Guess whos back


Right here goes been ages since ive blogged but it is a poker blog and i havnt played for 18months. I can understand why my position in Teamdobb has been questioned, dont blame you lot tbh id be the same but the top and bottom off it is davy gets all his plumbing done for fuck all so he wouldnt dare sack me :)
Just been laid off from work which is a right sickner the company i was on for were great malones of gosforth. Been trying my hardest to get another start but there is absolutely nothing at the moment, so after three weeks of empty promises of jobs ive bit the bullet and signed on the dole omg what a carry on 20minute phone interview to establish im eligable then an hour appointment at the job centre. Gets there and have a little look on there computers nearest thing they got to a heating engineers job is plumbing and that was in birmingham for peanuts :( anyways turns out i can have £130 a fortnight for 6 weeks then its reviewed, lol paid £130 a week tax for the last 10 years not to mention fkn national insurance.
So deposits £50 in pokerstars been ages since ive played and what a rush it was had a near miss in the 40k gtd 40th and 103rd oota 6500 in a $11 rebuy in which i was coasting both tourneys going in ahead with aq v aj q23 flop turn k river 10 ouch then this me 77 him 79 flop 7aj turn 9 river 9 and im out felt quite relaxed about it all my a/c had trebled but it could have been so much better. Cant wait to get on the next day and continue on were i left off, had a little conversation with dc telling him how enjoyable it had been blah blah and then he starts saying things like doomswitch from then i couldnt win a hand all day and blew half me roll lol.
Tried to sat into scoop 38 in a $2 rebuy coasting it then gets moved table to the slowest table ive ever played cut a long story short i bubbled it and back came the poker rage was fkn furious and couldnt sleep all night lol.

30 tomorrow what a gutter used to class people of 30 and over as old cunts now im nearly there, so me and a few buddies hit Amsterdam last weekend in search off a rock n roll death what a scream we had a great couple of days cant say to much on here but im still chuckling at Mr Anderson (not his real name but we all know who you are) his crack with the bottom end off the market brass was fkn awesome absolute filth but hilarious. Very expensive there these days like spent a fortune but enjoyed it which is all that really matters, right thats enough from me for another 18 months ive got a roll to build laters


TEAMDOBB said...

hahahahahaha quality return post ya mad fucker. Missed ya loads now get some fkn dosh built up and get back doon the G on a Friday neet

stumpy said...

alreet nice post, hope you get a job soon glgl

CanOnlyGetBetter said...

Its fkn EPIC I tell ya !!
woof woof

Anonymous said...

nice to hear u doing well Gypo...keep ye chin up & I hope you get back to work soon. gl at the tables ye old git ;D. Knighty.