Is it OCD

Right then we all know im a heating engineer and currently unemployed(no job to small:))my girlfriend works so shes carrying us abit at the minute with a mortgage and two kids it can be abit of a strain. Been in this house for about 11 years now and the majority of that time Ive thought I was some sort of superfly wide bastard, out twice aweek, come in when I please, dont go shopping dont do cleaning, washing or dusting think Id hoovered twice. The girlfriend does the lot and our house is always nipping clean.
So with me being on the dole and bumming around all day I took a bold move started to take on the housework, starting off small its one washload in and a quick blast round the house with the hoover. By week two of my daily house cleaning regime im a real high rollar Ive discovered doing it to the tunes of James Brown turns me into kim and aggie on steriods its 2-3 washloads in full hoover upstairs, downstairs and staircase pulling all my best James Brown moves then its a full dust then making the beds flipping the mattresses over like Aces and finally empty the bins nearly as quick as Batesy can empty his roll. Now I wont let my girlfriend do any household chores OMG whats happening to me? dont get excited Batesy im not a queer yet.

Gets a phonecall yesterday with an offer of a weeks work maybe two doing nightshift in the town, so I had to go down the dole office at Gateshead to sign off weeeeeeeeeee (havnt had a penny yet by the way).

What an experience bit of sunshine and all the young radgis are mortal drunk shorts on tops off there some charva bird lieing facedown off her tits outside the building on my way in and on me way out theres two kids stuck into it with that bird trying to get in the middle of it was like a scene from Shameless. Anyways now Im back as the breadwinner think Ill dig the superfly pants out and get on the lash R.I.P. James Brown.

Oh aye been trawling through some poker blogs and found Fulltrettpoker a good blogpage well done the Tretts and Steve Holdens blog he seems to have run shite at Coventry but thats just the way it goes sometimes which I wont have to tell him

ok Im off laters you lot, The dog!!!


TEAMDOBB said...

ya bad so bad ya Superbad!!!

donnie said...

washing to the sound of the music is the only way to go albeit you feel a little strange- try doing the chores naked??

Anonymous said...

Wooooo Damn fiine!
Welcome home Derg

Daniel Trett said...

Thanks for the shout out to my blog gyposdog, pleased you enjoy reading it.

CanOnlyGetBetter said...

flipping the mattresses over like Aces, magic, Papa's got a brand new hoover bag :)