Another week down

Alreet stumpy here,

After qualifying for circus league playoff I was home within 1 hour. Limped in with KK 4 seen the flop of Q 10 6 2 clubs I bet 300 reraised by George Trett flatted by Jean so I reraised to 2k George tanks and by the way hes sqiurming he hates it but eventually calls and Jean calls. Now I know Im behind but the only hand I can put George on is 106 but would he really limp with 106? He didnt have set as Id seen him reraise with set a few hands earlier so the turn comes 7 no club, I put Jean on Q so I have a decision go allin for 6k as a bluff, 9k in the middle or give up looking back should of give tbh as George hated flop call but did call and he did the same on the turn he hits fh on rvr and im out.

Friday was at the groves for 20-10-5 game only 8 runnrs started ended up 12 in total shame really as the G trying best to get mtt sched back up and running, anyway ended up chopping hup with Roskopiko for £90 I took 1st place points for league which took me to the top of the league with 1 week 2 go 1st place is a £300 seat for the GUKPT summer series 26th of June

Tuesday night played 20-20 at circus was a real struggle and pushed allin on the bubble with KQ called off 77 hit K on rvr and made ft with 30k Mrs Stumpy finished 8th for £55.Dan Trett raised ep with QQ guy ships allin then Dans dad George ships and Dan calls AA v QQ v KQhh and yes you guessed it KQ wins with flush, live pokers rigged.
I dup with QQ after reshipping Dans raise he had K9 but priced in to call.Then I raise with KQ and Im priced in 2 call ship and Im up against AA no help.We get down to 5 players and Dan in sb raises 16.5k blinds blinds 4k 8k I have QJ cant reraise fold so its allin or call and see a flop, I decide 2 call, flop is AQ5 2hearts Dan cbets which I know hes goin 2 do 100% of the time I reship allin and he calls with 7h2h he bricks fd and Im now 130kish orbit later and Dan ships its 35k more blind 10k so I think Im ahead a lot of times here with QJ plus if I fold here I know Dans never going to stop shipping on me so next time its going to be more. Dan has J2 no 2 and I take Dan out.4 left and then this hand blind on blind sb raises bb calls flop 942 2 clubs sb goes allin 100k bb calls with A8 off sb has A7 of clubs no club and we are down too 3 players where we do a chop for £300 each.

Online in mtts had some near misses again 13th in superstack when I lost 2 races AJ v 88 then AK v 88 also 9th in another mtt when my KK was no good v AQ. Havent played many mtts as back at work so decided to play a lot of sngos played 53 on Monday and ran soo bad was -$300 then Tuesday 1st hand I play its a 3 way allin on a flop of K10 3 r I have AA v AK v Q5 turn 9 rvr J and I think oh no not again then when my 9th table pops up and Ive regged into $69 instead of $10s nd $24s best misclik of the day as I go on to finish 2nd for $770ish and end up in prof for the 2 days. Going to keep hammering the sngos and hopefully make some $$$$ for Vegas which is coming up very fast and really looking forward to that on my 1st visit.

Is it OCD

Right then we all know im a heating engineer and currently unemployed(no job to small:))my girlfriend works so shes carrying us abit at the minute with a mortgage and two kids it can be abit of a strain. Been in this house for about 11 years now and the majority of that time Ive thought I was some sort of superfly wide bastard, out twice aweek, come in when I please, dont go shopping dont do cleaning, washing or dusting think Id hoovered twice. The girlfriend does the lot and our house is always nipping clean.
So with me being on the dole and bumming around all day I took a bold move started to take on the housework, starting off small its one washload in and a quick blast round the house with the hoover. By week two of my daily house cleaning regime im a real high rollar Ive discovered doing it to the tunes of James Brown turns me into kim and aggie on steriods its 2-3 washloads in full hoover upstairs, downstairs and staircase pulling all my best James Brown moves then its a full dust then making the beds flipping the mattresses over like Aces and finally empty the bins nearly as quick as Batesy can empty his roll. Now I wont let my girlfriend do any household chores OMG whats happening to me? dont get excited Batesy im not a queer yet.

Gets a phonecall yesterday with an offer of a weeks work maybe two doing nightshift in the town, so I had to go down the dole office at Gateshead to sign off weeeeeeeeeee (havnt had a penny yet by the way).

What an experience bit of sunshine and all the young radgis are mortal drunk shorts on tops off there some charva bird lieing facedown off her tits outside the building on my way in and on me way out theres two kids stuck into it with that bird trying to get in the middle of it was like a scene from Shameless. Anyways now Im back as the breadwinner think Ill dig the superfly pants out and get on the lash R.I.P. James Brown.

Oh aye been trawling through some poker blogs and found Fulltrettpoker a good blogpage well done the Tretts and Steve Holdens blog he seems to have run shite at Coventry but thats just the way it goes sometimes which I wont have to tell him

ok Im off laters you lot, The dog!!!

Beware the Hazbo King!!!

not been doing much tbh since the NPF Team game weekend apart from the odd forum game online and getting ready for Vegas in June. Mrs C is now out of plaster and on the mend managing on one stick now but main thing is shes up and mobile and even fine for driving her car now so can get out and about. The scar had healed great and Im sure come Vegas time she should be nearly 100% A OK.

Took in a VIP invite to the new look G opening night which ended up a very busy night but it seemed everyone was VIP !!!! Met up with a few at the bar and we decided to take in the free game upstairs in the new poker room, a free game but £3 re buy with 3000 starting stack. Ship 1st 6 hands 4 of which Im ahead but each time I get rivered so £18 down its fk it from me and wander downstairs to watch the Las Vegas Showgirls Cabaret Show until a cash game kicks off which I join.

Good table tbh with good mix on but after an hour or so and going no where Im beginning to get rather bored when Burrsss Hurrggg comes behind me and asks hows it going. Going no where I tell him and he says raise next hand without looking. I look down at 10 7 and with the new hazbo king in full swing at the forum I decide lets go. My raise is shipped all in by a stack of about £15 which I snap call to see AK. Flop is 10 7 and a weeeeeeeeee from me. Few hands later same AK guy ships all in for his last £9 and I look down at 10d7s so re ship to £20 to isolate. Doesnt work as bot end of table guy calls. Its checked down to river where 4 spades on the board give me flush to the 7s which is good as AK is tabled by all in guy again and caller guy mucks. Fuck me just gotta love this 10 7 mullarkey and when Indian guy on my right ships all in pre for £15 Ive got 10 7 again and make the call in 2 way pot. He flips A3 and flop comes A 3 7. His smile is soon wiped away when another 7 hits the turn and the pot is mine again. I eventually leave £180 up but with a new found love.

Take in the Friday G game to try and pick up some late league points and make their freeroll £5 game thats coming up. Very very disappointing in only 19 runners which tbh is a total joke with the effort the G have made recently and hopefully not a sign of the times. Chug along nice and take the add on at the break to give an above average stack but 1st lap after break I raise up in early position with 44 to get 5 callers and lead on a meaty looking 46 A board to be re raised by what I take to be a big Juicey Ace holder. Rest fold back to me so ship it to be snapped off by 66 and ciao baby ciao. Simply aint folding a set on that flop in that game.
Look down to see a very interesting looking cash table which although it includes some proppa cash sharks in Buzz, Farmer Dave & James Howard it still contained a few ready to part with some cash. I sit down to enjoy the craic which was great apart from Bling Billy hitting evry hand he played and was obv the table were after his rather large pile. Table improves massive when Faetzy sits down in a pissed state and tbh from there on he had me wetting myself with his antics and patter. The kid is a human comedy genius and I simply love being at his table. Win a few , lose a few, play some hands good and some fkn awful but am in decent profit but the old hazbo scoops again playing it 4 times and 4 times a winner weeeeeeeeee. Leave through tiredness tbh but about £100 up.

Saturday and we have arranged a £30 satellite at Bannisters HQ with a 10 seater sng for the £300 Main Event at Newcastle GUKPT Summer Series in June. Very strong table to be honest with 8k stack and 20 min levels. Cardguard gets there late and proceeds to lose twice in quick succession leaving him 2200 from his original 8k stack. I look down at 10h7h in 2nd pos and raise to 3 x BB for Russ the Suit to call seat 3 and CG ships his last 2200 in. I make the call and Russ gets out the way but shocjked to see 62 off against my mighty 10 7 !!!!! Flop comes 10 7 4 and ship the loot to the Hazbo. Make what I think is a good fold with top pair to weak stack Samj holding 2nd pair and flush draw not wanting to make him strong and soon after that he ships to limped pot with JQ to find utg limper holds AK and hes gone.
5 left and a raised pot is called by Stumpy but I ship all in with AK to be snapped by him holding KK. I make my Ace and am now chip leader with 4 left.
Cameltoe ships 1st pos, Faetzy ships 2nd pos, Stumpy folds A7 and I look down at QQ in the BB wqhich holds and we are hups now with a big chip lead.
Fellow Dobba Stumpy is a tuff cookie obv especially hups so decide no gift aid here although we do a deal for 10% in who ever wins the seat. I double him up calling his all in on a flop of J57 with 8s5s and although I make st and f/d on turn his 10 10 holds and stacks grew closer together although I dont think I ever lost my lead. I call his standard raise holding Kc5c. Flop comes KhJd10H to which Stumpy ships his stack and I make the call. He shows Jh8h for lots of outs but good old son S2C the dealer looks after me and I scoop the seat.
Even during heads up the old Hazbo looked after me as well and Im now a converted hazbo king so free info here, if ya playing me in a hand and the board is hazbowed you better beware!!!!!

Guess whos back


Right here goes been ages since ive blogged but it is a poker blog and i havnt played for 18months. I can understand why my position in Teamdobb has been questioned, dont blame you lot tbh id be the same but the top and bottom off it is davy gets all his plumbing done for fuck all so he wouldnt dare sack me :)
Just been laid off from work which is a right sickner the company i was on for were great malones of gosforth. Been trying my hardest to get another start but there is absolutely nothing at the moment, so after three weeks of empty promises of jobs ive bit the bullet and signed on the dole omg what a carry on 20minute phone interview to establish im eligable then an hour appointment at the job centre. Gets there and have a little look on there computers nearest thing they got to a heating engineers job is plumbing and that was in birmingham for peanuts :( anyways turns out i can have £130 a fortnight for 6 weeks then its reviewed, lol paid £130 a week tax for the last 10 years not to mention fkn national insurance.
So deposits £50 in pokerstars been ages since ive played and what a rush it was had a near miss in the 40k gtd 40th and 103rd oota 6500 in a $11 rebuy in which i was coasting both tourneys going in ahead with aq v aj q23 flop turn k river 10 ouch then this me 77 him 79 flop 7aj turn 9 river 9 and im out felt quite relaxed about it all my a/c had trebled but it could have been so much better. Cant wait to get on the next day and continue on were i left off, had a little conversation with dc telling him how enjoyable it had been blah blah and then he starts saying things like doomswitch from then i couldnt win a hand all day and blew half me roll lol.
Tried to sat into scoop 38 in a $2 rebuy coasting it then gets moved table to the slowest table ive ever played cut a long story short i bubbled it and back came the poker rage was fkn furious and couldnt sleep all night lol.

30 tomorrow what a gutter used to class people of 30 and over as old cunts now im nearly there, so me and a few buddies hit Amsterdam last weekend in search off a rock n roll death what a scream we had a great couple of days cant say to much on here but im still chuckling at Mr Anderson (not his real name but we all know who you are) his crack with the bottom end off the market brass was fkn awesome absolute filth but hilarious. Very expensive there these days like spent a fortune but enjoyed it which is all that really matters, right thats enough from me for another 18 months ive got a roll to build laters

Stumpy update

Alreet Stumpy here,

Played groves friday night £20-£10-£5 game on 7th May a really poor 16 runners turned out but ended up 2nd after been big cl most of the way for £160 plus some league points, the top 5 make it into a play off worth £5k in prizes im in 4th with 3 weeks to go.

Next game was the £20"20 tuesday circus game never really got going eventualy losing when I missed fd v flopped straight moved onto the cash table and knew it wasnt my night when these hands happen, blinds 25p-50p 6 limpers im bb j7 I check flop jj3 I check, seat 5 bets £5 1 caller then I call turn 7 it goes chch bet £5 I rerase to £15 1 caller rvr A I put him allin for £10 more he calls with aa wtf next hand I played im utg with aa limp and theres about 5 in the hand flop 983 sb bets £3 I rerase to£8 he calls turn 5 he chs I put him allin for £9 he calls showing 85 got a little bit back from there but still ended £60 down.

Back 2 groves on friday night but never got going until my qq runs into aa and im out in 12th out of 19 runners so 2weeks left in league hopefully 1 more cash will get me a place in the league final.

The groves has been done out and they have done a great job just need to get a few more runners but at least they are trying hard to attract the players.

Had 2 more players off the forum Delta Bravo and Geordie888 for my sngo training day today and they really were great to work with and hopefully learnt alot Delta played 6 and cashed in 5 Geordie888 played 7 cashed in 2 but was vul with 4 bubbles.Hopefully they can carry on what they have learnt on the day and start making some $$$ and I always give them my msn addy so if theres any problems or question they can get in touch and if im free I will help them out.

After the training day we had a 10 man sat for the £300 gukpt summer series at Newcastle groves costing £33 got a nice dup early doors v Scotty who had raised with 34 I flatted with kk I ch rased the flop of 346 he called turn K and we get it allin from there I built my stack up nicely and was a big cl when I get it aipf with KK v Teamdobb AK A on the flop and instead of having most of the chips in play with 4 left im now back in 2nd place,Teamdobb and me get hup and and it ends when I flop middle pair and fd v Teamdobbs top pair nd I get no help and im 2nd we agreed on 10% of the winners cash in the event gl Teamdobb wpwp.

Online Ive mainly been playing 9mans 12 tabling and playing and running well making a steady profit, not played many mtts in last 2 weeks but had 1 close call on the 40k g 7pm on stars 7.5k runners 36 left ive jj on button coff rases 5x blinds I ship allin for a top 10 stack and he calls tabling kk mmm 5x rase kk wtf oh well so near yet so far.

Im back to work and managed to get my holidays sorted for Vegas,Mrs Stumpy gave me the nod and im so excited as Ive never been before. Booked into the famous Golden Nugget as was best package deal I could get to be able to get same flights as most of the rest of the lads. Theres going 2 be about 20 from the NPF there at the same time so should be a good laugh, Im playing the $1500 nlh event in the WSOP plus 3 other mtts worth $2,245 Ive sold half my action on the forum so hopefully I can get nice cash to repay the faith of my backers.

Circus tomorrow for the league playoff 4k pot 70 runners hopefully I can beat my tenth place from last year.

keep on smiling Stumpy.

My NPF Team game report

Decked out in fetching lime green polo tops the in fashion colour of Paris Im told with the purple sparkling message of " We dont FCUK up and finish 2nd " as a little reminder to our big rivals the Walkers Sensations and the Dobbas enter the NPF Team Challenge arena ready to do battle. White caps give the colour co ordinaton that mix other teams simply didnt have and lets shuffle up and deal and take this down.

New look team with some established Dobbas not available for various reasons and debuts for Andy "KQ4eva" Blair, Steve "Fatfish" Brennan and Craig "Big Stumpy" Newton.
Cardguard Kid steps down unselfishly to be able to be tournie director and to do what he only can do and add that extra special buzz to this amazing tournament.

Intros and amazing walk ons for each team and great opening table for me. 7500 stack with continuous 45 levels make it an excellent structured 2 day event with 190 runners.
Know 1/2 the table well and have good position and good crack right from the start makes it very enjoyable. Not the best of starts when folding top pair AQ in 3 way pot to original raiser who is 3 bet on flop with his decent bet and makes the call. Q turn and re raiser is called with his turn bet. River Ace and original raiser leads to be called and its AQ to 55!!!! Pick odd small pot up then open from button with 78 to be called by both blinds. Flop of 975 hh and ck ck to me I bet for the BB Sean to make the call. Ace hearts gives 3 heart board and i continue to bet and get called. Im obv behind but decide not to give up if Sean checks which he does and I fire 2200 in leaving me same behind but its all in or fold for him as well.
My Bitch

He tanks for ages before eventually folding and I show him my hand to which he tells me he was ahead with his 9. Only showed to set reverse image to rest of table especially for certain players there. This was to be imo the only time in the tournie I was under any real pressure of going out.
Picked up some good spots to take chips and eventually when our table is broke Im very comfy and well above average. Get great seat at next table with Avkid (Stars Millions winner) to my righht and Junior Bomber of the Sensations as my button.Couple more from NPF at table including Simmy3k and the banter between us 4 set the tone for the table. Couple of low stack utter rocks were getting targetted by 1st one in pot able to bet and Simmy was being re raised quite alot. Picked up a few decent pots then Avkid ships his depleating stack with Ace 10 and I re ship with KK to take him out. Few hands later and top blogger Dan Trett from Full Trett Poker sits in Avkids empty seat.
Crack and action remains good when Simmy re raises small stacker who puts 1/2 in then calls. Its K 10 v AQ and shorty makes the K 1st card to Simmys dismay. So next had and Simmy puts in early position raise which gets 3 bet by Dan Trett to my right in the sb. I decide to 4 bet Dan with my ** and Simmy looks on bemused and folds to which Dan also folds. That was the last hand at that table as its broke up and I move to my 3rd table.
Recognise a few at the table which includes Dans brother and current sponsored Coral player Mark Trett,NPF er Cameltoe, Mrs E, the infamous Tired Eyes from Kracked Kings and also another player player from Kracked Kings to my left who had won the Poker Stars Millions warm up last week. Im well stacked now and decide due to our teams good position to play very tight unless I pick up good or find some easy spots. Bit of both happened with some decent hands and a few re raises n steals and then my 1st real big decision of this table and the tournament. Cameltoe had been sitting with a big stack to then lose 2 massive flips with AK when I pick up 66 mid pos to his BB. I raise for him to re ship all in on me. I certainly dont put him big pair with what I know of how he plays and slot him decent Ace or hes even going to do it to me with decent suited connectors. Im left with 12 bbs if I lose and very comft stack if I win the race and decide to take it. He shows AQ and my 66 gets there to put Cameltoe out. Im really comfy now and close shop to return day 2 well placed.

We come back day 2 with 3 players left and in decent shape although Walkers Sensations are clear favourites. 31 left which soon goes to 30 as we lose Stumpy shipping his low stack into the other low stacks BB with 99 and she calls blind showing 86. Perfect but 2 pair cripples Stumpy and hes out next hand shipping blind which doesnt improve.

Im left with debutant Dobba Steve "Fatfish" Brennan who had totally nitted his play for team points and all was looking good when his QQ ship is called by JJ for 100k plus pot. Killer river Jack sends Fatfish out in 18th and so so sick for him and the team.

Down to 2 tables and its getting really tight and simply gotta make right ship as the blinds were biting in. Pick up KK in the sb and ship it to button raiser who tanks for ages before eventually folding and then few laps later same guy single raises my BB and I see a flop holding J9. Flop is Js5h4h and sb announces all in to which I call with me at risk. He shows AhKh with 1/2 the pack to hit nearly. He misses and Im back in it.
AK guy then next orbit calls sb ship on his BB waking up with KK and hes against As2s. Flop comes 22 to take him out so sick and next hand and early ship is called by the A2 big stack now with 10 10 and hes up against AQ. 10 on the flop basically seals it and its final table.

Position now is big stack Stevie Gibson from the Sensations has to finish below 4th and then we still have a chance to win if I can finish 2 above him but hes well stacked up. I get off to a good start with a couple of pots before we lose one and then another. Sensations loses big pot with JJ to AA and eventually he ships A9 to find A10 and hes out in 5th. 1st now and we win team prize which would be unreal tbh with what had been going on banter wise and the prestige at stake locally was immense. The dream of the 2 major NPF titles was in my head I must admit but felt totally in control and super confident of taking it down. The noise n rail was unreal and anyone who hasnt experienced an NPF event may not understand but its 100% more crazy at this event especially with 2 of our teams and big rivals looking set for 1st n 2nd places.

Shipped over couple of weakish raises that get through and then get shown an AQ fold from chip leader to my ship which shocked the crowd and me tbh. Wow this really could be my night Im thinking when another raise from button player from Breakers Poker Club Nottingham who imo was an excellenet player finds me holding AQ in the BB. I re ship all in and eventually he announces "Im sick of being shipped on" and calls with 33. Win this hes basically out and Im bang right back in it. Miss the flop, no help turn infact it takes my Ace out as will give him straight so drawing to just the Queen. No good and Im out in 4th and the Dobbas take down 2nd place along with it.

Walkers Sensations get crowned team champs and Phil Scott from Mike & Lou Sabans Ace of Clubs Club takes down the individual prize.

Awesome event, awesome weekend and another awesome NPF organised tournament. Ive put my thanks to all concerned here at the NPF forum team game report together with the final placings here at final places and some brilliant pictures of the whole weekend here team pics

Stumpy NPF 2010 Team Championships

Alreet stumpy here,
wow wow wow what a weekend,
Arrive at the G at 1.15 and the place is already jumping, a few coronas and a bit crack then its on to the musical intros for all the teams which sets the atmosphere for the day.My 1st table has Stevie Sensation,Bella Costa and Roscopiko. Piko sets the tone for the day by getting the drinks in always a first for everything I suppose lol.1st hand of note I hit trip 3s and get half the stack off a Teeside AWOP guy who had AA then a bit later I get the rest of his stack when I raised pre AK he calls from bb and I c bet flop of q 10 4 2d he calls leaving himself 2k bhind blank turn and I put him allin he has fd and misses so now I have 13k from ss of 7.5k.
Rosco goes out his JJ v senshes 55 is no good,he goes on to be the top updater for the next 2 days which he did a awesome job wp.

Then the table breaks up and I move and the next table is a nightmare with 4 limping larrys on it I lose some small pots then I raise from coff with QJ bb calls flop Jc 10c 4h he bets out 1k i get a bad feeling so call turn is 6c it goes ch ch rvr 2h he bets 1k dont really wanna call but have 2 and he shows QQ! Back to ss and blinds rising so gets some chips back by shipping over the limpers no callers.Then I get a dup when guy makes up blinds I ch Kc2c flop 8c5c 2h he cks I bet 2k he calls turn 10c he cks I bet 2k he calls rvr 5 and he puts me allin I call he has Ace5 and I dup to 14k and back on track another table move down to 70ish players and go completely card dead and after realising we have 5 players left in with decent stacks my aim now is 2 get as deep as possible and hopefully my points will give us a chance. From this point I go allin about 7 times with no callers and only maintain my stack but make it till end of night 31 left and well in the points which started at 50.

Mr E went out on the points bubble when his QQ ran into KK & AA ouch in an online set up type hand,then Big Stumpy my son who is playing his 1st 2 day deepstack tourney goes out in 33rd when he has Q4 on a flop of Q 9 2 v 96 v 77 for a 55k pot and guy hits 9 on turn sick but wp and some good points for the team.
That leaves Teamdobb 40kish and Fatfish making his team debut 30kish and me going into day 2 and a chance of taking down the team prize.

Back for day 2 and I get drawn seat 5 which means I have 2 hands 2 shove 12.6k in as blinds 1k-2k antes 200 1st hand look down at 99 and shove lady in the bb has only 6k and has 2 call with 86 flop 6 turn 8 rvr 8 ffs down 2 6k and shove utg blind bb calls with 44 I flip Kn8 so not so bad mmm flop 4 and im out.

Fatfish goes out in 18th QQ v JJ aipf J on the rvr which means Teamdobb has to finish two spots higher than Stevie Sensation for the Dobbas to win. Steve goes out in 5th but Teamdobb goes out in 4th when his AQ loses to 33 which mean the Sensations win and the Dobbas come 2nd.WP on the shirts we dont fcuk up and come 2nd errmm we do lol.

mrs stumpy got knocked out early in team game with QQ v KK but made up for it with a 7th and a 2nd in the two side events

So two days of poker, drinking and having a laugh with some great people. thanks for the weekend lets do it all again next year.

0-60 in 5hrs :)

Well I turned up for the teamgame, thats about as far as it went.
Never got above starting stack and it was one of them days.
Got my last 2k in with 99 vs AA gg me, not. Out in time for buffet :rolleyes:

Get home fire Stars up, "oh yeah, im busto" lol, :(

Play freerole, go deep 209/3133 $1.10, :rolleyes:
Then enter + go deep in $1.10 1000max $1k grntd 28/1000 $4 :D
Enter 20-FPP $1k gntd, finsh 4/3500 $57 weeeeeee :)

If only I ran half as good at team game as did online , sigh :p