Stumpy NPF 2010 Team Championships

Alreet stumpy here,
wow wow wow what a weekend,
Arrive at the G at 1.15 and the place is already jumping, a few coronas and a bit crack then its on to the musical intros for all the teams which sets the atmosphere for the day.My 1st table has Stevie Sensation,Bella Costa and Roscopiko. Piko sets the tone for the day by getting the drinks in always a first for everything I suppose lol.1st hand of note I hit trip 3s and get half the stack off a Teeside AWOP guy who had AA then a bit later I get the rest of his stack when I raised pre AK he calls from bb and I c bet flop of q 10 4 2d he calls leaving himself 2k bhind blank turn and I put him allin he has fd and misses so now I have 13k from ss of 7.5k.
Rosco goes out his JJ v senshes 55 is no good,he goes on to be the top updater for the next 2 days which he did a awesome job wp.

Then the table breaks up and I move and the next table is a nightmare with 4 limping larrys on it I lose some small pots then I raise from coff with QJ bb calls flop Jc 10c 4h he bets out 1k i get a bad feeling so call turn is 6c it goes ch ch rvr 2h he bets 1k dont really wanna call but have 2 and he shows QQ! Back to ss and blinds rising so gets some chips back by shipping over the limpers no callers.Then I get a dup when guy makes up blinds I ch Kc2c flop 8c5c 2h he cks I bet 2k he calls turn 10c he cks I bet 2k he calls rvr 5 and he puts me allin I call he has Ace5 and I dup to 14k and back on track another table move down to 70ish players and go completely card dead and after realising we have 5 players left in with decent stacks my aim now is 2 get as deep as possible and hopefully my points will give us a chance. From this point I go allin about 7 times with no callers and only maintain my stack but make it till end of night 31 left and well in the points which started at 50.

Mr E went out on the points bubble when his QQ ran into KK & AA ouch in an online set up type hand,then Big Stumpy my son who is playing his 1st 2 day deepstack tourney goes out in 33rd when he has Q4 on a flop of Q 9 2 v 96 v 77 for a 55k pot and guy hits 9 on turn sick but wp and some good points for the team.
That leaves Teamdobb 40kish and Fatfish making his team debut 30kish and me going into day 2 and a chance of taking down the team prize.

Back for day 2 and I get drawn seat 5 which means I have 2 hands 2 shove 12.6k in as blinds 1k-2k antes 200 1st hand look down at 99 and shove lady in the bb has only 6k and has 2 call with 86 flop 6 turn 8 rvr 8 ffs down 2 6k and shove utg blind bb calls with 44 I flip Kn8 so not so bad mmm flop 4 and im out.

Fatfish goes out in 18th QQ v JJ aipf J on the rvr which means Teamdobb has to finish two spots higher than Stevie Sensation for the Dobbas to win. Steve goes out in 5th but Teamdobb goes out in 4th when his AQ loses to 33 which mean the Sensations win and the Dobbas come 2nd.WP on the shirts we dont fcuk up and come 2nd errmm we do lol.

mrs stumpy got knocked out early in team game with QQ v KK but made up for it with a 7th and a 2nd in the two side events

So two days of poker, drinking and having a laugh with some great people. thanks for the weekend lets do it all again next year.


Amatay said...

nice hat Stumpy. Shame i couldnt make it m8, sounds like a cracking wkend

rubbish said...

Hi mate, didn't realise it at the time but I was sat on yor table in the £10 plus £10 head hunter tourney on the Sunday.
Great meeting you, hopefully catch you next year and introduce myself.
All the best.

stumpy said...

amatay you missed a great weekend,poker nd drink nd a good laff.what u live for? c u there next year.

rubbish you the big bald guy or the welsh guy?both nice lads btw and njoyed it hope 2 meet u properly next year laters

rubbish said...

Little pissed up Welsh guy.

stumpy said...

oh aye i dubbled u up with my upnd doon v your fd njoyed the crack c u next year mate

Snake Eyes said...

Big bald guy, loooooooooooooool that was me!!!

Lol at Rubbish!!

Quality weekend, Amatay you not invited next year!!