been.

Monday night its NPF online night where we arrange a game on Poker Stars for anyone at forum that wants ta play and we usually get decent turn out of around 30 to 40. Its only $5 but its so competitive and the cracks fkn awesome. Total piss takes all the time and some brilliant one liners get thrown in and its what ya need cos them online beats are like horror movies. Get heads up with me son S2C and its megga pride at stake. Having upside down house where our living room is upstairs comes in handy here as hes down stairs in his room and out of earshot. Eventually I sucumb to his re raise and shove em in with raggy Ace and cant believe it when Stars lets his AJ stand up. WTF is online coming to!!! Nice win young Scott and maybe a sign of better things ahead hopefully.
Tuesday night and Circus £30 D/C Freeze Out and 60 plus runners. Nice table and played OK dispite 2 bad hands. One involved a bad call at river when I knew I shud fold and another when holding the house and I dont get enough back. Table move and down to last 3 tables when full drama gets thumbs up when shoving with KK and getting 2 callers. A10 n AJ shown and Jack high flop. Turn brings spade flush draw but Ive got the King to cover that one giving that hand ONE out and the Ace 10 has 3 outs for his runner runner straight. Oh yes King on the river gives me a set but him his straight. Pot wudda gave me 2 1/2 times the average but as such its home time instead.
Wednesday- omg get an invite over to watch the Mighty Magpies at St James in their quest to take down the FA Cup 2009. Gotta be our year surely as weve waited so long and are due a return to the Wembly scene. In ya dreams you lot. Ive never seen such a bag of fkn rubbish like them since the binmen went on strike. Who in their right minds actually pays good money to watch that garbage. 100k per week Mr Owen- hang ya head in shame and you should feel guilty. Hopitality 10/10 but football 1/10. Even lost £20 by my heart pulling bet of 2-0 when obvious others were better value.
Thursday wake up feeling shit and sick feeling and sweating like a fat man at a disco. See what watching Newcastle United can do to you. Sweating and headaches so crawl back into bed and stay there all day till 10.00 at night being fed lemsips.